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LG Micromax LED Monitor under 7000 Rupees

LG 20M37D 20 inch HD LED Computer Monitor

Micromax MM215FH76 LED 21.5 inch Monitor

Micromax has only been in the market for 16 years and has risen as one of the top players in the Indian market for electronic devices and gadgets. It started out solely as mobile phone manufacturer but now has ventured into making other electronic products as well. Only a couple of years back it started with manufacturing monitors screens. Since then it has managed to establish quite a following in market.

The Micromax MM215FH76 LED 21.5 inch Monitor is one of its best-selling monitors. Priced at Rs.6490, it has many cool features which make it a great option to consider.

Power packed features

The MM215FH76 monitor from Micromax is full HD with an LED screen. It comes with a Kensington lock which makes it easier to protect and keep safe. The maximum display resolution provided by Micromax on these monitors is 1920 x 1080 Pixel. The overall dimensions of this monitor are 56.6 x 37.2 x 13.4 cm and it weighs about 4.2 kilograms. Considering its weight, it is quite heavier than most of its counterparts available in the market.

The picture display quality of this monitor is something which makes it stand out. The full HD gives very sharp and crystal clear picture quality to its users.

Micromax MM215FH76 Full HD LED Computer Monitor

Anti-glare for ease of eyes

The color in which the MM215FH76 is available is black. The all black appearance makes it appear very elegant and slim. Also, it provides equal display quality from most angles which is another reason for it being an ideal monitor screen. Also, the anti-glare feature makes it easier to use the screen for an extended period of time without causing any stress to the eyes. It also comes with a stand on which it can be placed and the screen can be tilted to suit the comfort level of its users. It can also be turned into a television by connecting it with a TV tuner.

Can be mounted to a wall

Micromax provides a VGA cable and power cord with these monitors and it can be mounted on a wall as well. However, to get it on wall accessories have to be purchased separately. One shortcoming it has is that it does not possess an HDMI port, something which is very common on most monitors these days.

Micromax provides a total of 3 years warranty on these monitors from the date of its purchase. However, the warranty doesn’t cover any external damage caused due to mishandling of the product.

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  • Screen can be tilted to suit comfort level
  • Great display quality
  • Can be connected to TV tuner


  • Heavy built
  • No HDMI port


It’s one of those products from Micromax, which delivers exactly what it promises. Along with a stunning display, it provides an overall good user experience. It is also very fairly priced considering that most brands in the market are selling their monitors of same specifications at much higher rates. If the weight of these monitors is reduced a bit, they would become an almost perfect product worth its price.

The Micromax MM215FH76 LED monitor is definitely worth buying not only for coming under a budget but also for simply delivering the best performance.

Price Rs. 6800
Color Black
Connectivity Cord
Display Type LED
Screen 21.5 in; Full HD
Weight 4.2 kg

LG 20M37D LED Backlit LCD 19.5 inch Monitor

LG for fifty-eight years has been in the market and has established itself as a top player of manufacturing electronics. It has managed to garner quite a following for itself across the globe and is dubbed as one of the largest brands in the world. When it comes to computer monitors, LG has already established a strong base for itself. Its monitors are company’s best selling products and form a very crucial part of its worldwide revenue collections. One such product from this section is the LG 20M37D LED Backlit LCD 19.5 inch Monitor. Priced at Rs.6300, this monitor comes loaded with tons of cool features, making it an absolute delight to use.

LG 20M37D 20 inch HD LED Computer Monitor

Brilliant specifications

The monitor is an LED backlit and an LCD screen wise. It also has a reader mode and a very fast response time. There’s also a super energy saving mode, which makes its users save on power consumption when using it. The screen size of these monitors is a decent 19.5 inches and it weighs a total of 3 kilograms.

The maximum display resolution is 1600 x 900 Pixel and its dimensions measure 135.1 x 29 x 89.4 cm. With the brightness level of 200 Nits and a contrast ratio of 5000000:1, the monitor offers a brilliant display of colors.

Good picture display

The processor speed of the LG 20M37D is 2.4 GHz and it comes with inbuilt VGA and DVI ports. Its height is 89.4 centimeters and width 29 centimeters, which makes placing it quite easy on any table top. LG provides with a VGA cable with the monitor however, there’s no HDMI or mini display port available with them.

A major setback of the LG 20M37D is that it lacks multiple angle viewing. Also, there’s no remote control available for controlling features, which usually is with many monitors out there in the market these days.

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Can be turned into TV

Another accessory which comes with this monitor is an adapter and uses a power of 220v. There’s also an option of adding an external TV tuner card for viewing it in television mode. Also, LG provides with a warranty of 3 years from the time of purchase but it doesn’t cover any external damages caused due to mishandling of the product.

A great feature of this monitor is that the screen can be viewed from many different angles. Although the colors may seem a little weary but would not make much difference to the quality of overall display.


  • Good resolution
  • Less power consumption
  • Adjustable screen


  • No HDMI input
  • No thunderbolt
  • Not compatible with Mac


This monitor offers a great more at very reasonable rates. Considering its price and the specifications it comes loaded with, it makes for a good purchase. It consumes very little power and is great for using at an extended period of time. The HD videos are displayed amazingly on its screen and its sleek design in all black color gives it a very authentic look. It’s definitely worth buying.

Price Rs. 6300
Color Black
Connectivity Cord
Display Type LCD
Screen Size 19.5 in; 1600×900 Pixels
Weight 3 kg

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