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Best LED TV under 25000 Rupees

Best Smart TV under 25000 Rupees in India Market

If your budget for a new LED TV is around 25000 Rupees, then follow this article. I shortlist here best LED TV in the price range of 24000 to 25000 Rupees. The shortlisted models are the latest LED TV models on sale. We examined them from every angle. That even includes postmortem of their manufacturer’s behavior in providing hassle-free post-sales service.

Which brand is best for LED TV in India market? Sony, LG, Samsung, and Vu are four of my favorite brands for LED TV. In this piece, however, I selected LED TV models for review not by seeing their brand name rather by considering their features, functions, build quality and price. Thus, here you read about – top LED TV models of – even those brands – which yet to plant seeds of their brand reputation in the customer's mind. The suggested TV models come with a big screen, full HD resolution, a powerful audio system, and many multimedia features.

► 49-Inch Kevin 4K Smart TV with 30-Watt Audio {KN49UHD-PRO}

The screen quality of this Kevin 4K smart TV is brilliant, and so is its sound quality. It comes with 30-Watt high fidelity box speakers. With multiple connectivity points onboard, it is a perfect home entertainment solution at an affordable price. The built-in audio system produces loud & clear sound with deep BASS. So, you will thoroughly enjoy watching movies and listening to songs on this big screen 4K LED TV.

49-Inch Kevin 4K Smart TV with 30W Audio

Further, the Smart TV interface to access installed and online content is user-friendly. With the help of Web Touch remote, exploring features and switching between options is a lot easier. You can install apps, share content, play games, and access to your social media profile as well. The smart sharing and screen mirroring features make it fully compatible with Android smartphones.

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There is no LED TV in the market in 25000 Rupees as good as this Kevin 49-Inch 4K smart TV. Therefore, buy it without a second thought.  Super slim design, excellent screen, powerful box speakers, multiple connectivity options, and smart sharing with screen mirroring feature are the reasons why it should be your next LED TV.

Price 25000 Rupees
Features Borderless Design | Web Touch Remote with Air Mouse | HRDD Technology | Auto Sleep} up to 36-Months Warranty | Free-Installation | Power Consumption: {Active: 80W} | Setup: Table-top/Wall-mount
Smart TV Multi-Core Mali Graphic Processor | 1GB RAM | 8GB Memory | Android 7 OS | Timer | Internet Browser | Install Apps from Google Playstore | Preinstalled Apps: {Hotstar | Facebook | Netflix | YouTube}
Screen 4K Resolution | HDR 10 | 60Hz Refresh Rate | Cinema Zoom | Eco Vision
Sound 30W Audio System | High Fidelity Box Speakers | Music Equalizer
Connectivity Ethernet | AUX | Wi-Fi | Screen Mirroring | Screen Casting | Wireless Headphone Control | 2×USB 2.0 | 3×HDMI | 1×RF | 2×AV | PC Connectivity
Sales Box TV | Table-Top Stand | Wall-mount bracket kit | Remote & Batteries | Power-Cord | Documents


► Samsung Smart TV with 40W Audio System {32N4300}

This Samsung smart TV is one of the best LED TVs in 25000 Rupees budget, currently. It is an ideal LED TV for home use, especially for a bedroom. Its picture quality and sound quality are excellent. It also has the screen mirror feature to share a smartphone screen to its 32-inch high definition screen.

Samsung Smart LED TV with 40W Audio System 32N4300

Equipped with 4×10-Watt down-firing speakers, this smart LED TV produces loud and clear, punchy sound. Enjoy virtual surround sound effect while watching movies and serials thanks to DTS Studio Sound technology with the built-in audio system. Buying this Samsung smart TV with 40-Watt audio system means saving money that you would need to spend in purchasing an external audio system.

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Further, the HyperReal Engine of this Samsung smart TV makes the footage feel alive on the screen. The Wide Color Enhancer technology is excellent at painting the videos with vibrant colors.

This Samsung smart TV impresses with its picture quality but amazes with its audio quality. Happily, consider Samsung 32N4300, as it is undoubtedly the best TV to buy at 25000 Rupees price at present.

