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Microwave Oven Brand – 7 Best Names in the Indian Market

Microwave Oven Brand 7 Best Names in the Indian Market

For your new microwave oven, the GS team suggests here 7 best brands with excellent quality products. In this piece, meet top microwave oven brands in the Indian market. The suggested brand levels have a maximum number of products on sale. The products they sell have intelligent cooking feature, futuristic design, and sturdy build. Cutthroat competition pervaded post the arrival of online shopping is now favoring Indian buyers. You could buy the top-rated oven of the best microwave oven brand at the lowest possible price.

Among the seven best microwave oven brands, the top two are global brands and then is an Indian brand. In Kitchen appliances, especially in the Microwave Oven segment, Indian companies have shown tremendous growth in recent years. That is indeed great news.

For a stylish, durable machine, which can also cook delicious Indian cuisine and continental dishes, Samsung brand ovens are the right options. The best Indian microwave oven brand is IFB. The most affordable oven Bajaj sells in the Indian market. LG and Godrej produce the most energy efficient ovens. If you need a durable microwave oven in an eye-catching design, the best brands are Samsung, Godrej, and Morphy Richards. Read also 27 Best Convection Microwave Oven below 15000 Rupees.

→ Samsung – The Best Microwave Oven Brand in India

LG used to be the best microwave oven brand a few years back. Samsung sits on the chair now. In recent years, Samsung invested and strategies the research and development of next-generation kitchen appliances including microwave oven. The outcome of the strategy has yielded success for this Korean brand.

Samsung ovens look great, have a sturdy build, and have more convenience and cooking features. Samsung ovens are affordable for the public, withal.

Samsung The Best Microwave Oven Brand in India

In the Indian market, Samsung has a maximum number of microwave ovens on sale. With 30 odd models, it has captured number one position in every sub-category of the cooking oven market. The cheapest Samsung microwave oven costs just 6,000 Rupees and the costliest one 30,000 Rupees. SOLO, GRILL, and CONVECTION – Samsung sells all types of microwave ovens in standard capacities.

There are many factors helped Samsung to beat LG and become number one microwave oven brand. One of them is making oven — smaller, stylish, and ideal for small kitchen. Samsung ovens are compact and have a durable build. That is the excellence of Samsung design that it could reduce the overall size of its ovens yet make them more effective. For small Kitchen, Samsung and Bajaj make best microwave ovens. Moreover, Samsung ovens come in an eye-catching design.

Standard features on all the Samsung Microwave ovens are an anti-bacterial coating, Auto Cook Manu to ready local Indian dishes, scratch Resistance to safeguard elegant design of the oven, up to 5-Years of warranty, touch keypad, easy to clean, and faster tandoor technology.

No way am I saying that these are only the features of Samsung Microwave ovens. There are hundreds of other features, too. Thus, Samsung is the best microwave oven brand in India.

Buy Samsung Ovens 6000 to 29000 Rupees
Samsung Customer Care 1800-40-7267-864


→ LG – The second best Microwave Oven brand

In recent years, LG has failed to keep pace with the changing aspirations of consumers. On the other hand, its nearest competitor Samsung keeps changing product strategy to meet the challenges posed by changing dynamic in the market.

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LG although makes excellent quality microwave oven, it failed to position itself aggressively in the low-cost market segment. That is the primary reason why it has slipped to number two position in the list of the best microwave oven brands in India.

LG Microwave Oven Brand

LG has 25 odd oven models in the price range of 6500 to 35000 Rupees. The standard features on the LG microwave ovens are an anti-bacterial cavity, 100+ Auto cook menu, keep warm, deforest, fermentation, and other hundreds of smart cooking convenience features. LG microwave ovens are ideal for cooking foods, which requires multistage, multi-heat cooking like salad, rice, sweets, tea, dairy delights and others. Besides, LG ovens are energy efficient. If you enjoy cooking and love to try new dishes, the best microwave oven brand for you is LG.

LG ovens fail to impress on the front of looks and design, however. All the LG microwave ovens on sale in the Indian market have a dull design. Whether it is external paint, tactile buttons, front look, or the overall grand design, LG ovens do not catch eyeballs.

