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Latest 1.5-Ton Carrier Split AC for Home

Latest 1.5-Ton Carrier Split AC for Home 3 Star Energy Rating Best Split AC

In this exclusive split air conditioner review, I discuss one of the best in-demand Carrier split AC latest models this year. The reason behind the selection is the price of the carrier split ac 1.5-Ton. It is unbelievably cheap. You would never get a carrier split AC so cheap. In fact, it is one of the rarest of the rare case. For upcoming summer if you are looking for the best split ac with copper condenser around 30000 Rupees, do not miss this carrier 3-Star split ac 1.5-Ton.

So what is the reason behind it being so cheap? I can just guess based on what experts have told me. The latest change in the preferment of BEE rating for energy efficiency is the reason for the reduced price of this carrier split ac 3-star. With 2018 BEE rating in effect now, it is just a 1-star split ac. If you set your mind clock to only a few months back in the year 2017, the same split AC becomes a Carrier 1.5-Ton Split AC 3-Star best model. Then it was priced above 40000 Rupees. Mere BEE rating advancement has reduced its market price by approx. 10000 Rupees.

Does it make any difference in terms of energy saving ability of the Carrier split AC? NO– not at all– it is just a case that BEE has advanced its energy efficiency ratings. Read also This Festival Season Buy Best Gift for Your Home.

BEE Star Rating for AC 2018: BEE's goal is to enforce and encourage the electronics manufacturer to put more effort on the front of innovation to make their electronics products, even more, energy efficient. The move by the BEE is right in the light of more invention effort required for next-generation electronics to save energy, therefore, keep the mother earth safe. The electronics manufacturer would have continued to get 5-star for electronics items based on existing technology if energy efficiency benchmarks are not being advanced according to today’s requirement. Why would an electronics brand put an effort in making their electronics items even more power efficient when that does result in uplifting their products sale? Thus rather than creating new rating 6-Star or 7-Star, BEE overhauled benchmark scored required for the current rating points.

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That was an explanation on how 3-star rating in previous years became 1-star rating in 2018 and why that is important. Let me make it explicit that you should still buy 1-star 2018 rated electronics considering that it would undoubtedly consume less power. However, do not buy electronics appliances, which got 2-Star rating last year. That implies to nothing this year. A benchmark score for 3-Star rating until December 31, 2017, is the same for a 1-Star rating in the Year 2018. BEE has clarified this. Thus, the benchmark score for 2-Star rating last year translates to ZERO energy efficiency rating this year.

While buying electronics, the minimum rating you must consider is the 1-star 2018. In addition, you must check the rating year. If an appliance has a 2-star rating and the rating year is 2017, then do not buy.

I hope I could clarify if you had any difficulty in understanding of this year and last year's BEE rating for AC mix up. Next, I am going provide carrier split AC 1.5-Ton 3-Star review with my opinion on whether should you buy it or consider other Indian brand split ACs.

Which is the best air conditioner brand in India?

At Gadgets Shiksha, we have started our preparation for upcoming summer. Until last year, we used to depend on what experts say and what they recommend. However, from this year onward we plan to use authentic data analysis to assess consumers need and what solution they expect from our website. Experts’ suggestion does not always help, as their assessment remains limited to the quality of the product before them. They estimate based on the things in the present. They do not consider past and apparently not future, as well.

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The GS public survey on air conditioners' users provides eye-opening revelations. I am not going to reveal all the data since the consumer mood survey is for internal use. That gives us an idea to suggest best smart electronics and gadgets on this website. However, I would occasionally share glimpses of the survey to justify our contention in the upcoming pieces on best split ac in India reviews.

Which brand split AC would you prefer to buy if budget is not an issue for you

Some hundred plus respondents from all age group (25+ obviously) answer that they would prefer to buy Carrier split AC — if budget is not an issue for them. That translates as – a budget constraint is often a reason why first-time air conditioner' buyers are not purchasing a Carrier split ac.

There is no doubt Voltas is one of the best air conditioner brands in India. However, our survey reveals people seem to prefer Voltas or any other brand split ac just because of their affordability compared to Carrier split ACs. Moreover, Carrier split AC service quality is far superior compared to some top Indian air conditioner brands.

How would you rate Carrier AC brand service

Therefore, — though we had planned to start presenting our suggestion on best air conditioner models this year with a revisit review piece on Voltas split and inverter ac. That would have included hit models last year, and best choice from its latest launched air conditioners. However, respecting consumers' spirits, we decided to start with a favorite carrier split ac, which is genuinely an answer to the requirement raised by respondents in our exclusive survey.

