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Best-Selling Mixer Grinder Machines under 3500 Rupees

Best Mixer Grinder under 3500 Rupees in India Market

Which mixer grinder is best in India? There are thousands of mixer grinder machines are on sale in online and local home electronics stores from new, established and reliable kitchen appliance brands in India market. However, only less than a hundred of them is actually a value for money mixer grinder machine. Here are some key traits of a good quality mixer grinder machine.

  • Powerful motor → Ideal motor capacity 550W to 650W
  • Stainless Steel Jar with SS Blades and Lid Lock
  • Less Noisy
  • Well-balanced durable body in an attractive design
  • Overload Protection

Which is best mixer grinder juicer in 3000 to 3500 Rupees price range? In this article, you read about top-rated mixer grinder machines, which are currently a favorite choice of experts as well as users.

► 600W Bajaj Deluxe Mixer Grinder {GX-10}

Because of the broader base, this Bajaj mixer grinder is a better-balanced mixer machine than its alternatives in the market. The separate panel that acts as a hand rest during the operation. On this panel, you can find a speed setting knob, which makes controlling this machine much more comfortable. Also, its sleek and sturdy design will easily mingle in your kitchen interior.

This mixer machine features a 600-Watt motor with copper coil. It uses a 4-speed control mode to make your work easy. The best way to use it is to divide your work into stages based on different speed settings. This will not only reduce the pressure from the motor but also enhance consistency.

Bajaj 600W Mixer Grinder GX-10

Safety: Bajaj has put your safety on priority while designing this product. In the case of overload, a protection feature comes in action and cuts the power supply of the motor. The suction feet of this machine hold the surface firmly even on heavy use.

The Bajaj Deluxe Mixer Grinder is one of the few mixer machines that offer great features at an affordable price. This machine comes with shockproof ABS body, powerful motor, three stainless steel jars, and three-speed modes. You cannot expect anything more on a budget product like this. Moreover, you also get two years of warranty from the manufacturer’s side.

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Price 3200 Rupees
Power 600 Watts | Overload Protection | Suction Feet | 4 Speed Levels
Build Body: ABS Plastic | Jars: {1.5 Liter Liquidizing Jar, 1 Liter Dry-Wet Jar, and 0.4 Liter Chutney Jar} | Jars with Lid Lock
Warranty 2-Years on Product


► Preethi Lavender-Pro Mixer Grinder Juice Machine

This Preethi mixer machine has a sleek, sturdy and compact design. You could easily place it in a small gap in your kitchen. It has an eye-catching design. Your friends will cherish your decision especially for the design of this mixer grinder machine.

At the core of this mixer-grinder is a 600-Watt motor with copper coil. With the powerful motor, it is capable of doing mixing, grinding, and blending of soft to hard ingredients in no time. There is a speed setting knob on the front that enables the user to select any of the three-speed modes. This mixer-grinder is also equipped with a pulse function.

Preethi Lavender Pro 600W Mixer Grinder Juice Machine

Preethi Lavender Pro is a multi-functional kitchen appliance. It can do dry-wet grinding, chutney making, juice extraction, mixing, pureeing, whipping and blending.

With this mixer machine, you get a 1.5-liter main jar, a 1-liter middle jar, a 1.5-liter super extractor jar, and a 0.4-liter grind store jar. Its Turbo Vent technology ensures that the ingredients do not get much hot and natural flavor is maintained.

For a mixer grinder machine, one of my favorite brands is Preethi. It is the only kitchen appliance brand in India market that offers free service as long as the product is in use. This shows the brand itself trust its products that it will not fail unless used extraordinarily.

Preethi Lavender Pro mixer grinder is a combination of style and performance. Surely consider it if you have recently renovated your kitchen room.

