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Best Laptop under 30000 Rupees

Top Laptops under 30000 Rupees in India Market

Advancement in technology and the need for better-performing computers has aggravated computer manufacturers to come up with numerous computer models of different sizes, costs, colors, and designs. Due to the large scale production of computers today and the ruthless competition between various manufacturers, the price of computers, especially laptops, has tremendously dropped. Consequently, this has made computers and laptops more affordable meaning that more of the middle- and lower-class buyers can afford taking one home.

The demand for cheap laptops has also increased owing to the fact that laptops are slowly becoming necessities to all factions of society. Among the very core needs that have triggered the high demand for laptops is – education, work, and entertainment. Therefore, manufacturers have had to take severe risks in bulk productions of subsidized netbooks, so as to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Which is the best laptop under 30000 Rupees in India market? In this piece, you read about best-selling laptops from 25000 to 30000 Rupees price range. Here we cover the laptop models that have been rated by experts and their users for excellent build and performance.

☼ 14-Inch Asus X415MA Personal Laptop

Nowadays 30000 Rupees is not enough budget for a decent laptop with SSD hard drive. I will never advise you to buy a laptop with HDD hard drive even if the processor is ultra-fast Intel i7 or i9. In the 30000 Rupees budget, an HP SSD laptop is not possible at present but the Asus SSD Laptop model X415MA is available. It comes with 4GB RAM and an ultra-fast 256GB SSD. Despite having Intel Pentium quad-core processor, it is way better than a laptop with Intel Core i3 and HDD hard drive.

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Considering the Pentium processor of the Asus SSD laptop, it is strictly not for gaming. It is an excellent choice for students, executives, home use, and other basic users, though. Its 14-Inch screen comes with full HD resolution and anti-glare coating on the screen surface to protect the user’s eyes.

What else the Asus X415MA laptop has? Does it worth it? Should you buy it? We discussed that all in our video presentation. Do check it out.

Price ₹29990 | Amazon
Features 14-Inch FHD Screen |  Intel Pentium QC Processor | 4GB RAM | 256GB SSD | MS Office Student 2019 | Windows 10 | Ready for Windows 11 | Warranty: 1-Year


► 14-Inch HP cs2002TU General Use Laptop

The HP laptop is perfect for home use and for those students who want to study online. It is portable, not heavy, and it comes with a powerful 3-Cell li-ion battery, whose estimated battery backup could be close to 7 hours. We estimated the battery backup of this HP student laptop so high because it sports a small screen and the screen resolution is HD, not full HD. Also, its mother drive is SSD. SSD memory saves battery whereas HDD memory drains laptop battery fast.

14-Inch HP cs2002TU General Use Laptop

The performance of HP cs2002TU laptop is so-so. That is due to the Intel Celeron N4020 processor, which lacks those technologies and fire that are essential for fast performance. That is why we titled this HP laptop as a general-use laptop.

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Other characteristics of this HP SSD laptop, however, are fascinating. It comes with the licensed version of the MS Office 2019 student. It features two powerful speakers that generate loud and clear sound. In this price category, another brand provides VGA Webcam on their laptops, whereas HP cs2002TU laptop comes with an HD Webcam.

Price ₹26490 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 | LED HD Screen | Intel Celeron N4020 Processor | 4GB RAM | 256GB SSD | 41-Wh Battery | Weight: 1.47-Kg


► 14-Inch HP cs2003TU Multitasking Laptop

The HP laptop is perfect for students and home use. Currently, it is the most affordable online learning platform for students in great build quality. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the best laptop in 25000 Rupees. There is no option on the market except this Dell laptop to compete against this HP SSD laptop.

14-Inch HP cs2003TU Multitasking Laptop

Although the HP cs2003TU laptop comes with a mediocre processor, its SSD mother drive makes it fast. Its performance is therefore very impressive, with no lag and also no heating issue. Also, its screen quality is excellent.

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The 14-Inch screen of this HP SSD laptop is based on an SVA panel, which is better than the VA panel and slightly lower than the IPS panel in terms of picture quality. But the speakers of this HP SSD laptop are mind-blowing. They generate loud and clear sound. Also, it comes with an HD webcam.

