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LG Six Motion Washing Machine Below 30000 Rupees

LG F10E3NDL25 Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine

Before I explain the product, I would like to understand your requirement. Have you decided the brand name of the washing machine that you want to take home? This is important. If you are buying a washing machine for the first time, then go with an IFB product. Read also 3 Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine below 20000 Rupees.

In the last few years, Kolkata-based IFB has been very much keeping top MNCs like Samsung and LG virtually out of the market. However, those want to test and try something better and innovative in daily use can try a product of LG, Samsung, or Whirlpool. Now again I will filter out Samsung and ask you to choose between LG and Whirlpool.

In this washing machine review article, I explain about the LG fully automatic washing machine (F10E3NDL25) offers front loading convenience besides many smart features making your daily headache cloth washing a fun.

Limited 6Kg capacity: Capacity is a very important factor to consider while choosing a washing machine. If you are a family with five members and sure about no possible addition of a new member next five to ten years, then you should consider this LG machine. In fact, it is one good washing machine to gift in marriage.

There is no problem in using this machine in a large family (more than five members anytime), but then it has to run in many sessions to wash clothes of the entire family. The capacity of 6kg limits its requirement in a big Indian family.

Installation and Warranty: LG offers two years of free service, wherein nine years of extended warranty for the inbuilt motor. For installation, the e-commerce website (Amazon/Flipkart) will arrange free setup and demo. You do not have to worry much about that.

LG F10E3NDL25 Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Six Motion Direct Drive Washer Technology

You will agree with me, using our hand is the most efficient way of washing clothes. However, human effort is limited, so we need an intelligent machine setup that does all of what yours, and my hand can do.

The automatic washing machine comes with LG’s signature technology – “six motion wash” which cleans cloth without damaging the fabrics. As it is evident from the name, the technology combines six different intelligent motions, which can be ideally understood as a machine representation of a regular hang wash. In the cleaning process, water and pressure is applied from all sides systematically in order to ensure excellent result in every washing session.

Wash Modes: The Washing machine offers you multiple washing modes, which is Baby Care, Cotton, Wool, Medic Rinse, Crease Care, Rinse Hold, Delicate, and Quick 30 Program.

Rinse Hold : This is mainly to prevent foul smell from clothes that stay sometimes even after a complete cleaning process. In the scheduled process, clothes go through another rinse cycle with plain water before jumping into the spin mode.

Quick 30: Besides the 6-motion technology, my favorite is the concept of quick 30. I am sure it is more useful for bachelors. Using this feature, you can clean yesterday’s clothes and get them ready for iron in just 30 minutes. I am a person with no patience. And, I need everything quick and fast. Thus, the “Quick 30” feature becomes my favorite on this LG washing machine.

Just for the concept of quick 30, I suggest this wash gadget to bachelor friends (even those who are married, but live a bachelor life). However, take a note of one important fact, excess use of this features will come heavy on your monthly electricity bill. Therefore, I suggest using it occasionally.

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Baby Care: Although for me it is not much of use now but for those has a god gift in the home will benefit a lot. Temperature up to 95 degree Celsius used to eliminate all bacteria without affecting the quality of your baby’s clothes. In addition, the wash process ensures baby’s cloth becomes 100% fresh and natural having no detergent residue.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor Technology

Those who have used a washing machine will understand the benefit of this advancement. Usually, in the most washing machines, motor runs drum using a belt. This is a good setup, but not very efficient. Over the period, the belt will become weaker, moreover, motor burns excess energy to run the drum.

LG solves this problem easily by eliminating belt and attaching motor directly with the drum. This results in a faster process by consumption of less energy in every washing session. Even if you do not like this LG washing machine, ensure whichever model comes to your home has this feature.

Smart Diagnosis Operation

The brand LG really cares customer and their convenience. In fact, the brand has spent resources to maximize customer support, which is now much faster and hassle-free. For instance, take the smart Diagnosis operation technology, built-in with all LG washers for quick error detection and immediate resolution.

To take benefit of this feature, all you have to do is to power on the washer, now press the smart diagnosis operation, and let LG support system to deal with the problem. There will be a quick call from LG service center helping you in the quick resolution. In case the issue is not resolved, then one service engineer will visit your place in 24 to 72 hours. You can also download an official app available at all three major platforms.


  • Digital Display
  • Six motion technology
  • Multiple wash modes include my favorite is Quick 30, Baby care and Rinse Hold
  • Motor is directly attached to the wash drum
  • Smart Diagnosis operation and excellent customer care from LG

Final Verdict: The LG washing machine is very good in terms of performance and built quality. I am very impressed with lots of the convenience and intelligent features onboard. However, only 6Kg of capacity for a price of 30000 rupees is too much. In the same price, IFB washing comes with high capacity and many more inbuilt features. However, if you prefer intelligent features, then buy this LG product as soon as possible. Read also Best Washing Machines To Attain A Superb Job In Cleaning Laundry.

Type Washing machine
Model F10E3NDL25
Load type Front load
Function Type Fully Automatic
Capacity 6.0 kg
Washing method 6 motion direct drive, Fuzzy Logic, Spin & Rinse, Medic Rinse, Quick 30 Program, Baby Care, Pre Wash, Intensive Wash, Cotton, Crease Care, Rinse Hold, Delicate, Wool
Maximum rotational speed 1000 rpm
Power Consumption 1700 Watt
Child lock Yes
Warranty 2 years
Buy 30000 Rupees


LG F80E3MDL2 Six-Motion DIRECT DRIVE Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine obviously is an expensive purchase. But once you select a good washing machine that suits your needs, you need not think about it (either repairing or replacing) for a long period. To select a good one from a wide range of washing machine varieties that are available in the market, you need to put a good effort in your homework.

