Which is the best microphone under 2000 Rupees? Here you read about the best-selling microphones from 500 to 2000 Rupees range in India market. The recommended microphones are ideal for stage performance, voice recording, and other similar requirements. They are products of the top microphone brands in the global market. Hence, they are a top-favorite of buyers.

► Shure SV200 Dynamic Microphone

Shure is one of the best microphone brands in the world market. This American brand is famous and trusted worldwide for high-quality voice-related gadgets and devices.

Shure SV200 is one of the top-selling microphones under 2000 Rupees in India market. This microphone has a dynamic transducer and cardioid polar pattern. So, it will pick up audio from the front and reject the audio from its back.

Shure Dynamic Microphone SV200 Cardioid Polar Pattern

The build quality of this Shure microphone is outstanding, too. It has a total metal body. So, it is a perfect mic for rough use. If used with care, it will remain functional more than 5-years.

Being a low impedance microphone makes it a perfect mic for stage performance. One of the most significant advantages of low impedance microphone is that its sound does not deteriorate over a long-distance cable. That is what required for an ideal microphone for stage performance. During any stage performance, the mic has to be connected with the sound controlling and mixing equipment by a really long cable.

With the frequency response range of 15Hz to 15KHz, this Shure microphone can capture Bass, Low-mid-range, Mid-range, Upper-mid-range, Presence, and Brilliance sound frequency. Whereas its SPL (sound presence level) of 94-dB makes it not so perfect microphone to capture heavy, loud sound, like one comes from a drum set.

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Thus, superior build quality, low impedance, a more extensive frequency response range, and Shure brand trust are the 4 best reasons why Shure SV200 is one of the best mics under 2000 Rupees. Using an XLR-to-USB cable, it can be connected to a computer CPU directly for recording.

Dynamic Mic for Stage Performance under 2000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #Shure SV200

Price 1800 Rupees | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Transducer Type: Dynamic | Polar Pattern: Cardioid | Requires Phantom Power | Up to 2-Years Warranty
Pickup Frequency Response Range: 50Hz to 15KHz | Impedance: 600-ohm | Sensitivity: -52 dBV/Pa (2.5 mV) | SPL: 1 Pascal = 94dB
Build Metallic Build | 4.5-Meter Cable | Weight: 244-Grams | Connector: 3-Pin Professional Audio XLR Cable Male | On/Off Switch