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4 Low Cost Premium LED TV in India Below 20000 Rupees

In this piece, I discuss best 32-Inch LED TV in online superstores, which are on sale under 20000 Rupees. Here is best low cost LED TVs of the top brands Toshiba, Onida, Mitashi, AOC, and Onida. All these premium budget 32-Inch TVs have impressive build and design, and they come with excellent features, too. Read also 6 Best Affordable LED TV below 20000 Rupees in India.

► 32-Inch Onida LEO32HSS HD Ready LED TV

Onida’s CRT TVs are quite famous and are widely appreciated by customers in India. Now this Indian brand is trying hard to achieve a good position in the LED TV business. Recently, Onida launched a number of electronic products focused on the budget section and the LEO32HSS LED TV is one of them. It comes with a huge 31.5-inch display and is available in the market for an amount of 16990 rupees.

Stunning Picture Quality: The TV uses SRV Engine to generate graphics with high contrast ratio and accurate colors. It also reduces the noise from the footage, thereby enhancing the image sharpness. I do not like Edge LED technology that much, but it is manageable considering the price point. Viewing angles are wide and the bezels are thin enough to not cause any type of annoyance. Users also get to choose from five picture modes according to their taste. However, the low motion refresh rate of 60 Hz only might cause blurriness sometimes.

Display resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels results in low pixel density on the 31.5-inch display of this TV, but you cannot expect anything more than that in this segment.

Onida LEO32HSS HD Ready LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

→ This 32-Inch LED has Cinema Grade Audio

There are two 9-Watt speakers on the back of this TV that produce superb quality audio at all frequencies. Virtual surround sound effect offers cinema-like experience to the users. The LED TV also features four different sound modes including Movie, Music, Flat and Normal.

Two USB Ports: Multiple USB ports are hard to find on TV manufactured by popular brands and this is the reason that we should appreciate Onida. Two USB ports on this LED TV allow the users to attach multiple storage devices simultaneously. Moreover, the remote that comes along features a dedicated iPLAYON button using which users can directly jump to the file manager of the attached storage drive. The TV also comes with one VGA and two HDMI ports.

Low Power Consumption: Your electricity bill will not get affected for having this LED TV. It consumes just 65-Watts of power in active and a mere one Watt in standby mode. Also, you will not have to worry about electricity fluctuations because this TV supports a wide voltage input range of 100-240 Volts.

→ Design of this Onida LED TV is not that Great

The only thing that customers would not like about this LED TV is its design. It measures 219 mm in thickness when mounted on the stand that comes in the box. The quality of the materials used in the outer shell is not much impressive.

Pros Features:-

  • 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports
  • The onboard media player supports audio, video and image files
  • 5 picture modes and 4 audio modes
  • Virtual surround sound effect
  • Impressive picture quality
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Power efficient


  • Low pixel resolution
  • Bad design

Verdict: Onida has tried the best to offer most of the premium quality features on this affordable television. However, I cannot say that this TV is the best option to go for in this price segment. Certainly, there are better alternatives.

Price 19500 Rupees
Display Size 31.5 inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 9W X 2
Power Consumption 65 Watt
Dimensions 736 mm x 472.5 mm x 219 mm (With Stand)
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features SRV Engine and Picture Modes
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► 32-Inch Toshiba 32P2400 HD Ready LED TV

Toshiba is known for innovating new things and is really great at doing that. In the last couple of years, it has launched some amazing products in the market. And, now this brand aims to change the world of television. However, this task is not as easy as it seems. But the good thing is that Toshiba has made a good start. The Toshiba 32P2400 LED TV is one of the bestselling products currently available in the market. It has got good reviews from the customers and is available with an affordable price tag of 17066 rupees.

Front Facing Sound Bar: The very first thing that I am keen to discuss here is the audio system of this television. Its front-facing sound bar consists of two eight Watt speakers. The audio that gets produced is super loud. This TV is also equipped with Dolby Digital Plus technology that enhances all the sound frequencies.