Price ₹25990 | Amazon
Features 14-Inch HD Screen | Intel Pentium Silver N5030 Quad-Core Processor | 4GB RAM | 256GB SSD | 41-Wh Battery


► 14-Inch HP cy0009au Multitasking Laptop

The cy0009au laptop model is the latest HP laptop in the India market in the price range of 25000 Rupees. It is a value for money considering the features and functions this HP laptop has in comparison to the current market trend. It comes with a preloaded Windows 10 operating system with a lifetime license. It also has a preloaded MS office 2019 student version with a lifetime license. Its build and design are more and less the same that usually, all budget HP laptops have. But the cherry on the cake is its 256GB SSD. With the SSD memory, this HP multitasking laptop is very reliable and its overall performance is good.

HP cy0009au Multitasking SSD Laptop

Who should consider this very affordable latest HP laptop? HP cy0009au laptop is an excellent choice for undergraduate students and home use. It has the processing power to manage web browsing and low weight applications. This HP SSD laptop can’t manage smoothly advanced programs and heavy multitasking, though. So, gaming on it is totally out of question.

Price ₹25000 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 Original | MS Office 2019 Student Licensed | Full-Size Keyboard | Warranty: 1-Year | Weight: 1.5-Kg
Screen 14-Inch | HD {1366×768} | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Brightness: 220-nits
Processor AMD A4-9125 {Core:2, Thread:2, TDP:15W, Max Clock-Speed: 2.6GHz, Cache: 1MB} | Graphics-Processor: AMD Radeon R3 Graphics {Core: 2, Frq: 686 MHz}
Memory RAM: 4GB DDR4 {1866-MHz} | M.2 SSD: 256GB | RAM-Expansion: 8GB
Battery 3-Cell 41-Wh | 65-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | Ethernet (RJ45) | 1×USB 2.0 | 2×USB 3.1 | 1×HDMI | Bluetooth 4.2 | Wi-Fi {1×1} | SD-Cards Reader
Multimedia Dual-Speakers | Digital-Microphone | HD Webcam


► 15.6-Inch Asus X510QA Laptop with 8GB RAM

The Asus laptop is the only option currently if you are looking for an SSD laptop below 30000 Rupees with 8GB RAM. This multitasking laptop has 512GB SSD and 8GB DDR4 RAM. AMD A12 quad-core processor powers its Windows 10 operating system for processing and multitasking.

Asus X510QA Multitasking Laptop with 8GB RAM

Asus X510QA Laptop has many exceptional features and functions. Apparently, it is the first laptop under 30000 Rupees with illuminated keys. It comes with a 3-Cell fast-charging battery, which fuels to 60% in less than 50-minutes. Moreover, to extend the total life of the battery, Asus blessed this laptop model with its signature technology Asus SuperBattery Technology. Its other special features are BIOS protection, fingerprint reader, Cortana voice support, memory expansion slot, and SonicMaster sound system.

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Thus, the Asus laptop is currently the best laptop to buy under 30000 Rupees. It is not a gaming laptop. It is a general use laptop for students, office executives, home use, and professionals. Go for it!

Price ₹29990 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 Licensed | Full-Size Keyboard with Key-Backlit | Fingerprint-Reader | BIOS Password-Protection | HDD-Expansion Slot | Asus IceCool Technology {Keeps Temp below 36°C} | Warranty: 1-Year | Weight: 1.7-Kg
Screen 15.6-Inch | Full HD | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Anti-Glare Panel
Processor AMD A12-9720P | Quad-Core | Clock-Speed: up to 3.6GHz | Cache: 2MB Cache | Graphics-Processor: AMD Radeon R7
Memory RAM: 8GB DDR4 {2400-MHz} | SSD: 512GB | Expand-RAM: Up to 16GB
Battery 3-Cell 42-Wh | 45-Watt Charger | ASUS SuperBattery Technology {3 Times Longer Battery Longevity} | Fast-Charging: 60% Battery in 49-Minutes
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 1×USB 3.0 | 1×HDMI | USB Type-C | Bluetooth 4.2 | Wi-Fi 5 {2×2} | SD-Cards Reader
Multimedia 2W Dual-Speakers {ASUS SonicMaster Technology} | Digital-Microphone | VGA Webcam


► 15.6-Inch Lenovo S145-15IIL Multitasking Laptop

Recently Intel introduced the 10th generation variant of its Core i3 processor, which is the most popular processor for budget laptops. Being a new processor on the market makes it a pricy option than its predecessors which are not old models.

