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Livpure Water Purifier with RO UV and Mineral retain Technology

Livpure GLO RO UV Water Purifier Price Online

Livpure GLO 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Growing under reputed brand Luminous, the Livpure water puffier brand though struggling to find feet in the Indian market which, by the way, has been overly dominated by Kent, Eureka Forbs, HUL, and TATA Swach so far – initiated numbers of majors recently. New innovative products, water purifier buying guide, water taste solution and free installation are Livpure’s key initiatives.

While answering queries on suitable water purifier, we rarely endorse products of Livpure because none of its product could qualify for the requirement, which we wanted to suggest in our answer. This also shows Livpure products are not that efficient to be a reliable choice for adverse water inflow.

This, however, about to change by Livpure’s changing approach in product designs as well as improving ground service quality. Free and quick service is certainly a welcome move. So far free installation was only proposed by the brands, I have mentioned above as market leaders.

Build and Design

In terms of build quality and durability, the Livpure GLO water purifier looks quite impressive. And, the tap system attached at the front though feels not so strong but operationally it is user-friendly and intuitive so filling a glass or a water bottle becomes easy.

Livpure GLO Water Purifier Tap

7-liter water tank capacity along with the ability to purify 12-liter water per hour is making this Livpure product a suitable choice for a family of 5 to 11 members.

The Livpure GLO although an RO system but lacks UF purifier so I would not recommend it for a family has pregnant ladies and newborn. Government lab has certified the UF technology as the most efficient process for cleaning bacteria and germs from water. Those has small babies in home should not buy a water purifier without UF technology onboard.

Six stage multilayered advanced purification system

On the internal mechanism of the purifier, Livpure presents a diagram that shows how water passes through multiple chambers for suspending bad element and securing minerals in it. I have to emphasize here – Livpure has been very transparent with the internal working of the product. I, therefore, trust this product for better results.

In the six stage advanced purification process, the first stage is a sediment filter for removing fine particles from water. Stage two is pre-activated carbon filter for absorbing harmful patricides, chlorine, and other organic impurities from the water. This stage reminds me my studies in sixth standards in chemistry class – how to filter water using natural things like sand and coal. Use of coal and carbon is well-tested and scientifically proven for purifying water from a certain kind of impurity.

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Livpure GLO Water Purifier Internal Mechanism

In stage three, the water passes through RO membrane and here salt, hardness, heavy metal, and harmful chemicals are removed for achieving a natural quality in it. In fact, this is the process where bacteria and virus in the water come under threat for the first time.

For those who are buying a purifier for the first time, the RO purification process wastes lots of water, in fact, in some purifier the figure jumps to 50% of the total water inflow. Besides, an RO system is not recommended for all kinds of water supply. For instance, I stay in Chennai where corporation supplies purified water. Such water does not require going through RO system again rather it should be purified further using either UV or UF or both.

The stage four on Livpure GLO is a UV chamber eliminates water born bacteria & virus effectively- making the water safe for drinking – even safe for babies but not for those who are less than two years old. See I am not presenting this based on any scientific research rather – based on what I have learned from doctors during my research on water purifiers.

My broad knowledge on various illness and ability to understand doctor’s advice rather quickly and accurately, I have been a trusted man for my family member and friends to be with them during a medical consultation process. I too never hesitate in extending my help. In fact, this helps me to expand my knowledge, eventually, helps me to write more thoughtful reports on medical gadgets. And you will agree with me – a truly efficient water purifier is not less than a must have medical gadget in our home.

The stage five and six by this advanced water purifier are dedicated for removing organic impurities, and balancing minerals & pH value in the water.

Now this is a time to summarize what these six state purification systems means and understand that in few words exactly what it advocates. Going by the efficiency of the purification process, Livpure GLO stands out to be a very good water purifier – suitable for almost every home in India. It will work fine for highly pulled water, hard water, bore well water, and the water that has a high TDS level. According to the official specifications, it could work fine if the TDS level in the water is less than 1500.

