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LG LED TV with Mosquito Away Technology

LG 43LH520T LED TV Review and Specifications

Mosquitoes are a really big problem in India. These small beasty creatures not only cause itching but also spread many deadly diseases. This issue will become even worse now as the monsoon season has come.

Interestingly, LG is doing what no one in the world had earlier thought could be done. It has launched a TV series with inbuilt mosquito repellent.

Well, to be honest, the idea of equipping a television with mosquito repellent sounds a bit weird at first. I would like to point though this technique is quite impressive in practical terms.

LG already sells anti-mosquito air conditioners in the market but these mosquito repellent televisions are attracting a completely new base of customers. Many people are quite interested and the question on everyone’s mind is how does the LG’s Mosquito Away technology actually work?

Is Mosquito Repellent Technology Really Effective?

The most important thing to mention here is the LG Mosquito Away technology works by generating ultrasonic sound frequencies. Humans are insensitive to these sound waves, which is why we will not hear them. On the other hand, to mosquitoes, these frequencies feel like a sharp needle in the ear. This experience becomes so painful for them that they leave the room where TV is installed. Another benefit of this technology is it also keeps some insects and rodent species at bay. In many tests, LG's mosquito away technology has proven its capability.

LG 32LH520D LED TV with Mosquito Away

Available TV Models

Currently, LG sells two televisions with the Mosquito Away technology. Let us discuss the pros and cons of each because no one would buy them just for the sake of mosquito repellent feature.

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Available at 26,500 rupees, the LG 32LH520D LED TV flaunts a 32-inch display and offers some eye-catching features. Still, I do not think it will attract many customers, the reasons for which are discussed in the below paragraphs.

Not A Full HD Display

Any television beyond 20,000 rupees is worthless in my opinion if it does not offer a full HD display. Although screen size of the LG TV allows it to give an immersive experience but its HD only display does not. Low pixel density results in unimpressive graphics and easy to detect pixelation.

Quality of screen though is really impressive. It is an IPS display and generates accurate colors. The viewing angles are as wide as they can be as a result, viewers will not experience even a slight distortion in colors or brightness.

LG’s Triple XD Engine tries to enhance the experience of users by increasing the contrast ratio and making the details more clear. It could have been a great entry-level television with a full HD screen.

Top Notch Build Quality

The greatest benefit of buying a television from any popular brand is you get great build quality. This is what happens to be the case with this product. Its durable and sturdy body will last for years to come. The silver paint of its front rim will not fade away over time, as it is actually metal.

Its body is just 76 mm thick, which is insane at this price point. Dual leg stand gives a floating look to the whole setup, though customers can also go for wall mount installation.

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Great Audio

In my opinion, the speakers on this LG TV are best-sounding of all.  These are capable of generating deep bass and sharp treble. Frequency response range is also wide. Both drivers are on the back and feature Dolby Digital technology.

The total RMS output is rated at 20 Watts. Thus, customers would not need to install external speakers even if the room is small or medium in size.

Disappointing Connectivity Features

Considering many movie lovers permanently fix external HDDs on the back of their TVs, a single USB port on the back of this device will become a big limitation. You will not be able to attach a USB stick with it without disconnecting the HDD.

The list of disappointments does not stop here. This television sports only one HDMI port with no MHL support. Moreover, all the connectivity ports are in rear facing direction, which means users will face a great difficulty in accessing them.

On it, customers will find two 3.5mm jacks, one of which is reserved for the mosquito repellent attachment.

Other Features of LG 32LH520D LED TV

Mosquito repellent thing comes as a separate attachment

Ships with a special Flexi wall mount

Offers five picture and three audio modes

Onboard media player supports subtitles in 10 languages

Power saver mode


  • Generates superior audio
  • Wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction
  • Low power consumption
  • Supports both wall mount and table top installation
  • Metallic body


  • Low-resolution display
  • Single USB port
  • Single HDMI port
  • Connectivity panel is not easy to reach
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Although the display of the LG 32LH520D LED TV generates great colors and high contrast ratio but its limited resolution would prove to be a deal-breaker for many. Why would someone purchase a TV at more than 25,000 rupees without a full HD display?

Price 23000 Rupees
Display Size 32-inch (IPS)
Screen Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Graphics Engine Triple XD
Speakers 10W X 2
Picture Modes 5
Audio Modes 3
USB Ports 1
HDMI Ports 1
Other Interfaces 2 X Headphone Out, Composite In and RF In
Local OSD Languages Yes
Dimensions  733 x 436 x 76 mm (Without Stand)



If you really want a good movie watching experience with mosquito repellent feature then the product I would recommend is the LG 43LH520T LED TV. It has a big 43-inch screen with full HD resolution. In order to purchase this television, however, customers will have to spend a hefty amount of 47,500 rupees.

Premium Looks

In terms of looks, this product is not much different from the 32LH520D LED TV. It has the same metallic rim and same back panel design. I would like to mention though the black finish of its rim perfectly matching with the color of the back panel and its stand. As a result, the whole setup looks more harmonious and premium.

The TV is really big and will require a wide platform (in table mount). Still, I would not recommend customers to install it on a wall because then the rear facing connectivity port will be hard to reach.

LG 43LH520T LED TV Review and Specifications

Full HD Experience

The main reason why our team recommends this TV is its full HD 43-inch screen. Viewers will be able to watch full HD videos in their full glory on this display. Graphics look crystal clear no matter at what distance you are sitting.

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Moreover, its big screen gives a theatre-like experience at home. The Triple XD engine reduces motion blur, thereby improving the picture quality.

Users also get to choose from various picture modes like Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Cricket, and Game. These modes change the contrast ratio and color reproduction to enhance the experience of users for a specific scene.

Connectivity Options Disappoint On This TV Also

Even on this television also, LG has not offered respectable connectivity options. Just like the 32LH520D LED TV, you get a single USB and a single HDMI port.

I was highly disappointed to know it does not even come with smart TV functionality. If mosquito repellent is not on the priority list, then choosing some other alternative would be quite beneficial for you. Other manufacturers are offering 4K TVs at this price point.

The preloaded media player supports Divx HD format and also allows viewers to enable subtitles.

 Other important Features of LG 43LH520T LED TV

Supports Indian languages for OSD menu

Inbuilt games

Motion Eco Sensor for power saving

All Round Protection Plus (saves from moisture, lighting and power surge)

Outputs 20 Watt of RMS audio with two drivers


  • Unparalleled build quality
  • Full HD resolution
  • Mind blowing design
  • Flexi mount
  • Thin bezels
  • Immersive screen
  • Eliminates motion blur
  • Great sound


  • Limited connectivity options
  • No smart TV function


The LG 43LH520T LED TV is an amazing looking product. It offers great picture quality and superior sound quality. However, there is room for improvement. This 43-inch TV is not for those who heavily rely on multiple USB ports and Smart TV features (apps, web browsing, etc).

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Both these Mosquito Away TVs are decent products but only up to an extent. These are not the televisions every user can buy.

Price 40500 Rupees
Display Size 33-inch (IPS)
Screen Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Graphics Engine Triple XD
Speakers 10W X 2
Picture Modes 5
Audio Modes 3
USB Ports 1
HDMI Ports 1
Other Interfaces 2 X Headphone Out, Composite In and RF In
Local OSD Languages Yes
Dimensions  975.5 x 583 x 81.5 mm (Without Stand)

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