Are you dealing with an ample amount of cooking task that involves the process of mixing and blending ingredients? Then buying a hand mixer will be a great choice. Nevertheless, while buying a hand mixer, there are several things you need to consider. Eventually, this kitchen appliance can make your cooking task more comfortable, but knowing which one you really need is this right way to save an ample amount of time and money.

Food mixers can be excellent additions to the kitchen whether to speed up the mixing or save you the energy used in manual mixing. Buying a sound mixer can be a bit of a mix up especially if you do not know what to look for — in the available products. It is possible for a sound, high-quality mixer to have an unattractive appearance, but it can deliver well. On the other hand, attractive mixers are expensive but with limitations when it comes to providing excellent services.


Can I carry mixer grinder in flight? Yes, you can bring a mixer grinder machine set in your baggage. The mixer grinder machine is a low capacity electric appliance and safe to carry in travel luggage. You won’t face any issue at airports and on a domestic flight.

Are you looking for a heavy-duty mixer grinder under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about best-selling mixer grinder and juicer machine from in the price range of 1500 to 2000 Rupees. Here we cover mixer machines of top kitchen appliance brands in India market Billion, Usha, Philips, Orient, Havells, and others.

☼ 500W Prestige Orion Mixer Grinder

Below 2000 Rupees, the Prestige mixer grinder is currently the best value for money option. A 500W copper motor powers it. This food processor comes with three stainless steel jars. In comparison to mixer grinders of other brands, the jars are larger. The Prestige Orion is the only mixer grinder model that comes with a 1.2-liter mixer jar. The size of other jars is 1.5-liter and 0.4 liter. Because of the size of the jars, this Prestige mixer grinder is the best option for large families as well.

Another uniqueness of the Prestige Orion is that its design is very appealing. The color combination of white and dark red will win your heart.

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Several reasons contribute to the recommendation of this mixer grinder, including its price below 2000 rupees, prestige trust, big jars, and soothing color combination. Do not miss this!!!

Price ₹1700 → Amazon
Features 500W Copper Motor | 1.5-Meter Blender Jar | 1.2-Liter Mixer Jar | 0.4-Liter Chutney Jar | Warranty: 2-Year


► 500W Orient Blaze Mixer Grinder

Orient, the 60-Years old home electronics and kitchen appliances brand in India market, needs no introduction. It is one of the trusted brands in India market. Recently this brand launched its Blaze mixer grinder model. It is priced at 2000 Rupees.

The 500-Watt motor of this mixer grinder has copper winding. Therefore, you can rest assured that it would consume less electricity and generate more power. Copper coil means better efficiency!

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Orient ships 3 stainless jars with this mixer grinder: small, medium, and large. The blades in the jars are coated with Nickel metal. Nickel metal is precious than stainless steel. Nickel is a pure metal whereas stainless steel is a mixture of some metals. Coins are made with Nickel-metal.

The looks and design of this Orient 500-Watt are impressive, too. Also, its build quality seems solid.

Should you buy an Orient Blaze mixer grinder? Yes, of course! Why not? This food processor is perfect for your kitchen if your budget for a new mixer grinder is in the range of 1500 to 2000 Rupees.

500W Mixer Grinder under 2000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Orient Blaze

Price ₹2000 → Amazon
Features 500W Copper Motor | Stainless-Steel Jars {1.2L, 1.0L, 0.4L} | Nickel-Coated Hard-Steel Sharp Blades | 2-Year Warranty


► 500W Philips HL1606 Mixer Grinder

Philips HL1606 is one of the all-time best-selling mixer grinder models in the India market. This Philips mixer grinder machine with a 500W highly-efficient copper motor is an excellent choice for everyday use. Use it as much as you want without worrying about an increase in your house electricity bill.

Philips HL1606 500W Mixer Grinder

This Philips mixer grinder has a durable body. Look at its base. Because of the well-balanced motor body, it gives outstanding performance. Indeed, making tasty chutneys, masala for every day cooking, and grinding ingredients is very easy and safe with Philips HL1606 mixer grinder.

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My Philips mixer grinder with 500W motor has been in use from last 10-Years. Yes, that is the product quality and value for your money you get when you buy a Philips mixer grinder. So, even if it is twice costlier than 500W mixer grinder models other Indian brands, it worth it.

Price ₹2000 → Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit} | Automatic Shut-off | Power Indicator
Motor 500W | 100% Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body
Jar 3 Stainless-Steel Jar with Hard Steel Blades {1.0L Blender | 0.9L Multipurpose Jar | 0.3L Chutney Jar}


► 500W Havells SPRINT Mixer Grinder

The Havells mixer is an ideal mixer grinder for students, bachelors, and small family. There are many qualities this has for making it a product for the long run. The SPRINT mixer grinder model is a compact machine. It, therefore, will take much lesser space in your kitchen, certainly a good factor for any kitchen appliance considering small size kitchen we see in our homes.

