What is the best brand of microwave oven? Godrej, LG, Samsung and IFB are four best microwave oven brands in India market. These Indian and Korean brands have microwave oven models in the market with outstanding cooking and food processing features.

Which is the best Microwave oven in 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best among the newest microwave ovens from 1000 to 10000 Rupees price range.

☼ 21-Liter Samsung CE73JD Convection Microwave Oven

The Samsung convection microwave oven has the features and functions to meet the requirement of making something special easily every day. With a 21-liter capacity, it is an ideal food maker for small families, bachelors, and students.

Samsung equipped the microwave oven with many great features. Its build quality is excellent. Thanks to its easy-to-understand control panel you will use it comfortably even if you are going to use a microwave oven for the first time. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is an ideal microwave oven for beginners.

Does it worth it? What makes this convection microwave oven a worthy kitchen appliance is the ability to make restaurant-style delicious items PHATAPHAT. It can make grilled chicken, bake cakes, and prepare healthy food as well.

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Marinate a whole chicken for at least 3 to 4 hours. Make this Samsung convection microwave oven ready for grilling. Place the chicken inside and set a timer. In a few minutes your grilled chicken, juicy from the inside and crispy from the outside, will be ready. It is much more convenient than ordering from a restaurant through a food delivery service.

Grill + Bake + Cook | 21-Liter Convection Oven under 10000 Rupees | Samsung CE73JD

Price ₹9000 | Amazon
Features Capacity: 21-Liter | Max Power: 2350W | Grill | Bake | Healthy Cooking | Keep Warm | Combination-Cooking | Multistage-Cooking | Power Levels: 6 | Temp Range: 40°C – 200°C | Warranty: Up to 10 Years


☼ 23-Liter Samsung MG23T5012CK/CP Microwave Oven

The Samsung oven is for grilling, roasting, baking, and making spicy fried items with less oil. There are not many 23-liter microwave ovens below 10000 Rupees. Whatever models are available currently, from them the ones that come from the brand Samsung are best. Among the available Samsung microwave ovens below 10000 Rupees, my team finds the model MG23T5012CK and its color variant MG23T5012CP most superior.

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Samsung brand packed the microwave oven model with a ton of features and functions. Quick Defrost, Auto Programs, Auto Cook Menus, Grill Fry, Home Deserts, and SLIM Fry are some of them.

Should you buy the Samsung Grill Microwave Oven? Does it worth it? We discussed that all in our video presentation on the Samsung Microwave Oven model.

23-Liter | Grill Microwave Oven under 10000 Rupees | #Samsung MG23T5012CK

Price ₹9990 | Amazon
Features 23-Liter | Microwave Power Output: 800W | Grill Power: 1100W | SLIM Fry | Home Deserts | Auto Programs | Auto Cook Menus | Quick Defrost | Warranty: Up to 2 Years


► 23L Onida Air Fryer Convection Microwave Oven

What is the best microwave on the market below 10000 Rupees currently? Black Beauty Neo, the 23-Liter convection microwave oven from the house of Onida is the best microwave oven below 10000 Rupees. Why? Because this Onida microwave oven with convection and grill is also an air fryer. Yes, you read it correctly. Onida MO23CJS11BN Black Beauty Neo is a convection microwave oven as well as an air fryer.

Onida Black Beauty Neo Air Fryer Convection Microwave Oven

The Onida microwave with its Air Fryer feature can make oily and less-oily food. Being a convection microwave oven means it can also grill and bake besides doing normal cooking. So, in this oven, you can bake biscuits and cake and grill spicy chicken. Loaded 237 auto cook menus and features such as multi-stage cooking and combination cooking make it a perfect microwave to cook something special every day throughout the year.

