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Big Screen LED TV under 42000 Rupees with Excellent Features

Best 4K LED TV in India below 42000 Rupees

Cutthroat competition in the LEV TV market has paved the way for much affordable 4K LED TV. Nowadays you have to spend less than 50000 Rupees to order a big screen 4K LED online. In this piece, we cover the top-rated big screen LED TVs on sale in the Indian market. Are you searching for the best 4K UHD smart TV in India market around 40000 Rupees price? Here you meet the top options.

► 55-Inch Auxus Iris 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

The 4K Ultra HD TV boom has finally hit the Indian market, and things look quite promising for television manufacturers. iBerry is among the companies that are yearning for a piece of the cake in this lucrative TV market. The company has lately released a top 55-inch 4k TV in India below 50000 Rupees, under its famous Auxus trademark. The company’s marketers are hoping to beat bigger brands in this price margin.

Most outlets selling Auxus 4K TVs have recorded significant sales in the past few months. Perhaps this is because iBerry is trying to build Auxus as one of its flagship brands. At the moment, the 55-Inch Auxus Iris 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is the best budget 4K TV in India. Of course, other brands like TCL and QFX are selling their 55-inch 4K versions at a lower price. However, Auxus might be a better choice in terms of build quality and HDR qualities. Here is what we liked about the 55-Inch Auxus Android TV:

→ Clear detailing with the 4K HDR enabled Screen

iBerry concentrated a lot on the screen performance of all their Auxus TVs. Remarkably, the company engineered their latest 4K Auxus TVs with 4K HDR professional quality screens. A vast difference exists between a non-HDR 4K TV and one has HDR enabled. This discrepancy becomes clearer when both TVs play simultaneously. The picture detailing in a 4K HDR enabled TV is immersive and very vibrant.

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Auxus Iris 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV in 42000 Rupees

Excellent audio output with surround effect: Another reason why this TV is one of the best 4K UHD Smart TVs in India is the fact that it has excellent sound output. This smart television has two 10-Watt speakers that collaborate to give a rich audio surround effect. Nonetheless, we felt that more could be done to match the sound output to Sony’s similar version of this TV.

Powerful and Stable core: – A 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM powers this brilliant 4K TV. Additionally, it runs on Android OS and has an 8GB internal memory. The engineers, however, included a Pen drive port together with external HDD support. You can use either a USB drive or an external hard drive to expand the storage memory if you wish.

→ Lots of Connectivity options

This best budget 4K TV supports Wi-Fi connectivity and has two HDMI ports, which you can use with your Computer or Laptop. Other ports include 1 Micro SD port, 1 VGA port, 2 AV inlets, an Audio-In port and a Headphones port.

Price 42000 Rupees
Screen 55-Inch | LED | 3840 × 2160 Pixels | 4K HDR Professional | LG Display Panel
Sound 20-Watt | Dual Speaker | Digital Surround Sound
Connectivity Ethernet Port | 2 × HDMI | 2 × USB | SD Reader Slot | VGA Slot | Headphone Out
Features Android TV | Smart LED TV | 4K TV | Pendrive Reader | Wireless Display/Screen Casting support | 1GHz Processor | 1GB DDR3 RAM | 8GB Internal memory | External HDD Support
Warranty Up to 36 Months Warranty | iBerry Customer Support 1800 102 6242 | [email protected]

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