Havells Sprint 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Havells provides three steal-made jars with this. Made in steel means it will not break easily, in fact, would last more than three to five years. It comes with auto shut-off for overload protection and vacuum suction-type anti-slip feet, withal.

There are two sets of blades provided extra besides built-in blades in the three jars. Thus, with the set of extra blades and three ergonomic jars, Havells SPRINT is a mixer grinder for making spicy, delicious Chutney, wet & dry grinding, and other mixer related works.

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Priced at 1990 Rupees, Havells SPRINT is one of the finest mixer grinders under 2000 Rupees in India market for budget customers. Our test says, if one likes a basic working mixer grinder, Sprint has to be first in their list.

Price ₹1990 → Amazon
Ideal for Dry & Wet Grinding | Mixing | Make Spice | Instant Chutney
Features Cord Winder | Max run time in one go 60 minutes
Motor 500-Watt | Less Noisy | Over-Load Protection | Copper Winding | 3 Speed Levels with + | Max 18000 RPM
Build Shock-Proof ABS Plastic Body | Stainless Steel Jar with SS Blades | 1.4-Meter Long Cord with 6 Amp 2-PIN plug | 3 Jars: {1.5L | 1.0L | 0.4L}
Warranty 5-Years on Motor | 2-Years on Body


► 350W Glen Mini Blender and Grinder

This Glen blender machine is primarily made for blending work and grinding small quality like wet spices mix for daily cooking. It will do perfect blending for Lassi, Juice, cake ingredients, cold coffee, milk shake, smoothie etc. it runs at one speed, speed cannot be increased and decrease. In fact, no need to adjust its speed because the default speed is suitable for all kinds of blending and grinding work.

This is a basic blender machine, which is compact in terms of built and design and runs silently always. Tried Banana milk shake, it was really a great experience for me. I followed a student receipt: added some dry fruits, boiled milk, some banana, some sugar, and four ice cubes. An ice banana smoothie in premium quality, which was testy and healthy, was ready in just a few minutes. Such great quality Banana smoothie in any restaurant would costs around 100 to 150 rupees.

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A fruit filter is also included, which filters only real juice into the glass holding back all not so desirable left over. That can be cleaned easily after you have made your day with a delicious Lassi or a juice.

User-Friendly Design: Really impressive built quality this basic blender & grinder has. Jars are made with food grade materials: blender Jar is transparent, and small grinder jar has a transparent lid on top. Monitor the ongoing process from top or sides without stopping the machine.

The big size jar is fully transparent, equipped with stainless steel blades for all types of mild blending, in fact, most useful for preparing delicious fruit juice and Lassi. The small jar is for mild grinding works. It also comes with a transparent lid lets user monitor the readiness of ingredients inside.

The motor is 350 watt in capacity, fully capable of doing all sorts of mixing viscous solutions at one consistent speed. There is no function called on/off rather one single button works as ON, OFF, speed controls everything. Supply electricity, fill the jar with ingredients and push the button to start the process.

Glen SA4045BG 350Watt Mini Blender and Grinder Review Specifications Price Online in India
Conclusion: The Glen mild blender and grinder is a perfect solution for preparing daily energy drinks. However, before you decide to purchase it, understand its usability. Take this product home and have a healthy life with a big Punjabi Glass Lassi every day. After using this Glen product, I have become fan of its silent & smooth performance.

Price ₹1990 → Amazon
Features 350W Copper Motor | 0.5L Jar + 30-gram Jar | Warranty: 1-Year


► 500W Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder {3 Jars}

The Bajaj mixer grinder machine is an excellent mixer grinder for small families, bachelors, and students. You could buy it with trust that it will last more than 5-years. I can say so because it is a very old model in the market. Yet even today, it is one of the best-selling mixer grinder machines. Apparently, It is the first favorite of most buyers wanting to buy a mixer grinder in 2000 Rupees range.

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder Machine


The Rex mixer grinder machine features a 500-Watt copper motor. And, it comes with three stainless steel jars. The jars have a sharp blade system, made in high-quality hardened steel. During operation, the motor unit must hold the surface firmly, so its four foot has a powerful suction rubber shoe. Bajaj Rex mixer grinder can mix and grind almost all types of consumable things efficiently. Trust its motor power.

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Why should you buy this Bajaj best-selling mixer grinder machine? Affordable price, the trust of lakhs of buyers who have been using this mixer grinder model from many years, and three stainless steel jar beside the trust of Bajaj brand are the four prominent factors why Bajaj Rex 500W mixer grinder must be in your kitchen. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable, durable mixer grinder under 2000 Rupees.

Price ₹1800 → Amazon
Features Ideal For: {Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit} | LED Indicator
Motor 500W | 100% Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body
Jar 3 Stainless-Steel Jar with Hard Steel Blades {1.25L Blender | 0.88L Multipurpose Jar | 0.3L Chutney Jar}