Air Fryer + Convection | 23-Liter Oven under 10000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Onida Black Beauty Neo

Price ₹9990 | Amazon
Ideal for Air Frying | Normal-Cooking | Defrosting (by-Weight, by-Time) | Baking | Grilling | Reheating | Express-Cooking | Multi-Stage Cooking
Features Calorie Meter | Child-Lock | Get a Free Cook-Book
Cooking Capacity → 23-Liter | Power-Output → 800W | Timer | Keep Warm | Auto Cook Menus Loaded → 237 | Temperature Levels → 10 | Combination Cooking Options → 4 | Power Levels → 10
Cleaning Deodorizer to make odorless | Steam-Clean → Thoroughly clean from inside
Build Jog-Dial | Stainless-Steel Cavity | with 270-mm Turntable | Gross Weight: 15.7-Kg | Dimensions (WDH): 486x405x292 mm
Warranty 1-Year for Whole Unit | 3-Year for Megatron | Free-Installation | Free-Demo


► 23L Samsung MS23K3513 Solo Microwave Oven

The Samsung Microwave oven is one of the best solo microwave ovens under 7000 Rupees. Its stainless-steel body in addition to the ceramic interior cavity proposes a long-term life. Weighing just 12-kg, it can accommodate in your kitchenette with no trouble. As it features push-and-save function, you can acquire impeccably microwaved food without over-consumption of power. The Eco Button can save you about 40 percent of standby energy. As a result, the product proves itself to be an energy-efficient machine, without a doubt.

23-Liter Samsung Solo Microwave Oven

Now coming to the preparation of Tandoori Dishes, this microwave oven is splendid in these respects.  You can rapidly re-warm the leftovers, prepare flavorsome recipes, pop popcorns, as well as melt chocolate or butter for cakes.

The solo microwave is splendid for crisping your foodstuffs while preparing tempting Naans, Tandoori Rotis, Lachcha Paranthas, Missi Rotis, Appams, and Theplas without difficulty. The triple distribution system proposes uniformly cooked food that is way better than the conventional single aperture antenna. In consequence, you attain more effectiveness. On top of that, the product devours 6 distinct power levels together with a timer, LED display and turntable.

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If you want to bake a cake in your brand-new microwave, then select a convection microwave oven. This 23L Samsung oven is just a solo microwave oven, limited on features and functions.

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Ideal for Students | Bachelors | Small families
Features Quick Deforest | 6 Power Levels | Eco Mode | Keep Warm | Deodorization | Child Lock | 30 Sec. Plus | Auto Cook Programs | Memory | Sound On/Off
Cook Indian Traditional Food
Build Tact Control | LED Display | Ceramic Enamel Interior
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn Table | Roller Ring | Wire Rack | Crusty Plate | Documents


► 20L IFB 20BC4 Convection Microwave Oven

IFB, Godrej, and Onida are three best Indian microwave oven brands. To assist you with all your daily cooking chores, IFB presents this 20L Convection Microwave Oven with ground-breaking cooking and food processing technology. It is an ideal choice for students, bachelors, and small families.

20L IFB Convection Microwave Oven 20BC4

With this IFB Microwave oven, you can prepare flavorsome Indian food that’s traditionally deep-fried, in a healthy way. Yes, you can enjoy your favorite crispy refreshments that are devoid of any oil havoc. You can make your dearly loved chips, French-fried potatoes, pommes frites with a healthy twist in this convection microwave oven.

Stainless Steel Cavity that won’t peel off with time! Stainless Steel Cavity of this IFB Microwave oven allows superior reflection and heat consistency within the cavity. This furthermore proposes improved and smooth food preparation.

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If you consider buying a microwave oven with the objective of preparing “Tandoori delicacies” then the IFB Convection oven is one of the best microwave ovens under 10000 Rupees.  With this oven, you can do a number of things. From barbecuing vegetables to grilling Paneer, and from roasting meat to preparing Naan, you can do it all. What’s more? You can amaze your family members with the flavor of “Dhaba ka khana” at the comfort of your own house.

