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5 Latest and Best Epson Ink Tank Printer in India

Epson M205 Multifunction Black White Printer with Ink Tank System

Even though HP rules the world of the budget printers, I am not really seeing HP printers winning the trust of small business owners in India. Besides being affordable, HP printers’ reliability is what making them a genuine choice for home and small offices.

Now the question is since HP is not the choice of small business owners, which is the brand milking the market. Honestly, I had not expected but the brand is Epson. The shops I regularly visit to make my daily purchase have an Epson printer. Epson won the trust of small business owners after it introduced a range of ink tank printers, which has been a technology proven in reducing printing costs.

By going through various articles on this website, you might consider an HP or a Canon printer, but when comes to using a printer for a small-scale business, Epson is a winner. Similarly, in the segment of photo printer, Canon is an ultimate king.

In this multifunction printer review article, I decided to cover some popular and the latest Epson printers. Since these printers are designed to be a heavy-duty performer, strictly not recommended for home use. For home use, trust an HP printer. There is another reason, too. Ink tank printers need to be used at least three to five times in a week. In home, however, printing requirement remains much lesser than that.

Although I use an HP printer in my office and in my Home but have a plan now to make a change. Epson ink tank printers seem more economically viable as reducing monthly printing costs by up to 90%. Therefore, for office, I would trust an Epson printer next time. In my home, however, I would continue with an HP DeskJet printer.

Epson has completely abandon cartridge technology and putting all weight behind the next generation printing technology, the ink tank technology. Thus, the printers I am reviewing here are based on the concept of the magnificent, effective ink tank technology. The Ink tank technology is all about improving print quality yet reducing printing cost.

We have already produced articles on best Epson printers especially talking about Epson printers with ink tank technology. Here it is important to mention that Epson leads with a maximum number of printer models with ink tank technology currently.

Before jumping to review here the best Epson printers this year, let me be very clear, Epson although equips its printers with unique features but misses’ crucial convenience functions. After testing many Epson printers for review, one thing I have observed, thus, it is hard to find even one Epson printer with all the modern printing features. On Epson printers, therefore, it is very common that some features would always be lacking.

► Epson Ink-Tank Multifunction Color Printer {L365}

Epson L365 is a multifunction printer so it can print, copy, and scan documents. But it would not be able to scan and copy legal size papers. The paper size it is best limited to is just the A4 and other regular paper sizes. As I have argued above Epson somehow fails to provide a printer with complete features, which is true even with this model. The L365 model lacks Bluetooth and other key convenience features. This printer model consists of only the two modes of communication: USB and Wi-Fi.

Epson L365 ink tank printer is more suitable for medium size offices and small stationary shops. It may not be that appropriate for home use, however. Actually, it has more resources and capacity than required generally in a printer for home use.

By this printer, Epson on its official website for India claims to print in Black & White at just 8-paisa and in color just 20-Paisa per page. This is insane when average printing cost even by the brilliant printer in the market stands close to one rupee per page for black and around two rupees for a color page.

In my experience, while HP ink tank printer achieves less than 40% of its goal in terms of reducing printing cost per page, Epson achieves close to 75 to 80% of what it promise to the consumer. Thus, even if printing cost jumps to 50 paise per page in color, still that is very very cheaper than the cost, the cartridge printing technology generates.

Epson Ink Tank Printer L365 All-in-One Color Wi-Fi Inkjet

Technically this Epson printer is a sophisticated machine with brilliant reliable performance. Multifunction features on it from initiation to completion are indeed very fast. Absolutely no lag I had experienced while testing this. Thus, this has to be one of the well-recommended printers below 15000 Rupees at present.

Print quality wise it is not the printer at best; still I would count it here in the list of top printers you should trust for best print whether printing on A4 paper or photos. In addition, not to miss that this Epson ink tank printer prints at the lowest price.

According to the official specs sheet, unbelievable 5760 dpi tells that Epson L365 is a perfect choice for all kinds of printing needs. Another factor that makes this printer exciting is – not being that noisy and requires minimal power to operate. Paper feeder method that is incorporated on this printer is friction feed. Besides, it supports all the live operating system including Windows XP, certainly an advantage for those business owners who yet to switch their system to the latest Windows version.

