Lenovo educational tablets for Kids and Parents: Education entertainment and multitasking

If teaching by memorizing facts (in Gurukul time) is version 1.0 then learning from books has to be version 2.0 and today’s digital education, version 3.0. The digital education, despite being proven to be a much more productive way of educating kids; it has still not been widely adopted in our homes and schools. In fact, most parents are not even aware how digital education can be beneficial in their child education. They still believe the best way of learning for a better grade is from traditional books. But blaming parents is only one side of the story. In order to adopt digital education to a great extent, Indian education system especially exam patterns and grading policy have to be overhauled.

Digital way of teaching can be the solution of some regular issues in government runs schools. It can be the best remedy to reduce dropouts. Monitoring and assessment are two much-needed requirements could also be figured out by this.

In the Indian gadgets world, especially in the tablet segment, Lenovo and Micromax are only two brands have launched some good quality products for kids’ education with fun so far. Last year Micromax had unveiled fun series tablets with the content of educations and fun side-by-side. But the series has not been followed up with upgraded new version of tablets. This is surprising because as far as sales numbers are concerned the fun series tablets did well.

In this article, read about two Lenovo tablets (Grade K-2 and Grade 3-5) – well designed for learn-and-play as well as multitasking. And, my complement to Lenovo is for keeping their prices economically.

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Both variants of tablets are based on Lenovo’s Tab2 A7 model. The review of this Lenovo device is already published on this website: Best Tablets under 10000 Rupees. Therefore, I will discuss more on the learn & play features of the tablet.

► What is CG Slate software?

With the concept of learn & play together, the interactive software GC slate is an innovative program encouraging kids to learn more. The software is suitable for kids of the kindergarten standard to class five students. And it is based on NCERT curriculum so kids are learning something that in the syllabus and taught in daily schools.

Lenovo CG Slate Grade Features and Details

Further, the GC slate software on this Lenovo tablet is smartly integrated with some hard security protocol. I mean it is not possible to bypass the security and use the device in other ways. Parents can do that, though. There is the separate interface for kids and parents. While parents can use the tablet like a regular multimedia tab, Kids are left to use it only with the CG slate interface. Furthermore, all kids in a family can create their separate account for learning, collecting rewards, and to redeem cash points for gift & toy shopping.

The concept of CG slate is very simple: ►First Study ►Earn points to play games ► Earn cash points to buy toys and gifts. By following the NCERT curriculum, the intuitive program has more than fifteen hundred courses in the form of audio, video, graphics, worksheets, and slides.

Let us discuss basic user interface features of this software. There are three zones: learn zone, play zone, and shop zone. In the learn zone, kids study a subject of their choice through audio & video presentation. There are some educational games as well. These are designed by experts to ensure your kid never get bored of it and they are taught more.

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Essentially, kids need to learn more to earn more fun time. Once fun time is over, they need to head back to the learn zone to earn fun time points again. Then are levels and the features to ensure the contents from the uncompleted part of the course are present for earning new points.

Lenovo CG Slate Grade Math Subject

Thus, as parents, you are free from being worried about your kid’s progress in study. Now they will study more without being asked for it. Besides, learning more also gets cash points. Parents can set a goal and assure – as and when the goal is completed you will get your favorite toy. In the parent zone, parents can review accounts of their kids and keep track of progress. The parents control zone also provides setting for controlling contents and time management.

In totality, the CG slate will ensure without forcing kids for study and worrying about their educations, now parents can be sure about their knowledge progress. In fact, monitoring the progress becomes a lot easier as well. Kids are happy that Mummy is not forcing for study, and Mummy is happy because kids are making right progress in their education.

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I must say I found the CG slate a well made revolutionary program to teach your kids to score well in exams. Also, a big compliment to CG slate developer for putting lots of thoughts and common sense in this project. One will hardly face any glitch in its functioning or miss any feature with it. Its initial structure and concept are very interesting, innovative, and productive; that gives a surety of success. From here, it has to be regularly upgraded and made advanced further for better learning and the same time remains an interesting choice for kids.

Lenovo CG Slate Grade Learn Zone

► Weekly detailed reports to Parent

The program also comes with a feature for sending parents, weekly report. The reports include complete details on kids’ learning progress, interest, and performance in different subjects. In fact, the reports are very useful in order to set a goal exactly how much progress parents want to see in a certain time. I like this feature because it ensures engages of parents. Just buying a tablet and handing over to kids does relieve you from the responsibility. So never miss the weekly report and make regular changes in the contents so that your kid is learning more.

Pro Features:-

  • NCERT mapped learning contents
  • For Kids in Kindergarten to standard five
  • Lots of interesting games and cartoon videos
  • Usable without internet
  • Brilliant parent control
  • Uniquely designed user interface for parents and kids
  • Every kid can create their own account
  • Long battery life
  • No lag and suitable for the regular multitasking
  • Dolby digital audio system: loud and clear
  • Parents are reported about children’s progress by emails and SMS
  • All the accounts ( parents & kids ) are secured by PIN and cannot be overreached

The Lenovo Tab2 with the CG slate software is truly a tablet for an entire family. Additionally, specifications on this tab are really good. Originally the tab was priced 5000 rupees, and now with the learning software, the price of 7500 rupees is quite a genuine.

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Let me also share with you a glimpse of its hardware and software specifications. The tablet sports a 7-inch display, quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 3450 mAh battery. As far as memory management is concerned, its internal storage is 8GB and also it has a microSD card slot and OTG support. The Lenovo tablet is measured as 269 grams in weight and 9.3 mm in thickness.

Price 7500 Rupees
Programs CG Slate Software with lifetime license
Sales Box CG Slate software, Tablet, Power adapter, 32GB SD Card, USB Cable, Bag, Accessories
Battery 3450-mAh Battery
Warranty One Year
Specs 7-Inch IPS Display, MediaTek quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, Dolby sound, 2MP+0.3MP Camera, Bluetooth OTG support, Android Kitkat and upgradable to Lollipop