Price ₹9000 | Amazon
Features 71 Auto-Cook Menu | 10 Power Levels | Clock | Keep-Warm | Deodorize | Child-Lock | Steam Clean | Weight Deforest | Sensor Malfunction Protection | Overheating Protection | Child Safety Lock | Cooling Feature | Power Save | Express Cooking | 3-Years Warranty
Ideal for Instant-Cooking | Baking | Reheating | Deforesting | Grilling | Multi-Stage Cooking | Fermentation | Preheat | Reheat
Build Stainless-Steal Cavity | LED Display | 245-mm Turntable


► 20L IFB 20SC2 Convection Microwave Oven

Which type of microwave oven is best? The Convection type microwave oven is best.

For a convection microwave oven, one of the best brands in India market is IFB. Similar to the reputation this Indian brand has in the washing machine market, it is a top favorite brand for high-class convection microwave ovens.

20L IFB 20SC2 Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 20SC2 is the best-selling 20-Liter microwave oven in India market. Apparently, it is also one of the best-selling microwave ovens under 10000 Rupees. Launched in the year 2012, even after 7 years, it has maintained its top position in its market segment.

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With a 20-Liter capacity, it is an excellent microwave oven for small families, bachelors, and students. In this IFB convection microwave oven, you can cook, heat, reheat, grill, bake, and defrost. Equipped with “Express Cooking,” “Multistage-Cooking,” “Combination-Cooking,” and “24 Auto Cook Menus” features, IFB 20SC2 microwave oven is a master appliance, which can cook food for the taste that one gets in the famous hotels and restaurants.

Price ₹8900 | Amazon
Ideal for Regular Cooking | Grilling | Roasting | Banking | Defrosting
Features Frequency: 2450-MHz | Child-Lock | Weight-Defrost | Speed-Defrost | Cooking-Completion Indicator | Alarm | Over-Heat Protection | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole Unit | 3-Years for Megatron} | Free-Installation | Free-Demo
Cooking 24 Auto Cook Menus | Multi-Stage Cooking | Express Cooking | Preheat | Reheat | Keep Warm | Timer | 10 Power-Levels {110°C to 200°C → 10°C Variant} | Cooking Modes: {Convection, Grill, Microwave} | Combination Cooking: {Convection Grill, Convection + Microwave}
Build Touch Control Panel | with Starter Kit | LED Notification Display | Stainless-Steel Body | Stainless-Steel Cavity | Glass Turntable | Interior Light | BIS Certification
Power Power-Output: 800W | Capacity: {Grill-Mode → 1250W | Microwave-Mode → 2000W}


► 23L Samsung MG23K3515AK Grill Microwave Oven

When it comes to design, Samsung microwave ovens are the best options in the market. See how gorgeous this Samsung Grill microwave oven looks. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a BLACK BEAUTY. With 23-Liter capacity, this grill microwave oven is ideal for students, bachelors, and small families.

23L Samsung Grill Microwave Oven MG23K3515AK

This BLACK BEAUTY not just looks special, it also cooks special, delicious food. It has the cooking features to make your food plate exciting every day with a surprising food item. You can make something special in this grill microwave from your favorite recipe book with little effort in less time. In fact, this oven would be your daily driver for most of the cooking needs as it comes along with accessories like Glass Turn Table, Roller Ring, and Grill Rack.

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Thus, trusting the opinion of those who have bought it and using it, Samsung brand name, and my own experience with it, I wouldn’t be wrong in rating it as one of the grill microwave ovens under 8000 Rupees. There are cheaper microwave ovens with more features. Still, I recommend this Samsung Grill microwave for its outstanding build quality.

Price ₹8000 | Amazon
Features Browning Plus (Cooking Time + 30-Sec to brown and crisp food exquisitely with the grill heater) | Keep-Warm | Quick-Deforest | Eco Mode | Deodorization | 6 Power Levels | Timer | Child Safety Lock | Sound ON/OFF | 1-Year Warranty on Whole Product | 5-Years Warranty on Magnetron
Make Chicken Tandoori | Cake | Pizza
Cook Various Cooking Mode | Auto Cook Programs
Build Ceramic Non-Stick Coating Inside | Tect+Dial Control
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn Table | Roller Ring | Wire Rack | Crusty Plate | Documents


► 20L Godrej 20CA6PLZ Convection Microwave Oven

Currently, the best microwave oven under 8000 Rupees is this Godrej Convection Microwave Oven. It has all the favorite microwave oven features that usually only premium microwave ovens have.