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The Korean electronics company LG, which does not compromise in the quality of its products brought a new model of washing machine into the market. It is the new LG F80E3MDL2 six-motion direct drive fully automatic front-loading washing machine. Follow up the review on this product to find out whether or not it is the perfect pick for you.

Front-loading Vs Top loading: Washing machines are available in various designs and models with both front loading and top loading options. However, many customers get confused to decide on a particular model. To get out of this confusion, you first have to decide on which type of machine you want to buy. Front loading or top loading?

My suggestion is to buy a front loading type of washing machine. This is because front loading machines are gentler on clothes, use less detergent, takes up small space and its running costs are low. They are also energy efficient when washing in warm to hot water. LG F80E3MDL2 model washing machine is a front-loading type machine.

This Machine has a fancy Attractive look

The LG washing machine comes in elegant white color. It looks attractive with its LCD display that displays the washing time. The machine has a good-looking front loading system with the maximum capacity of 5.5 kg. This is sufficient for a medium-sized family of four or five members. If you have more laundry than this capacity, you can still manage to wash them in the second round as it has the quick washing facility.

The machine has a built-in heater, which helps in making your clothes look new every time you wash them. The heater ensures the better performance by adjusting the temperature of water to give a thorough wash to the clothes.

The control knob on the front looks sleek and can rotate smoothly to select the required washing option from the various programs that are available. The anti-rat cover protects the washing machine from pests, insects, and rats.

LG F80E3MDL2 Six Motion Direct Drive Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Many Smart Wash programs

LG F80E3MDL2 fully automatic washing machine allows you to select the required wash option for a particular fabric that you want to wash. The wash programs include quick 30, baby care, cotton, wool, delicate, rinse spin.

  • When you have kids at your home, you would be more cautious regarding their hygiene. This washing machine has an option called baby care, which ensures the hygienic wash that you would expect. In this option, it uses a technology called jet spray with which it removes the detergent stains from the clothes. It also uses hot water (up to 95° Celsius) to kill the harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Quick 30 program washes the clothes just within 30 minutes. This option is very handy for the busy working individuals. Now you do not need to worry when you are very busy and your laundry is stocked up like a mountain. You just have to take a few minutes to load the washing machine and set the time delay option keeping in mind your electricity timings and water level. With this option, the machine will start automatically at the set time even if you are not at home.
  • The special pre-wash feature provides the preliminary washing for the clothes before moving on to the main wash cycle. No matter how dirty your clothes are, this prewashing mechanism removes all the dirt, stains from the clothes, and drains out the dirty water. After the rinse cycle, it does not immediately enter into the spin cycle. Instead, it allows the clothes to stay in water providing them an additional rinse cycle. With this, the clothes will be more thoroughly washed and remain detergent free.
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The machine also has a child lock option. This means you cannot open the loading door when the washing is going on. This is very useful when you have your curious kids around.

Advanced Wash Technology

The LG F80E3MDL2 fully automatic washing machine uses three types of technologies to ensure its better performance. LG brand generally uses a special feature called Fuzzy logic technology. It determines the best wash cycle for the loaded fabric automatically. If you are using the washing machine for the first time, you need not struggle to select in the wash programs with this feature enabled.

The six-motion direct drive technology is a unique feature in this model of washing machine. It has six different types of motions that include stepping, filtration, tumbling, and rolling, scrubbing, swing. The machine chooses one motion from these six depending on the fabric type and its dirt level. It combines this motion and the water force to keep the clothes clean and fresh.

The inverter direct drive technology makes this washing machine energy efficient by connecting the motor of the machine directly to the drum. It does not use any mechanical parts such as belt or pulley. This makes it vibrate less with minimal noise by consuming less power. So, obviously, the electricity bills are low for you. The durability of the machine also increases with this technology.

Smart diagnosis: If you are a smartphone user, this smart diagnosis allows you to solve your washing machine problem by yourself without needing to wait for the service engineer. You can just dial the smart diagnosis when you come across any problem and you will be intimated on what to do through your telephone.

Price and warranty: You can get a decent washing machine at a price range of 20,000 to 30,000 rupees generally. This LG F80E3MDL2 washing machine is available at a cost of around 26,500 rupees slightly more or less than this exact amount. Two years warranty is also provided on this product.


  • Front loading type which is gentler to clothes
  • Running costs are low
  • Variety of wash programs to choose from
  • Pre-wash feature
  • Child lock for safety
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Six motion, fuzzy logic and inverter direct drive technologies for better performance


  • The washing finished bell is slightly weird
  • Low spin speed compared to other washing machines

Verdict: Loaded with the high-end technologies and features, the LG F80E3MDL2 fully automatic washing machine is an ideal home appliance. It has a decent performance with the high durability that is worth its price. Read also Two Fully Automatic Washing Machine below 28000 Rupees.

Type Washing machine
Model F80E3MDL2
Load type Front load
Color White
Capacity 5.5 kg
Dimensions 600 x 440 x 850 mm
Weight 26 kg
Washing method 6 motion direct drive
Maximum rotational speed 800 rpm
Child lock Yes
Warranty 2 years
Buy 27500 Rupees

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