Considering everything and going by expert's opinion, we have selected a split AC variant, which according to expert is one of the most exceptional Carrier split AC 1.5 ton 3-star models at present. Due to energy rating mismatch, apparently, Carrier seems to be clearing old stock hence offering a hefty discount on the model. That creates an opportunity overwhelming for budget customers. A Carrier 1.5-Ton split AC with 3-star rating around 30000 Rupees is music to ears. Carrier offers not less than 8000 Rupees discount on this 1.5-Ton split ACs.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Customer Support and Installation Cost

The reasons why the brand Carrier rank high on customer satisfaction is excellent build on its air conditioners and prompt response to customer’s service request.

Carrier offers THREE FREE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICES in the first year of purchase. Rightly mentioned on the official website that such routine checkup reduces chances of your ac failure and extends the AC's life, too. It saves significantly on maintenance cost.

Annual maintenance contract: I would also suggest you subscribing a maintenance plan, offered by Carrier. For beyond 5-Years’ service, Carrier asks you to pay just 3500 Rupees. That is roughly 500 Rupees for every year. That would unquestionably save money. I am yet to see such customer favoring maintenance contract by any other AC brand in India.

Carrier Installation: Carrier would arrange and provide a demo, a complete installation, and post-sales service as well. So it makes no difference from where did you buy your Carrier split AC. In fact, I would insist buying online to become worry-free from an installation headache. That either Amazon or Flipkart, from whichever store do you buy would take care and provide a complete installation within 48 hours of the delivery. You do need to pay 1500 to 2000 Rupees for installation excluding any extra expenses. In general, a split ac installation cost is around 2000 to 3000 Rupees. You should keep at least 5000 Rupees ready in your pocket, though.

→1.5-Ton Carrier Duractiv CACS18DA3R5 Split AC 1-Star (2018)

I have already explained earlier that according to 2017 Benchmark result, it is a carrier split AC 3-star. Hence, I would call it by referring to its both ratings a 3-star split AC as well as a 1-star split AC.

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The carrier split AC 1.5-Ton 3-star price in India market is around 32000 Rupees. Why I specially mention India because Carrier is an international brand, it sales air conditioners globally.

To buy at a discounted price of the carrier split ac in Chennai or other metro cities, you should head to a local small AC showroom. If you buy from Tata Croma or Reliance store, you would have to pay 3000 to 4000 Rupees extra. The reason is quite oblivious.

This Carrier split ac Build Design and Features

The split AC model has a classic design. Its internal unit weighs 12 Kgs whereas external unit weighs 34 Kgs.

According to the official fact sheet, the indoor unit would make maximum noise 44 dB only. That gets this carrier split AC 1.5-Ton 3-star praise as one of the quietest split ACs on sale. It is certainly silent. If you are looking for a silent split ac, quiet air conditioner, here is a genuine model.

Besides, what is exciting about all the Carrier brand split ACs is that even after three to four years of use, they remain more or less as good as they were on day one and quiet, too.

A lasting capacity of any Carrier brand split ac brings satisfaction to buyers. They get real value for their hard-earned money –invested for an air conditioner. For long life of Carrier split AC the only condition is to ensure regular maintenance. In fact, according to official facts sheet, there are 5-layers of protective coating to make your Carrier air conditioner rust-free and thereby long lasting.

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The convenience features of the Carrier 1.5-Ton split AC brings much-needed peace to users' life. It is a smart split AC. By using sensors, it perfectly tunes up the AC setting according to present cooling requirement.

Smart Features of this Carrier Air Conditioner

Further, the i-Sensor accurately measures temperature and decides the right cooling speed. Such feature is entirely worthy to people like me who suffer from cold and sinus problem. Generally, up to 2 AM you need a proper cooling in room, however, after 2 AM weather outside becomes calm. Now it is not practical that every day at night around 2 AM, I wake up and check the weather outside, and then adjust AC’s temperature. Often I get cold during the months when the weather changes. Yes, my AC is an old model. By the way, the auto temperature is now a standard feature – seen on most of the latest air conditioner variants. Nevertheless, it was still worth mentioning.

The carrier split ac 3-star 1.5-ton has two specific modes for high sustained and uniform cooling in the room. The modes are “Super Turbo mode” and “Auto Swing mode” to run the air conditioner at high speed and automatize horizontal & vertical flaps to distribute cooled air in all directions.