The fascia plain finish gives it a very premium look that gets even enhanced in bright lights. Its cavity is made from stainless steel and covered with an anti-bacterial coating. The digital panel provides the user with all the abilities that they need to cook any kind of food, withal.

20L Godrej Convection Microwave Oven GMX 20CA6PLZ

This multifunction microwave oven can make bakery items, restaurant-style grill, and healthy fast food.  If you just want to reheat your food, then its Quick Heat feature will take care of all your worries.

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Godrej understands your desire to cook food without much confusion. That is why this oven comes with 141 auto cook menus. Besides, its advanced cooking features like Multistage cooking, Express cooking, and Combination cooking will make sure that you don’t find yourself in a hard time if you want to cook something else.

Price ₹7500 | Amazon
Features Uniform Cooking | 141 Insta-Cook Menus | Preheat | Timer | 10 Power Levels | Reheat | Jet Frost | Quick Start Option | Child Lock | Auto Protection | Pre-set cooking courses in sequence – This Godrej Oven Automatically moves to the next stage | Easy Temp Setting | Warranty: {1-Year on Oven | 3-Years on Megatron
Make Cake | Biscuit | Pastries | Grill Chicken & Fish | Chicken Tandoori | Idli | Pizza…
Do Baking | Grilling | Deforesting | Heating | Combination Cooking | Multi-stage cooking
Build Tact Control Panel | LED Notification Display | Stainless Steel Cavity | Door with Mirror Glass
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn Table | Roller Ring | Crusty Plate | Documents


► 20L LG MH2044DB Grill Microwave Oven

Most people buy a microwave oven to make bakery and grill items. The convection-type is best among all the three types of microwave ovens for such special cooking. The Grill microwave ovens of some brands, however, could do the special cooking. Like this LG grill microwave oven.

LG had introduced this model in the year 2014. Even after 5-Years, it is one of the best-selling grill microwave ovens in 7000 Rupees range.

20L LG Grill Microwave Oven MH2044DB

What is so special about this LG microwave oven that it is in massive demand even after 5-years? The first is LG’s patented i-wave technology for uniform cooking. The second is 52 auto cook menu, out of which 35 is traditional Indian dishes. Make every day something desi, delicious in no time. Besides, this LG grill microwave oven can make sweats, healthy diet food, CHATPATA, child’s favorite, snakes, and breakfast. Its control panel with touch-screen makes it very user-friendly, withal.

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The LG 20L grill microwave oven has everything you wish to have in your new microwave oven. That is why its buyers and users have rated It with 4.4 ratings out 5 points on Flipkart. It is one of the best microwave ovens in 7000 Rupees price range at present.

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Features 52 Auto Cook Menus (35 Indian Menus) | Intellowave Technology | Timer | 5 Power Levels | Cooking Complete Indicator | Energy Saving | Next Step Guide | Child Lock
Do Grilling | Deforesting | Cooking
Make Cake | Tandoori Chicken | Grill Chicken | Cookies | Idly | Pizza…
Build Touch Keypad | Anti-Bacterial Cavity |
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn Table | Roller Ring | High Rack | Starter Kit | Documents


► 25L IFB 25SC4 Convection Microwave Oven

The IFB 25SC4 microwave oven is currently one of the best-selling microwave ovens in 10000 Rupees range. After adjusting shopping website discounts, you could easily order it online in 9000 Rupees, give or take a few hundred. This IFB oven is a damn good option in 10000 Rupees and below, no doubt about it.

25-Liter IFB Convection Microwave Oven 25SC4

This IFB convection microwave oven can cook, bake, grill, and roast. You could make in it bakery items, fried items, grilled items, and roasted items. Yet, it can cook our regular Indian food items. However, its honor will be in using it to make special exotic food items in the restaurant-style. Most of the food items in its auto cook menu list are complex cuisine, special items, selected from every reason of India.

