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LG IPS LED Computer Monitor below 16000 Rupees

LG IPS LED Computer Monitor below 16000 Rupees

On the GS, we focus more on display gadgets because deciding a computer monitor, television set, and other display devices are difficult. Here, we help visitors to pick good quality display products.

Today’s computer monitors are cheaper, efficient multitasking and it can be used as a television set efficiently. With this article, we present two affordable computer monitors in the price range of 12000 to 16000 rupees.

You can avail all features of a television set on a computer monitor at a relatively much cheaper price. I use a Dell monitor with iBall TV tuner to watch television in my office cabin. The setup needed an investment of only 7200 rupees wherein 5200 rupees for the Dell monitor and 1500 rupees for iBall TV tuner. The balance of 500 rupees, I spent for an Intex speaker since the dell monitor does not feature an inbuilt speaker.

Here, we are going to discuss two LG LED monitors – 24MN47A and 24MP88HM. These computer monitors are brilliantly made to be a good solution for home and offices use.

LG 24MN47A remote and inbuilt speaker

LG has designed the monitor with some rich features. Calling it, just a typical computer monitor will not be fair. It has many inbuilt features indicating it to be a perfect hybrid device, which can be used in many ways.

Besides being a qualified computer monitor, it can also act as an actual television on a working desk. All you need is a TV tuner that will connect it with a DTH setup box. 10W inbuilt speakers output on board gets it very close to a real TV.

LG 24MN47A Review Specifications and Price Online in India

 In the Sales Box: Main unit, Remote Control, Power Cord, D-Sub Cable, and Adaptor

Built and Design: The LG monitor appears very solid and elegant construction, which is made out of high-quality materials. LG has been ranked number one brand in India on consumer test ranking. Therefore, we can trust this Korean brand for a super solid built quality and certainly long lasting component a gadget.

TV cum Monitor: The LG monitor comes with all needed features of a TV, a pleasant surprise for users, indeed. There are many reasons why we can call it a perfect display. Some of the prominent features that will excite you are 10W sound output, many motion & picture modes, sound modes, and multiple connectivity options. Let us review them one by one.

768P HD Ready Display : The LG LED monitor sports a 24-inch display in 16:9 aspect ratio and it has a sharp resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. Contrast ration of 3000:1 confirms it has a moderate bright screen, which is good for watching HD multimedia content in a fine clarity. I would have appreciated it more if the brand LG could have taken a bold step by offering a full HD resolution instead of 768P.

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The Triple XD engine is a powerful signature technology by LG to enhance picture quality on a display device. Mostly we find the technology in premium segment TVs. However, LG’s decision to bring the technology on this monitor does give it a solid performance boost.

On this VA panel because of high color gamut and impressive color depth everything appears razor-sharp, crisp, and clear. I will not recommend it for gaming because LG has designed the monitor purposely for multimedia usages.

Mediocre Response Time

Any figure below 10 ms is fine, but for a price of 12000 rupees (approx), the LED monitor should be a front-runner with a low response time. Here, the actual figure of 7 ms is just fine and does well with all kinds of multimedia contents.

 Powerful sound output with AVL: 10W dual audio output with rich & clear sound is impressive and more than sufficient for a medium size room. However, I will focus more on the AVL feature. I get a headache in adjusting audio between low volume channel and high sound output commercials. In such situation AVL feature, which is an automatic volume manager ensures you get even sound every time.

The AVL feature, when turned on, can automatically increase, or decreases volume to ensure clear sound output that is neither too low nor too high. The AVL technology is a great relief for users like me. In fact, there are many other features to count, but just for the AVL feature, I will say go for this super LG LED monitor.

Connectivity Options: In terms of connectivity, the display unit lists 1 HDMI port, 1 USB 2.0 port, RCA, 3.5-mm Headphone Jack, and a VGA port.

Power Consumption: The monitor works well in an input voltage range of 100 to 240V. This means you can use it without screen out issue in village area specifically in Bihar and UP where electricity and low voltage is every day crisis.

In a regular active mode, it consumes 30W, which is much more than what my AOC and Dell monitor consume. In case, in the sleep mode, power consumption by this LG LED monitor is just 0.5W. Thus, one thing is clear that the LG product does not perform well on power consumption test. Even after many years of hard usages, power consumption by my both AOC & dell monitors, however, has been less than 20W in active mode.

Additional Features

Tune this LG product in your choice of language as it comes with a magnificent user interface that supports access in 17 Indian regional languages.