Price 25000 Rupees
Smart TV Pre-installed Apps: {Netflix | Hotstar | YouTube} | Tizen OS | Internet Browser
Screen 32-Inch | Resolution: 1366 X 768 pixels | Refresh Rate: 50 Hz | Mega contrast | A+ Panel Type | Direct LED Display | Wide Color Enhancer
Features Advanced Audio System | Internet Browsing | Smart Apps | Triple Protector
Audio 10W X 4 | DTS Studio Sound
Build Power Consumption: 59-Watts | Dimensions: 737.4 x 465.4 x 150.5 mm (With Stand)
Connectivity Wi-Fi | 1 X USB | 2 X HDMI | RF-In | Audio In, Audio Out | VGA-In | Composite In
Warranty Up to 2-Years


► 42-Inch Onida Full HD LED TV {41FC}

I have always been a fan of this credible Indian brand Onida. Its products may not be the best choice but are close to what is the best in the market. Besides, being an Indian brand itself is a credibility factor for buyers.

Thus, trusting brand Onida and going by the features of the model 42FC, this has to be one of the best full HD LED TVs below 25000 Rupees currently. Features of this TV are even though not so sophisticated yet very sound and enough. This is one recent 40 inch LED TV in market and comes packed with regular and latest features.

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What I really like about this model is that the slightly bigger screen size and its quality. Actually, bigger is TV’s screen size better would be viewer’s experience. However, while deciding screen size, one must think about room size where the new TV would be installed.

Therefore, going by the room sizes in Indian homes, a LED TV with screen size anything above 30 inch and below 45 inch looks perfect. That is why I would prefer this Onida LED TV with 42-inch screen size to be in your home. It is big but not too big. It is rather perfect!

This is not a smart LED, and it lacks many convenience features as well. Despite that it is one of the best LEDs in my opinion. In fact, it should be your first preference over options from mediocre brands.

42 inch LED TV Onida 41FC Full HD Review and Specifications

→ Key Features of this Onida LED TV

It is very disappointing that this Onida LED TV lacks even basic convenience features. For instance, missing a headphone jack does not make sense. Apparently, a headphone jack helps in watching TV programs quietly, without disturbing family members in home.

Onida 42FC is the best choice if your requirement is limited to just a TV use. It is best suited for tuning television channels only.

Onida has programmed this full HD LED TV in such a way that it would only connect with either a DTH or a Cable network. On the name of connectivity, however, it stands strong. It consists of two USB Ports and two HDMI ports. But I have a question for Onida. What users could do with this many connectivity options when there are no features onboard to make use of them?

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The display of this 42-inch LED TV comes with full HD resolution, which has an impressive refresh rate, too. Even though no advanced technology is being associated with the display, still shows programs in vivid colors. In addition, the contrast ratio of the display is also impressive.

Talking about inbuilt sound system of this LED, a total of 18 watts audio output is decent for regular news programs. But that would not that thrilling when watching entertainment programs. It is no secret though we often increase volume when watching entertainment channels.

→ Build and Design of this 42-Inch Full HD TV

Onida is a perfect example how a company can reinvent itself according to the market requirement. I am saying so after seeing the exciting design of this full HD LED TV. The bezel of this TV is sharp, build is slim, and frontal look, too, wins viewers heart. In fact, the design of this LED is no less than what Korean and Japanese brands render on their products.

The width of this television set is 952 millimeter, 95.2 cm exactly. Thus, before ordering it check whether you have a TV table to install such a wide LED or not. Onida offers free installation and one-year service support on this.

Conclusion: If I need to buy a big screen TV now, I would go with this Onida 42 inch LED TV. Moreover, I would say without any ambiguity that buying this Onida TV means a worthy investment for five to seven years of home entertainment.

Price 22000 Rupees
Display 42 Inch, Full HD Resolution, Contrast Ratio: 4000:01; Refresh Rate: 60 Hz; Direct LED
Sound Two Output 18W; Surround Sound: YES
Connectivity 2×HDMI; 2×USB
Power 90W, 1W in Sleep Mode, Power Requirement: AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 952 mm x 563 mm x 92 mm
Warranty One Year; Free installation
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► 40-Inch Kodak Full HD Smart TV {40FHDXSMART}

Kodak is still a popular brand in India despite failure in the photo studio business. In a new avatar of a LED TV manufacturer, it is fueling its effort to reinvent itself according to the market demand.

Exclusively available on Flipkart and being limited to online sales only, Kodak LED TV models have been getting a great response from customers. Although this 40 inch LED TV from Kodak is not a great success yet it one most relevant LED TV model on Flipkart under 25000 Rupees.

It consists of many matured features for the uniform long lasting experience. For the price of 25000 Rupees, I must say Kodak provides a worthy product. Would it last longer? Here I am not very sure. Above all, what is the response of the brand during one year of promised customer support is also an area where Kodak is not a reputed name yet.

