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Best Mixer Grinder Juicer below 2000 Rupees

Best Mixer Grinder Juicer Machine under 2000 Rupees in India Market

Are you looking for a heavy-duty mixer grinder under 2000 Rupees? In this piece, you read about best-selling mixer grinder and juicer machine currently in the market in the price range of 1500 to 2000 Rupees.

► Usha Smash Pro Mixer Grinder

The Smash Pro is one of the newest mixer grinder machines in the market, and also from the Usha brand. It is an improved variant of the Usha Smash mixer grinder set.

Do not underestimate this mixer grinder machine just because of its 500W motor.  With the motor power and sharp SS blades in the jars, this mixer grinder can crush nearly every ingredient that is hurled at it.

Usha Smash Pro 500W Mixer Grinder

Its stainless-steel Jars are leak proof, and the spout is tightly secured for a spill-free mixing, grinding and blending experience. The motor also comes with an auto cut-off protection to prevent it from getting damaged in case the rotary blades are jammed by the ingredients, withal.

Should you buy this Usha mixer grinder machine? I provide the required details. Whether to buy it or not that you have to decide.

Usha brand offers up to 5-Years warranty on this mixer grinder set, wherein 2-Years on whole unit and additional 3-Years warranty for the motor. So, you can be sure of the excellent build quality of this mixer grinder set since the brand is pretty confident about it.

However, the problem is with the jars. None of the jars have lid-lock. At least the chutney jar should have come with lid-lock. If a jar has a lid-lock, the motor will not run until everything is set correctly. That means less chance of an accident.

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Price 1990 Rupees
Ideal for Wet & Dry Grinding | Mixing | Blending
Motor 500W | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection
Jar 3 {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.3L Chutney Jar} | Stainless-Steel Jar | Stainless-Steel Blades
Build Shock-Proof ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber Feet | 3-PIN Plug
Warranty 2-Years on the whole unit | 5-Years on Motor


► Orient Kitchen Kraft Mixer Grinder

Orient, the 60-Years old home electronics and kitchen appliances brand in India market, needs no introduction. In the price range of 1500 to 2000 Rupees, currently, the best-selling mixer grinder comes from the house of Orient. You can order Orient Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 mixer grinder by paying less than 1700 Rupees.

The 500-Watt motor of this mixer grinder has copper winding. Therefore, you can rest assured that it would consume less electricity and generate more power. Orient Electrics brand ships 3 stainless jars in small, media, and large size with this mixer grinder set. An interesting fact is that the blades in the jars are made of Nickel metal.

Orient Electric MGKM50G3 500W Mixer Grinder

Instead of Stainless-Steel blades, Nickel blades are advantage or disadvantage? I think its advantage considering Nickel metal is precious than stainless steel. Nickel is a pure metal whereas stainless steel is a mixture of some metals. Coins are made using Nickel metal.

Build and Design: Looks and design of this Orient 500-Watt are usual. Most of the low-cost mixer grinders have a Tower shape. I am not a big fan of the design. One has to be always carefully while the mixer machine is ON. I would strictly advise keeping a hand on the top of the jar for utmost safety. There have been two instances in my kitchen when things spread all over the kitchen as I forget to put my hand on the jar when I switched-on the mixer machine.

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The build quality of this 500-Watt mixer grinder is superb so is its jar quality. I have not used Orient Mixer Grinder in my kitchen but used other products. Therefore, I know for sure that Orient provides an excellent build quality for its products.

Should you buy this Orient mixer grinder? A 500-Watt mixer grinder is an all-purpose machine. For daily use, it is best mixer grinder. For grinding spices for daily cooking, I would highly recommend it because of half liter chutney jar. As matter of fact, most of the mixer grinder generally comes with a 400-ml jar.

Price 1699 Rupees
Motor 500-Watt | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-slip Feet
Jar Stainless Steel jars | Nickel Blades | 1.25-Liter | 0.8-Liter | 0.5-Liter |
Warranty 24 Months
Ideal for Dry Grinding | Blending | Grating | Mincing | Chutney Grinding


► Havells SPRINT Mixer Grinder

The Havells mixer is an ideal mixer grinder for students, bachelors, and small family. There are many qualities this has for making it a product for the long run. The SPRINT mixer grinder model is a compact machine. It, therefore, will take much lesser space in your kitchen, certainly a good factor for any kitchen appliance considering small size kitchen we see in our homes.

