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Made in India Xiaomi Redmi Prime Below 7000 Rupees

Made in India Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Below 7000 Rupees

The (half) Indian smartphone Xiaomi has launched it’s very first “Made in India” smartphone the Redmi 2 Prime at an affordable price of 6999 rupees. Xiaomi has built this phone entirely at its new manufacturing base located in Shree City in new Andhra Pradesh.

At the launch event, Xiaomi’s Vice-President Hugo Barra had announced tie-up with Chinese firm Foxconn to manufacture new generation of smartphones and multimedia gadgets in India. Embolden by PM Modi’s “Make in India” initiative and CM Chandrababu Naidu’s “Make in Andhra Pradesh” Campaign Xiaomi is set to scale up footprint in India much faster with “Made in India” gadgets. According to initial plan, devices will be produced for Indian sales particularly Smartphones in Andhra Pradesh facility.

China based Multinational Corporation Foxconn has promised to bring 30000 crore rupees investment in India as Central government’s ease of doing business has been in full swing Since Mr. Modi took over. In a recent press conference, Foxconn – world’s largest gadget manufacturer expressed optimism in IT sales and growth in India. Foxconn investment is the biggest FDI in India in IT manufacturing sector to the date.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu Launched Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

The new Redmi 2 prime has much better qualification than its brother the Red Mi 2. On paper, both are separated by better memory management although in reality the Prime has more to offer in terms of performance, camera, usability ease, zero heating and so on. Very few cons and all pros make the Redmi 2 Prime a sound choice against all front runners in the market.

One obvious question everyone has – How much “Made in India” is the new champ? The answer is – the Redmi 2 Prime is truly an Indian made smartphone. However, accessories in the sales box have “Made in China” tag.

Interestingly, Redmi2 is still on sales at a price of 5999 rupees. However, we do not recommend now as the 6000 price index has many better devices in the market.

Xiaomi Magic Box

The wooden type sales box contains a smartphone, 5V- 1A Charger, good quality USB cable and 2200 mAh battery. To promote its earphone sales, Xiaomi stopped giving headset in sales box. This is cheap tactic to make extra money. A common user has to spend 500 rupees extra to buy a Xiaomi earphone. Therefore, the total cost, a buyer has to pay is 6999+500 = 7499 rupees. In this review article, we will present an honest insight whether the Red mi 2 Prime at a price of 7500 rupees is worthy or user should look for a better option.

SAR Value: 0.999 W/kg – Any figure below 1W/kg should be a good limit.

Built and Design: The Prime is an ideal representation of India’s micro engineering, which is still in process to loom large. Xiaomi Prime flaunts a regular form factor, which is quite identical to its junior. The gross weight is 134 gram and thickness is 9.4 mm only.

The Redmi 2 Prime is available in two colour variants – grey and white. Particularly for females having a more careful approach should consider the white variant.

All Buttons and ports are placed at identical locations has better feedback, improve flexibility and much more clickable responsive. Its right edge bears volume and power keys (with metallic cap), bottom features wired USB port (Xiaomi should change USB Port design) whereas an audio jack is found on the top. The rear exhibit 8MP camera sensor, main speaker and single tone LED flash.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Bare Back

Xiaomi Prime’s back panel is made with tough plastic has no Matt finish that is not slippery either. To insert 4G compatible two mini SIM cards and one microSD card, the back panel is made removable.

Xiaomi is now a brand for masses has been achieved significance by regularly launching product according to user’s taste. The Redmi 2 Prime is a smartphone for masses quite suitable for teens, professional, home makers and old generations.

Display: The Prime sports a Dragon-trail screech free 4.7 inches frontal panel. Xiaomi has walked a step further to deliver a striking screen in Redmi 2 Prime. What one can say to a HD screen has a pixel density of 312 PPI based on an IPS LCD display panel and one glass technology protected by corning gorilla glass.

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Very good viewing angles, no colour shifting or distortion, sharp and vivid production is all to enjoy FHD offline and HD online videos in real colour and quality. Although the display looks fine in general usages, slight brightness shifting might be noticed at vertical viewing. Yes, the Prime sets benchmark in display quality, which is warm in colour, has pretty responsive touch- all in great sync to CPU and RAM.

Connectivity Calling and Network

The Redmi 2 Prime is a dual SIM 4G smartphone with a long list of connectivity, internet and calling features. Those like me want to have 30 to 40 minutes of one call- the prime is an ideal device. Cellular voice quality is excellent anyway. Whether to use on earphone or loudspeaker, audio quality during calls remain crisp, clear and loud. Those got poor network in the bedroom should choose Prime as it delivers clear cellular voice even if only one tower symbol appear.

This device supports micro SIM size. And, both SIM port is compatible to current and proposed 4G networks in India. In terms of network support, it works with 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS (A-GPS, Glonass), and local area Wi-Fi on single band.

For device-to-device connectivity, Xiaomi has blessed this “Made in India” gadget with Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, USB OTG and Screen mirroring.

