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Best Laptop Under 45000 Rupees

Best Laptop under 45000 Rupees in India Market

In many of my laptop review article for this website, I advocated for a custom-made laptop. You can make a fast laptop in less than 20000 Rupees budget. You need to arrange a used HP laptop with Intel i-series processor, and an SSD. I am using one. That is why I think instead of spending a significant amount on a ready-made branded laptop, consider a custom-made laptop. Essentially, a custom-made laptop, which usages an SSD and Intel i-series processor would be much faster than a brand-new laptop with high-end configuration but HDD memory.

Recently, one of my friends who sought my advice for a laptop bought a brand-new ready-made laptop. I suggested him a custom-made laptop. He did not want to get into that much hassle, however. I bought an HP laptop in 45000 Rupees for him. The laptop is fantastic. HP never fails. Whether you buy HP printer, laptop, or a speaker, HP provides the best quality product.

Often, I get a question that which are the best Laptop brands in India market. In my opinion, HP, Acer, and Asus are the 3 best brands for laptops with excellent build quality and performance. My assessment of best laptop brands is based on my personal experience and the feedback I get from readers of this website. My current laptop is from HP, and previously I used Dell and Acer laptop.

In this piece, you read an in-depth review of best laptop models from the price range of 42000 to 45000 Rupees. The right budget for a good laptop is 27000 to 35000 Rupees currently. In the price range, you can get a perfect laptop with the wherewithal to suit today’s requirement for entertainment, education, and information. Then if your budget for a new laptop is 45000 Rupees, you deserve to get a high-performance laptop with some fascinating features. This laptop review article is all about suggesting you the best laptop under 45000 Rupees.

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► HP Windows 10 Laptop {ds0010TU}

The HP laptop has an identical build and design, often seen on HP laptops. Its weight is also usual. That is 1.77-Kg. This heavy-duty laptop runs on the latest version of 64-bit Windows 10 operating system.

HP 15q-ds0010tu Laptop

The quality of the 15.6-Inch screen with LED panel is mind-blowing because of the narrow bezel and full HD resolution. Moreover, the anti-glare coating on the screen protects the user’s eyes. For working continuously like coding, reading, and writing, this HP laptop is perfect.

Further, the HP laptop could be an ideal machine for multimedia developer and graphics designer. I can say that since its CPU consists of Intel i5 Processor in the 8th generation, 8-GB DDR4 RAM, and Intel UHD 620 Graphics. Note this; there is the difference between Intel HD 620 Graphics and Intel UHD 620 Graphics. Therefore, have no doubt, the performance of this HP laptop under 45000 Rupees is outstanding.

→ Long Battery Life and Fast Charger

A Businessperson or marketer who often travels needs a laptop with a longer battery life. When comes to a laptop with extended battery life, HP is the best brand. The HP laptop comes with 5 to 7 Hours of battery life, depending on your usages. No other brands have a laptop with such prolonged battery life.

Moreover, while other brands still provide only 45-Watt charger, HP provides 65-Watt charger. What is the advantage of a fast charger? Newest HP laptops gain 50% charging that is close to three hours of use time in just 45 minutes. This HP laptop is no exception. Its battery lasts longer and gains charging fast as well.

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→ Should you buy this HP laptop?

The rest of the features that includes multimedia add-ons and connectivity options are usual. Their details are in the specs table below. In 45000 Rupees, HP 15q-ds0010TU model is a perfect laptop. If your budget for a new laptop is around its price, order it now.