Further, the Carrier split ac timer setting allows you to schedule the AC for next 24 hours. Its auto start features not just restarts, in case of sudden power outrage, in fact, begins with the same setting on which the AC was running. Such features uprightly justify one's investment for an air conditioner.

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Sleep Mode Function of Carrier Split AC 1.5-Ton 3-Star

The sleep mode on this Carrier 1.5-Ton ac is a combination of predefined settings with an automatic adjustment to ensure perfect cooling in the room while maintaining less noisy operation. Without compromising the cooling needed in the room, this Carrier split ac can reduce operational noise level somehow. Therefore, I liked the sleep mode features of this split ac. Consider this Carrier split AC if you love to get good sleep in a quiet ambiance.

All the new split ac models have the sleep mode function. When the user activates the mode, the air conditioner trims operation to ensure less noise. However, some branded models do decrease cooling as well. On the other hand, the Carrier air conditioner keeps your sleeping comfort intact by following a quick adjustment inside to reduce noise. In sleep mode, does it consume more electricity or less? I need to find out. Typically, you cannot be utmost sure that a split AC in sleep mode would consume less power. There are split air conditioners, which consume more electricity in sleep mode.

Air Purifier Features with this 1.5-Ton Carrier AC

Carrier also included the key features of an air purifier on this 1.5-Ton split ac with 3-star rating for keeping you fit and young forever. If you breathe healthily, (pure air is unthinkable in today's time) and drink water free from bacteria and virus, 95% of common illness would never affect your health. Thus, while buying an air considering for home use, you must check health properties of the air conditioners on sale before you. Here a carrier split air conditioner would be an advantage. The reason is, the brand Carrier is not just an air conditioner brand, it is also a big name in the air purifier market. Hence, it provides better features on its split ACs for healthy air.

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The Duractiv CACS18DA3R5 Split AC, one of the best models of carrier split ac comes with the 4-stage ionizer to fumigate and lessen lousy smell in the room. It also comes with i-Oxidizer, and 3-in-1 microbe filters to make the air in the place free from chemical, gas, pollen, dust, and bacteria.

The specification sheet below lists many other fundamental features that make it my favorite and a recommended choice of experts as well.

Carrier split ac customer care Details

For registering a complaint, use email because that would fetch faster response from the brand. I rarely phone customer care to seek support for any of electronics I use at my home. Emailing your issue to the concerned brand would always get you a better, faster response.

If you face any trouble in getting service support from the brand, drop a comment here, I would take up your issue with the brand.

Conclusion: The set of features on this Carrier split AC is not exclusive. In fact, all Carrier ac would have more of less the same features. However, this split ac model becomes unique because of its current price. The same air conditioner 6-month before might have cost close to 40 thousand rupees. Today in spite of 28% GST, you pay just 32500 Rupees to get it home. And, for that, credit goes to BEE, which overhauled energy efficiency rating this year. Cannot confirm but it looks like Carrier is clearing old stock. Do not miss this opportunity.

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If you have any query, complaint, or need clarification, you can drop a comment below. The GS support would provide an instant response. If you are using this Carrier split AC, in whichever language you are comfortable, share your feedback. Your real use review would help others to decide about the home use air conditioner, which is one of the best Carrier split AC new models in the Indian market today. Read also Best Carrier Air Conditioners Price Features and Specs.

Model Name 18K Duractiv CACS18DA3R5
Air Flow 500 cfm
Smart function YES; Auto Restart, Measure Temperature, Recall setting, Timer
Cooling Capacity 4800 Watt
Power input (watts) 1522 Watt
Star Rating 3-Star ( 2017 ) / 1-Star ( 2018 )
Display Type LED
Dimensions Internal Unit 292 x 920 x 225 mm
Dimensions (Outdoor unit) 540 x 780 x 250 mm
Voltage / Frequency / Phase 230/50/1
Remote Control LCD Wireless
Sleep Mode YES
Filter Features PM 2.5 Micron, Dust Filter
Anti-Bacterial Filter YES/PM2.5
4-stage ionizer YES
i-Oxidizer YES
3-in-1 microbe YES
Electrostatic Carbon YES
Refrigerant leakage detector YES
Dehumidification YES
Air Direction (Up/Down) YES
Speed Settings YES
Compressor type R410a
Buy 32500 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion

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