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I have already mentioned above that Epson L365 printer is a fast printer. Technically, it offers impressive 27 pages per minute in black and nine pages per minute in color. And, Its first print out speed is attractive, too.

Convenience Features: My favorite convenience feature with this printer is high-yield on every set of ink bottles. Effectively, this printer prints close to four thousand pages in black and six thousand pages in color with one set of ink bottles. This Epson printer could also execute commands Bi-directional and Uni-directional – making it suitable for busy offices.

Further, Epson provides the convenience of printing from Android and Apple devices. Epson’s iPrint application is allowing users to print, scan and save documents in cloud storages easily. Users could also retrieve documents from cloud storage accounts and print them in high quality.

Conclusion: What I really like about this ink tank printer is that it does not waste resources on fancy features. It, therefore, provides the fastest printing, scanning, and copying solution.

After going through features of this printer, I would list its key features as:-

  • Low-cost printing solution
  • Fast operation
  • High-quality printing, copying, and scanning
  • High yield from a set of ink bottles
  • Easy to use mobile printing
  • Wireless and USB connectivity solution
  • Low power consumption and less noisy operation
  • Compact attractive build
  • Effortless Wi-Fi connectivity setup

This printer lacks many advanced printer functions like ADF and duplex. Thus, if your requirement is limited to high-quality printing, scanning, and copying, then this Epson ink tank printer could be one good choice for you.

Price 14500 Rupees
Power Consumption 11W
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi
Function Print Copy and Scan
Yield 4000 Pages in Black and 7000 Pages in Color
Print Cost 8 Paise in Black and 20 Paise in Color
Ink Bottle Cost 320 Rupees for Black
Printing Speed 27 PPM in Black and 9 PPM in Color documents
Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi Maximum
Scan & Copy Resolution 1200 x 2400 dpi
Scan & Copy Speed 5 Sec for Black and 10 Sec for Color documents
Mobile Printing YES
Duplex NO


► Epson M205 Multifunction Printer with Ink-Tank System

This model is from Epson’s famous M-series of ink tank printers. Priced less than the one discussed above, the M205 model is once again more suitable for small businesses and offices. The difference between both the printers is nothing but the resources they have onboard. In addition, this printer prints only in black. Need color printout, check other options in the market.

Epson M205 promises low-cost printing and high yield from every set of ink bottles. This printer is fast as well. It carry-forwards resources from its predecessor model and comes with some added advantage, too.

Talking about the processor speed, this Epson inkjet printer is laser fast. It could print 11 to 14 pages per minute, and its copy speed is around 30 pages per minute. As it has been a trend with Epson printers, this model, too, lacks modern printer function duplex printing. But it has the much-needed ADF that takes 30 pages once.

Printing Cost: Officially Epson assures to lower printing cost by 50% than what any office has to spend in case using a printer that requires refilled toner cartridge. Approx 6000 pages are what the total yield from one set of required ink bottles by this printer.

In the starter kit, Epson includes ink bottles that would be more than sufficient to print around 7000 to 8000 pages. Thus, if in an office, on average, daily print out requirement were limited within 25 to 30 pages, no printing cost burden would be in the first six to seven months of this printer use. This is certainly a saving. Epson refill ink bottles cost is less than 500 rupees so not to worry about printing cost when using an Epson printer.

Epson M205 Multifunction Black White Printer with Ink Tank System

Epson fails to satisfy its Indian customer with its service support. But the beauty of Epson ink tank printers is such that they rarely fail in responding to print commands. I mean Epson printer’s reliability is profound. Though there is some Epson printer that fails but that is not because of hardware malfunction rather because of a faulty product design. Thus, it becomes necessary that if you have decided to buy an Epson ink tank printer, ensure that you research well on its best printer models in terms of reliability.


  • Epson M205 prints in high quality and users get printouts with water and fade resistance.
  • Automated Wi-Fi connectivity and seamless setting
  • 2-Line LCD panel to provide live status of the running process inside
  • Wireless and Mobile Printing
  • Epson iPrint application makes easy to manage documents in cloud storage and make an on-demand
  • Print budget would be lower up to 50% by this Epson power ink tank printer
  • Compact build and design mean it could settle on a desk without taking too much space there.
  • Share one printer with every system and employees smartphone by using its connectivity options.
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Final Verdict: Priced at 12000 rupees, Epson M205 is the best black & white printer for Indian offices. It may not be, however, very suitable for home use. Even though it lacks some primary features but it is a reliable printer with much-needed features and processing speed. While everything about this printer looks appealing, it being noisy in operation would annoy users.