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Thus, the IFB 25SC4 microwave oven is a master cooking appliance with fully automatic operation. it will be a money saver for you. You will stop going to your favorite restaurants and bakery shop after getting it home. I am very sure about it.

25L Convection Microwave Oven under 10000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #IFB 25SC4

Price ₹10000 | Amazon
Features Cook | Bake | Grill | Roast | Weight-Defrost | Warranty: 1-Year for Whole Unit | 3-Year for Megatron
Capacity Microwave Power-Output: 900W | 10 Power-Levels: {110°C to 200°C} | Grill-Mode Power: 1000W | Convection-Mode Power: 1950W
Cooking Auto Cook: 26 Segments (101 Items} | Express-Cooking | Multi-Stage Cooking | Modes: {Convection, Grill, Microwave} | Combination-Cooking: {Convection + Microwave, Grill + Microwave}
Convenience Quick-Start | Keep-Warm | Preheat | Auto-Reheat | Timer | Cooking-Completion Indicator | Clock | Alarm | Cleaning: {Deodorize | Steam-Clean} | Cooling-Feature
Security Sensor-Malfunction Protection | Over-Heat Protection | Child-Safety
Stainless-Steel Cavity | LED Notification-Display | Touch Key-Pad (Membrane) | Interior-Light | Glass-Turn-Table Diameter: 270-mm | Dimensions (HWD): 281×483×414 mm | Weight: 16.13-Kg


► 30L BPL BPLMW30CIG Convection Microwave Oven

Which is the cheap and best microwave oven under 10000 Rupees for large families? One of the best options is the BPL BPLMW30CIG convection microwave oven with 30-Liter cooking capacity.

BPL 30L Convection Microwave Oven BPLMW30CIG

BPL is a well-known, trusted brand in India market. This brand is also favorite for high-quality, high capacity kitchen appliances at affordable prices besides being very famous for LED TV. Its 30-Liter convection microwave oven model is in huge demand currently. Those who have bought it have recommended it to others, and, rightly so.

The BPL microwave oven with convection can bake, grill, cook, reheat, and defrost. The design of this BPL convection microwave oven is not trendy, though its build quality seems durable. Many from its buyers have confirmed its durable build quality based on their own experience of using this model without any issue for more than a year now.

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You will make your favorite dish, which you often order from your favorite restaurant, in this BPL convection microwave oven without much effort. Because it has all the essential cooking features and microwave oven functions to cook healthy home food to taste like rich restaurant food.

30-Liter Convection Microwave Oven under 10000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #BPL BPLMW30CIG

Price ₹9500 | Amazon
Features Child-Lock | Smart Power Selection | Power Output: 900W | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole Unit, 1-Year Extra for Megatron}
Ideal for Bake | Grill | Preheat | Reheat | Defrost | Normal Cooking
Cooking Combination-Cooking | Auto-Cook Menus | Temp-Range: {110°C to 200°C} | Timer
Build Stainless Steel Cavity | Easy to use Control {Tactile Buttons | Jog Dial} | Turntable Diameter → 31-CM
Sales Box Microwave oven | User-Manual | Roller-Ring | Glass-Turntable | Baking-Plate | Recipe Book


► 20-Liter Whirlpool MAGICOOK Grill Microwave Oven

The Whirlpool grill oven allows you to prepare yummy food in an easy, fast, and smart way. It has 93 auto cook menus or say one-click cooking presets and defrost function as well.

Child-lock option: The oven also ensures safety as it comes with the child lock option. Why is it useful? You can keep the food for cooking inside the cavity, set power and a timer, and can just relax or indulge in other household chores without worrying about the improper usage, especially by children.

Whirlpool 20 Liter Grill Microwave Oven MAGICOOK 20L DELUXE

Concealed quartz grill: It has a grill, which allows you to cook various types of dishes like kebabs, sausages, hamburgers, etc. The oven has the features of both the conventional microwave and the conventional grill. It has the concealed quartz grill and a special combi-mode of microwave and grill.

A concealed quartz grill helps in cooking five times faster than the traditional grill. Also, the uniform browning of the food by which the food cooks evenly. It also reduces the electrical power wastage by consuming less power.