Havells Sprint 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Havells provides three steal-made jars with this. Made in steel means it will not break easily, in fact, would last more than three to five years. It comes with auto shut-off for overload protection and vacuum suction-type anti-slip feet, withal.

There are two sets of blades provided extra besides built-in blades in the three jars. Thus, with the set of extra blades and three ergonomic jars, Havells SPRINT is a mixer grinder for making spicy, delicious Chutney, wet & dry grinding, and other mixer related works.

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Priced at 1990 Rupees, Havells SPRINT is one of the finest mixer grinders under 2000 Rupees in India market for budget customers. Our test says, if one likes a basic working mixer grinder, Sprint has to be first in their list.

Price 1990 Rupees
Ideal for Dry & Wet Grinding | Mixing | Make Spice | Instant Chutney
Features Cord Winder | Max run time in one go 60 minutes
Motor 500-Watt | Less Noisy | Over-Load Protection | Copper Winding | 3 Speed Levels with + | Max 18000 RPM
Build Shock-Proof ABS Plastic Body | Stainless Steel Jar with SS Blades | 1.4-Meter Long Cord with 6 Amp 2-PIN plug | 3 Jars: {1.5L | 1.0L | 0.4L}
Warranty 5-Years on Motor | 2-Years on Body


► Hyundai Bolt Mixer Grinder

Hyundai is a popular South Korea car manufacturer runs operation worldwide. In India, Hyundai i10 and i20 are top selling cars. Therefore, Hyundai to sell mixer grinder at online shopping websites is wired and unbelievable.

First, I thought the product is not genuine, though the research about it took me to the official website of Hyundai appliances, which gives information that this too is a Korea-based company but sells home appliances and electronics products. Thus, Hyundai home appliances are different from the Hyundai, the well-known car maker.

For small appliances, no brand offers on-site warranty. My favorite Philips and Preethi too want customers to carry product to the nearest service center. However, Hyundai home appliances ensure service engineer visit on customer's service request. To register service related complaint, visit the official website.

Build and Design: The whole setup is made by using ABS materials and stainless steel. In the one-day taste, it is hard to say how long this product will last, but the build quality of the outer shell and jars are not that good; in fact, poor than what I have seen on Philips and Preethi mixer grinders. About Hyundai Bolt, I firmly believe that within three to four months there will be some crack in the outer shell as well as in jars. Chances of that become more potent when vibration in the motor is a bit more than usual. In fact, the motor vibration will reduce the life of the ABS body and jars even faster.

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Hyundai Bolt Mixer Grinder HMB50W3S DBF Review Specifications Price Online in India

Although three stainless steel jars are included but the quality does give a firm believe that these are a real stuff. These jars are made with low-quality iron plates, this gets proven when tapping on it. The sound is not as solid as we hear from real stainless steel. Moreover, it is too light, thus, I am very sure it will not last longer.

However, the same is not true for the solid blades. In fact, the blades are heavy metal, really sharp, and does faster slicing and grinding works. Since the blades are made using real stainless steel, sharpness would stay much longer, so energy consumption will be less, noise will be minimum and finally, the motor will last longer.

Now I want to draw you in once again to the vibration issue. In spite of sharp blades, vibration and noise are there, this shows how poorly the product is designed. The Hyundai home appliance brand is new kid in town and will do better with new launches in coming days. It has taken a good start, though.

Final Thought: In 1500 rupees, a mixer grinder with two-year on-site warranty and three jars should be breaking news. Although I am not very pleased with the build & design quality, still the product could be a good buy. It is compact it will consume less space in the kitchen and will do all types of mixing and grinding works. To prepare juice with it, no need to invest in a mixer grinder juicer set rather buys some fruit extractor, available online in 100 to 400 rupees.

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I like this product. After a balanced observation of all pros and cons, the Hyundai Bolt mixer grinder turns out to be a hot choice. Two years of free service commitment from the brand confirms the product life for next 730 days at least.

