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Luminous UPS with Two Years Warranty below 2500 Rupees

Luminous UNO 600VA UPS Review and Specifications

Is the Luminous UNO 600VA UPS a good Choice for Home Users ?

Nothing can derail you while working on a computer like a power cut. Unexpected blackouts can not only make you lose your unsaved work on the PC, but they also predispose your computer to multiple problems. At their worst, blackouts have caused acute disruptions in hospitals and banks as well as other businesses. Even so, such big firms like banks and hospitals have backup generators which are up in a few seconds. But then again, you cannot go spend several lakhs buying a diesel back-up generator for your home’s PC. To cater for these small scale power needs, and especially to prevent a sudden shutdown of your PC, you need a UPS (Uninterrupted power supply).

A UPS is a gadget that gives you an allowance of several minutes while working on your PC, even after a blackout. During this time frame, you can save all the work you were working on and safely shut the computer down. UPS also help prevent hardware damages that may occur in the case of a powerful power surge. There are very many UPS models being sold online and this means that users could get confused while purchasing these systems. If you are looking for a UPS system for the first time online, then I would recommend to you the Luminous UNO 600 UPS. Here are reasons why;

The design of this UPS is a Likable Feature

A good UPS should never be bulky, of course, you don’t want to be dragging a UPS the size of a small generator on your carpet at home. Even in offices, fairly sized UPS systems come in handy in terms of saving space in the cubicles. The Luminous UNO 600 UPS is reasonable in both size and weight. It weighs only 4.2 kilograms and measures 10.1 cm by 14.2cm by 27.9cm in (W x H x D). It’s made of tough plastic meaning that it’s durable. It comes with some LED indicators which tell you the power status of the system. The designers of this UPS also fitted it with well exposed heat-loss vents, so you won’t have heating issues with this gadget. The front facing is moderately furnished too – so that it blends in well with other components on your PC stand.

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Environmental friendliness: UPS’s being just simple power backup instruments for PC’s – have very little negative effects to the environment. All the same, in this era and time when every electronics manufacturer wants all their products to be green, even UPS systems can be improved in terms of Eco-Friendliness. The Luminous UNO 600 UPS has received some massive improvements in this area. To start with, it’s very low on sound emissions. The highest noise level on this gadget is slightly below 40db. It emits very little heat to the environment and works within a human-friendly temperature range, 0 (zero) to 40 degrees Celsius. The designers have also included some humidity shielding on this gadget to improve on its safety and durability. The system can operate safely in a humidity range of 0 (zero) to 90% humidity. It also features a functional deep discharge seal to increase on safety.

Power Backup Features of this Luminous UPS

This product features one 12 volts lead acid battery. The battery charges at a reasonably fast rate since it will get to 90% in about 7 hours. The battery requires very little maintenance practices and is tightly sealed. In case the battery wears off, the designers included a replacement option for this feature, on this device. Its power input is nothing too demanding. With your standard single phase power source at home, it will work as usual. Its minimum voltage input is 140 Volts but it can go up to a maximum of 220 Volts.

The 5 LED indicators will keep you updated on the battery’s status. It even includes a battery overload notification and beeping provisions in case of other serious issues like battery low and when the PC is on battery mode. The power output on this gadget is 360 Watts, meaning that it will handle all components of a computer quite well. This includes the system unit (CPU), a monitor and probably a small printer if you have one. All these components can be attached on to the system’s outlet power plugs. It has just 3 in total. The power efficiency on this gadget has been rated at 94.1% and the output voltage is 230 V.

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Price and the details of 2-Year Warranty from Luminous

This gadget is priced at 2300 Rupees and the manufacturer is ISO certified, so you won’t have any issues to do with quality on this product. After buying the product, you get 2 years of warranty on the UPS mechanism alone and an additional 1-year warranty on the battery. The warranty is not necessarily limited to the type of use, whether domestic or commercial.

Final Verdict: Since it’s just a small-scale UPS, I have no issue with its pricing or specifications. It’s reasonably priced and will satisfy all the usual power needs you have on a domestic computer. I, therefore, would advise you to buy it, especially if you’ve not made up your mind on exactly what you want to buy.

Price 2300 Rupees
Brand Luminous
Model UNO 600 UPS
Device Type UPS system
Dimensions 10.1 x 14.2 x 27.9cm (W x H x D)
Weight 4.2 Kg
Input Voltage 140V minimum
Minimum Phase Single
Power Output 360W
Battery capacity 12V
Overload notification Yes
Number of power outlet plugs 3
Charging time 90% in 7 hours
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