Price 3500 Rupees
Motor 600 Watts | Overload Protection | Suction Feet | 4 Speed Levels
Body Shock Proof ABS Plastic Body | Jars: {1.5L Blender Jar | 1L Multipurpose Jar | 1.5L Super Extractor | 0.4L Grind Store}
Warranty 2-Years of Full Warranty with life-long Free service
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► 600W Bajaj Trio Mixer Grinder

Bajaj is a reliable brand when it comes to choosing a kosher kitchen and home appliances. It has been successful to place itself at no 2 after the big international brand Philips. It offers a wide range of quality mixer-grinders that come at a reasonable price. The Bajaj Trio Mixer Grinder, which is an ideal solution for all your kitchen needs. It is one of the best-selling mixer grinder machines from 3000 to 3500 Rupees price range.

Bajaj Trio Mixer Grinder Machine

Thanks to the 600-Watt motor, you can grind most of the hard ingredients without any trouble with this Bajaj mixer grinder machine. This motor can run at a maximum speed of 18000 rotations per minute, which proves the powerfulness of this machine. A knob on the bottom allows for selection of different speed modes.

The Bajaj Trio Mixer Grinder comes with a 1.5-liter liquidizing jar, a 1-liter dry grinding jar, and a 0.3-liter chutney jar. All these jars are made of stainless steel and have PP handle attached to them.

You do not have to think twice before buying the Bajaj Trio Mixer Grinder. It is an affordable yet much powerful machine. Its body is made of ABS material, which is best known for durability. You also get three different jars with this mixer machine. Using this mixer grinder is really easy and safe, withal.

Price 3100 Rupees
Power 600-Watts | 4 Speed Levels | Overload Protection | Suction Feet
Jars 1.5-Liter Liquidizing Jar | 1-Liter Dry-Wet Jar | 0.3-Liter Chutney Jar
Build ABS Plastic Body | Stainless-Steel Jar with SS Blades | Jars with Lid Lock
Warranty 2 Years on the Whole Unit | 7 Years on Motor
Sales Box Motor Unit | 3 Jars | Documents


► 750W Preethi Galaxy Mixer Grinder

This Preethi mixer grinder is ideal for people who are looking for a primary mixer grinder machine with a powerful motor. Its motor unit is made of high-quality ABS plastic, whereas, its jars are made of stainless steel. They have hard, sharp blade system for mixing, grinding, pureeing, and blending.

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In case you overload the jar, Preethi included an auto cut off utility to protect the motor from getting damaged. This overload protection plus the heavier ABS build- means that your Preethi Galaxy mixer grinder machine will remain functional for a long time.

Preethi Galaxy 750W Mixer Grinder Machine

The motor capacity of a mixer grinder machine is linked with the number of members in your family. In general, the blade system in mixer grinder machines is capable of breaking into pieces all types of consumable things in our kitchen.

Thus, mixer grinder machines with a 500-Watt or 600-Watt motor can process ingredients A but cannot process ingredients B where a mixer grinder with a 750-Watt motor can process both ingredients is not a question. Motor power is linked with ingredients quantity, and ingredients quantity is liked with the cooking requirements in your home.

A mixer grinder machine with a less powerful motor can process less quantity whereas a mixer grinder machine with a high-power motor, like this Preethi Galaxy mixer grinder machine, can process a larger quantity of ingredients. Simple!

Price 3100 Rupees
Ideal for Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending | Pureeing
Motor 750W | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection
Jar 3 {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.4L Chutney Jar} | Stainless Steel Jar | Stainless Steel Blades
Build ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber Feet
Warranty 2-Years on the whole unit | 5-Years on Motor


► 750W Bajaj Twister Mixer Grinder

Bajaj is one of the best brands in India market for affordable mixer grinder and juicer machine. If you live in a small town or your house is in a village, then the best electronics brand for you is Bajaj. Not all top electronics companies have service centers in every district of India. However, Bajaj, Havells, and Philips are top brands with maximum service centers.

Which Bajaj mixer grinder is best under 3500 Rupees? The current price of Bajaj Twister mixer grinder machine is 3299 Rupees. It is not the best mixer grinder in 2500 to 3500 Rupees price segment, however. The first reason is its design, and another reason is its jar. This 750W mixer grinder comes with three jars wherein the chutney jar’s size is only 0.3-Liter.