Accurate Color Reproduction: The 32-inch LED panel of this TV produces life like colors with the help of CEVO Engine. This display also offers wide viewing angles of 178 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions. Toshiba deserves great appreciation from us as this LED TV has got a high motion refresh rate of 100 Hz. This also means you will be able to attach a gaming console to this device. Continuous Viewing Timer keeps reminding the users to take the break at certain intervals for the safety their eyes. The 3D Color Management panel allows the users to change the chrominance of footage according to their convenience.

Toshiba 32P2400 HD Ready LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Limited on Connectivity Front: You cannot attach multiple storage devices to this TV as it has got only a single USB port on the back. However, the TV comes with an onboard media player, which supports about 28 video formats. The needed connectivity ports like RF In, VGA, Component In and Audio Out are also provided on this LED TV.

This 32-Inch LED TV has an Impressive Build and Design

Although the materials that Toshiba has used in the making of this TV are not of high-quality, however, still the outer shell looks attractive. The sound bar at the bottom provides harmony to the whole TV unit. My advice would be to install this TV on wall instead of on a table.

Power Efficient: I do not know how Toshiba succeeded in reducing the power consumption of this LED TV to a mere 45 Watt, but it is certainly a good thing for the customer. The product also supports a wide voltage input range of 100-240 Volts.

Pros Features:-

  • Stunning graphics
  • Produces highly accurate colors
  • Wide viewing angles of 178 degrees in both directions
  • Supports both table top and wall mount installation types
  • Football Mode
  • Onboard media player supports 28 video formats
  • CEVO Engine
  • Front firing speakers

Verdict: It is an amazing TV that offers stunning picture quality. The reason that I like this TV is that it features front-firing speakers that produce really great audio. Other budget television offered by the brands like Micromax and Vu will certainly face a stiff competition from this product.

Price 18000 Rupees
Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 8W X 2
Power Consumption 45 Watt
Dimensions 734 mm x 479 mm x 65 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity 1 X USB, 1 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features CEVO Engine, Dolby Digital Plus and Picture Modes
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► 32-Inch AOC LE32A6340-61 HD Ready LED TV

AOC is a friendly brand for budget customers since most of its products come at highly affordable prices. You might have seen AOC monitors in the local cyber cafes. Even most shop owners use displays that are manufactured by this American brand. AOC is also trying to shift its focus from monitor world to the TV market. As we are discussing the best budget TVs in this article, I thought there would be no better chance than this to include one of the popular products of this budget friendly brand.

The AOC LE32A6340-61 LED TV offers a huge 32-inch display and comes with all those features that you would ever expect on a mid-range LED TV.

Eye-catching Design: The outer shell of the TV has been painted in a reflective black paint that AOC calls the piano finish. Its bezels are much narrow because of which the experience of the users becomes immersive. This TV is just 71 mm in thickness and will look really great if mounted on a wall. Read also 32 Inch Full HD TV – Best LED TV under 35000 Rupees.

→ This AOC LED has Mind Blowing Picture Quality

AOC’s Real Color Engine is an expert of reproducing natural colors and enhancing the contrast ratio of footage. Although the display has got an HD resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels only but the TV is capable of playing full HD videos. Viewing angles of 176 degrees in both directions are quite impressive at this price point. You will also get the options to choose from multiple noise reduction and picture modes. Unfortunately, this LED TV is not suited for gaming consoles because of the low motion refresh rate of 60 Hz. Moreover, the Edge LED backlighting fails to evenly distribute brightness over the display.AOC LE32A6340 61 HD Ready LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Loud Audio: Two speakers on the back of this TV give the total output of 16 Watts, which is enough for a large room. But you will get a little disappointed with the quality of the audio that it produces. There are better alternatives available in the market at the same price.

Good Connectivity Options: Surprisingly, AOC has managed to provide two USB and two HDMI ports on this TV even at this price. The benefit of multiple USB ports is that users can permanently attach an external Hard Disk to one port and use the other port (or ports) for pen drives. You can also connect this LED TV with a CPU using the VGA port. AOC has also provided a dedicated RF In port on the back.