Price 44990 Rupees
Features 64Bit System | Windows 10 Original | Fast Charger | Full-Size Island-Style Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
Screen 15.6-Inch | Full HD | Anti-Glare Coating
CPU Intel i5 (8th Gen) 8250U {6MB Cache} | Intel UHD Graphics 620 | 1×8GB DDR4 RAM {frequency: 2400 MHz) | 1TB SATA HDD (5400 RPM)
Battery 3-Cell 41 Wh | 65-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | RJ45 | 1×USB 2.0 | 2×USB 3.1 | 1×HDMI 1.4b | Bluetooth 4.2 | SD cards reader
Multimedia Dual Speakers | Digital Microphone | HP TrueVision HD Webcam
Build 1.77-Kg | 37.6 x 24.6 x 2.25 cm
Warranty 12 Months | On-site | HP Customer Care 1800-108-4747 [email protected]


► Dell Inspiron 3576 Windows 10 Laptop with MS Office 2019

I am not very sure about this high-end laptop despite it being a best-selling laptop under 45000 Rupees at present. I am going to discuss its minus and plus points. That would help you to decide whether to consider it as your next laptop or not.

Dell is indeed not the best laptop brand in India market for a reliable machine. If you can buy a Dell laptop, yes you can buy an HP laptop by adding a few thousand more to your budget. Are looking for a high-end laptop at a less price. For such a laptop, there is no better brand than Acer.

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Dell Inspiron 3576 Laptop with MS Office 2019

You cannot use VLC player on Dell laptop. I did, and since then my laptop is in mute mode. Above all the weight of this laptop is 2.5-Kg. Isn’t it too heavy? Moreover, the design of the outer shell is pathetic. That collects enough dust which requires hard cleaning regularly.

→ Plus points of this Dell Laptop

The only plus point of this Dell laptop is pre-installed MS-Office 2019 with a lifetime license. Trust me; it is very challenging to get Office 2019 licensed version. Microsoft no longer sells office software instead it sells Office 365 on a regular subscription payment. In the long run, that becomes a costly product. MS office 2019 is the offline version of Office 365.

Screen quality, performance and battery backup of this Dell laptop are excellent. Its other features are according to the current trend in this price range.

This laptop model is perfect for those who are loyal customers of Dell brand. MS-Office 2019 with lifetime license makes it a product worth considering. If having MS Office licensed pre-installed is not your best requirement, then look for laptops of other brands in the same price range. They would be faster, lighter, and much more reliable than this Dell Laptop.

→ Choose from 5 Variants of Dell Inspiron 3576

Dell brand has launched a total of five variant of the Dell Inspiron 3576 laptop model. Their CPU configuration separates them whereas the rest of the features and hardware are same. The cheapest variant among them comes with Intel i3 7th Gen processor and 4GB DDR4 RAM. It also has 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon Graphics. At the Dell website, the price of this variant is only 33290 Rupees. By comparing these five variants, it is apparent that the cheapest variant offers the best value for money.

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Thus, while buying Dell Inspiron 3576 Laptop, carefully check the specifications of the laptop variant you have selected. In fact, I would say check all the available laptops with the name Dell Inspiron 3576 on the shopping website and then decide which one to buy. I have already told you which one offers the best value of money.

→ Should you buy this Dell Laptop?

Of course, you should consider Dell Inspiron 3576 but not all its variants are value for money option. Go through the configuration of each variant, measure them as per your requirement, and then decide.

Price 33000 to 67000 Rupees
Variant CPU Configuration
33290 Rupees Intel i3 7th Generation 7020U Processor (3MB Cache) | 4GB DDR4 RAM | Ram Expandable to 16GB | AMD Radeon 520 Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 | 1TB HDD
41600 Rupees Intel i5 8th Generation 8250U Processor (6MB Cache) | 4GB DDR4 RAM | Ram Expandable to 16GB | Intel 620 UHD Graphics | 1TB HDD
45000 Rupees Intel i5 8th Generation 8250U Processor (6MB Cache) | 4GB DDR4 RAM | Ram Expandable to 16GB | AMD Radeon 520 Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 | 1TB HDD
57000 Rupees Intel i5 8th Generation 8250U Processor (6MB Cache) | 8GB DDR4 RAM | Ram Expandable to 16GB | AMD Radeon 520 Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 | 2TB HDD
67000 Rupees Intel i7 8th Generation 8550U Processor (8MB Cache) | 8GB DDR4 RAM | Ram Expandable to 16GB | AMD Radeon 520 Graphics with 2GB GDDR5 | 2TB HDD
Screen 15.6-Inch | Full HD | Ant-Glare Coating
Connectivity Bluetooth | Wi-Fi (2.4GHz, 5GHz) | RJ45 | 1×HDMI | 2×USB 3.1 | 1×USB 2.0 | SD Card Reader
Add-ons HD Webcam | DVD RW
Battery 4-Cell | 65-Watt Charger
Sound MaxxAudio | Microphone & Headphone Jack
Warranty 12 Months
Software Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 with lifetime license
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► Asus Vivobook X507UF Laptop