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Pro features:

  1. Multiple picture modes
  2. Sound modes
  3. Power sound system
  4. Wider voltage input range support
  5. LG Television set’s signature feature here in a complete package
  6. Automatic volume management
  7. You can attach a joystick on it to play some cool games.

Final Verdict: There are hundreds of micro features, which make this LG LED monitor a decent choice for a price of 12000 rupees. I have just summed up all-important features to present a clear picture for it.

Price 12000 Rupees
Display 24 inch, HD Ready, LED, 1366 x 768 Pixels
Sound 10W, AVL
Connectivity 1 HDMI, 1 USB 2.0, 1 Composite Video Input, RCA, D-SUB, Headphone and Microphone Jack
Features 17 Indian Languages Support, Anti-glare Surface treatment, Divx HD player, Triple XD engine
Power 100 – 240 V, 30W Power consumption, 0.5W Standby time


LG 24MP88HM 24 Inch IPS Monitor

Cheaper goods of Indian desi brands Micromax, Intex, Videocon, Vu, and Noble fail to perform at a quality test. On the other hand, Gadgets of premium brands like Samsung and Sony do well in quality & performance test, but cost more and in a result remains out of reach of a common person. Moreover, lacking connectivity options are one big problem in gadgets from premium brands.

I am not surprised LG has been ranked the best consumer electronics brand in India. LG gadgets are affordable and maintain top performance in day-to-day usages.

Now, let us get back on the subject, which is a 24-inch LG IPS LED monitor with 1080P resolution and inbuilt speaker function.

LG 24MP88HM Review Specifications Price Online in India

Built and Design: This is a very attractive LG device. Very narrow bezels and life-like color making it one finest computer monitor to watch Full HD content and blue-ray movies. Its base stand follows the ArcLine design – a great enhancement to the overall beauty of the setup.

It looks super cool on a computer desk. In fact, it is so elegant that I will not even dare to suggest it for a rough use. I have to say well done LG. I had not expected such premium design and micro finishing on an LED monitor. Anti-glare surface treatment complements the built makes it very safe on a desk.

IPS Panel Screen and Full HD Display: This is an IPS (neo blade) panel bears a full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. 250 nits of brightness level are good enough to relax your eyes even after hours of viewing.

Going a step further, LG has loaded features like flicker-safe, and reader mode, which tunes up the display for a much better visual comfort. Here, 0.27 × 0.27 pixels dot pitch value and 16.7 colors ensure you feel scenes as more natural and real.

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The brand claim of 178-degree viewing angles actually replicates on this IPS display. The response time of 5 ms makes it quite suitable for all types of gaming.

Maxx Audio System : On a computer monitor, 10W sound output should be sufficient as the user sits very close by. However, the real hero is the advancement of Maxx Audio. The Maxx audio system is a sound management setup recent became popular in India after finding place on some flagship smartphones.

User Interface

For Indian consumers, LG designs unique product that comes with all operational control in Indian languages. Access the user interface on board in your mother tongue as it offers support for 17 Indian languages. On screen setting options, let you manually control it for the best result in day-to-day life.

 Pro Features:

  1. A Bright Screen with FHD resolution produces sharp images in fine dots
  2. Very less power consumption – 18W in active mode and 0.3W in standby mode
  3. Premium built and Very attractive look
  4. Powerful audio
  5. Three years of free service guarantee

Final Verdict: The LG 24MP88HM is one best-selling computer monitor at Amazon India. We are not saying it is one revolutionary product, but a paisa vasool gadget, indeed. For a price of 16000 rupees, this is a worthy monitor. Here, the key features to consider would be MAXX audio system, ArcLine stand, narrow bezels, very sharp & truly bright IPS display, and fast response time. We cannot miss flicker-free and reading mode features that do cool user’s eyes.

LG 24MP88HM Connectivity Options

Price 16000 Rupees
Display 24-inch, FHD, LED, IPS, 1080 x 1920 Pixels, 250 nit Brightness, 16.7M Color, 5mm response time
Sound 2×5W
Connectivity 1 HDMI, 1 USB 2.0, D-SUB, Headphone and Microphone Jack
Features 17 Indian Languages Support, Anti-glare Surface treatment
Power 100 – 240 V, 18W Power consumption, 0.3W Standby time

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    1. Both have almost specs. But the LG 24MP88HM covers more sRGB color gamut, so that can be a positive point while editing videos.

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