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Best Microwave Oven under 7000 Rupees

Best Microwave Oven under 7000 Rupees in India Market

Dining out is not safe in today’s time. But to make delicious food items in a home kitchen that looks and tastes like hotel-restaurant food, some advanced cooking appliances are required. Apparently, you don’t need many. Just one! That is a microwave oven.

Which is the best microwave oven under 7000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling microwave ovens from 5000 to 7000 Rupees range. The suggested microwave ovens are a top favorite of buyers because of superior build, fast cooking, and smart features.

► 20-Liter Whirlpool MAGICOOK Grill Microwave Oven

The Whirlpool grill oven allows you to prepare yummy food in an easy, fast, and smart way. It has 93 auto cook menus or say one-click cooking presets and defrost function as well.

Child-lock option: The oven also ensures safety as it comes with the child lock option. Why is it useful? You can keep the food for cooking inside the cavity, set power and a timer, and can just relax or indulge in other household chores without worrying about the improper usage, especially by children.

Whirlpool 20 Liter Grill Microwave Oven MAGICOOK 20L DELUXE

Concealed quartz grill: It has a grill, which allows you to cook various types of dishes like kebabs, sausages, hamburgers, etc. The oven has the features of both the conventional microwave and the conventional grill. It has the concealed quartz grill and a special combi-mode of microwave and grill.

A concealed quartz grill helps in cooking five times faster than the traditional grill. Also, the uniform browning of the food by which the food cooks evenly. It also reduces the electrical power wastage by consuming less power.

Defrosting: One of the main features of this Whirlpool oven is the defrost button which can defrost the frozen food materials (frozen vegetables, frozen meat, etc.) in no time. It helps the food to become tender and easy for further cooking.

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Control: The Whirlpool oven has an easy to use control panel. From given multiple power levels, you can choose any level you wish according to your requirement. Also, it has One-Minute+ button to cook for extra time. The superior Microwave+Grill combination cooking mode allows the food to cook and brown in a single mode, withal.

Build: The internal cavity of this Whirlpool grill oven is painted (super powder-coated) which ensures protection against heat and atmospheric contaminants. And, the diameter of its glass turntable is 245-mm.

Final Verdict: Without a doubt, a big thumbs up for this Whirlpool grill microwave oven. It is easy to install and its maintenance cost is low, which is very beneficial, especially for working professionals.

Price ₹6990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Made in India | Auto-Cook Menus: 93 | Pre-programmed Magic Menus: 6 | Preheat | Timer | Defrost | Cooking-Combination Indicator | Cavity-Material: Stainless-Steel | Turntable: Glass | Interior-Light


► 19-Liter Godrej GMX 519 CP1 Microwave Oven

Being a convection oven is the best thing about the Godrej microwave oven. A convection oven can cook all those things that can be cooked in a microwave oven. Yes, it can bake and grill as well. This 19-liter Godrej convection microwave oven is perfect for bachelors and small families.

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Even today the Godrej GMX 519 CP1 microwave oven is a top favorite of buyers despite being a 3-year old model. But why? Its features and functions make it a hot choice. It has 125 auto-cook presets. It has options for preheating, reheating, and steam-cooking. You can bake in it, grill in it, and defrost in it.

Combination and multi-stage cooking options make it a dynamic kitchen appliance that can cook several unique food items besides doable items by given auto cook menus. And, with the express cooking feature, this Godrej oven can make something healthy and tasty PHATAPHAT.

Price ₹6990 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Power: 800W | Child Lock | Overheat Protection | Free Installation & Demo | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooking Auto-Cook Menu: 125 | Preheat | Reheat | Jet Deforest | Bake | Grill | Steam-Cooking | 10 Power Levels | Timer | Combination & Preset Cooking | Multi-stage Cooking | Insta-Cook | Express-Cooking
Make Indian Dishes | Pizza | Cake | Grill-Chicken | Many More…
Build Metal-Cavity | Tactile-Button | LED Notification-Display | Interior-Light | Cooking-Completion Indicator
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn Table | Roller-Ring | Grill-Stand | Documents
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