Jars Three ( 1.25L, 0.75L, and 0.4L)
Features Smart sensor technology | Vacuum foot
Motor 500-Watts
Warranty Two-Years
Buy 1500 Rupees


► Maharaja Whiteline Alfa Mixer Grinder

Maharaja produces a number of good quality home appliances in low cost. It has become very popular in recent time with frequent launch of new and essential electronic products to the market. Maharaja Whiteline Alfa MX-153 Mixer Grinder is a specific product of the company, which works as both a mixer and a grinder.

Among the kitchen appliances Mixer grinder has a unique status. It is a part and parcel of   kitchen management. This review is all about the capacity and utility of the product that is designed to fulfill the requirement of the people. Read also 3 of the Best Maharaja Whiteline Gas Cooktops.

Design and Functioning: The Grinder appears in beautiful white color and is user-friendly. This can be controlled at three different speeds as per your suitability. Its three flat PP lids stainless steel jars and super sharp blades have effective performance. It is capable enough to grind both wet and dry materials in a very quick and comfortable procedure.

For the overload protection, it has a systematic shut-off provision so that no substance will come out of it. Powered by 500 watts it works quickly such as grinding, pureeing, and mixing.

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Capacity and Jars: The grinder is provided with three different efficient stainless steel jars. These multipurpose jars are used for all basic grinding, mixing, blending, chutney, pureeing works. They are one-liter liquidizing, 0.7-liter multipurpose jar (use it to prepare liquid item like Kadi) and 0.3-liter chutney jar.

Maharaja Whiteline Alfa MX153 500Watt Mixer Grinder Review Specifications Price Online

Motor 500-Watts
Jars 3 jars:- {1-liter liquidizing | 0.7L multipurpose | 0.3L chutney jar | Stainless steel jar
Warranty 1 year
Buy 1700 Rupees


► Glen Mini Blender and Grinder

This Glen blender machine is primarily made for blending work and grinding small quality like wet spices mix for daily cooking. It will do perfect blending for Lassi, Juice, cake ingredients, cold coffee, milk shake, smoothie etc. it runs at one speed, speed cannot be increased and decrease. In fact, no need to adjust its speed because the default speed is suitable for all kinds of blending and grinding work.

This is a basic blender machine, which is compact in terms of built and design and runs silently always. Tried Banana milk shake, it was really a great experience for me. I followed a student receipt: added some dry fruits, boiled milk, some banana, some sugar, and four ice cubes. An ice banana smoothie in premium quality, which was testy and healthy, was ready in just a few minutes. Such great quality Banana smoothie in any restaurant would costs around 100 to 150 rupees.

A fruit filter is also included, which filters only real juice into the glass holding back all not so desirable left over. That can be cleaned easily after you have made your day with a delicious Lassi or a juice.

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User-Friendly Design: Really impressive built quality this basic blender & grinder has. Jars are made with food grade materials: blender Jar is transparent, and small grinder jar has a transparent lid on top. Monitor the ongoing process from top or sides without stopping the machine.

The big size jar is fully transparent, equipped with stainless steel blades for all types of mild blending, in fact, most useful for preparing delicious fruit juice and Lassi. The small jar is for mild grinding works. It also comes with a transparent lid lets user monitor the readiness of ingredients inside.

The motor is 350 watt in capacity, fully capable of doing all sorts of mixing viscous solutions at one consistent speed. There is no function called on/off rather one single button works as ON, OFF, speed controls everything. Supply electricity, fill the jar with ingredients and push the button to start the process.

Glen SA4045BG 350Watt Mini Blender and Grinder Review Specifications Price Online in India
Conclusion: The Glen mild blender and grinder is a perfect solution for preparing daily energy drinks. However, before you decide to purchase it, understand its usability. Take this product home and have a healthy life with a big Punjabi Glass Lassi every day. After using this Glen product, I have become fan of its silent & smooth performance.

Power 350W
Capacity 500 ml and 30 gram
Speed Push-in Start and Single Speed
Blades Stainless Steel Blades
Suitable for Juice and Lassi Making
Buy 1900 Rupees

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