The Redmi 2 Prime is getting full mark for call quality, network management and a long list of connectivity features.

Memory: The Prime packs 16GB internal storage, 32GB MicroSD card support, USB OTG on go, and 2GB RAM. After the first boot, 1.3 GB free RAM and 12.50 GB free internal storage is left for the end users. Even though high-end games or an extensive multitasking is on, it is able to secure free 700 to 800 MB RAM. If user need more RAM to run any particular application, the Redmi 2 Prime is an ideal choice below 7500 rupees.

Multimedia: A phone does well on multimedia benchmark if main speaker able to deliver loud output with decent balance of bass, midrange and treble. Thankfully the Prime does exceedingly well in sound management. YouTube video gets played really well in HD quality has loud sound output. FHD videos are playable with loud audio right from microSD card and USB OTG storage source.

Sensors: Xiaomi Prime is an intelligent gadget with a long list of sensor. Direction, G, Acceleration, Light, E-Compass, Proximity and Gyro sensors are features for better and easy performance.

Powerful Battery in Xiaomi Phone

3.8V 2200mAh battery is much better than Micromax’s 2500 mAh battery. I am sure user will be satisfied with battery backup on extreme and lite usages. 3 to 4 hours of active screen assured that can be wisely used for long lasting durability on one 100% charge.

Xiaomi ships a fast charger has a capacity of 5V-1Amp, which can fuel up 30% battery in just 13 minutes. This is a claim of Xiaomi for the Prime customers.

Processor: What you think about 64bit quad core Snapdragon 410 processor clocked at 1.2GHz? Adreno 306 graphic processor is not the latest yet effective to handle high-end graphics and multimedia content much more efficiently. Unlike the Redmi 2, which was exposed to heating and frequent lag, the Prime with 2GB RAM backed by excellent memory management is a robust solution for fast and lag-free usages. In terms of general performance and intensive gaming, the Prime performance simulate to slicing butter cake with a ninja sword. Most of HD games are played well with good graphics.

You cannot play Asphalt 8 in high-end setting although it does fine in medium setting. Nova 3 is again a tough task for this phone. Modern combat 5 is smoothly playable. And, Dead trigger 2 does well thanks to better amalgamation of software and hardware.

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  • AnTuTU – 21159
  • Ninamark2 – 53.9 fps (poor)
  • Quadrant – 11752
  • Geekbench – 1429 (multi core), 476 (Single core)

Camera: The 8MP primary camera features BSI sensor, tap to focus, manual exposure control and hundreds of other concepts for better photography. Indeed, this is a vigorous camera module with simplicity in application interface. Images look alright, colour saturation level do hold, subject is always in focus, well sharp, naturally colored output.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Primary Camera and Main Speaker

User with professional credentials will notice 1 to 2 second delay in focus. However, this hardly matters to a regular user like me gets thrilled with breath-taking outputs. In terms of primary camera video output quality, I can assure for premium real HD that can be further used for professional production. The Redmi 2 Prime is a good video recorder to showcase your talent on YouTube.

The 2MP front facing camera does fine work, but not well oriented as the main camera. Yes, you can take a perfect selfie although the quality will not be a signature of Xiaomi.

Operating system and UI

The MIUI is most popular user interface after Samsung‘s TouchWiz. The Prime runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.4 having MIUI 6 running on the top. Android Lollipop roll-out is confirmed, but date is not cleared yet.

Regular reader of this website knows I prefer Stock Android. Even if a launch pad is necessary to inject unique features, the UI should be lite in size so that CPU does not get hampered. Trust me; I am yet to meet someone gives a better logic behind MIUI. Even the brand Infocus has a user interface called “Inlife”, which does the same betterment as the MIUI although Inlife UI is simple and does not crush CPU.

When a user starts the Prime for the first time and connects with internet, a notification knocks for an upgrade to next version of MIUI 6.6.7 which costs 625MB data. In order to run the phone smoothly user is forced to apply this 625MB update.

Think once, 625MB is almost close to 1GB 3G data. And, we all know cost of 1GB mobile data. The cost is between 200 to 250 rupees. Although issue is not only 625MB data rather the bigger question is how to apply such heavy update on fluctuating mobile internet. User should have a high-speed Wi-Fi network that is almost impossible to get in small cities.

MIUI offers many custom theme, wallpapers, ringtones, games, apps and so on. Do we really need hundreds theme and ringtone? The answer is no. A user demands is limited to better performance, great multimedia, smooth gaming, and easy usability. The Redmi 2 Prime is quite successful even without MIUI user interface. Then, why MIUI is mounted over Android? There are hundreds of tips and trick is available to customize the interface. In my opinion, all are nonsense having no significance in day-to-day usages.

After going through all features of MIUI, I am sure Xiaomi requires a better team for an advance overhaul of its widely popular user interface. While I compare Infocus’s Inlife with Xiaomi’s MIUI – the Inlife turns out to be the better choice. The MIUI is bulky has unnecessary features take a large chunk of CPU power to load and run at front.

