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Low Budget Sewing Machine with 10 Stitch Patterns in 5000 Rupees

Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications Pros Cons

Sewing machines are an integral part of the textile industry. Sewing is so different from what it used to be, and so are the machines on the market today. With so many different sewing machines, shopping for one can be daunting. Continuous enhancements of the earlier machines and advancements in technology have led to the emergence of some of the today's most sought-after tools in the textile industry,

From budget basic to modern marvels, the hunt for the most indispensable of sewing tools is implausible. There is a long list of machines that are worth a test drive, dividing them by the sewing skill level, the kind of sewing they are suited to for, and the pros and cons of each category. In this review, we will let you achieve a starting point for your search. Read it to know that which machine is the one for you.

Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine with 10 Stitch Patterns

Why choose Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine?

Searching for a sewing machine? Do not want to visit a local dealer? Don’t worry; we will guide you toward the machine which is most suitable. Hopefully, you will then have enough information to help find the best machine for your first step into sewing. So all in all if you have space, the funds and the desire to purchase a good industrial sewing machine then I would commend you to procure Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine. Let us know why!

Lets you choose between 10 stitch patterns: This sewing machine comes with a decent selection of built-in stitch patterns that are 10 in number. All of these patterns are numbered from 1 to 10; you can select any of them by choosing the corresponding number on the dial.  Just turn it to select any stitch!

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Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine Extra Storage

Along with this, the machine is equipped with a reverse stitch button. This can be exceedingly helpful to you as it allows reinforcing the end and beginning of seams. All you need to do is after sewing in a forward direction, push the reverse stitch button that is positioned on the frontage of the machine. This will set the equipment to sew backward.

Ease of use Sewing Machine

This tool suits into any little corner of your individual residence and is awfully easy to formulate use of. With a couple of cooperative options like a foot pedals, a combination of sewing patterns and further features it becomes an utterly perfect machine for any house. It boasts a wide range of excellent features to simplify the sewing experience.

Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine Presser Foot

Portable and lightweight: If you love to go to workshops and sewing classes or you don't have a lot of storage space, this is the machine for you. It is the perfect portable machine for today's sewing enthusiast. Do you require going to group quilting sessions and workshop? You no longer need to take your regular full-size machines with you! Avoid this unpleasant situation! Consider buying Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine. This tiny machine has all of the features that most sewers need. You can even put it in a large suitcase for travel.

Functional storage drawer and an operational light: An in-built operational light is outfitted along with the main creation to facilitate tidy, convenient and accurate stitching mechanism. Above and beyond, a storage drawer to embrace machine related stuff such as needles, threads, spool caps, bobbins and buttons offer a convenient and versatile option.

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A foot pedal to add to your convenience

A foot pedal provided with the tool adds to your handiness by pushing the motor and consequently, achieving a variable speed. The harder it's pressed, the faster you can sew. So, just push it and keep yourself hand free while stitching! This way you can attain precise and prompt consequences.

Pro Features:-

  • Operational LED light
  • Interchangeable foot pedal
  • Multiple stitch patterns
  • A reverse stitch button to stitch backward

Is it good to invest in the Lifelong Sewing Machine? Yes! Indian price of this sewing machine is 5100 Rupees. Offering a warranty of one year on the product, the company commits to providing advanced quality products. The price of this machine may seem high but the returns are even higher. The first thing you can consider when looking for a sewing machine is the level of sewing are you looking at. Is it for fun or are you starting a business? This bodes well if you're looking to make a profit from sewing professionally.

Lifelong SM21 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications Pros Cons

Price 5100 INR
Warranty 1 year
Brand Lifelong
Stitch Patterns 10 stitch patterns and reverse stitch

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