Defrosting: One of the main features of this Whirlpool oven is the defrost button which can defrost the frozen food materials (frozen vegetables, frozen meat, etc.) in no time. It helps the food to become tender and easy for further cooking.

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Control: The Whirlpool oven has an easy to use control panel. From given multiple power levels, you can choose any level you wish according to your requirement. Also, it has One-Minute+ button to cook for extra time. The superior Microwave+Grill combination cooking mode allows the food to cook and brown in a single mode, withal.

Build: The internal cavity of this Whirlpool grill oven is painted (super powder-coated) which ensures protection against heat and atmospheric contaminants. And, the diameter of its glass turntable is 245-mm.

Final Verdict: Without a doubt, a big thumbs up for this Whirlpool grill microwave oven. It is easy to install and its maintenance cost is low, which is very beneficial, especially for working professionals.

Price ₹6990 | Amazon
Features Made in India | Auto-Cook Menus: 93 | Pre-programmed Magic Menus: 6 | Preheat | Timer | Defrost | Cooking-Combination Indicator | Cavity-Material: Stainless-Steel | Turntable: Glass | Interior-Light


► 19-Liter Godrej GMX 519 CP1 Microwave Oven

Being a convection oven is the best thing about the Godrej microwave oven. A convection oven can cook all those things that can be cooked in a microwave oven. Yes, it can bake and grill as well. This 19-liter Godrej convection microwave oven is perfect for bachelors and small families.

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Even today the Godrej GMX 519 CP1 microwave oven is a top favorite of buyers despite being a 3-year old model. But why? Its features and functions make it a hot choice. It has 125 auto-cook presets. It has options for preheating, reheating, and steam-cooking. You can bake in it, grill in it, and defrost in it.

Combination and multi-stage cooking options make it a dynamic kitchen appliance that can cook several unique food items besides doable items by given auto cook menus. And, with the express cooking feature, this Godrej oven can make something healthy and tasty PHATAPHAT.

19-Liter Microwave Oven for Small Families and Students (हिंदी में) | #Godrej GMX 519 CP1

Price ₹6990 | Amazon
Features Power: 800W | Child Lock | Overheat Protection | Free Installation & Demo | Warranty: 1-Year
Cooking Auto-Cook Menu: 125 | Preheat | Reheat | Jet Deforest | Bake | Grill | Steam-Cooking | 10 Power Levels | Timer | Combination & Preset Cooking | Multi-stage Cooking | Insta-Cook | Express-Cooking
Make Indian Dishes | Pizza | Cake | Grill-Chicken | Many More…
Build Metal-Cavity | Tactile-Button | LED Notification-Display | Interior-Light | Cooking-Completion Indicator
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn Table | Roller-Ring | Grill-Stand | Documents


► 20L Haier HIL2001MWPH Solo Microwave Oven

The Haier Microwave oven is the latest SOLO microwave oven in India. Its build, design and cooking performance has made it, one of the best-selling SOLO microwave ovens under 5000 Rupees.

This Haier microwave oven can cook and defrost. After cooking, it can keep the food fresh for very long by its KEEP WARM feature. It cannot bake and grill since it is a SOLO type oven. So, it is not a fit microwave oven for making bread, cake, and biscuit. It is an excellent microwave for normal cooking, however.

20-Liter Haier Solo Microwave Oven HIL2001MWPH

With the timer and temperature control features, this Haier oven can cook all types of Indian food items. Nicely apply masala to a whole chicken and place it inside this oven. Set the required temperature and cooking time. Similarly, mix all ingredients for Payasam in a microwave oven cooking container and set the lowest temperature and longest cooking-timer. This is how you will cook your favorite items in this Haier SOLO microwave oven.

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Should I buy this Haier 20-liter SOLO microwave oven? Yes…. No, because Onida MO20SMP15B is a much better 20-Liter microwave oven below 5000 Rupees. This Onida microwave oven has the steam clean feature which makes its everyday usages much easier. Other better options are MarQ by Flipkart 20-Liter SOLO microwave oven and Godrej 20-Liter Microwave Oven. These are definitely much better microwave ovens than the Haier SOLO oven. Give high priority to the Onida SOLO Microwave Oven as it has the steam clean feature.