The difference between the Inlife and MIUI is the same as the difference of India’s EVM and America’s ATM size voting machine. Indian EVM is lite, compact and easy to carry whereas American election voting machine is bulky and huge in size not easily movable. In terms of delivery, utilization and purpose both are the same.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Sales Box

Indian languages Supported: Not all Indian languages are supported in the Prime. The workable Indian languages are Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Marathi.

Boot Language: Yes, you can boot this phone in Hindi and use all features in Hindi.

Notification Control: There are two types of notifications – one is application or system notification and the second is LED notification, which is placed right below the home button. Both notifications can be customized.

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Quick Setting Toggle: The quick setting panel can rearrange according to user’s liking or priority.

Advance Settings on Xiaomi User Interface MiUi

I will urge user to spend some time in setting of

  • Connection speed – This feature shows Internet speed.
  • Do not disturb – Set a profile for sleeping, resting and other priority schedule. This feature ensures no distribution in those periods.
  • Sound Setting – A better user control on audio output from main speaker.
  • Prevent Pocket lock – An excellent feature for all Indian. This feature will lock screen so that calls or applications remain in idle mode which might be activated because of rubbing of display in user’s pocket.
  • Display Color Setting – Choose between Warm, Standard or cool. I prefer standard.
  • Auto brightness – This is one must have feature in a phone. It adjusts brightness level as per ambient lighting condition.
  • Battery Setting – This feature is an example that why the MIUI is bulky. The MIUI offers exclusive report on battery usages rate, forecast, backup ratio and many other features equivalent to a PHD degree in battery management. In my opinion, all this is useless and unnecessary. Who cares for battery report when most of us do not have time to check message box.
  • Yes, Power saving and optimize system performance option is preset for effective utilization of battery juice.
  • Call Recording – Auto call recording, specific number call recording is present.
  • Theme Download – To download theme, user needs to login MI account and get access unlimited theme download option.
  • How to take screen shot in the Redmi 2 Prime – hold together volume and power key.
  • Voice command – This feature has really impressed me. I mean voice command works fine with Indian accent. We had approx 2 mins of chat using voice command. Xiaomi has worked hard to improve voice command mode so that picks Indian particularly north Indian English ascent well.


  1. Made in India
  2. Solid and compact craft quite suitable for every section of society
  3. Paisa Vasool Phone
  4. Dual SIM 4G
  5. Excellent Call quality
  6. Best RAM and Mass Media Storage management
  7. Best in class display
  8. Extremely loud audio output with decent balance of Bass
  9. No heating problem
  10. Plays all major game in top setting
  11. Artificial light or low light photography is really good
  12. The main camera too good for regular photography and video recording


  1. Apps cannot move to SD card
  2. Earphone is not given in the sales box
  3. 625MB user interface update

Verdict: The Redmi 2 Prime is one such smartphone that does not require expert’s verdict to boost up a purchase decision. However, in spite of all well-being I am not going to buy or suggest this to my close friends. Yes, I have some concerns with MIUI. So far Redmi 2 Prime sales numbers has been brilliant so Xiaomi deserves all reputations it has got from buyers. The Prime is a great buy at a price of 7000 rupees.  In addition, with the launch of the Redmi 2 Prime with “Made in India” marking, Xiaomi gets credit to showcase precision of Indian micro engineering.

Price 6999 Rupees
Magic Box Handset, Battery, 1A Charger, USB Cable
SIM Dual, GSM, 4G/3G+4G
Processor Quad core, 1.2 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916
GPU Adreno 306
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 32GB SD card Support, USB OTG
Screen 4.7 inches, HD, 720×1280 Pixels, IPS LCD, 312 PPI
Camera 8MP[P], 2MP[F], LED Flash, ZOOM, FHD Recording
Battery 2200 mAh, Li-Po
Connectivity BT 4.0, USB 2.0, FM, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, OTG
Body 134 gram[W], 9.4 mm[Th]
Sensors Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity sensor

3 thoughts on “Made in India Xiaomi Redmi Prime Below 7000 Rupees

  1. I have purchased Redmi2prime. Why company has given SD card slot? (1)Apps, photos, download can’t transferred or stored on SD card? Company fooling tactics? (2)Another disadvantage is that it’s LCD screen is of very poor quality. While playing video, clippings, video songs, distortion make you very uncomfortable . alignment of small fragment frames missing. Result is almost all videos (including HD) produce distorted images. I hope everybody will agree that we purchase smartphone for viewing better quality videos and photo captions! Although Xiaomi mentioned 312ppi in their specs of Redmi2prime4.4.4kitkat, they have installed poor quality LCD panel and digitalizer. Other specs are good but with these important hurdles I am thinking to Sale my Redmi2prime.

    Those who want better quality video, my suggestion is that don’t purchase this phone!

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