My favorite UPS is the Champion 800VA, which comes with auto voltage protection and single phase with shine wave technology. However, due to some reasons if do not prefer it and need good alternatives then consider one of these two UPS from Luminous and iBall.

Luminous Pro 600VA UPS

Luminous is one of the biggest players in Indian market of electric items made especially for using in households and offices. Few of the company’s best-selling items comprises of fans, inverters, and UPS. In the UPS category, its Luminous Pro 600VA UPS stands as one of the best selling items in entire Indian subcontinent. Built especially for using with PCs, this Pro 600VA UPS is packed with some of the latest specifications. Read on to find out all about it.

Good specs: In the specifications section, when this UPS is in inverter mode, it utilizes 220V of power consumption. The battery provided is a 12V and 7Ah that takes up to 8 hours for getting fully charged. There’s also a deep discharge protection feature available on this UPS. The overall weight of this UPS is 4.5 kilograms, which is quite heavier when compared to its many counterparts available in the market. The overall dimensions of this product are 95 x 146 x 313 mm. The price at which this UPS is being offered is Rs. 2427, which is not so cheap.

Great backup time: This Luminous UPS has many features which are worth definitely are worth noticing. When it comes to the design and technology of this UPS, Luminous offers a micro-controller based design with it. It is one of the latest ones. There’s a sleep mode available on it which lets it save energy even when it is on charging. There’s also automatic voltage regulation and a protection fuse available in case there’s an overload. The backup time delivered is a total of 15 minutes when it is being used with a personal computer.

Luminous Pro 600VA UPS Review and Specifications

Luminous offers an Extended warranty period for this UPS

The warranty provided by Luminous on this device is of 2 years, both on battery and the UPS. It is almost double than what most of the companies are offering these days. However, the warranty period doesn’t cover any damages caused to the UPS due to mishandling. The UPS has a very low noise level, which makes it great for using at home or work without causing much disturbance. The voltage fluctuation is handled by this UPS with great ease. This is an absolute necessity for protection of sensitive devices such as computers. Hence, in this segment full marks can be given to this UPS from Luminous.


  • 15-20 minutes backup
  • Sleek design
  • Sturdy built
  • Automatic fuse
  • Noiseless
  • 2 year warranty

Cons: Backup deteriorates faster with time

Verdict: This UPS comes with the reputation of Luminous’ name. The 2-year warranty provided ensures that you use this product without encountering any difficulties. Automatic fuse on this UPS works perfectly to protect appliances and its all black color makes it look very stylish and edgy. It would easily go with all kinds of electronic items in the house or at work. The backup performance of this UPS is great and considering all that is being offered with this UPS, it is definitely worth buying.

Price Rs. 2427
Backup 15 Mins
Brand Luminous
Warranty 2 Years
Surge Protection Yes
Weight 4.5 kg


iBall NIRANTAR 600VA Power Protection UPS

iBall is a name to reckon with in Indian market for electric and electronic items. Started back in 2001, the company has gone on to establish itself as one of the leading players in the industry. It manufactures number of products and is known especially for making items related to computers etc. The Nirantar 621 UPS model from iBall offers tons of features including protection of your PC from loss of crucial data of course. Following is all you need to know about it.

Top charging speed: Priced at Rs. 2295, this UPS comes with many delighting features. It recharges 33% faster than most of its counterparts available in market. Along with generator compatibility, there’s also an automatic voltage regulator function for boost and buck. Also, there’s an automatic restart option available which provides an AC recovery. When it comes to energy saving, this UPS provides users with green power function, which helps save electricity and also cut down on power consumption bills. Undoubtedly, this is one of the finesse features of this UPS.

LED indicator light: The iBall NIRANTAR UPS-621 UPS has a capacity of 600VA/360W and has an input voltage range of 140-300VAC. The input frequency of this UPS is 45-65 Hz and has an output voltage of 230VAC. The output frequency of this UPS is between 50-60Hz and the waveform provided is modified sine wave. The battery type provided is 12V7AH and it takes about 6 hours to charge 90% of itself. The transfer time of this UPS is lightning fast. It takes only about 4-8 mini-seconds to provide backup the moment there’s a need for it. The important functions of the UPS are indicated to users with the help of a green LED light.

iBall offers two year warranty for the UPS and One Year for Battery

The alarm given on this UPS is an audible one which comes with various beeper modes. When it comes to providing protection, it safeguards against overcharge, discharge, and overloading. There are total 3 power outlets on this UPS which is pretty sufficient. The overall dimensions of this product are 287 x 100 x 142 mm and the weight is 4.25 kilograms. As far as the weight of this product is concerned, it is quite heavy than most of its counterparts available in the market. The ideal temperature to operate this UPS is somewhere between 0-40 degree Celsius. iBall provides 2 years of warranty on the UPS and 1 year on battery.

iBall Nirantar Power Protection UPS 621V


  • Charges 33% faster
  • 2 years of warranty

Verdict: It’s few of the UPS available in market which provides so many great features within a price that is under budget of most users. One of the most prominent features of this UPS is that it’s very noiseless. Hence, users can look forward to a noise free environment while working with this product. It will work tremendously while providing sufficient backup of a very good 15 minutes on PCs. It is definitely worth going for if you are looking for a UPS which doesn’t disappoint even after the warranty period passes out.

Price Rs. 2295
Backup 15 Mins
Brand iBall
Warranty 2 Years
Surge Protection Yes
Weight 4.25 kg