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Low Cost Singer Multi Stitch Sewing Machine for Beginners

Singer FASHION MATE 3333 Sewing Machine Specifications

Singer FASHION MATE 3333 Sewing Machine

Sewing machine- this flawless functional innovation marks to be a whimsical time-saving tool for the womenfolk for thousands of years. The extreme technical progressions have made numerous fluctuations in the engineering of sewing appliances. Do you find it difficult to pick the greatest sewing machine for you? Well, it is influenced a great deal, by what you decide to do with it. Therefore, you have decided that you do need one, and then probably you may be wondering -What sewing machine should I buy?

Before you run out to the store, consider the places to procure a sewing machine, the eminence of the trademark, and the features that will work paramount for your hemming desires. Wait! We have a better solution! Yes! Why don’t you just read this product review if you want to get the best value for your money? Well, I would suggest you to consider buying a machine that suits your skill level. A machine that will probably also have many accessories to help add functionality. The worth of the brand is another imperative concern.

Bearing in mind, all the decent deals available, I would endorse SINGER FASHION MATE 3333 Sewing Machine since they will be able to provide an answer to all your questions.

LED Light on Singer 3333 helps to see clearly While Sewing

What you will love about this sewing machine is that it owns a bright, but not blinding LED light attachment. With this, you can comprehend everything clearly, while stitching without any white spots seared into your eyes. Isn’t that truly remarkable?  So just, light up your sewing zone and make your complete sewing experience amazingly trouble free!

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A heavy-duty metal frame: The machine has a heavy-duty metal frame that lets you attain skip-free stitching. This way, you can procure the profit of having fashionable and stylish attires for both males and females in a durable and a sturdy way. It grades to be a decent choice for the reason of its excellence as well as robust constituents used for its development.

A built-in needle threader: You can ensure a quicker sewing experience with a built-in threader that lets you thread the needle rather effortlessly. How does it work? The operator needs to pass the wire hoop through the needle eye. Therefore, on passing the thread through the wire loop, you lastly require pulling both the loop back through the needle by the handlebar and this will pull the strand through. As simple as that!

23 built-in stitches to offer an astounding performance! What makes it remarkable is that 23 stitch patterns have been programmed into this sewing machine. Each type of stitch is made by a set of moves made by the needle. The move essential for a straight stitch is different from the movements essential for an overcast stitch. Each of the 23 stitch patterns includes the necessary programming to make the needle move correctly to form each stitch.

Singer FASHION MATE 3333 Sewing Machine Presser Foot

Are you going to use your machine for mending clothes? Then again, are you looking to deal with lace and delicate fabrics? Alternatively, do you need it for stretchy fabrics? Whatsoever is your need, a fine selection of 23 built in stitches can furnish it all.

Top drop-in bobbin Feature

You will be pleased with how reckless and artless it is to alter bobbins with a Top drop in bobbin in your sewing machine. You can re-thread a bobbin and drop it in within a minute!  In addition, The Top Drop-in Bobbin is not only stress-free to use, but it also has an impeccable cover so you can continuously observe your thread stock while hemming.

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Other pros:-

  • Easily adjustable stitch length
  • 4 step buttonhole for professional looking results
  • Sturdy metal frame


  • Heavy to lift and carry
  • Little old-fashioned

Now let us look at its estimating price and assess a verdict! Now that you have an upright idea of what is so good about the SINGER FASHION MATE 3333 Sewing Machine, then let us see if you can manage to pay for it. Researching the price of the model, you can put your mind at ease, as it is available at an affordable price of 6500 INR. Considering its particulars, features, description and everything else, we can determine that this machine can be your best friend. I hope that this research would be useful to you when ordering an impeccable sewing machine for yourself.

Singer FASHION MATE 3333 Sewing Machine Review

Built-in Stitches 23
Price 6500 INR
Top drop in bobbin Yes
LED light Yes
Heavy duty metal frame Yes

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