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Leoxsys Digisol High Speed Wireless Repeater under 1500 Rupees

Leoxsys Digisol High Speed Wireless Reaper under 1500 Rupees

Digisol 300 Mbps Wireless Repeater DG-WR3001N

Digisol is a company best known for manufacturing of modems and routers used by people all over the world. Its products are known for being priced moderately and being certainly above average on performance. Its Wireless Repeater DG-WR3001N has been doing great in the online market for quite some time now and comes loaded with some great features. Priced at Rs.1562, this Digisol wireless repeater provides an endless supply of Wi-Fi speed enhancement without much-applied effort. Read on to find out exactly what this tiny yet mighty gadget is capable of doing.

Amazing speed boost: The device comes with two basic buttons, one of WPS and the other reset. It has two inbuilt antennas and wireless standards of IEEE 802.11, 802. This wireless router utilizes an external power supply of 240V for functioning and even comes with an option of SSID support. The frequency range of this piece from Digisol is 2.48 GHz and it has one LAN port. When it comes to boosting up the speed of your Wi-Fi, this device can shoot it up to a cool 300 Mbps. This is perhaps what most devices in this price range are offering so it’s good nevertheless.

Digisol 300 Mbps Wireless Repeater Review and Specifications

Great features: Apart from this, the EIRP on the device supported is 17 dBm. One downside to this wireless repeater is that it is compatible with just windows operating systems. However, its security firewall supports IP filtering and even Mac address filtering. Size wise this product measures 41x73x46.5 mm in dimensions and weighs about 200 grams. This is one factor which can come off as a shortcoming of this product when so many other devices, weighing much less already are available in market.

Keeps sensitive data secure

Security is something which this product from Digisol does not take lightly. It very effectively tackles any threat related to security of the data and even protects sensitive data information from getting hacked. The color in which it’s made available is all white and the compact design of this device makes it one of the most favorites of wireless repeaters out there. Another significant feature which users can look forward to for thoroughly relishing is that it comes with lifetime warranty. Digisol would take care of any issues caused to the device as long as they are not external.


  • Effective data handling
  • Good speed boost
  • Handy installation

Verdict: This device is one of the best wireless repeaters out there within the price range its being offered. If few of its shortcomings can be overlooked, it definitely is worth the price. It easy gets installed and boosts up the Wi-Fi signal quite nicely without any interruptions to the connections whatsoever. It is so handy that it can easily be mounted onto any wall or space in the house. However, there are few improvements which Digisol could consider making to this device, especially when it comes down to its weight. Having it lighter would definitely help it in bringing a tougher competition to it’s already much lighter counterparts.

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Price Rs. 1600
Frequency 2.48 GHz
Brand Digisol
Warranty Lifetime
Antennas 2 Internal
Weight 200g


Leoxsys 300M Wi-Fi Repeater with 2x3dBi Antenna

Out of so many new players in the market which are into marketing Wi-Fi signal boosters, Leoxsys is fast catching up. The company for some few years now has been into manufacturing devices such as Wi-Fi routers and boosters. Its 300M Wi-Fi Repeater is known for being one of the brand’s bestsellers for quite some time now. Priced at Rs. 1499, this device is being used by many currently for its effectiveness when it comes to boosting Wi-Fi range and signals. Let’s find out more about it in details.

Brilliant boost delivered: This Wi-Fi router is capable of boosting the speed up to 300 Mbps and it comes with a USB power output. The two antennas on this device are placed externally and it is because Leoxsys claims that it helps in enhancing power signal more efficiently. On the front of its body is an indicator LED light that helps in determining the strength of the signal. The DSL modem speed is 100 Mbps and its LAN/WAN can range up to 10/100 Mbps.

Leoxsys 300M Wi-Fi Repeater Review and Specifications

Fabulous security features: When it comes to security features, this device is loaded with some pretty amazing ones. The firewall provided on it is NAT mode and encryption codes supported are WPA2, WPA, WPAPSK, WPA2PSK, and WEP. Few other security features which are supported on it include Wireless client, External Wi-Fi Strength indicator, Wi-Fi Repeater and WPS. There are two one-touch buttons available on the repeater which includes a WPS and a power button. The software supported on it are Safari, Internet Explorer 50, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.

Minimal power usage

Speaking of its weight, it only weighs just 70 grams which makes it so lightweight and handy to use. The color which it’s made available in is all white which makes it easier to adjust and blend into any interior environment. Its dimensions measure 80x55x10 mm and it utilizes a power supply of 110-240v for functioning. The company provides a total of one year warranty on the product from the date of purchase. The warranty doesn’t cover any external damages caused to the device due to mishandling.


  • Supports many Softwares
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Reasonably priced


  • No warranty on external damage
  • External antennas

Final Verdict: This device is quite easy to install and is available for buying through all major outlets and web shopping portals. The Wi-Fi speed boost provided through it quite consistent and hardly ever frequent fluctuation is encountered while using. It offers multiple SSID support and being so lightweight can easily be put up at various locations in a home. Currently, it is one of the most cheaply priced Wi-Fi boosters out there which have specifications of devices far more expensive. This product is definitely is a must buy if one’s looking for quality and performance within a budget.

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Price Rs. 1499
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Brand Leoxsys
Warranty 1 Year
Antennas 2 External
Weight 70g

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