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Best Microwave Oven below 14000 Rupees

Best Microwave Oven below 14000 Rupees in India

Among the three types of the microwave oven, the convection-type is much smarter in cooking delicious food. The auto cook feature with multi-stage cooking, which let's cook any complicated recipe with lots of ease by following pre-defined steps, is only found on convection-type ovens. Furthermore, you can use a convection oven to make grill chicken, but a grill oven cannot be for donning feature of convection-type ovens.

Which is the best microwave oven under 14000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover best microwave ovens which are currently the best options in 13000 to 14000 Rupees price range. Here you read about products of top microwave oven brands in India market.

► 28L Samsung Convection Microwave Oven {MC28M6035CK}

In 13000 to 14000 Rupees price segment, only the Samsung brand launched its microwave oven this year. Microwave ovens of other brands in this price category are now more than a year-old model. Buying the latest model of a trusted brand if it is on sale at the right price – is what one of the traits of smart shopping.

Samsung MC28M6035CK Convection Microwave Oven

Competing with Samsung MC28M6035Ck microwave oven is LG MC2846BV and Samsung MC28H5033CK. Both the microwave oven models are last year’s model. This year’s model Samsung MC28M6035CK at the current price of 13900 Rupees, therefore, is a recommended option.

→ Cook food with 80% less Oil

The Samsung convection microwave oven comes with the SLIM FRY feature to cook food with 80% less oil. Samsung SLIM FRY is similar to the working of Air Fryer. Thus, the oven is 2-in-1, Microwave oven cum Air Fryer. Today you eat oily food and tomorrow healthy diet with 80% less oil. That will keep the health of your family in order.

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Use the fermentation function of the oven for proofing dough to make cakes, bread, pizza, and yogurt anytime. Cut your weekend expense on pizza delivery and enjoy healthy pizza on demand made with love and care.

Further, the Samsung microwave oven comes with many advanced features to automatize your cooking. It has auto cook function with multi-stage cooking and preset options. You can also make all types of Grill items in this Samsung microwave oven.

→ Should you buy this Samsung Microwave Oven?

Thus, one thing is apparent that the 28L Samsung microwave oven is not a luxury, in fact, necessity. It would cut your monthly restaurant expenses. Pizza is not bad for health if it is made in the home kitchen. To promise good health of your family look for a smart solution instead of arguing about whether food such Pizza and Pasta are good for health or not.

Price 13900 Rupees
Power 1400W
Features Samsung HOTBLASTER | Various Cooking Mode | Preheat | Clock | 30 Sec. Plus | Eco Mode | Power Deforest | Auto Programs | Auto Cook | SAMSUNG SLIM FRY | Dough Proof/Yogurt | Turntable On/Off | Child Safety Lock | Sound on/off
Build Tact & Dial Control | LED Display | Quartz Convection Heater | Sheath Grill Heater | Dimensions: 517 x 310 x 463 mm
Accessories Wire Rack | Crusty Plate | Quick Guide Label
Warranty 1-Year on Microwave | Additional 4-Years on Magnetron

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