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Low Cost RO UV UF TDS Water Purifiers in 5000 Rupees

Aqua 18 Ltr Aqua Supreme RO UV UF TDS Water Purifiers

SPA TRO-217 RO Water Purifier

RO-based water purifiers manufactured by popular brands are always priced above 8,000 rupees. In addition, if the same purifier is equipped with other technologies like UF and UV then its price will touch new heights. This is why I recommend going with a local manufacturer if the budget is the main issue.

The SPA TRO-217 RO Water Purifier that comes at the price of 5,100 rupees is not only an affordable solution for budget customers but is also loaded with tons of features. It can be a great product if you can manage with the brand name.

Decent Build Quality

The finish of the outer shell itself reflects how sturdy and strong build materials have been used in making this water purifier. A transparent plastic cover on the top offers a great look. Unfortunately, the water storage tank is opaque, but the good thing is it features a level indicator. On a wall, this machine will consume much less space, but it is quite heavy at 10 KG.

SPA TRO 217 RO Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Great Purification System

Surprisingly, this water purifier has been equipped with all the modern purification technologies. The RO unit removes the harmful chemicals and turns hard water into soft water. Its UV chamber kills disease-causing bacteria by ripping their DNA apart. Last but not the least, the UF filter passes the water through ultra-small pores and makes it clean. This machine also comes with a TDS controller thus makes the water taste good no matter what source you are using.

The best thing is that all the filtration units are placed in horizontal position. This enhances the efficiency of the purification process.

However, there is one thing that you should know before making the purchase decision. The Reverse Osmosis technology is not suitable for purifying soft water because in that case it can also remove the needed minerals from the water. Therefore, I would not recommend going for this machine if you have a municipal water connection.

Big Water Storage Tank

This water purifier features a big storage tank that can store about 10 liters of water at once. It would be enough for a family with 4-5 members. Most purifiers of this segment come with only 7-liter storage tank.

Automatic Operation

You do not need to start or stop it manually every time. The manufacturer has equipped it with smart software. It’s small but efficient onboard brain automatically stops the filtration process once the storage tank is full with water. Moreover, the sensors in the storage tank automatically tell the machine to start the filtration process once you fetch some water from it.

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Truly speaking, I did not expect a small brand like this to feature auto shut-off and auto fill functionalities at this price point. Another good thing is this machine does not consume a lot of power.


  • Compact and attractive design
  • Good build materials have been used in the making
  • Water level indicator
  • Horizontal placement of UV chamber
  • TDS controller
  • Auto fill and Auto Shutoff


  • Not good for corporation water


It is quite clear from this discussion that this water purifier is a great product for budget customers who mainly use hard water for all their purposes. The interesting thing is that you are getting UV, UF and RO filtration units on this machine. Even its storage tank is enough big to support a medium size family. However, there can be some problem of post-purchase support as this water purifier is not sold by a popular brand.

Price 5100 Rupees
Filtration Technologies RO, UF, and UV
Purification Stages 7
Autofill Yes
Auto Shutoff Yes
Weight 10
Storage Tank Capacity 10 Liter

Aqua Supreme Water Purifier

In the last 10 months, we have done reviews of many water purifiers. However, only a few purifiers had a great balance between features, quality, and price tag.

In this purifier review article, we are presenting a water purifier equipped with the latest technology, better-built quality, and surprisingly very low price tag. The Aqua supreme is a brand new purifier in the market. It has impressed on the very first look.

The Aqua Water Purifier offers more than you can ever expect for just 4170 rupees. My experience about the water purifier market says the machine is the cheapest product with an 18-litre storage tank and 12-stage purifications technology. In fact, it is the only product comes with an 18-litre tank below 5000 rupees price.