Price 12000 Rupees
Power Consumption 30W
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Function Print Copy and Scan
Yield 6000 Pages in Black
Print Cost 12 Paise in Black
Ink Bottle Cost 320 Rupees for Black
Printing Speed 34 PPM in Black
Print Resolution 1440 x 720 dpi Maximum
Scan & Copy Speed 34 CPM in Black
Mobile Printing YES
Duplex NO
Features LCD Display, ADF


► Epson Ink-Tank Photo Printer {L385}

What makes this printer truly special is that it is one recent ink tank printer from Epson. Actually, Epson has been improving its ink tank technology and making them even more reliable with every successive model. Thus, this model could be a very fine choice if you are interested in a reliable printing solution that reducing printing cost as well. Moreover, this printer is also a sound choice for printing photos. Photo studio owners should consider this ink tank printer.

Print Quality Speed and Cost: This is a fast printer as well. Having printing speed in Black 33 pages per minute and in color 15 pages per minute proves that. The maximum print solution through its 180 nozzles black and 59 nozzles for each color – ensures is 5760×1400 dpi.

As far as print cost is concerned, following its UPS with its series of ink tank printers, Epson claims to reduce the cost of black print to just 7 paise and in color just 18 paise by the L385 variant. This has to be cheapest printing solution any printer would ever deliver. Epson achieves the radical cost reduction by its unique ink tank technology what maximizes high yield from every set of ink bottles.

One thing although is very disappointing about the brand Epson that it thinks an early success in the ink tank printing technology is enough for it being survived longer in the printer market. My claim is according to fact that Epson fails to provide enough convenience features on its printers.

Priced a whopping 12500 Rupees, still, Epson ignores prime paper handling feature like ADF. Epson L385 ink tank printer can hold up to 100 pages in its input tray and sufficient 30 pages in the output tray. The supported paper sizes are from A4 to legal, letter and standard envelopes sizes as well.

Epson Ink Tank Photo Printer L385 Wi-Fi

Copying speed of this photo ink tank printer is not that impressive at seven pages per minute in black and three pages per minute in color. Further, for scanning it usages very popular flatbed color image scanner and thereby has the speed of scanning 11 seconds for black and 28 seconds for color documents. Epson L385 cannot scan & copy legal documents as it has the maximum scan area just 8.5×11.7 inch.

If you have the requirement to scan legal size documents, I would suggest buying a dedicated scanner. Printers that can scan legal documents are not available in India under a low budget.

Conclusion: Being light in weight at just 4.5 Kgs of weight this Epson ink tank printer is compact so it would require much lesser space to install. Moreover, it requires very minimum power to process users command and it is not that noisy heavy-duty printer as well.

After going through the features and its performance details, I would congratulate Epson for producing a brilliant multi-function printer in around 12000 Rupees budget. Go for it, Epson L385 is one of the best all-in-one printers, which reduces print cost as well. Not to miss it is a decent photo printer as well.

Price 12500 Rupees
Power Consumption 11 Watts
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi
Function Print Copy and Scan
Yield 4500 Pages in Black and 7500 in Color
Print Cost 7 Paise in Black and 18 Paise in Color
Ink Bottle Cost 320 Rupees for Black
Printing Speed 33 PPM in Black and 15 PPM in Color
Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Scan & Copy Resolution 1200 x 2400 dpi
Mobile Printing YES
Duplex Manual


► Epson L485 Wi-Fi Ink-Tank Printer for Photo Printing

Technically and even performance wise, the L485 ink tank printer model from Epson is just an advanced variant, a successor of L365 model. Priced just 2000 Rupees more than what one needs to pay for the L365 printer variant, it takes printing quality, speed, and reliability to whole a new level. If you are looking to reduce the cost of photo printing, here is the printer you should consider.

