This article is a continuation of our coverage on the best Solid state drives in the Indian market. Here, we are reviewing some external SSDs. In the first article of this series, the details were on internal SSDs.

External Solid State Drives: No matter how high the internal storage of a computer is, at some point, you will find it fully filled. Most of the times, we free up disk space by deleting useless files but in some rare cases, all the files stored on a PC are valuable. In these rare cases, transfer of data to an external storage device is the only way to solve the problem.

Below we have listed three such SSDS, a user facing low disk storage on his or her computer can purchase.

Samsung T3 External SSD

The Samsung T3 is the most portable external SSD you can purchase at the moment. This device is a successor of the Samsung T1 SSD. It is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB variant. The price of this SSD varies from 10,200 rupees up to 75,000 rupees depending on the size variant you choose. Read also Top 8 2TB External Hard Drives Under 8000 Rupees.

Ultra-Portable Body: This SSD offers a much compact design profile. In fact, it is smaller and lighter than the most 5-inch smartphones out there. Users will not have any problem in carrying the Samsung SSD in the pockets of their trouser. Moreover, the size of its outer shell does not change no matter what storage variant a customer purchases.

While the T1 SSD featured a plastic body, Samsung used a strong aluminum case, too, this time around for protecting it from any external force.

Decent Read and Write Speeds: Although the Samsung T3 is not the fastest SSD out there, still its transfer speeds are impressive. In most cases, it gives sequential read speed of around 300 MBPS and sequential write speed of 160 MBPS. The speed is more than enough for copying or transferring many GBs data within a few seconds.

Samsung’s special V-NAND (or Vertical Nand) technology allows this SSD to have more storage without the drawbacks of thinning the individual cells of a flash system. Practically speaking, the life of a higher storage model of the T3 SSD will be much longer than SSDs of other brands.

Samsung T3 SSD External

Loaded With Many Features

A USB Type-C (version 3.1) port enables this Solid State Drive to send more data over a single power circulation. Type-C ports are also more robust and durable than the traditional USB ports. Users will not need to supply power to it separately.

Samsung, the manufacturer also ships the T3 SSD with some preinstalled security software for encrypting sensitive and private data.


  • High transfer speed
  • V-Nand technology
  • Features USB Type-C port
  • Lightweight and compact

Verdict: Compared to other SSDs, the Samsung T1 offers a more economical price per GB rate. Cost factor and special features make this Solid State Drive a great option for customers.

Storage Options 250, 500, 1000, 2000 GB
Dimensions 74 x 58 x 10.5 mm
Weight 51 Grams
Interface USB Type-C (3.1)
Warranty 3 Years
Buy 10000 to 75000 Rupees


Transcend ESD400 Solid State Drive

Solid State Drives are still a new type of hardware and manufacturers produce them in limited numbers only. This has resulted in a higher pricing of these devices. I would like to point out though the market situation is changing much faster. Many people now prefer SSDs over the traditional HDDs. Experts have predicted that in the coming years, we will see a drastic reduction in the prices of Solid State Drives. Some manufacturers are already setting up their SSD business in advance in order to be ready for the upcoming competition.

Transcend is famously known for selling microSD cards and RAMs. Recently, it launched the ESD400 series Solid State Drive. The 128GB variant of this portable SSD is available in the market for just 5,999 rupees.

Connectivity USB 3.0 Interface: The Transcend ESD400 SSD sports a traditional USB 3.0 port. Absence of any moving part results in low power consumption. It draws power from the USB connection itself and can also work with portable devices like Tablets and Smartphones.

Average Read and Write Speed: This storage device uses NAND Flash technology to save data. On the website, Transcend mentions its read and write speeds as 410 MBPS and 380MBPS respectively, but the actual speeds will be slightly lower than these figures.

Transcend ESD400 Solid State Drive with USB 3

Low Endurance of this External SSD

Customers get the options to choose from four storage variants (128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB). In my opinion, you should not invest in higher storage when it comes to a basic NAND Flash SSD because of the endurance issue. The lowest 128GB variant will last for around 20 years without any problem but the life of the 1TB variant will be much less than that. The manufacturer offers just two years of warranty on this SSD, which means it has very low endurance.


  • Great looks
  • Pocket friendly
  • Decent read and write speed
  • Low power consumption

Verdict: Transcend has greatly disappointed me by offering only a 2-year warranty on the ESD400 SSD. It raises a number of concerns. In my opinion, the brand itself is not sure about how many write cycles this device will last for. Read also Super fast Western Digital 4TB External Hard Disk.

Storage Options 128, 256, 512, 1024 GB
Dimensions 92 x 62 x 10.5 mm
Weight 56 Grams
Interface USB 3.0
Warranty 2 Years
Buy Around 6000 Rupees


CHIPREX TLC External Solid State Drive

I always appreciate the presence of smaller brands in the market. These brands help in bringing down the cost of expensive technology by maintaining competition.

Chiprex is a little known Indian brand that only focuses on Solid State Drives. The company only offers a single external SSD model (but in different storage sizes). One can purchase the Chiprex 128GB External SSD for just 4,449 rupees. However, before making a purchase decision, do care to read this review because we have found a number of performance issues with it.

Portable but Not Durable: Chiprex has done a great job of placing all the electronic components of this SSD in a much compact body. You will love its design as well as its form factor.

Smaller brands always struggle when it comes to giving a superior build quality and the same is the case with this device. The manufacturer has used low-quality materials for making it. Even a short fall (from table’s height) can cause damage to its components.

Low Transfer Speeds: Most SSDs out there offer sequential read speeds of up to 350 MBPS but this Chiprex product fails to cross even 200 MBPS mark. Further, it offers a USB 3.0 interface and can work with portable devices. An indicator light near the connectivity panel lights up when a successful connection is established.


Will Not Last Long: In order to reduce the cost of manufacturing, Chiprex has used TLC type chip on this SSD. Most consumer-level storage devices feature MLC type chips.


  • Decent looks
  • Lightweight and portable
  • USB 3.0 port


  • Low transfer speed
  • Low endurance
  • TLC chip

Verdict: All said and done I cannot recommend this SSD enough. You should rather increase the budget and purchase an SSD from some reputable brand.

Storage Options 128 GB
Dimensions 9.2 x 5.2 x 0.9 cm
Weight 40 Grams
Interface USB 3.0
Warranty 2 Years
Buy Rs. 4500

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