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Best Mixer Grinder Juicer Blender under 5000 Rupees

Best Selling Mixer Grinder Juicer under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best mixer grinder juicer under 5000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling mixer grinder and juicers from 4500 to 5000 Rupees from top kitchen appliance brands in India market, such as Preethi, Sujata, Philips, Orient, Prestige, Bajaj, Havells, Bosch, and others.

► 300W Black & Decker M700 Hand & Stand Mixer

Which is the best stand mixer under 5000 Rupees? You have to choose from these five options if your budget for a new stand mixer is below 5000 Rupees: Black Decker 300W stand mixer, Bosch 350W stand mixer, Panasonic 200W Stand Mixer, Nova 300W Stand Mixer, and Nova 200W Stand Mixer. Besides these five, the 6th most affordable and high-rated stand mixer in India market is from the Indian brand Inalsa. It is currently priced at 9000 Rupees. This Inalsa stand mixer is powered by a 1000W copper motor and the capacity of its stainless-steel bowl is 5-liter.

300W Black Decker M700 Hand Mixer Stand Mixer

The Black & Decker stand mixer has a superior build and an impressive design. Operating it by the given controls is very easy. It features a 300W copper motor and the capacity of its bowl is 3.5-liter. Black & Decker brand provides two sets of hooks with its stand mixer: beater hooks and dough hooks. Given six speed levels on this Black & Decker stand mixer allow the user to process dough with more perfection to set it at the required consistency.

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How many years the Black & Decker M700 Stand Mixer will last? If you use it with care then it might last more than 5 years without any issue. Don’t worry about its plastic bowl, because the plastic used to manufacture the bowl is of high quality. I have many appliances with a plastic container. I haven’t faced any issues despite using them almost every day for many years.

Price ₹4600 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Detachable to use as Hand mixer | Rotating Bowl | Warranty: 2-Years
Motor 350W | Copper-Coil | Speed Levels: 5 + Turbo
Build Bowl: 3.5-Liter | Lock & Eject Button for Hooks | Build-Material: Food-Grade ABS Plastic | Weight: 2.05-Kg


► 750W Philips HL1645 Mixer Grinder

The Philips mixer grinder has a sleek and classic design. Its noise reduction technology is impressive. This mixer grinder machine with a 750W motor is perfect for wet grinding, dry grinding, mixing, and blending. In fact, the giant 750W motor with 100% copper coil makes it a hard taskmaster and capable of processing all types of consumables in our kitchen. Grinding ingredients of different hardness is an easy task with its four-speed modes.

Philips HL1645 750W Mixer Grinder Blender Fruit Filter

Philips HL1645 Mixer Grinder comes packed with a set of four jars. The jar collection includes 1.5-Liter juice extractor, 1.5-liter blender, 1.25-Liter multipurpose mixer jar, and 0.5-liter Chutney jar. If I am not wrong, this Philips mixer grinder is the only mixer grinder machine in India market with a 1.25-Liter mixer jar.  All four jars are made with Revers Quadra Flow technology to make sure that nothing sticks to walls.

Safe and Secure: The auto shut off features makes it really secure. The safety feature prevents the product from getting overloaded. A button at the bottom allows resetting the function if it gets triggered.

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Thus, Philips HL1645 mixer grinder could be a perfect mixer grinder for you. The noise reduction technology makes sure that your kitchen remains noise free. The four jars that come along eliminate the need for buying any new blender or juicer. Philips brand trust, 750W motor, 1.25-Liter mixer, 0.5-Liter Chutney jar, and a set of four jars are 5 best reasons why it should you next mixer grinder.

Price ₹4600 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Ideal For: {Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit} | Lift and grind blades ensure consistent grinding | Reverse quadra flow jars prevents sticking to walls
Motor 750W | 100% Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body
Jar 3 Stainless-Steel Jar {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.5L Chutney Jar} | Hard Steel Blades | 1.5-Liter Juice Extractor


► 900W Sujata Powermatic Plus Juice Master

The Powermatic Plus from the house of Indian mixer grinder brand Sujata is not just a mixer grinder, also a juicer. This juicer mixer grinder under 5000 Rupees has a powerful 900-Watt motor, and its build quality is outstanding. If you care about quality over beauty, then here is a juicer mixer grinder set, you need to order today.

Sujata brand provides only two jars with this juicer mixer grinder machine. The first is a regular 1-liter stainless-steel jar for mixing and grinding. The 1.75-liter polycarbonate blender, whereas, is for making juice even more testy and healthy by blending it with nuts, sugar, and ice. Sujata brand should also have given a chutney jar with this JMG machine. How many set one should buy to meet kitchen’s requirement?

Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder

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Sujata brand promises the use of efficient technology for extracting juice from all types of fruits and vegetables in some most ideal way. Besides, the use of a micro mesh filter is making the juicer of this set much more desirable than what alternatives from other brands have to offer.

Price ₹4800 | Amazon
Ideal for Home | Hotel-Restaurant-Cafe | Wet & Dry Grinding Mixing and Blending
Make Smoothie | Carrot Juice | Soya Milk | Spinach Juice | Beetroot Juice | Make Juice from all types of fruits and Vegetables
Features Honeycomb filter mess for finer juice | Transparent HQ Juice Blender Jar | Shock-proof & Safe | Warranty: 24-Months
Motor 900-Watt | Double Ball-Bearing | Noiseless | Continuous-Running: Up to 90-min | Speed-Levels: 4 | Max-Spin: 22000 RPM | Over-Load Protection
Build Engineering-Grade Plastic | 2.15-meter cord with 5-Amp 3-Pin Plug
Jar 1L Stainless-Steel Multipurpose Jar with SS Blades | 1.75L Polycarbonate Blender with SS Blades


► 900W Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

In this day and time, mixer grinders have become really common in most Indian homes. This can be attributed to the fact that juicer mixer grinder prices have generally dropped. The entry of new electronics brands has seen manufacturers result in developing entry­-level gadgets in order to accommodate users from the middle and lower classes. This way, such brands can keep up with the competition and record bigger sales. Sujata is one of the trusted kitchen brands in India.

900W Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

Their all-new 900-Watt Dynamix Mixer Grinder is among the company’s bestselling kitchen gadgets. We happened to do a hands-on review of this device and here are our findings.

Supports both dry and wet grinding: The manufacturer built this product as a multi-function kitchen appliance. To make it more versatile, Sujata added a number of mixer grinder accessories to support both dry and wet grinding. These accessories include a chutney jar, a medium-sized hardy dry grinding jar, and a dome-shaped wet grinding jar. We, however, noted with concern that the manufacturer did not include a juicing jar.

All the same, after doing exhaustive research online we discovered that you can always buy an external juicing jar. The mixer grinder motor type on this device is compatible with most regular juicing jars. Additionally, you won’t need to change blades when performing different operations with this device.

Powerful 900-Watt motor: The Sujata Dynamix runs on a robust heavy-duty 900-Watt motor. Most mixer grinders in the same price range as the Dynamix run a 750-Watt motor. This means that they are slower and inefficient unless you upgrade their motors. From a professional point of view, upgrading your mixer-grinders motor is not exactly a smart decision.

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In most electrical repair shops, the mixer grinder motor price is usually exaggerated. Again, only a skilled electrician can perform the upgrade, so you need to factor in the cost of paying a specialist. Instead of going through all those hassles just buy the Sujata Dynamix and forget about weak motors.

Easy to use and shockproof: We did not experience any complications when using the Dynamix for the first time. Actually, if you use it as a first-timer, you will note that the dash is very intuitive and the dials are all labeled well.

Also, remember that there’s no blade switching, so all you need to do is fix the jar you’re using on top of the motor and then turn the device on. The Dynamix’s entire body is shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about touching it with wet hands.

Price ₹4750 | Amazon | Flipkart
Feature Ideal for Large & Small Quantity | Wet & Dry Grinding & Mixing | Make Idly-Dosa Batter | Grind Nuts & Spices | Grind Dry Turmeric & Ginger | Vibration-Free Operation | Almost Silent
Motor 900-Watt | Double Ball-Bearing | Max Run Time: 90-Minutes | Speed-Levels: 4 | Max-Speed: 22000 RPM
Build Rotary Switch | Power-Cord: 2.15-Meter | Totally Shock-proof & Safe
Jar 1.5-Liter Blender with Lid-Lock | 1-Liter Dry Grinder | 400-ml Chutney Jar
Warranty 12-Months | Sujata Mixer Customer Care 1800-102-2758


► 550W Panasonic AC400 Mixer Grinder

The Panasonic Mixer Grinder is a perfect option for every Indian kitchen. With the four multipurpose jars, it is fit as a mixer, a juicer, as well as a blender. Moreover, it is also an excellent choice for whipping. Essentially, Panasonic offers a complete package at a reasonable price which can do most of the tiresome jobs in moments you rejoice.

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The products display a stylish design with a muscular body which would add a glazing view to your kitchen. The mixer grinder comes with four flow breaker jars for different functions. It comes in two different variants that are white and black. On top the juicer jar there is a viewing lid cover to check ongoing process, and juice cap is also provided. The unique piano type switches are there for smooth operations and handling. The base of the mixer is equipped with rubber pads to avoid skidding. The entire body is made up of fire retardant material there are no worries for the accident.