Epson L485 is a multifunction printer and it can print in black, in color as well. Since it could effectively print HD photo, I would recommend it as a genuine photo printer for studios. The engine that powers its operation is incredibly fast.

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Even though this is a resourceful printer, it is quite compact in shape and size. In small towns, generally, photo studios operate from a small space, thus, shape and size of a printer become a relevant factor.

Support to Legal Paper Size: The advanced capabilities of this printer making it more a profound solution for small businesses than using in offices. However, legal firms would be more interested in it because of having support to legal paper size. Which also means L485 like the L385 model could print Legal documents. But it wouldn’t be able to copy or scan legal size documents.

An interesting feature that I find with all the Epson printers is that they support to all the popular operating system in use. Having support to Windows XP, as HP and Canon printers have abandoned them in their latest printer models, makes Epson ink tank printers more in demand.

Epson Ink Tank Printer L485 Wi-Fi for Photo Printing

On the front of connectivity, this ink tank printer bears USB 2.0 (should have been USB 3.0), Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct options. It also comes with built-in SD card slot that could read – inserted microSD card. There is a 1.44-inch LCD panel display as well for manipulating the printer settings.

In operation, it would consume around 13 watts power, in standby just 5 watts, whereas in sleep mode only 1.5 watts. Epson printers especially those printer models that are based on the ink tank technology require much lesser power for executing users commands.

The Epson ink tank printer, which could also print photos, offers the maximum print resolution as 5760 x 1440 dpi but the same in scanning and copying mode is just 1200 x 2400 dpi. Further, Mobile printing, too, is supported by Epson’s effective iPrint application, which lets users to store, email, and print documents with a single click.

Conclusion: If I am not wrong, the L485 ink tank printer has to be an entry-level model from Epson for photo printing. Other than photo printing ability, nothing special it has. If photo printing is not your requirement, then consider either L365 or L385 ink tank printer.

Price 16000 Rupees
Power Consumption 13 Watts
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, MicroSD Card
Function Print Copy and Scan
Yield 4500 Pages in Black and 7500 in Color
Ink Bottle Cost 320 Rupees for Black
Printing Speed 10 PPM in Black and 5 PPM in Color
Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Mobile Printing YES, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
Duplex Manual


► Epson L605 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Nothing special other that this being a brand new ink tank printer from Epson that comes with duplex function as well. Epson L605 is priced close to 20000 Rupees. Epson is asking this price merely because of the duplex function, which remains one of the core features in budget printers from HP and Canon.

Technically, the features and specs of this Epson printer with ink tank technology are pretty much same than what has been seen on other Epson ink tank printers. Talking about its printing quality, the maximum resolution it would be able to print limited to just 4800×1200 dpi. This is certainly lower than the entry-level photo printer the L485 model has.

Mobile Printing: Especially in the segment of mobile printing, Epson L605 comes with a variety of options. Users of Apple devices would able to initiate command on this printer from Apple AirPrint application as well as from iOS-powered devices.

Those who manage documents with Google cloud could get a brilliant quality print out from this printer by using Google Cloud Print solution. Besides, for Android user, Epson provides iPrint application and there is a support to Windows operating system from XP to the latest 10. Thus, with duplex printing solution, Epson L605 takes mobile printing to certainly a new level.

Epson L605 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

No. Epson L605 is fast but not as much as the printers, I have discussed above. In addition, it is noisier in operation.

Low-cost printing, high yield on every set of ink bottles are common features so they are in effect even for this printer. Moreover, connectivity options are the same: USB, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct.

Conclusion: Sophisticated nozzle configuration helps this printer to print in vivid color yet keeping the cost per page very low. Other features of this printer are almost similar except its LCD panel that shows current command status. This has slightly bigger LCD panel shows more inside details live to users.

Would I recommend it? I am not very sure. If you want high-quality printing with auto printing both sides of a paper then this is the cheapest ink tank printer from Epson. But the question is – should you spend 5000 to 7000 rupees more just for a primary printer function.

Price 20000 Rupees
Power Consumption 11 Watts
Connectivity USB and Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct
Function Print Copy and Scan
Yield 4500 Pages in Black and 7500 in Color
Ink Bottle Cost 320 Rupees for Black
Printing Speed 14 PPM
Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi
Mobile Printing YES, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
Duplex Auto
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