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Bajaj Twister 750W Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

The Orient Kitchen Kraft 750W mixer grinder is on sale for 2700 Rupees only. Its chutney jar size is 0.5-Liter. One of the best usages of mixer grinder machine is to make spice for daily cooking. The Orient mixer grinder is also perfect for a big family because of 0.5-Grams chutney jar whereas this Bajaj 750W mixer is not because of its 0.3-Liter chutney jar. Moreover, the looks and design of the Orient mixer grinder are far impressive.

Still, I recommend this Bajaj mixer grinder machine. You can find a Bajaj service center in your area, but for Orient service center you will have to head to the nearest big city. That is impractical. Moreover, Bajaj’s products quality is known, they last longer. Thus, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying Bajaj Twister is one of the best mixer grinder machines under 3500 Rupees.

Price 3299 Rupees
Ideal for Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending
Motor 750W | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection
Jar 3 {1.5-Liter | 1.0-Liter | 0.3-Liter} | Stainless Steel Jar | Stainless Steel Blades | Lid with Lock
Build ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber Feet
Warranty 2-Years on the whole unit |  5-Years on Motor


► 500W Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

The Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder can solve the problem of people who are looking for an affordable solution for grinding needs. It has got a sturdy design with premium looks and is available for the price of 1599 rupees. This Mixer Grinder can be your companion for years because of its durable body. It is a multi-functional device and also consumes less power. Not to mention here that this Mixer Grinder is one of the top selling kitchen appliances at Amazon store.

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While making it, Bajaj has kept in mind the small spaces of Indian kitchens. It can fit in anywhere and its weight of only 2.86 KG makes it a portable appliance. Also, nice curves on the sides make it easy for a user to get a firm grip while operating it.

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars Review and Price at Amazon India

The looks of the Bajaj Mixer Grinder just add to the beauty of any kitchen. The reflective white coating that it wears feels like it is a high priced appliance.

Performance: This houses a 500-watt motor inside that can easily do all the moderate level mixing and grinding tasks. The three jars and their blades are made out of stainless steel for longer durability. The design of the blades makes this Mixer Grinder capable of grinding and blending the ingredients consistently. You can do liquidizing, wet-dry grinding and chutney making with this Mixer Grinder using the different jars. The handle on the jars provides extra grip for intensive tasks.

Safety: In fact, in terms of safety this is safer than most of other Mixer Grinders available in the market. The 3-speed settings enable users to do the tasks in steps preventing any chance of overloading. In case, the motor gets overloaded the auto shut-off system makes sure that no damage is done. In addition, the four Vacuum Feets help this Mixer Grinder to stay put even when your task requires heavy pressure to be applied.


  • Power efficient
  • The Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder comes with 3 stainless steel jars for durability
  • Premium and sturdy design
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • The 4 Vacuum Feet provide firm grip


  • The 500 Watt motor will face problem in grinding the ingredients with the hard texture
  • It produces a lot of noise

Verdict: The build quality and the features that this Mixer Grinder packs really are appreciable. It is one of the few quality Mixer Grinders in the market, which are available at very affordable price. You can rely on this appliance as many customers have brought it and are using for their daily tasks.

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Price 1800 Rupees
Jars 3
Ideal for Chutney, Dry and Wet
Motor 500-Watt
Warranty One Year


► 500W Morphy Richards Superb Mixer Grinder

While buying a mixer grinder, product brand name matters for many of us. You would definitely not purchase a product without brand reliability even if it is available for a low price. But if you are given an option like Morphy Richards, then it becomes easy to believe on the product. It’s Superb 500-Watt Mixer Grinder is one of the most interested products on and is listed with a price tag of 2499 INR.

Curved panel with rounded body give this mixer grinder a premium look. The design of the stainless steel jars just add to the harmony of this product. Colors of all the plastic parts also match giving an appealing feel.