Specifications: The mixer runs on a 240V power supply and 550 Watts power consumption has a 55W heavy duty long lasting motor. It has a Samurai Edge blade for fine grinding. It also guarantees performance and longevity of the mixer. The blades can easily be detached and reinstated. It comes with four jars unbreakable polycarbonate juicer jar, Stainless steel blender jar, Stainless steel mill jar and Stainless steel chutney jar.

The filter jar has a filter inside, and a fruit pusher is also provided for assistance. The jars also have self- lubricating oil seal protection which protects the motor from the water seepage and increases the life of your mixer.

Performance: The mixer comes with 3 speed settings for desirable grindings. Company focused very much on the safety side of the mixer. This Panasonic appliance has a safety lid locking feature and a unique interlocking safety system to ensure that lids and jars are locked properly before the use. Each lid of the jars has a lid gasket and filter gasket for safety. At the bottom of the mixer there is a circuit breaker switch to prevent mishap in the device. The company provides a five-year warranty on motor and two year warranty on other body parts.

Panasonic MX AC400 550 Watt 4 Jar Super Mixer Grinder Review and Specifications

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  • Heavy duty motor operating at 550W and magic seal protection.
  • 4 levels of speed settings
  • high performance by Samurai Edge blades
  • Circuit breaker system, Lid locking system, Jar interlocking system


  • Lids of jar loosen after certain usages and needed to be kept under pressure.
  • Short power cord
  • Little extra Noise and vibrations

Conclusion: The mixer seems a nice product by looking into its specifications. We surely can rely on Panasonic for its durability and services. No other mixer grinder in this segment can offer security and performance under the same roof with this price tag. This really is money worth grinder.

Price ₹4990 | Amazon
Power 550 Watts | Speed-Levels: 4 | Overload Protection
Jar 4 Jars
Warranty 2-Year for Whole-Unit | 5-Year for Motor


► 1500W Cookwell Hotel Master Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinders are an essential tool in any Indian Home especially judging from the fact that most Indian dishes require heavy grinding and blending operations. I personally have reviewed tens of mixer grinders especially those that are prevalent in the Indian market. Nonetheless, I’ve always forgotten to review grinders from one particular brand, Cookwell.

Cookwell Hotel Mixer Grinder with 2HP Motor

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that Cookwell is the best mixer brand in the world, apparently because there are literally hundreds of them worldwide. However, what I would say is that they manufacture some really affordable, durable and reliable kitchen appliances including grinders.

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If you are looking for a cheap mixer grinder online, especially for commercial use, then I would strongly recommend getting the 2HP Cookwell Hotel Master Mixer Grinder. Apart from being more powerful than the Preethi Xpro Duo, this grinder is also cheaper. We reviewed the Xpro Duo about a month ago, feel free to check it out. Among the likable features that I noted in this gadget are:

1500-Watt Powerful Motor: With kitchen gadgets, stronger is always better.  Why? Because if the device is stronger, its operation will be faster. Nonetheless, there is a limit depending on the area of application. Of course, you wouldn’t want to use a lorry to carry a load that you can simply carry in the trunk of your car. That is downright uneconomical.

Cookwell engineers designed this grinder to work with a 2HP motor that has a total wattage of 1500 Watts. Actually, this is perhaps too powerful, considering that most kitchen grinding operations barely need over 750 Watts. I have always advised my readers that the best mixer grinder for home use should not go beyond 750W in power consumption.

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However, settling for a much more powerful grinder like this Cookwell device won’t do you any foreseeable harm. The only unfortunate thing is that you end up wasting too much energy on something that would otherwise be done with a simpler and less-power consuming device.

Ideal for long hours of Grinding like in Hotels: All the same, there are some upsides of using a powerful mixer grinder. First, the motor will hardly ever jam even in the case of an overload. Secondly, the motor can run for hours without breaking down. In my opinion, this 2HP heavy duty mixer grinder would fit best as a Hotel device than a home grinder. For one the 1500W motor can crush stuff faster and operate for long hours without any possibility of jamming.

Other notable features:-

  • Fairly impressive design
  • Tough ABS Plastic Body
  • Firm Lid Locks
  • Supports both dry and Wet Grinding (Comes with 2 jars)

Price ₹4990 | Amazon
Motor 1500-Watt (2HP) | Motor is manufactured by using 100% pure Dual-Coated Copper Wire, CRM-Stamping, Heavy-Aluminum bracket, Hook-Type of Commutator, and Special Electro Graphite Carbon | Max-Run: 30-Minutes | Max Speed: 21000 RPM
Jar 2 Jars {3-Liter and 1-Liter} with Hard Stainless-Steel Blades
Build Tough ABS Mixer body | Dome & Cap: Polycarbonate
Warranty 6 Months | Cookwell Customer Care: +91-22-2566 6766 /11
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