Essentially LG ovens are the most ideal for experienced users. If you have used an oven before then the best microwave brand for your new oven would be LG followed by Samsung and Whirlpool. LG ovens have more cooking features than any other branded ovens in the Indian market. Warranty terms of LG ovens are limited, although. For lots of cooking feature and an energy efficient machine, LG microwave oven is the best option.

Buy LG Ovens 6500 to 35000 Rupees
LG Customer Care 1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999


→ IFB – Best Indian Brand for Microwave Oven

For washing machine and microwave ovens, IFB is one of the most favorite brands in the Indian market. In low cost, this Indian brand makes excellent microwave ovens. With some 20 variants of solo, grill and convection type microwave ovens, IFB dominates the segment “ovens under 15000 Rupees”.

IFB microwave ovens are available in the price range of 4200 to 17000 Rupees. Top rated IFB ovens, however, are on sale around 9000 Rupees. The cheapest IFB microwave oven (17-Liter SOLO Oven – 17PMMEC1) you can buy as low as at 4200 Rupees and the costliest model (25BCSDD1) at 16700 Rupees. However, the top favorite of the public is IFB 23SC3, which is a 23-Liter convection microwave oven, priced 9700 Rupees.

IFB Microwave Oven

IFB is the only microwave oven brand offers some four years of warranty. The warranty term is a One-year warranty for overall product and three years warranty on Magnetron.

The standard features on all the IFB ovens are extended warranty, stainless steel body, LED display, tactile control options, multi-stage cooking, and child lock.

IFB microwave ovens consume more electricity for the same amount of cooking than the alternatives in the market. Moreover, the number of auto cook menu is also less. Unconventional cooking is also not possible on an IFB oven, withal.

With multi-stage cooking feature of an IFB oven, you cannot make sweat and kids delight. For such advanced cooking, an LG oven is always best. Still, under 10000 Rupees some of the famous choices are from IFB. It is one of the best microwave oven brand names in the Indian market.

Buy IFB Microwave Ovens 4000 to 17000 Rupees
IFB Customer Care 1800-3000-5678
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→ Whirlpool – This American brand sells top Microwave Ovens at Low Prices

While Samsung and LG is also a home appliances brand, Whirlpool is genuinely a home appliances brand. For microwave oven, Whirlpool is not the top favorite of Indian buyers, although. It safely seats on the chair of the third best microwave oven brand in India.

Whirlpool has some 22 models of microwave oven on sale in the price range of 4500 to 22000 Rupees. Low-cost ovens of Whirlpool look elegant and bear lots of great cooking and convenience features. Only Whirlpool is the brand offers three years of complete warranty on its low-cost microwave ovens. In contrast, Samsung and LG offer an only one-year warranty on their most affordable Microwave Ovens.

Whirlpool Microwave Oven

Compared to LG and Samsung Ovens, to cook lots of food Whirlpool ovens are better options. Whirlpool ovens, in general, have less cooking and convenience features. The standard features on all the whirlpool microwave ovens on sale in the Indian market are calories meter, magic menus, multi-stage cooking, and combination cooking.

Currently, the best-selling Whirlpool oven is a solo microwave oven. The model number is MW20SW, and its price is only 4500 Rupees. Further, the best-selling grill microwave oven of this American brand is the model no MW25BG. It is on sale at 7000 Rupees. At 7700 Rupees, Whirlpool MAGICOOK MW20BC, which is a 23-Liter convection microwave oven, is in huge demand. Whirlpool offers more than three years of warranty on these top favorite microwave oven models.

Buy Whirlpool Ovens 4500 to 22000 Rupees
Whirlpool Customer Care 1800 208 1800


→ Bajaj – The Best Brand for Low-Cost Ovens

With eighty years old brand Bajaj is a household name in India. In the home and kitchen appliances segment Bajaj sells the best value for money products. If you are buying a new microwave oven to use in small town or a village home, the best microwave oven brand is Bajaj. It has service center across India.

Bajaj has only a few variants of microwave ovens on sale. Those models are the top-rated ovens in the market by the way. A strange fact about the most popular Bajaj microwave oven is that it is far more popular than a top brand smartphone ever would be.

