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How to make AADHAAR Card in Chennai

How to make AADHAAR Card in Chennai

In this piece, I am sharing my experience of AADHAAR enrollment at one of the Government authorized AADHAAR centers in Chennai. This article would help you in understanding the entire process for AADHAAR registration. From requesting an appointment to finally getting AADHAAR delivered to your doorstep in 15 working days—everything. Here, I answer questions such as How to book an appointment for AADHAAR enrollment? What are documents required for AADHAAR registration? Moreover, What happens during an AADHAAR enrollment at an AADHAAR center?

Of late Indian government has been in talk with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung for embedding AADHAAR encryption with their platform and technology. This shows how serious the current central government is with this multidimensional, reliable identity authentication platform. It looks like though in coming time AADHAAR will be a default authentication process used to validate one’s identity across India. Recently Reliance Jio opened AADHAAR-based registration for 4G SIM card. Other telecom companies, too, have been seen upgrading their system for this government managed platform. Needless to say, using AADHAAR is a risk-free alternative for them. If there is any issue, the central government will be answerable, not these companies.

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Despite getting repeated request from my banks and gas agency to submit my AADHAAR number, I had been ignorant about it. This was due to a misconception I had: I could get enrolled for AADHAAR only at my native place, not the place where I live temporally-cum permanently.

Recently, citing RBI’s guideline, my credit card bank mailed me a KYC form with a request to reply within 90 days with the required documents and details. According to the instruction in the KYC form – for address proof either AADHAAR or PASSPORT should be preferred. If I failed to reply to the KYC form within 90 days, this may lead to cancellation of my credit card. This was enough to force me to consider getting enrolled with the AADHAAR platform in no time.

What is AADHAAR Card

► What is the use of AADHAAR Card ?

AADHAAR is not necessarily a proof of your Indian citizenship and permanent address. Rather it has been developed to keep records of every citizen of the Indian republic. Thus it is very easy to update your changed address and other details in your AADHAAR profile unlike lots of verification is need to make changes in RATION Card, VOTER ID, and PASSPORT records.

The Proofs I submitted for AADHAAR enrollment: Official Link! The official PDF link gives you a complete list of accepted documents. I submitted my SSLC certificate for age proof, latest one month ICICI bank account statement for address proof, and PAN card for identity proof.

Permanent AADHAAR enrollment center: To Search a local AADHAAR enrollment center in your area, check Official Link! In Chennai, government facilitates only one permanent center. The place is located in Nungambakkam high road area.

In Chennai, you need to call them for an appointment. Since I was in the DJ corporate office, the Chennai AADHAAR center, without an appointment, I had to wait there for four hours. They told me a prior appointment is a must in order to avail service on arrival. Actually, on the official website, there is no mention that one needs to take an appointment.

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Let me help you with the address of the permanent AADHAAR enrollment center in Chennai. On Nungambakkam High-Road, if you are coming from Gemini bridge side, after crossing the Taj Hotel, you will be reaching at the major turn where Nungambakkam high road joins Valluvar Kottom High road. Right on the corner is hotel Sangeetha and opposite side and just before RAAJ Bhaavan hotel is Mayor Siva Shanmugam Street. In the street, after crossing few buildings, on the left side is the building number 19. Here on the second floor is the DJ corporate office. This is the place you need to visit for all kinds of AADHAAR services.

If you are there with a prior appointment, the whole process will take not more than an hour. In case of records update when having all the required documents ready, the required time will be less than 30 minutes.

Permanent AADHAR enrolment center in Chennai

► AADHAAR Card Registration Process at AADHAAR Enrollment Center

You need to fill an AADHAAR enrollment form. Mention the required details in capital letters. The person, who is officially appointed by government, will verify your details by the documents you attached for proof of identity, address, and age. If the officer is satisfied with your documents thereby details in the form- will take you to the actual registration process.

The official enrollment application requires fingerprint verification for sign-in, so only the person who is officially appointed can do your AADHAAR enrollment. Thus a call for an appointment is very much necessary. And I do not complain either that I had to wait four hours there.

Be careful: While the person is typing your details on the live AADHAAR enrollment application, you need to pay attention to every input made. Mistakes at this point will lead to having your AADHAAR profile created with some incorrect details about you.

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Use a mobile number, which is genuine and yours. As I have observed, various services linked to your AADHAAR profile can be accessed using OTP, which will be sent to your mobile number. In fact, UIDAI platform is allowing you to update records by logging-in to your AADHAAR profile using an OTP, which will be sent to the registered mobile number as and when you request for. Therefore, the mobile number and your email ID in your AADHAAR profile is a vital asset, protect them.

To make changes in your AADHAAR records, take assistance from the official webpage. More details about AADHAAR and its services and processes are available at Official website!