5 Best SOLO Microwave Oven under 5000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Haier #Godrej #Onida #Whirlpool

Price ₹4990 | Amazon
Features Defrost | Timer-Control | Temperature-Control | Auto-Cook Menus → NONE | Over-Heat Protection
Cooking Microwave Frequency → 2450-MHz | Power-Output: 700W | Power-Levels → 5 | Cooking-Complete Indicator | Timer | Alarm | Keep-Warm
Build (Diameter → 25.5-CM) Glass-Turntable | Interior-Light | Dimensions (WHD): 44×25.9×34 CM | Weight: 10.4-Kg


► 20L MarQ by Flipkart Solo Microwave Oven

MarQ by Flipkart is one of my favorite brands for durable products at affordable prices. For instance, in the 3000 Rupees price range, the highest capacity microwaves with more cooking features are from this brand only.

The MarQ by Flipkart 20-Liter oven is an excellent microwave oven for students, bachelors, and a family of 4 members maximum. Being a solo microwave, it can only heat, deforest, and cook food. It cannot grill and bake. You need to buy a grill microwave oven if you want to make grill chicken, and convection microwave, if you're going to bake bread and cake, too.

20L MarQ by Flipkart Solo Microwave Oven

Being affordable does not mean the build quality of this MarQ Flipkart Microwave Oven is mediocre. BIS certification (Bureau of Indian Standards) confirms its high-quality, durable build. Also, the brand assures that every unit passes through 163 quality tests. Therefore, you can entirely sure about the durability and longevity of this MarQ Flipkart microwave oven.

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Not just build quality, this MarQ by Flipkart microwave oven comes with outstanding cooking features, too. That makes it a handy appliance for every kitchen. All its features and functions are listed in the below specs sheet.

20L Microwave Oven in 3000 Rupees Range {हिंदी में} | MarQ Flipkart Solo Oven

Price ₹3100 | Amazon
Ideal for Cook | Heat | Make Roasted Chicken
Features BIS Certification | 163 Quality Test Pass | Jet (Weight) Deforest | Easy to Clean and Maintain | Warranty: {12-Months for Whole Unit | 36-Months for Megatron}
Cooking 5 Power Levels {100%, 77%, 55%, 33%, 17%} | Timer | Auto Cook Menu: 0
Build Power Capacity: 700W | Over-Voltage Protection | Normal Glass Door | Jog Dial Control Knobs | Humidity-Safe | Rust-Resistant Certified | With Turntable | Weight: 10.7-Kg


► 20L Onida MO20GMP12B Grill Microwave Oven

We Indian inspire and get inspired by the world, but when it comes to our daily food, we prefer to eat food that is cooked following our own family recipe. This Onida grill microwave oven has the features to make it easier to prepare a delicious food item by following our traditional secret methods. It has combination and express-cooking functions. It can make Tandoori style food items PHATAPHAT.

Onida's this 20L Microwave Oven is the cheapest grill microwave oven in India market at present. Yet, it has an excellent build quality and a stylish compact body. Onida brand provides a starter kit in the sales box, withal.

20L Onida Grill Microwave Oven MO20GMP12B

Which is the best microwave oven in 5000 Rupees? In no doubt, the Onida Microwave Oven is the best microwave oven in 5000 Rupees. The brand name Onida is a reputed name. And, this microwave oven is not a solo microwave oven (restricted to just basic cooking), instead of a grill microwave oven.

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You will recover your investment for this Onida grill microwave in 2 to 4 months. Having it in your kitchen will facilitate making healthy, spicy grill chicken any time, every day with little effort. You will also not have to spend your hard-earned money on unhealthy restaurant pizza as this 20L grill microwave oven can make delicious, healthy pizza in no time.