Bajaj Microwave Oven

Bajaj currently has six variants of Microwave Oven on sale in the price range of 3500 to 8000 Rupees. The top-rated model is 1701MT, which is a solo microwave oven with 17 liters capacity. Its current price is just 3700 Rupees, and it comes with one-year warranty.

The Bajaj oven is the cheapest option in the market. Hence, it is the most favorite Bajaj Microwave Oven. The costliest Bajaj oven, on the other hand, is the model no 2310ETC, which is a 23-Liter convection oven, ideal for small families.

For first time users and small families, Bajaj Ovens are the best solution. If you have not used a microwave oven before, first buy a Bajaj oven, make good use of it, and then switch to either an LG, Samsung or Whirlpool microwave oven. For a beginner, the best microwave oven brand is Bajaj.

Buy Bajaj Oven 3500 to 8000 Rupees
Bajaj Customer Care 1800-233-2453


→ Godrej – One of the Best Microwave Oven Brands

The brand Godrej requires no introduction to Indian consumers. It is one of the oldest brands active in several segments including home appliances market. In the Kitchen appliances market, Godrej has so far launched products in fewer segments only. One of them is Microwave ovens, in which Godrej has established itself as one of the trusted and favorite brands of Indian buyers.

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Currently, some 17 Godrej Microwave oven variants are on sale. The most affordable Godrej oven is the model no GMX 20SA2BLM, which is a 20-Liter solo microwave oven. You can get it home by paying only 5500 Rupees.

Godrej Microwave Oven

The costliest Godrej oven that would obliviously be a convection oven is the model no SIM-GMX-30. It is a 30-Liter convection microwave oven, and its current price is only 14700 Rupees. However, Godrej ovens, which are on sale around the price of 9000 Rupees, are best in demand.

The warranty terms on all Godrej ovens are similar to what IFB offers. Godrej warranty term for microwave ovens is one-year service commitment for the whole product and three years on the Magnetron.

At present, the top-rated Godrej Oven in the online market especially is the model number GMX-20CA6PLZ, which is a 20-Liter convection microwave oven. The oven is an excellent choice for smaller families. The key features are 141 Auto Cook menus, Jet Defrost, Multi-stage cooking, express cooking and 10 Power levels.

Regarding looks and design, Godrej Ovens matches up with Samsung ovens. On energy efficiency, it excels like an LG oven. Therefore, in less price, Godrej ovens are an excellent choice. If you wish to buy a multifunction oven, which is energy efficient and has an eye-catching design, the best microwave oven brand is Godrej.

Buy Godrej Ovens 5500 to 14500 Rupees
Godrej Customer Care 1800-209-5511


→ Morphy Richards – A Top Brand for Premium Stylish Microwave Ovens

As the seventh best microwave oven brand, I had to decide the best among Morphy Richards, Onida, Kenstar, and Panasonic. By carefully measuring every aspect and especially giving emphasis to service warranty longevity & terms, we select Morphy Richards as the seventh best Microwave Oven brands in India.

Some of the best-selling microwave ovens in the Indian market have this British home appliances brand level. Morphy Richards does not have too many oven models in the market. Under 13000 Rupees, it has only seven variants on sale.

Morphy Richards Microwave Oven

As stated in the beginning, the company offers 2-years of exclusive onsite warranty.

The top-rated Microwave oven of Morphy Richard is the model no 25CG. You can order it by paying its current price, 11000 Rupees. This oven is ideal for small families. It has 200 menus, multi-stage cooking, stainless steel build, convection & grill cooking method, and mirror glass finish.

Further, the most affordable microwave oven of Morphy Richards is the model no 20MS. It is a 20-Liter solo microwave oven. This low-cost oven has an elegant build and design. Performance features of this solo oven include a timer, deforest, and 5 power levels. Unique features like Mirror glass door and overhead protection are making it one of the best ovens under 6000 Rupees, withal.

For a stylish high capacity oven, along with Samsung and Godrej, Morphy Richards is one of the best Microwave oven brands in India. Therefore, for your well-decorated kitchen, this time order a Morphy Richards microwave oven.

Buy Morphy Richards Ovens 5500 to 13000 Rupees
Morphy Richards Customer Care 1800-103-5963