Morphy Richards Superb 500-Watt Mixer Grinder Review and Price at Amazon India

This machine is much portable and easy to handle. The whole unit weighs just 3.5 KG and takes up only a little space of your kitchen.

Performance: The Mixer Grinder comes with a 500 watts motor packed inside, which consumes less power. Chutney making jar of 0.4 liter, grinding jar of 1 liter and liquidizing jar of 1.5 liters make this mixer grinder a multi-functional product. These jars also come with ABS material handles and lids for easy handling while the use. The high-grade stainless steel blades can withstand in the extreme conditions as well.

The 180-degree rotational dial on the panel enables the user to select one from the three-speed settings. Also, it helps divide the operations in phase for high consistency.

Motor Overload Protection: The three speeds settings help in the safety also because when you divide the operations in phases, chances of overload become much less. However, if the motor gets overloaded, then the overload protection feature comes into action and cuts the power supply.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight and takes only a little space
  • High-grade ABS material is used in the body and other non-metallic parts
  • Low power consumption
  • 3 speed settings
  • Overload protection
  • Motor comes with 5 years of warranty
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  • You might experience some problem in grinding hard textured ingredients
  • It makes a lot of noise
Price 2000 Rupees
Motor 500 Watt
Jar 3
Grinding Liquidizing, Wet/Dry and Chutney
Warrant 2-Years | 5-Years for Motor


► 500W Philips Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars {HL1606}

Philips proves to be the most reliable brand when comes to choose home appliances. The HL1606 Mixer Grinder comes at a price tag of 1897 Rupees and packs some great features. This classic looking Philips Mixer Grinder has a durable body and a power-efficient motor inside. Making tasty chutneys and grinding ingredients become very easy with this appliance.

The combination of green and white color combination gives the whole motor a harmonious premium look. However, it becomes a little heavy at 5.7 Kgs and takes more space than other 500 watt Mixer Grinders. But no one questions the durability of the build material. The blades of all 3 jars are made up of stainless steel rendering a long life.

Performance and Ease of Use: This comes packed with 3 jars for separate uses. The 0.3-liter jar is best suited for chutney making, the 1-liter jar is dedicated to wet grinding and the 0.9-liter jar can be used for dry-wet grinding. The lift & grind design of blades renders a consistency in the whole operation by covering a large area. All the jars have a handle attached to make it easy for the user to operate the machine.

Philips HL1606 500-Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder Review and Price at Amazon India

The 500 Watt motor handles most of the daily life grinding tasks easily. The dial on the front of this Mixer Grinder can be used to set the motor speed according to the need. However, there might be some problem in grinding hard texture ingredients like turmeric and dry coconut. Further, it operates at 230V which makes it suitable for Indian households.

As far as safety is concerned on this Mixer Grinder, it is ensured by its auto shut-off feature. This feature prevents any damage by cutting the power in case of power overload.

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  • Features a classical design
  • Stainless steel jars and blades
  • 3 Jars for different needs
  • Lift & grind design provides consistency in grinding
  • Auto shut-off feature to prevent the motor from getting over loaded
  • Consumes less power


  • It is heavy and takes a little more space than other Mixer Grinders of this segment
  • The motor is not enough powerful to grind hard textured ingredients
  • It is a noisy product

Verdict: The high-quality built material makes this Mixer Grinder durable. It’s useful and safety features have helped it to become one of the top selling appliances on Amazon India. However, there are some cons also. You will not be able to grind hard textured ingredients on this machine.

Price 2500 Rupees
Jars 3
Ideal for Chutney, Grinding, Dry and Wet
Motor 500 Watt
Warranty Two Years


► 500W Bajaj Mixer Grinder {GX-1}

The Indian brand Bajaj puts some homogeneous quality and features into the craft of its product have placed it in a direct competition with the top Kitchen appliances brands in India. The GX1 features a 500 watt motor and priced only at 1831 Rupees. This makes it affordable as well as a better option when compared to other Mixer Grinder with 500 Watt motors.

