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Logitech Gaming Mouse with 11 Control Buttons

Logitech G502 Mouse In India

Logitech G502 Mouse Review

As more and more complicated computer games continue being released, the need for more advanced control gadgets is on the rise. Most people argue that if you want to play games with a lot of ease on your computer, you will need an excellent gamepad. However, some other people think that gaming pads are a bit too hefty and they would actually prefer a smaller control gadget, the size of a mouse for gaming. Moreover, some games, especially combat games are better played with a mouse than a gamepad. Let’s take for example Battlefield 4 or Just Cause 3. Playing these two games with a gamepad would prove to be more taxing, than when you use a simple mouse-keyboard combination.

For this reason, most corporations that manufacture PC control gadgets have shifted into producing better mice. These mice gadgets are more functional than the typical two button and a scroll mouse you know of. The Logitech G502 mouse is among the best of mice that are gaming enhanced. Here is a description of its most admirable features.

Why you need to buy this Logitech Mouse

Futuristic Design: If you are a gaming fanatic, you would agree with me that playing games with a smaller mouse that fits in the hand perfectly, is a little bit less strenuous, than when using a large mouse. Logitech must have thought of this factor when building the G502, no wonder they made it so small. This mouse is surfaced with a stiff rubber grip for a firm clasp. It also comes with an extended thumb rest on the left edge, on which you can rest your right thumb on.

It allows you to alter the weight distribution on the mouse. You can tweak the 3.6-gram weights on the mouse to change the center of balance on the mouse. Since this device is shorter, the designers thought it wise to fix all controls at the convenience of the user’s fingertips. Logitech also included an alterable RGB setting on this device. So you can actually change the color of lighting on your mouse. Besides, you have more than 16 million colors to choose from.

Convenience with its 11-gaming buttons

Unlike the conventional mouse you know, the G502 is designed in such a way that you can make the clicks with the very tip of your finger. This tells you the mouse feels much better for people with short-clawed hands. The 11 customizable buttons on this gadget come allow you to do practically anything while gaming, without the need of Keyboard. For example, while playing Just Cause 3, I abandoned the use of the H (Grapple Hook) key on my computer’s keyboard and instead replaced it with the index finger button beneath the scroll wheel.

This product has the three usual buttons (Left, Right and scroll button.) Then it has some other three thumb buttons on its left-hand side, plus a middle click button on the scroll wheel. In addition, it comes with two index-finger keys on either side of the scroll wheel. However to access this keys you must incline the wheel.

Ultra-sensitivity for Precision

This is one characteristic that every gamer wants on a mouse. Theirs is nothing as frustrating as trying to aim a weapon while gaming using a mouse and the mouse won’t cooperate. To avert this, the designers of this product included an adaptable sensitivity setting. Through this provision, you can switch between five different DPI settings. The higher the value you pick on the DPI settings, the faster the cursor gets. It has a maximum optical definition of 12000 DPI, therefore this mouse can be used even on high-resolution 4K monitors.

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This product uses a customizable Proteus Spectrum that can be fine-tuned to suit the surface on which you are using the mouse on. So with the G502 you don’t have to keep lifting the mouse in case it gets draggy. All you have to do is tune the mouse on the PC so that the sensor suits your surface. The 1.5 mm laser depth means that it will function quite well even on fairly coarse surfaces.

Compatible with multiple Operating systems

Despite the fact this mouse seems a little bit hi-tech, Logitech tried to make it as compatible as they would. Of course, after connecting the mouse to your computer, it will install its own navigation software and this is probably where the trick lies. The control panel that comes with this mouse works the same across multiple operating systems, be it windows or Mac OS. The mouse is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista as well as Mac OS X 10.8. Unfortunately, I never got to try it on a computer running on Linux. Neither has the manufacturer mentioned anything to do with its compatibility with Linux systems.

Corded connectivity

I like the designer’s decision to include a highly responsive corded connection on this mouse. The maximum USB report rate is 1000/sec which is pretty much enough for standard gaming. Nevertheless, I did not like Logitech’s resolution to ignore wireless connectivity on this mouse. I mean how can you build such a revolutionary gadget and omit the one thing that makes a mouse look up to the minute. Honestly, this mouse would have sounded much better if it was wirelessly enabled.

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Review and Specifications

Pros and Cons

On the brighter side, this mouse has a comfy secure design and fairly large buttons for easy clicks. It also comes with an intuitive control software and weight adjustment provision for extra comfort. On the other hand, its two major flaws are; lack of a wireless connectivity option and too small for large palmed people. In other words, palm-grip users will have a hard time reaching the buttons on this mouse, probably because it’s too small for their wide palms.

Pricing and Verdict

To own a Logitech G502 mouse you must be ready to part with around 5360 Rupees. This is somewhat pricey for just a mouse, but I think it’s a fair price for the gadget. I would recommend it to someone who is extremely into gaming, but doesn’t mind using a corded mouse. However, if you want just a standard modern mouse, I am sure you could get a wireless one at half that price.

Price 5500 Rupees
Connection (Wireless/corded) Corded
USB report rate 1000/second
Number of Programmable buttons 11
Sensor type High Definition optical
Maximum resolution 12000DPI
Tunable weight balancing Yes  (3.6 grams)
Adjustable RGB lighting Yes  (up to 16 million colors)
Compatible OS Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista. Mac OS X 10.8
Thumb rest Yes
DPI settings 5
Best suited Grip type Claw
Laser depth 1.5mm
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