I will not advocate this if you have a baby less than two years old in home. In addition, this is not the purifier you should buy for purifying already purified water like corporation water especially in those cities where corporation works as a responsible entity. For instance, those live in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and other metropolitan cities with a well-managed corporation water pipeline should look for a UV+UF water purifier.

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If water supply in your home has smell meaning it is not pure enough for drinking. Purifier like Livpure GLO and others with features like UV, UF, and activated carbon will make them 99.99% clean and safe for drinking.

Warranty Installation and Service

Livpure provides free installation. And, as it has been confirmed by many buyers of the product, Livpure service quality is impressive and fast too.

Pro Features

  • Six stage advanced purification
  • Technology onboard for balancing guarding and balancing minerals
  • Free installation
  • Operational voltage range 140-300 Volts

Conclusion and Ending Note     

We have been subjected to harsh criticism by readers when they buy a water purifier based on our recommendation but don’t get desired results. See, there is no water purifier that will give you Nirmal Jal, I mean natural water. Purifier like Livpure GLO and others are designed to purify highly polluted water and achieve quality and purity in them that is close to natural. In that process, they change the very basic concept of water. Understand this with the example of dairy milk. This is a hard reality for those live in metropolitan cities that they have to live with artificial water.

Water puffier certainly saves money on annual water consumption bill. Therefore you should not worry much about the maintenance cost of Livpure GLO and other similar machines. But note the maintenance cost of RO based purifier is always higher than the purifiers based on the technologies UV and UF.

Livpure’s on-ground customer support is really good and has been praised by customers. The RO purifier Livpure GLO is an efficient and reliable product. Price too is very accurate and is according to the current market trend.

I am really impressed with the use of different technology on Livpure GLO. It is not a fancy product and its six-stage advanced purification system makes sense. Go with it without a second thought.

Livpure GLO RO UV Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Price 13000 Rupees
Primary Technology RO, UV, Mineralizer
TDS Level 1500
Filter Sediment, Pre-activated carbon, RO, UV, Silver, Mineral Cartridge
Capacity 7 Liter Tank, 12 Liter Per Hour; UV: 24 Liter per Hour; 75 Liter Per day
Inlet Pressure Minimum: 0.3 Kg/; Maximum: 3 Kg/
Power Input Voltage: 140-300 V AC / 50 Hz; 24 Watts
In Sales Box Unit, Installation Kit, user manual, Warranty Card

2 thoughts on “Livpure Water Purifier with RO UV and Mineral retain Technology

  1. WHO declares RO water purifier is not good for health. Then how u can promise to give good quality of water from your RO water purifier ?

    1. Yes, I am aware of the WHO findings on the RO system. Essentially, WHO says one should not double purify the water by an RO system. Absolutely right! You should never use an RO water purifier to purify municipality water.

      You should check our review articles on water purifier for municipality water. We have only suggested purifiers with UV and UF filters.

      WHO report is based on ideal conditions where there is a surety of the standard quality of water, supplied by corporation or municipality. I do not think the corporation water coming out of a tap in your Kitchen could withstand to the WHO quality test. In fact, most of the corporation/municipality water supplies in India cannot pass WHO’s basic water quality test.

      Currently, Chennai is going through acute water shortage. Nowadays Corporation water quality is poor since all the lakes have dried up. Is this the water quality, which WHO talks in its report? NO!

      In India, we have a water crisis. This is certainly not an ideal condition, which WHO has based – its report about the RO system.

      When I was staying in Pune 10 years ago, the quality of corporation water supply in my area was very good. So I used to open the tap, fill water in a glass and drink. Can you do the same? NO!

      Pipeline quality, Pipeline leakage, quality of the water treatment plant etc are some key factors that decide what would be the quality of municipality water supply in an area. Unfortunately, In India, forget about water quality, we have a water crisis. Then if a solution gives you a surety of water quality, you should not question it.

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