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Made in India LG LED TV in 22000 to 32000 Rupees

32-Inch LG 32LF560T LED TV with Full HD Screen

PM Modi has been working hard to push “Make in India” campaign. Narrative of the campaign is to attract big brands to manufacture in India. Some brands have welcomed that invitation and one of which is LG. Its 32LF560T LED TV gets wholly manufactured here, in our country. This TV offers a full HD panel and smart TV functionality at just 29012 rupees.

Built-In DVB T2 Tuner: These days, hardly anyone uses DVB antennas to watch cable TV, but this scenario might change in the coming years. Most of the TVs (including this one) of present time come with an inbuilt tuner that can intercept DVB T2 signals. DVB T2 is the next generation of terrestrial broadcast transmission technology and is capable of broadcasting UHD videos. So, if you are purchasing this TV, then there will be no need to buy an external set-top box in the future.

Solid Design: I am a fan of LG’s design strategy. It’s all mid-range TVs offer superb looks and this product is no different. The metallic edges will blow your mind on the first sight. The TV is just 55.5-mm thick and weighs in at 6-KG only. Its bezels are so thin that your eyes will have to struggle to notice them. The best thing is that this TV looks so delicate also as solid as it can be.  Moreover, the All Round Protection Plus technology makes it secure from lightning, power surge, moisture, heat and even dust.

LG 32LF560T 32 inch Review Specifications Price Online in India

With an IPS Panel this LED TV has a Good Number of Connectivity Options

This LG TV comes with a 32-inch IPS panel that not only enhances contrast ratio but also helps in generating accurate colors. Another benefit of IPS technology is you will not notice any kind of brightness or color distortions while viewing the TV from steep angles. The full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixel results in crispier graphics because of which the experience of the user jumps to a whole new level. Moreover, this TV also comes loaded with several scenes modes, which can be turned on according to your preference.

Decent Connectivity Options: The screen of compatible smartphones can be mirrored to this huge full HD display of this TV using an MHL cable. This is will help you relive those important moments of your life on a bigger screen. Also, there are two HDMI ports on the back, using which users will be able to use this LED television as a display for two devices simultaneously. Unfortunately, LG has provided only a single USB port on this product, which will disappoint a large number of customers for sure.

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Extra Features: You also get three preinstalled games on this TV, which are really engaging. For producing stunning pictures, LG has loaded it with Triple XD Engine that enhances all the aspects of a footage including contrast, colors, and brightness. Moreover, the active noise reduction technology makes the videos sharp. The onboard media player also supports DivX full HD videos.

Good Sound Quality Of this 32 Inch LG LED TV

This LG TV features two 10 Watt speakers, which do generate surround sound effect. The Dolby Digital Decoder improves the audio quality and offers cinema-like experience to the users. Read also 6 Best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 Rupees This Month.


  • Smart Energy Saving Mode
  • Onboard media player
  • Triple XD engine
  • Can play DivX HD videos
  • Preloaded games
  • Full HD IPS display panel
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Flexible wall-mount bracket
  • Great design
  • Dolby Digital Decoder

Cons: Single USB port

Verdict: This Smart LED TV from LG, which is the most trusted brand in India, offers more features than you are paying for. You are getting the premium design and superb picture quality at a really affordable price. One of the best benefits of purchasing this TV is that you would not need to buy an external set box to watch cable television as it comes with an inbuilt DVB T2 tuner.

Display IPS, 32 inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 732 x 437 x 55.5 mm (Without Stand)
Weight 6 KG (Without Stand)
Connectivity MHL, 1 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features All Round Protection Plus, DVB T2 Tuner, Games, DivX HD, Smart Energy Saving Mode and Scene Modes
Buy 32000 Rupees


LG 32LF554A 32 Inch LED TV with HD Ready Screen

Korean brand LG is one of those popular TV manufacturers that offer their products at highly reasonable prices. This brand has also gained trust from customers in the last 15 years. The recently launched LG 32LF554A LED television has become quite famous in a short span of time. This product was not initially on our list, but during the research some customers told us about the amazing features it offers. Based on users feedback, we decided to have a complete review of this TV.

All Round Protection Pro Feature: The manufacturer has designed each and every component of this TV in a really noble way. There is no chance that it will ever get damaged by lightning, humidity, summer heat, power fluctuation or dust. Its body is made out of durable materials and inner circuit board comes coated with a protective cover.

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Great Picture Quality: The HD resolution of 1366 X 768 pixel might not sound that impressive but believe me, you will be amazed by the picture quality of this TV. Instead of using standard TN panels, which result in bad viewing angles, LG has used an IPS panel. It does not matter from which angle you watch the display, all the colors will reach your eyes without getting distorted. Moreover, this technology also makes the front of the TV stronger and resistive to light collisions. Triple XD Engine enhances the contrast ratio and lights up the minutest details in a footage. The onboard Motion Eco Sensor keeps monitoring the graphics and constantly changes the brightness to save more power.

Not Just a LED TV but an an Entertainment Setup with Preloaded Games

Televisions are a great medium for public entertainment, but sometimes we do not find the live program interesting enough. Keeping that in mind, LG has preloaded this LED TV with three mind refreshing games, which are “Space Wars”, “Egg Catcher”, and “Cookie Cookie”.

LG 32LF554A 32 inch Review Specifications Price Online in India

Impressive Form Factor: The design of this TV blew my mind on the very first look. Its body is insanely thin and measures only 56.5 mm. The two metallic stands are made out of premium quality materials and give a futuristic look to this TV unit. But if you cinematic feel, then the wall mount installation option is always available. Because of the super-thin bezels, users can get an immersive movie watching experience.

An 32-Inch LED TV with Powerful Audio System

This television produces stunning audio with the help of Dolby Digital Decoder. The two speakers at the back give a total output of 20 Watts, which is enough to generate loud audio. However, you might need an external audio system if your plan is to install this TV in a big hall.

Smart Energy Saving: Thanks to the LED backlight technology that this TV consumes really less electricity. When it is in standby mode, the maximum power consumption never crosses the 0.3 Watt mark. A green button on the remote puts the TV in Smart Energy Saving mode that considerably limits the electricity usage.

Comes With a Number of Extra Features: The user interface of a device in English makes access and use really hard in Hindi-dominated India. Fortunately, your family members do not have to worry since the LG LED TV is loaded with ten Indian languages starting with Hindi. The inbuilt media player supports all the modern media file formats and capable of playing movies directly from a storage device attached to the USB port. Scene modes can also be used to bump the contrast ratio of certain types of footage.

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  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Durable body
  • IPS display panel
  • High contrast ratio
  • Mind blowing design
  • Local language support

Cons: Low pixel density

Verdict: The brand LG should be appreciated for the effort that it has put in offering all the premium level features at this price. However, this TV is still one step behind from becoming the best TV for budget customers.

Display IPS, 32 inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 731 x 442 x 56.5 mm (Without Stand)
Weight 5.7 KG (Without Stand)
Connectivity 1 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features All Round Protection Plus, Games, DivX HD, Smart Energy Saving Mode and Scene Modes
Buy 23000 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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