One of the best laptops under 45000 Rupees with 8GB RAM currently is the Vivobook X507UF from the house of Asus. This Taiwan brand is my favorite for smartphone and laptop.

Asus has launched the X507UF model in seven variants. You can buy this Asus laptop with seven different processor starting from Intel Pentium to i7 Processor. Here I cover the variant, which has an Intel i5 processor. It costs close to 45000 Rupees.

Asus Vivobook X507UF Laptop

The laptop weight is 1.68-Kg, and its body thickness is 21.9-mm. Neither it is a lightweight machine not is it slim. Battery backup is decent, but not excellent. 65W AC charger with the laptop can charger the 3-Cell really fast. In fact, Acer claims for 60% fueling of the battery in just 49 Minutes. Nothing extraordinary but fast charging support is worth noting.

→ Excellent Performance

For fast performance, Acer X507UF (EJ092T) laptop comes with Intel i5 Quad-Core processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM. 2GB Dedicated NVIDIA GPU makes it suitable for hard gaming and multimedia content development. Performance of this Acer Laptop under 45000 Rupees wouldn’t disappoint you.

To measure this laptop based on real user experience I was going through comments on E-commerce websites where it is on sale. There is enormous confusion for, whether the Acer X507UF laptop has SSD or not. As like any other laptop, this Asus laptop has a regular memory slot. Depending on the price some variants have SSD whereas some variants have HDD.

→ SSD or HDD

Internal SSD comes in HDD shape and size but weighs much less. Therefore, you have the freedom to decide whether to run your laptop on an HDD or SSD. Recently I replaced HDD of my Dell Vostro Laptop (old model) with a Kingston SSD.

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Acer X507UF-EJ092T laptop variant has HDD memory, not SSD. You can decide to replace the HDD with an SSD after 12 months. You are not allowed to unscrew the laptop and Asus service center wouldn’t agree to replace HDD with an SSD.

Do you work continuously 3 to 5 hours on a computer system? If yes, then make sure the computer screen has an anti-glare coating to protect your vision. The 15.6-Inch 1080P screen of this laptop comes with anti-glare coating and also has excellent color, contrast, and clarity.

→ Add-on Features

Fingerprint access protection is a pro, but not having a backlit keyboard is a big disappointment. Speaker on this Asus laptop cannot generate thrilling load audio as well. They produce clear sound, however.

Price 45000 Rupees
Features 64-bit System | Windows 10 Original | Fast Charger | Full-Size Keyboard with Numeric Keypad | Fingerprint Security | RAM Support up to 16GB | 2 RAM slots
Screen 15.6-Inch | Full HD | Anti-Glare Coating
CPU Intel i5 (8th Gen) 8250U {6MB Cache} | 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA Geforce MX130 | 8GB DDR4 RAM {frequency: 2400-MHz} | 1TB SATA HDD (5400 RPM)
Battery 3-Cell 33-Wh | 65-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | RJ45 | 2×USB 2.0 | 1×USB 3.1 | 1×HDMI 1.4b | Bluetooth 4.2 | Wi-Fi (2.4-Ghz) | SD cards reader
Multimedia Dual Speakers | Digital Microphone | HD Webcam
Build 1.68-Kg | 365 x 266 x 21.9 mm
Warranty 12 Months | On-site

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