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Best Microwave Oven under 5000 Rupees

Best Microwave Oven under 5000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best microwave oven under 5000 Rupees? Here you read about the best-selling microwave ovens from 1000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested microwave ovens are from top microwave brands in India market, such as Flipkart, Bajaj, Godrej, and others.

► 20L MarQ by Flipkart Solo Microwave Oven

MarQ by Flipkart is one of my favorite brands for durable products at affordable prices. For instance, in the 3000 Rupees price range, the highest capacity microwaves with more cooking features are from this brand only.

The MarQ by Flipkart 20-Liter oven is an excellent microwave oven for students, bachelors, and a family of 4 members maximum. Being a solo microwave, it can only heat, deforest, and cook food. It cannot grill and bake. You need to buy a grill microwave oven if you want to make grill chicken, and convection microwave, if you're going to bake bread and cake, too.

20L MarQ by Flipkart Solo Microwave Oven

Being affordable does not mean the build quality of this MarQ Flipkart Microwave Oven is mediocre. BIS certification (Bureau of Indian Standards) confirms its high-quality, durable build. Also, the brand assures that every unit passes through 163 quality tests. Therefore, you can entirely sure about the durability and longevity of this MarQ Flipkart microwave oven.

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Not just build quality, this MarQ by Flipkart microwave oven comes with outstanding cooking features, too. That makes it a handy appliance for every kitchen. All its features and functions are listed in the below specs sheet.

Price 3100 Rupees
Ideal for Cook | Heat | Make Roasted Chicken
Features BIS Certification | 163 Quality Test Pass | Jet (Weight) Deforest | Easy to Clean and Maintain | Warranty: {12-Months for Whole Unit | 36-Months for Megatron}
Cooking 5 Power Levels {100%, 77%, 55%, 33%, 17%} | Timer | Auto Cook Menu: 0
Build Power Capacity: 700W | Over-Voltage Protection | Normal Glass Door | Jog Dial Control Knobs | Humidity-Safe | Rust-Resistant Certified | With Turntable | Weight: 10.7-Kg
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