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Low Cost Best Selling Air Fryer in India

American Micronic 3.2 Litre Air Fryer – My Pick

I have learned one big secret of healthy life is bitter is better. However, also true is the fact that we cannot live without tasty foods. In today’s lifestyle, most of us live a healthy life only up to a certain age. Recently, I had taken a hard decision to drink less sugar in tea and coffee to prevent any sugar related health complications. Going a step further, now time for me is to take few more steps to keep my heart healthy to live longer.

To keep a heart healthy, reducing oil contain from food is one effective way besides Yoga and morning walk.

Use an Air Fryer for Testy and Oil Free Food

Use of an Air Fryer is much better idea to reduce oil without compromising food taste. An Air Fryer can easily cook veg or non-veg dishes or morning snacks without oil. For a healthy life, you have to consume at least one to two tablespoons of oil a day. Therefore, I find an Air Fryer is the most suitable way to cook food, as it requires almost 90% less oil during an entire cooking process (only one tablespoon).American Micronic 3 2 Litre Imported Air Fryer

What can we cook in this?: One simple answer to this question is – almost everything. Grilled chicken, Poori, Samosa, french fries, Brinjal Chokha, Choco cake and many more delicious dishes without making lots of noise in the Kitchen. Without the assistance from a recipe book, for the first time users, Air fryer cooking turns out to be a big mess. The brand ships a recipe book in the sales box. It helps cook well for a perfect dish.

Built and Design: Built quality of this gadget is much better than what the Lifelong Air Fryer offers. Moreover, it looks very stylish almost close to a Philips Air Fryer. Besides a handle for the non-stick basket, there are two control knobs for setting time and temperature.

One Year of free service Warranty : Unlike the brand Lifelong, American Micronic offers two years of free service either repair or replacement, which does not include breakage. Send an email ([email protected]) or call at 08882009988 (+91-124-4293560) for service related assistance. The company will ensure pick up of the item and return a repaired or a replacement within seven working days.

Capacity, Performance, and Power

If you are the first time user, then hold yourself well because you need at least three to four cooking attempts to understand the entire process. I took about a week to become comfortable with my Philips Air Fryer.

The American Micronic Air Fryer has a capacity of 3.2 Litre, which makes it an ideal choice for bachelors and small families with three to five members. It follows Turbo Tunnel Air Flow technology to cook. With this efficient gadget, you get full freedom to test and try many dishes at home.

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  1. Free pickup and delivery under two years of free service agreement
  2. None-stick basket
  3. Digital Display
  4. It is bigger, better and energy efficient
  5. A branded product
  6. Very efficient performance
  7. It can cook almost all daily Indian veg, non-veg, and snacks
  8. Very stylish look
  9. Two years of free service or replacement warranty
  10. Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air technology heating up to 200 degree Celsius
  11. Auto Shut Off to prevent over cooking
  12. Handle remains Cool touch even during to cooking process
  13. Non-slip feet locks up with surface

Final verdict: If you are still not able to decide, I suggest go with this popular American Micronic Air Fryer. This is one of the best selling products at online shopping websites. It is suitable for a bachelor and a middle-class small family has not more than four to five members. You can cook almost everything in this powerful air fryer.

Price 5000 Rupees
Material Plastic & Metal
Capacity 3.2L
Non-Stick Basket
Food Capacity 1200 g
Power Consumption 1500 W
Power Indicator Yes
Auto-off Timer Yes


HomePro GLA601 2.2L Air Fryer 

The HomePro Air Fryer offers the most salubrious way to Grill, Fry, Bake, or Roast our daily food without oil. Now enjoy just more than frying. This technically advanced system help you cook favorite food items and you now have more than one option to feed and entertain guests at home.

It helps you create new things starting from sumptuous cakes to lip-smacking fried chicken nuggets. French or chicken fries prepared at home now taste better with little or no oil at all.

The new Air fryer allows you to relish the healthier form of the favorite food by frying the items with less than tablespoon oil and draining excess oil while cooking. It follows a very calculated technology, which makes a complex cooking easier still the ready food is very tasty and healthy.

The Rapid Air Circulation technology circulates air all around the unit to ensure uniform cooking. The food is baked at 390 degrees evenly to offer tenderness.HomePro GLA601 2 2L Air Fryer

New variety of food Easy and each day

Apart from Rapid Air circulation technology, the air fryer is equipped with exclusive starfish design at the bottom, which aids in uniform air circulation. So, you need not worry about extra oil. Apart from this, the fryer has control for temperature and time.

You can set the dials for increasing and decreasing time and temperature. Now cook your food in the way you want to! The HomePro fryer also combines a timer for safety purpose. When the time gets zero, the fryer is automatically switched off to prevent overcooking.

