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Micromax Service Center Problems

Micromax Service Center Problems

According to the latest IDC data, Micromax is leading mobile phone vendor in India. It offers wide range of low to premium and stylish smartphone at much affordable price. Micromax Canvas series phones are a big hit in India and SAARC countries.

In this article, we are not discussing how well Micromax is doing rather how terrible service it offers to customers. Today, situation is such that as long as Micromax device is working everything is fine for you as a user. However, situations are worsen if you face some issues, nightmare starts in dealing with Micromax tie-up service centers. This is my friend's true story. I will explain how his experience has been terrible with Micromax. He owns Micromax Canvas Music A88 and faced lots of problem in service and replacement.

Micromax Chennai Service Center

I had purchased my first Micromax smartphone the Canvas Music A88. Trusting my positive words about the phone, my friend had placed an order at Flipkart. Unfortunately, within a month, he had faced some issues in the display and performance of the phone. Since the phone was in service period, he had given the device at nearest Micromax service center in Egmore.

The struggle and pathetic response from Micromax begins here. Even after 20 days, the phone had not reached to repairing desk forget about completing the service.  Very angry with service center executive response on phone, my friend decided to visit service Center and have one-and-one with the chief Service engineer. Somehow the center incharge manage to cool him down and assured the completion of repair work in next 24 hours. The very next day, service engineer appraised him – service process is still on so come tomorrow and collect your phone in working condition. He was very frustrated with behavior of the service engineer. Finally, after two more visits and hot argument he could manage to his phone back in working condition.

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Issues: Within 15 days of the first service, my friend had encountered new problem in the phone screen. Once again, Micromax Chennai Egmore Service Center had kept the phone for 20 days just to complete a minor service.

This is the third time, the phone is in Micromax Egmore service center due to some issue with headset function. Behalf of my friend, I had called up more than 10 times to Micromax Customer Care (contact no 18605008286) and sent an email ( Customer Care Email ID [email protected]). However, my hard work and the regular follow-up with local service center and Micromax service center still on as desire result is awaited.

Here is a simple mathematics to expose Micromax terrible Post Sales Service.

  • Total Days from Purchase: 30 × 6 = 180 Days
  • Total Days Phone was in Service Center: 20 × 3 = 60 Days
  • Out of 180 days, for 60 Days, the phone has been in the service center. Now the question, my friend had paid 9000/- to use or to keep the phone in the service center?

Complaint: Dear friends, I have shared this terrible experience to inform you, how well customers are cheated by Micromax. No doubt, Micromax canvas phones are in demand. However, the critical issue is how much serious Micromax is when it comes to offers good customer care and service support after purchase.

Contact : Micromax Toll Free Number – 1860-500-8286 | [email protected]

4 thoughts on “Micromax Service Center Problems

  1. सर मेराmicromaxphone है उसका साउंड सिस्टम बिल्कुल बंद होगया है न तो फोन आता हैऔर जाताभी है पर आवाज़ नहीं आती मैंने इसे सर्विसे सेण्टर पर दिखाया लकिन बह लोग पैसा ३००० रुपये मागते है अब आप ही बताये मै क्या करू

    1. ​आप कंस्यूमर फोरम में शिकायत कर दीजिये

  2. Ravinder Kumar
    On June 08 2018 i buy a new micro max mobile canvas c2a+,while i am charging its become warm means so warm up. if i use for 5 to 10 minute its also heat up. From the shopper from which i bought this he said said that ” new mobiles are warming”. I surprised by his reply. next i again visit to shopper. He said that go to service centre they we solve this problem.

    I didn’t understand why i buy this micro max mobile, for complain or for use.
    I want to change this mobile. can it possible?

    1. Yes, it is possible. Give your phone to the nearest Micromax service center. If the service center confirms and informs the company that the device cannot be repaired, you will get a new device.

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