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LG Smart DJ Boombox Speakers for Young Indian Music Fans

LG Powerful X BOOM Pro DJ Machine CM9960 Review and Specifications

LG Powerful X BOOM Pro DJ Machine CM9960

Where words fail, music speaks”- Hans Christian Anderson

Hans must have missed out a lot if he never got to hear the true meaning of music through the X BOOM Pro DJ machine. Music soothes the mind and body. As a matter of fact, doctors recommend music as part of the best psychological therapies that have ever existed. You can listen to the music from almost anywhere. Be it your house, your car, or anywhere you feel comfortable with it. But if you are a dead-end music lover and enjoy partying, then you need something louder than those tangled earphones in your pocket. Read also Premium LG Mini Audio System below 18000 Rupees.

If you are the kind that loves celebrating birthdays, family reunions, and house parties in style, you need something powerful, something that is genuine and much bigger.  Well to get the best out of that party we’ve got something really up to our expectations. LG electronics has launched the beast among the music players, the Powerful X BOOM Pro DJ Machine CM9960.

The ambiance and lighting from this DJ machine will add fun to the party. Remarkably, for a DJ machine, a seamless flow of music is paramount, as it will determine the moves and the dancing styles that the party people will tap to. This machine is built to ensure just that. But the real fun will come from music itself. LG has made sure that the CM9960 is compatible with all types of music, including Jazz, Reggae Hip-hop, and R&B. Partying is good it relieves the stress of the day. But for a successful party, you need the best audio systems. And a nice audio system turns every normal day of your life into a cheerful party. Here are the features of the X BOOM Pro DJ Machine CM9960:-

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Features and performance: Powerful output

To start with, this LG machine has a 4800-watt audio output, which is accompanied alongside with a party thruster controller. The controller is built with a functional throttle that can slide upwards to increase intensity until the system booms to the fullest. The machine also has a DJ mode transformation feature, which allows mixing effects such as, Flanger, chorus, phaser and delay. The unique cross-fading feature also allows blending of two or more soundtracks from different audio sources.

USB and Bluetooth connectivity: On another note, you also get a 3.5 mm audio jack, which enhances connectivity of almost all music devices for amplification and effective sound monitoring on your headphones.  The designers also built this gadget with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth provides a seamless connection of up to 3 wireless devices hence songs can be added to playlist from each of the three devices without affecting the playing music.

The presence of dual USB ports aids in multitasking between inputs from portable devices to double the entertainment quotient. Other features that increase the efficiency of this machine are an 8-inch foam paper woofer unit, a two way two speaker system, an impedance of 8 Ohm. You also get a clock timer on its dashboard. Read also Premium Sony Boombox Speaker for Home Use.

LG Powerful X BOOM Pro DJ Machine in India

Power consumption and Wattage

This device has a power input of 320 watts and an average power consumption of 0.5 watts in standby mode. A karaoke voice canceller, key changer, and MIC jack- make it a worthwhile buy, not to mention that it is among the few DJ machine models in this price range that support to CD-R/CD-RW, MP3/WMA CD formats. This device can also play music on its own with an auto music play. Additional features on this gadget include a headphone jack, TWO AUX IN (L, R) and a tuning range of 87.5 to 108.0 MHz.

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Lighting and Design features: The LG Pro BOOMBOX weighs 8 kg and has dimensions of 42 by 24 by 47 cm. Now, no need for extra color lamps and lights, as this boom box comes with a pre-equipped inbuilt lighting system, which is customizable and can be adjusted to match the mood. Create a party club by this all in one booming machine.

Music editing and recording features

Most people have a fantasy of creating their own music, mixing, and editing it. Well, for that nobody needs to spend extra bucks so long as you have the CM9960. With this gadget, you can share music seamlessly, mix it, jam it, and a lot of creative options there. You can even create your own tracks and sing them yourself as you record. The Karaoke voice canceller produces high-quality background music tracks and lets you fulfill your singing desires. Now, let the world know about you. Read also Bose Music System Below 32000 Rupees.

Convenience features: For ease of access the LG audio machine is also remote controllable. All you need is just to download the LG Remote app for your smartphone and turn it into the device controller. Being a DJ has never been this easy.

Moreover, the device can be paired up with your compatible LG television. Synchronize it with your compatible LG television and enjoy a clutter free sound-video combination. Eliminate the need for a messy wired setup for external devices like smartphones and speakers through Bluetooth on this gadget. Bluetooth connectivity on this product allows you to add extra speakers on this gadget hence added convenience.

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Price: This product has an official price of 1,09,990 Rupees as stated by the company. This price is quite reasonable for the kind of features packed in this machine.

LG Powerful X BOOM Pro DJ Machine CM9960 Review and Specifications

Final verdict

This is the party machine you need for all your future partying needs. It comes with an affordable price and a convenience size. Just make a decisive choice when purchasing the external audio system to connect to the CM9960. But for those professional DJ needs, this one is a direct go for me.

If you are looking for a great entertainment with a powerful sound and high audio quality, this powerful DJ machine will serve you right. Its impressive power output and the thunderous boom will liven up your party. You also get a seamless Bluetooth connectivity and an auto DJ with automatic sound mixing, which comes in handy when there is nobody to spin the discs. The beams of light produced by this DJ audio machine will give your party an unforgettable ambiance of colors to keep it lighted up. Read also Sony Boombox with Bluetooth NFC CD and Pendrive Support.

Brand LG
Model CM9960
Product Weight 8 Kg
Dimensions 420 × 240 × 470 mm
Channel Configuration 2
Impedance 8 ohm
Woofer Unit 8 inches
Speaker 2 Way 2 Front Speaker
Colors Black
User Rating 3/5 Stars
Buy 100000 Rupees
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