→ Low Electricity Consumption by this AOC LED TV

This TV from AOC consumes 55 Watts of power in active mode and that number drops to a mere 1-Watt when it goes in Standby mode. The wide voltage input of 100-240 Volts reduces the chances of damage due to fluctuations.

Pros Features:-

  • Huge 16:09 display panel
  • Can open video, audio and image files
  • Two storage devices can be connected at the same time
  • 7 sound modes
  • Headphone Out
  • Attractive design
  • Produces accurate colors
  • Wide voltage input range, can work without a stabilizer

Cons: Audio quality is not that great

Verdict: If the budget is really tight and you still want a quality LED TV with huge display, then this product can be a great solution. It offers impressive picture quality and comes in an attractive outer shell that will add to the beauty of your room.

Price 17500 Rupees
Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 8W X 2
Power Consumption 55 Watt
Dimensions 733 x 433 x 71 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Real Color Engine and Picture Modes
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► 32-Inch Mitashi MIDE032V12 HD Ready LED TV

When it comes to purchasing a television, blindly believing a popular brand can result in huge wastage of money. Most of the time it happens that established players fail to offer good products at reasonable prices and this is where other not so popular brands come into the scene.

Mitashi is famously known for making toys and other electronic products. Only a few people are familiar with the fact that this brand offers a wide range of affordable LED TVs. One such product is the Mitashi MiDE032v12 TV, which can be purchased for a really low amount of 14090 rupees.

DLED Backlit Panel: Most of the 32-inch LED TVs that come in this price segment offer Edge LED panel, which fails to evenly distribute brightness over the screen. Surprisingly, Mitashi has put a DLED Panel on this TV that does enhance the experience of users. You will not notice any kind of color distortion even if the TV is placed at a steep angle. Its ultra-high contrast ratio of 300000:1 lights up all the highlights in a footage. Low motion refresh rate of 60 Hz is good for videos but makes gaming highly undesirable.

Sleek Design: The body of this TV comes painted in a glossy finish that feels appealing to the eyes. Although Mitashi has used DLED technology, the TV is still much slim. After installation, it feels like a part of the wall itself. However, the bezels are quite thick and will annoy a lot of customers.Mitashi MiDE032v12 HD Ready LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Produces High-Quality Audio: Unlike most of budget TVs, the Mitashi MiDE032v12 features two 10-Watt speakers, which together produce cinema grade audio. It also supports various audio formats like mp3, aac, and WMA. You would hardly need an external music system in the presence of this LED TV.

→ Decent Connectivity Options on This LED TV

Expecting a bunch of connectivity features at this price will not be highly justifiable. Still, Mitashi has provided all the needed ports on this TV that you will ever need. External storage devices can be attached to the USB port located on the back. It also sports two HDMI ports, both of which are capable of transferring data at high rates. A headphone jack has also been provided on this TV that can be used when you do not want to disturb your family members.

Can Run Without a Stabilizer: The wide voltage input range of 100-240 Volts enables this TV to run flawlessly even if power fluctuates occur frequently in your region. Moreover, the TV consumes only 56 Watts of power, which is really impressive.

Pros Features:-

  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Headphone jack
  • Features DLED backlit panel
  • Supports 27 video formats
  • Super slim design
  • Generates loud audio
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Low power consumption
  • High contrast ratio


  • Low motion refresh rate
  • Single USB port

Verdict: Definitely, Mitashi will pose a serious competition to other TV manufacturers in the Indian electronics market. Considering the low price point, there is not a single thing can be said to criticize this TV. It looks amazing on the wall and delivers stunning picture quality. In fact, other brands should take a lesson from Mitashi on how to make a good budget television.

Price 17000 Rupees
Display Size 32 inch, DLED
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 56 Watt
Connectivity 1 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Superslim Design and Picture Modes

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