→ Basic Key Features

Even though this is a full HD LED TV, but its aspect ratio is not supportive to full HD videos frame, 16:9. The display is quite bright and has an impressive contrast ratio, too. Furthermore, the display is based on the reputed A+ Grade panel.

Being a smart LED TV means a long list of connectivity options is must. Starting with two HDMI ports and two USB ports, other connectivity options are Wi-Fi and 3G Dongle plug play. It has an RJ45 port as well. But I am astonished why Kodak has not included a Headphone Jack.

Talking about audio features of this Kodak LED TV, it comes with two speakers. Both can produce loud & clear 20-Watt audio output together. I had not expected but the fact is Kodak indeed satisfy users with the clarity of the sound system.

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On the power management front as well, Kodak deserves appreciation for making a LED enough power efficient. 85-Watts power consumption is not much when LED televisions from Korean and Japanese brands requires close to 100-Watts energy.

40 Inch Smart LED TV Kodak 40FHDXSMART Review and Specifications

→ Should you consider this Kodak TV?

Nothing wrong with this 25000 Rupees Smart LED TV other than its manufacturer Kodak is being a new entrant in the market. Thus, if brand reputation does not matter the most and you are ready to take a risk for a brilliant product, then this Kodak TV is one best choice.

Are smart features in this budget LED TV a pro? My answer would be YES but NO as well. Accessing online contents through expensive broadband connection does not make sense. If one has a deep pocket to bear broadband cost then why would he buy a budget smart LED TV, why not a premium Smart LED from LG, Samsung, or Sony. Therefore, the smart features of this Kodak LED TV do not hold much weight in my eyes. Still, that can be useful in some cases. Other power features besides its internet feature still making it a sound choice.

Price 22000 Rupees
Smart TV YES; Ethernet (RJ45); 3G Dongle Plug and Play; Wireless Ready; Built In Wi-Fi
Display 40 Inch, Full HD Resolution, Contrast Ratio: 5000:1 Static; Refresh Rate: 60 Hz; Aspect Ratio: 4:9; Brightness:300 cd/m, Digital TV Reception; A+ Grade Panel
Sound Two Output 20W; 5 Sound Modes
Connectivity 2×HDMI; 2×USB; USB Support; Headphone Jack: NO
Power 85W, 0.5W in Sleep Mode, Power Requirement: AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Warranty One Year; Free installation
Features Miracast Technology; Dynamic Picture Enhancement Technology; 178 degree Viewing Angle
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► 40-Inch Vu Full HD LED TV {40D6575}

If you are still not clear which 40 inch LED TV you should buy then blindly invest in this Vu full HD LED TV. Only concerns, although not so significant, some potential buyers might have is – this is a model from year 2015. What a great success Vu has been making with this TV model as it is still one of the best LED TVs below 25000 Rupees. With more than 23000 ratings on Flipkart, this Vu LED TV has to be a safe bet against new launches from popular brands BPL, Onida, and Kodak.

Above all, Vu service support is fantastic. In fact, my friends, who had used a Vu LED for 11 months, still got a hassle-free replacement. Isn’t this surprising from an Electronics brand? Trust me no electronics brand would be so kind: provide a complete replacement in the last of month of service commitment period.

Vu has blessed this LED TV with two HDMI and One USB port. That, in fact, is more than sufficient in a regular LED TV. While Kodak chooses to miss headphone jack despite the model is a Smart LED, Vu powers this TV with lots of convenience features that includes a headphone jack, too.

Vu 40 Inch LED TV 40D6575 with Full HD Display Review and Specifications

On the terms of Video and Audio features, Vu scores well with this 40 inch LED TV. Thus, with lots convenience and media playing features, this Vu LED is one safe choice. I would say you could buy it blindly. Trust me you would not be disappointed with your investment for it.

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Price 22000 Rupees
Display 40 Inch, Full HD Resolution, Contrast Ratio: 1000000:1 Static; Refresh Rate: 60 Hz; A+ Grade IPS Panel; Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Zoom; Brightness:450 cd/m
Sound Two Output 16W; Auto Volume Leveler, True surround sound
Connectivity 1×VGA; 2×HDMI; 1×USB; USB Support; Child Lock, Headphone Jack
Power 74W, 0.1W in Sleep Mode, Power Requirement: AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 902 mm x 563 mm x 204 mm
Warranty One Year; Free installation
Features Moisture and Dust Resistant Components, Movies Support in USB Mode

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