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Latest LG Onida VU 32 Inch LED TV below 21000 Rupees

Onida LEO32HV LED TV Review and Specifications

32-Inch LG 32LH564A HD Ready LED TV

LG sells some of the best budget televisions in the market. Moreover, this brand is also famous for giving great post-purchase support to the customers. The 32LH564A LED TV was launched by LG in the month of June this year and in just 3 short months it has become a popular product among customers. As of now, this television is listed on ecommerce websites with a price tag of 20,989 rupees.

Superior Build Quality: The manufacturer, LG, has tried to give a premium experience to customers at a budget price. This LED TV sports a high quality and durable outer shell. It looks really appealing to the eyes. The black finish of both TV and stand provides a harmonious look to the whole setup. It comes with a dual-leg design, thus customers would need a wider table for the installation. Alternatively, you can also opt for the wall mount installation.

Bright And Vibrant Display: A 32-inch display at this price point is not a big surprise. The disappointing thing is it offers a limited HD only resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. As a result, customers would not be able to enjoy full HD videos on it.

I would like to point out though the color reproduction of the 32 inch display of this LG LED TV is quite impressive. Actually, the screen uses IPS technology along with Triple XD engine to enhance the footage in terms of contrast, clarity, and hue.

Generates Loud Audio: LG has equipped this television with two 10-Watt speakers. These give a total RMS output of 20 Watts and generate powerful audio. Dolby Digital decoder helps in improving the audio frequencies and takes the experience of the users to the next level.

LG 32LH564A LED TV Review and Specifications

Average Connectivity Options of this 32-Inch LG LED TV

The LG TV does not have a lot to offer when it comes to connectivity. You get only a single USB port, which means there is no way to connect two storage devices simultaneously. It is not a Smart TV and does not come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet connectivity.

As a relief, it does sport two HDMI ports, one headphone out port and one analog signal reception port.


  • Durable
  • Eye catching design
  • Decent screen size
  • Powerful speakers
  • Dual-leg stand
  • Multiple audio and video modes
  • Consumes less power


  • Low resolution
  • Single USB port

Verdict: If full HD resolution and multiple USB ports are not among the priority features, then this television would be a great buy. It sports an attractive outer shell and is quite durable. For watching TV serials and HD movies, the LG television provides a perfect platform.

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Display 32-inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Motion Refresh Rate 50 Hz
Connectivity 1XUSB, 2X HDMI, RCA In, RF In and Headphone Out
Audio 10WX2
Power 30-Watts
Warranty 1Year
Price 20,399 Rupees


Vu 32D6475 32-Inch HD Ready Smart LED TV

Do you want a smart TV but are not able to purchase one because of limited budget? Well, put your money problem into dustbin now because the Indian manufacturer Vu has launched a smart TV that costs just 17,990 rupees. The Vu 32D6475 LED TV also offers some really hard to come by features at this low price point.

Impressive Design appears Durable: Generally, experts criticize smaller brands for not using high-quality materials for making their products. Vu has tried to address that problem with this television. Although it has used plastic for making most of the components, the durability of the material is appreciable. The outer shell does not suffer from any kind of creaking or flexing.

Design of the Vu TV is no less impressive than its build quality. Thin bezels and slim profile give it a premium feel. The manufacturer has even tried to make this device user-friendly. All the connectivity ports are in sideways position for easy accessibility.

A+ Grade Panel: Vu always uses A+ Grade Panels on its televisions and this product is no exemption. Accurate color reproduction and high contrast ratio make graphics look full of details. Viewing angles are as wide as they can be.

The 32-inch display is enough wide to offer the viewers an immersive experience. However, the HD only resolution is something that will disappoint many customers.

Do not let the Motion Refresh Rate of 120 Hz fool you. It is a term Vu has devised (other manufacturers also adopt the same strategy to make their products feel attractive). The real motion refresh rate of this television is much lower (60Hz).

This Vu HD LED TV is a Good Smart TV in Low budget

The most surprising thing about this product is it offers Smart TV functionality. It comes preloaded with Opera TV Store and some apps like Netflix and YouTube. Opera browser will allow users to open websites on the TV itself.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity make the Vu television a really attractive product. It also sports two USB and two HDMI ports. Other connectivity features of this TV include MHL, Screen Sharing, DLNA and IP TV support.

Vu 32D6475 32-inch HD Ready Smart LED TV Review and Specifications

Other Features:-

  • Built-in games
  • 12 Watts of total RMS output
  • 1:1 pixel mapping
  • Dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons on the remote
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  • Smart TV functionality
  • Great connectivity features
  • Bright display panel
  • Build quality is impressive

Cons: Average audio output power

Verdict: I do not know of any other brand that offers Smart TV functionality at such a low price. In fact, there cannot be a better television for people who want latest features. The build quality of the Vu TV is also on par with products from other popular manufacturers.

Display 32-inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Motion Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Connectivity 2XUSB, 2X HDMI, RCA In, RF In and Headphone Out
Audio 6WX2
Power 50Watts
Warranty 1Year
Price 17,990 Rupees


32-Inch Onida LEO32HV HD LED TV

Onida was quite popular 15 years ago when CRT televisions were in trend, though its popularity greatly diminished with the advent of LCDs. The good thing is Onida now wants to reclaim its lost reputation. It has already made plans to be a USD 1 billion company by 2020. Recently, the brand launched many LED televisions in the market. The one model that caught my eyes was the LEO32HV LED TV. Currently, it is available out there for an amount of 15,490 rupees.

32-inch Wide Display Panel: Even at this price point, Onida was able to offer a 32-inch HD screen. It generates vibrant graphics with accurate colors. The display can go really bright and also has a decent motion refresh rate of 60 Hz. Further, the bezels around the screen are quite thin and help in making the experience of the users more immersive.

Protect your TV with a powerful Stabilizer: There is not much to talk about the design of the Onida TV. Its body looks decent but not great. It is a budget television and feels just like one. Build quality is good. It will not need repairs at least in the warranty period. One really important thing to mention here is you will need a stabilizer for this product because it cannot survive major fluctuations.

20 Watts RMS Output: The Onida TV produces loud audio with its two 10-Watt backfiring speakers. This setup also generates good stereo effect, which people like a lot while watching movies. However, frequency response range is not as wide as I would like but that is manageable considering the price.

Onida LEO32HV LED TV Review and Specifications

Impressive Connectivity Features of 32-Inch HD LED TV

There are two USB ports on the back of this television. This is really good for people who want to attach a portable hard disk. The extra USB port will allow them to use thumb drives without removing the HDD. Moreover, it also comes with all the basic connectivity options you would normally expect on a TV. I would like to point out though users will only get a single HDMI port.

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  • Two USB ports
  • Low power consumption
  • Big screen
  • Good build quality


  • Single HDMI port
  • Needs stabilizer to work

Verdict: Although users will not be able to enjoy full HD videos on it but that would be a good trade off considering the size of the TV and its low price. This television will prove to be a good option to go for the budget customers.

Display 32-inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Connectivity 2XUSB, 1X HDMI
Audio 10WX2
Power 65Watts
Warranty 1Year
Price 15,490 Rupees

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