Price ₹7000 | Amazon
Ideal for Students | Bachelors | Small Families
Features Express Cooking | Fast Deforesting | Timer | 5 Power Levels | Reheat | 12-Months Warranty
Make Tandoori Chicken | Pizza | Cake | Cookies | Rice ….
Build Stainless-Steel Cavity | Jog Dial
Sales Box Microwave Oven | Glass Turn-Table | Roller-Ring | Recipe-Book | Documents


► 17L Bajaj 1701MT Solo Microwave Oven

This Solo microwave oven from Bajaj has a power capacity of 700W. Priced at Rs. 3990, it is one of the low-priced microwaves from Bajaj. One of the most basic microwaves to hit the market from Bajaj, it has 5 power levels which can be operated through mechanical knobs.

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The cooking time provided by this microwave is almost 30 minutes. It is perfect for small families who are looking to use it for heating up meals or even cooking them for that matter. All edible items from eggs to meat are cooked very effectively and nicely by this microwave within a matter of minutes. This is something which isn’t possible for small microwaves, but this one from Bajaj makes it look tremendously easy. It’s also perfect for students who look forward to having homemade meals but don’t have sufficient kitchen spaces in their apartments.

Bajaj 17-Liter Solo Microwave Oven 1701MT

It is the perfect device for people looking to defrost food items, which are frozen. The color in which it makes the product appears very sophisticated and classic at the same time.  The monochrome color of this microwave would easily compliment the interior space of your kitchen or any other area where you decide to place in your house for that matter.

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Verdict: Although there are so many microwaves available in the price category to choose from, this product from Bajaj very well stands out. It’s a highly reliable microwave which you can depend on to provide you with sumptuous meals every single day. The price is definitely one aspect of this product, which makes it appear very attractive to users. It is a piece definitely worth going for if you are bored with the complicated large grill machines and microwave ovens which promise so much but deliver nothing, to be honest.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon
Features Type: Solo | Convection: YES | Time Deforest | 12-Months Warranty
Cooking Reheat | 30-Minutes Timer | Cooking Complete Alarm | Microwave Oven Output: 700W | 5 Power Levels


► 17L IFB 17PMMEC1 Solo Microwave Oven

Affordable market price, IFB trust, and auto cook features are the key factors why the IFB microwave oven is one of the best-selling ovens under 5000 Rupees. This 17-Liter solo microwave oven is perfect for students, bachelors, and small families.

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The clock featured on the microwave is in the form of a mechanical timer, and power levels are flexi power control. The defrost system of this microwave is a speed defrost which can very quickly defrost any form of frozen food items.

IFB Solo Microwave Oven 17-Liter

There are five power levels provided on this microwave, which is similar to most microwaves in this category. Instead of tact-able buttons, there are knobs provided on the machine for adjustment of these. There’s also the speed defrost option available for fast defrosting and heating up frozen food items. Therefore, it is great for users who do not have a lot of time for cooking and consume a lot of ready-made frozen food.

The electro-mechanical timer present allows users to control power output and helps stay safe while using the microwave. The color of this IFB microwave is all white, which makes it appear very good and sleek.

The design is elegant appearing too, and it would definitely look good sitting on the slab of your kitchen. Moreover, the size of this microwave is one thing that makes it perfect for small families and especially single people. The fact that it does not occupy much space makes it ideal for use in spatially challenged apartments.

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Verdict: IFB provides a warranty of total 3 years on this product. It is more than what most brands in the market are offering these days. There’s a one-year warranty on the machine and other two remaining years on its magnetron and cavity. There’s also an auto cook menu option available on the microwave that makes cooking so much hassle-free for its users. The company even provides a free demo and installation of this product. Therefore, it’s a microwave from IFB definitely worth going for.

Price ₹4500 | Amazon
Features Auto-Cook Menu | Timer | Temperature Setting | Over-Heating Protection | Warranty: {1-Year for Whole Unit | 3-Years for Cavity & Megatron} | 700W Power Output | Microwave Frequency: 2450 MHz
Build Turntable Diameter: 245-mm | Powder Coated Cavity | Max Power Consumption: 1200W