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The sound indicator alarms, as the food is ready and complete. The hand grip is designed in a unique way for easy grip and cool-to-touch. Cords at the bottom make the gadget neat and organized.

Manage weight : Now with the HomePro Air fryer, you can delight in your favorite Samosa, Fish fry, Masala Chicken Fries, nuggets etc. without worrying about weight gain. This helps you shed that extra fat without compromising with the food.


  • Lot of variety with less oil or no oil
  • The item is value for money
  • Free recipe book


  • Takes a bit longer than traditional method

Final Verdict:: This product is worth buying keeping in view the pros and its technology. So, you need not have to sacrifice those tasty foods which are your childhood favorite. Enjoy baked and grilled food without compromising with the taste!

Price 4000 Rupees
Model No GLA601
Capacity 2.2 L
Power Input 230 V
Power Consumption 1300 W
Additional Features Electric Based Cooking


Lifelong HealthyFry 2.6 L

Lifelong is not a reputed brand like Philips, Prestige, or Preethi. Understand it as some desi brand imports goods from China and sales in India under “Lifelong” name-tag. Buying any Lifelong product carries a risk of poor quality built and possibly no service in case it stops working.

However, here is a catch. In terms of service agreement, Lifelong does not offer service rather a replacement guarantee up to two years from the date of purchase. This is fine, but to get a replacement, you need to mail at [email protected]. I detect a problem here. The domain belongs to a company making auto components for Indian automobile brands.

Recently, we had done a review of a Lifelong griller, which was really a good quality product. Therefore, we are not saying avoid products of this unknown brand completely rather spend some time in search of a branded alternative if possible. We are on this product just because of huge readers demand.

The Lifelong Air Fryer will do everything expected out of a Philips Air Fryer. Its price tag of 4000 rupees is attractive, which is why currently it is the best seller at Amazon and Flipkart.Lifelong HealthyFry 2 6L Air Fryer

2-year full replacement Warranty claim : After the price, one biggest catchy feature is two years of replacement warranty. I do not know how supporting the brand is in order to fulfill the claim. You can reach out the brand at

In the Box: The Unit, Cooking tray, User manual, Recipe Book, and Warranty card

Built and Design: The use of plastic and metal in the build is evident. This is a lightweight and very sturdy home Air Fryer. Its weight is just 7Kg and width & depth is 307 cm. It is available in one color option that is black. 2.6 Litre capacity is sufficient to cook a full chicken without oil in a few minutes.

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 Two Knob Control

To control this Air Fryer, there are two knobs –one for setting temperature and another to set time. You can set exactly what temperature and how long a process will run. If you are not sure about it, then receive the help of the official recipe book.

Recipe Book: For the first time users, the recipe book in the sales box is a big support. Let me explain how many dished are choreographed in the recipe book to make your everyday food very tasty even without oil.

Veg Delight – Masala fries, Tawa Vegetable, Fried Garlic Mushrooms, Hara Kabab

Snacks – Tawa Paneer Roll, Spring Rolls, Aalu Samosa, Cheesecorn Balls, Paneer Shashlik

Desserts – Shahi Tukda, Choco Lava Cake

Non-Veg – Fried Prawns, Chicken Tikka, Grilled Fish, Mutton Seekh Kabab, Chicken Kofta

How to make Masala French Fries

  1. Take two big size potato, peel the skin, and cut them in longwise
  2. Now Soak them in mild salt water for about 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Filter out potatoes pieces and dry up nicely
  4. Now mix it with one tablespoon oil
  5. Preheat the fryer at 180 degree Celsius for 4 to 6 minutes
  6. Move potato pieces into the Air Fryer basket and slide in
  7. Use the timer Knob to set time for 15 minutes cooking
  8. Open the Fryer basket after 8 to 10 minutes and move potato pieces well
  9. After the process ends, you get oil free, fresh and crunchy French fries
  10. Add some seasoning

See, how easy is to cook restaurant grade French fries with an Air Fryer.

Technology and Operations: The Air Fryer uses rapid hot air circulation technology to cook healthy and tasty food. With it, you prepare all kinds of snacks, grill dishes, oil-free breakfast, and smoky non-veg items.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Efficient product at cheaper cost
  3. Two years of replacement guarantee

Final Verdict: For a while, let us leave aside the brand authenticity. I must say the Lifelong HealthyFry 2.6L is one most desirable product available online. It is cheaper and does exactly what we expect from a 10000 rupees Air Fryer from popular brand like Philips.

Price 4000 Rupees
Material Plastic & Metal
Capacity 2.6L
Power Consumption 1350W
Automatic shut-off Yes

Users Review and Opinion


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