12-Stage Purification Systems

This great machine passes the water through 12 purification stages. It features RO, UV and UF technologies, which are considered the best to make hard water potable. Out of 12 stage purifications onboard, about five stages are to retain the essential minerals so that your body remains healthy. Even though it uses reverse osmosis method, there will be no problem in cleaning soft water with this purifier. To extend the life of membrane, the manufacturer has equipped it with antiscalant balls.

A TDS controller at the heart of this machine ensures purified water from the tap tastes sweet. The main highlight of this device is it can purify about 15 liters of water every hour.

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Aqua 18 Ltr Aqua Supreme RO UV UF TDS Water Purifiers

Sturdy and Safe

The manufacturer has made it sturdy and durable. Its outer shell is capable of resisting small collision and will last for years. Its storage tank is made of a food grade plastic that stops the contamination even if the water is stored for a long time. This machine is compact and you can install it without sacrificing a lot of the Kitchen space. The ergonomics of its outer shell will certainly enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

In the box, you also get a free installation kit. However, the customers will have to pay for the labor charges and extra parts.

Big Water Storage Tank

A couple of days ago I did a review on a purifier that was priced around 5,000 rupees and featured a 14-liter storage tank. At the time of writing that review, I was really impressed with the capacity of the purifier and considered that machine as the most affordable solution for large families. However, this product has changed my opinion.

The bottom half of this purifier sports a big 18-liter storage tank. This purifier will be great for budget households consisting of 7-8 family members. It also features a water level indicator at the center.

Easy To Maintain

The thing that scares most of the budget customers is the cost of maintenance of a water purifier. However, the specialty of this product is it does not require the users to spend a lot of money after the purchase. Its membrane comes with a long life.

The inbuilt flushing system removes all the filtered impurities out of the purifier and enhances durability. The push-fit components eliminate any chance of leakage, thereby increasing the efficiency of this product.

It is a fully automatic water purifier, which means do not bother about turning on or off the device every time manually. The onboard system takes care of the whole purification system on its own.

This purifier is also equipped with an inbuilt SMPS that offers a wide voltage input range of 120-280 Volts. It avoids damages resulting from major power fluctuations that are very much common in India. Moreover, it consumes just 40 Watts of electricity and certainly, it will not increase your power bill.

  • Big water storage tank
  • UV, UF, RO and TDS controller
  • Free installation kit
  • Attractive
  • Made of sturdy and food grade materials
  • UV fail alarm
  • Water level indicator
  • Powerful 11 Watt UV lamp


  • Customer service can be an issue


To be clear, this product is manufactured by a brand, which is very new in the purifier market. Therefore, you cannot expect high-quality customer service. However, for people who earn low and have a large family to feed, it can be a good solution. All you need to make sure is to get the installation done correctly.

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Price 4200 Rupees
Filtration Technologies RO, UF, and UV
Purification Stages 12
Auto fill Yes
Auto Shutoff Yes
Weight 9.5 KG
Storage Tank Capacity 18 Liter
Power Consumption 40 Watt

3 thoughts on “Low Cost RO UV UF TDS Water Purifiers in 5000 Rupees

  1. Dear Sir,
    I don’t think above products are using Hollow Fiber UF membrane? Also What about warranty and service part? Water purifier is service based product! Warranty for Motor? UV lamp? Do they use NSF Certified Spare parts? How it is 12 stage? Please update so that customer can benefit.
    Installation they need to spend Rs.350 to 1000, For every service they need to pay Rs.350!

  2. I purchased Aqua Supreme Ro+uf+uv+tds 18 Ltr Water Purifiers online from shopclues. after 15 days drop of water came outside from UV cylinder. I raised a complain in shopclues. they said product is a manufacturer warranty so contact nearest service center. Now I am from Navi Mumbai and there is no any service centre available here. and there is no any customer care no. updated on net so pls advice an appropriate solution.

    1. You should inquire with Shopclues for Manufacturer’s customer support contact details.
      Our research team found some content details related to your product manufacturer.
      Toll Free: 1800-110-401; Service Support: 011-65656567
      Hope this will help you.

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