Look wise the Bajaj MG is not that appealing, but its sturdiness and compactness are. This machine is not much portable as it is 10.1 KG in weight and takes a little extra space than other budget level products. However, the criticized design and handle on the jars make it easy for the user to hold the machine. The control dialer is located at a friendlier place and you can access it from all sides.

Performance: The 500-watt motor makes this machine highly energy efficient, so you do not have to worry about your electricity bill. And, its three stainless steel jars make this mixer grinder suitable for dry-wet grinding, mixing and chutney making. The capacity of each jar seems to be enough to meet the need of every kitchen.

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Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder Review and Price at Amazon India

The specially designed stainless steel blades provide superb consistency while grinding the ingredients. Jar lid make sure that nothing pops out and makes a mess in your kitchen. Control dial allows setting the motor speed according to the texture of ingredients.

Safety Features: Safety is the first priority of Bajaj. Thus, features like overload protection and auto shut-off prevent any damage arising due to extensive use. However, you don’t have to worry much as the machine consumes only 500 watts of power.


  • ABS plastic body and stainless steel increase the durability
  • Consumes less power
  • Control dialer to set the motor speed
  • 3 jars which allow mixing, grinding and chutney making on this machine
  • Safety features like auto shut-off and overload protection


  • Gets heated up fast
  • Struggles to grind hard ingredients
  • Makes noise
  • Difficult to move from one place to another because of the weight
  • Only 1 year of warranty
Price 1975 Rupees
Jars 3
Ideal for Chutney, Dry, Wet
Motor 500 Watt
Warranty One Year


► Bajaj 450W Mixer Grinder {GX3}

For the people who want a durable and long lasting Mixer Grinder and willing to compromise on the power, the Bajaj GX 3 450-Watt Mixer Grinder can be a good solution. It is one of the bestselling Mixer Grinders on Amazon and is currently available for 1721 INR only. Even though it is a 3-year-old mixer it is a top-selling in its price category. It is also a well-designed lightweight and multipurpose appliance will look beautiful in your kitchen.

Like all the other kitchen appliances from Bajaj, this Mixer Grinder is also made with a durable built material. The sleek and sturdy design is even enhanced by the colors that it wears. The non-slip ABS material handles on the jars makes it easy for the user to use this machine. The jar body and the blades are made up of stainless steel so you can expect them to last longer.

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Performance and Ease of Use: As it is one of the top selling kitchen appliances on Amazon, then it must have something special to offer. The 3-speed modes allow doing the grinding tasks in phases making sure that the motor does not get overloaded. In fact, the blades are designed in a way that they provide consistent grinding of ingredients irrespective of their texture.

Bajaj GX 3 450-Watt Mixer Grinder Review and Price at Amazon India

The three jars have three different uses like blending, dry-wet grinding and chutney making. Lids for the jars render the need of covering the mouth with cloth or anything weird like that useless. You also do not have to apply pressure to prevent leakages because the lids fit very tightly.

A 450-Watt motor might not sound much powerful, but can do most of the tasks without any problem. Also, it can work on any power source with a potential difference of 230 Volts. Although the three speed settings very much prevent the motor from getting overloaded, but still if gets overloaded, then the auto shut-off feature comes into action by cutting the power supply.


  • Non-resistant material used in making jars and blades
  • One of the bestselling kitchen appliances online
  • 3 speed settings for controlled grinding
  • Can do blending, dry-wet grinding and chutney making
  • Auto shut-off feature


  • Sometimes feels a bit bigger
  • A powerful motor could have been appreciated

Verdict: This can be the best Mixer Grinder for the people who are ready to compromise with power. You will not be able to grind hard ingredients, but the affordable price compensates for that. The safety of this machine is also kept in mind while making it. Moreover, its power efficiency resulting from the use of a 450-Watt motor can be very much appreciated.

Price 2200 Rupees
Motor 450-Watt
Jars Three
Do Chutney | Mixing | grinding
Warranty 2-Years

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