Lenovo S145-15IIL Multitasking Laptop

The laptops with the Intel Core i3 10th generation processor is generally priced between 35000 to 45000 Rupees range. But not the Lenovo S145-15IIL laptop. It is the only laptop in India market currently with the latest 10th generation variant of the Intel i3 Processor. Having the latest Intel i3 Processor means this Lenovo laptop is faster and better than all other laptops which are on sale below 35000 Rupees.

Another two reasons to trust this Lenovo laptop for better performance are its fast DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD. Its RAM frequency is 2666-MHz.

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The Lenovo S145-15IIL multitasking laptop is fast. Its primary memory is SSD. And, it comes with the lifetime licensed version of MS Office 2019 Student as well. Hence, go for it without a second thought as it is one of the best laptops in 30000 Rupees.

Price ₹30000 | Amazon | Model ID: {81W800C3IN, 81W800E4IN, 81W800FXIN}
Features Windows 10 Original | MS Office 2019 Student {Lifetime Licensed} | Full-Size Keyboard with Numeric Keypad | Warranty: 1-Year | Weight: 1.85-Kg | No Disk-Drive | TPM 2.0
Screen 15.6-Inch | Full HD | Anti-Glare | TN Panel | Brightness: 220 nits
CPU Intel i3 (10th Gen) Dual-Core 1005G1 {4MB Cache} | Intel UHD Graphics | Soldered 4GB DDR4 RAM {2666-MHz} | 256GB SSD
Battery 2-Cell | 35-Wh | 65-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | 1×USB 2.0 | 2×USB 3.1 | 1×HDMI | Bluetooth 5.0 | Wi-Fi {1×1} | SD-Cards Reader
Multimedia Dual-Speakers {2×1.5W} | | Dolby-Audio | Digital-Microphone | VGA Webcam


► 15.6-Inch Asus x509ua Multitasking SSD Laptop

Suggest a good laptop for students in the 30000 Rupees range? There are many good laptops for students in 30000 Rupees range in India market. From them, the best options will be those with SSD memory.

ASUS VivoBook X509UA Multitasking Laptops

SSD laptops from the Asus x509ua Laptop series are some of the best laptops in India market from 25000 to 30000 Rupees range for students, personal, and home use. The Asus SSD laptops are fast, reliable, lightweight, and have original licensed operating system preinstalled. So, as soon as the laptop is delivered at your place, unbox it and start using it. No Waiting!

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Laptops of the Asus x509ua series are better than their alternatives in terms of hardware specification but lacks essential MS office applications with a lifetime license. Almost all HP and Lenovo laptops from 25000 to 30000 Rupees range have preinstalled the student version of the latest MS Office program, which includes MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. These MS office applications are a must. Without them, a laptop, especially in India, is not a useful laptop at all.

Price ₹30000 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 Original | Full-Size Keyboard with Numeric Keypad | 12-Months Warranty | Weight: 1.9-Kg
Screen 15.6-Inch | Full HD | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Color Gamut: 45% NTSC | Anti-Glare | Screen to Boyd Ratio: 82.5%
CPU Intel i3 (7th Gen) 7100U {3MB Cache} Dual-Core Processor | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 4GB DDR4 RAM {frequency: 2400-MHz} | RAM Slot: 1 | Max RAM Support: up to 12GB | 512GB SSD
Battery 2-Cell 32-Wh | 45-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | 2×USB 2.0 | 1×USB 3.1 | HDMI | USB Type-C | Bluetooth 4.1 | Wi-Fi 5 {802.11 ac (2×2)} | SD-Cards reader
Multimedia Dual-Speakers | Digital-Microphone | VGA-Webcam


► Lenovo S145-15AST Multitasking Laptop {81N300J1IN}

The Lenovo laptop was recently introduced in India market and currently, it is the best multitasking laptop under 25000 Rupees. It sports a 15.6-Inch big and bright screen. The screen surface has anti-glare protection. So, this Lenovo laptop is perfect for continuous reading and watching. Therefore, it is an ideal laptop for studying.

Lenovo S145-15AST Multitasking Laptop 81N300J1IN

On the software side, this Lenovo laptop comes with a licensed Windows 10 operating system. Plus, it has preinstalled MS Office 2019 student version with a lifetime license.

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The performance of this Lenovo laptop isn’t disappointing because of the 256GB SSD memory. Since it is powered by a low-level AMD processor, it can’t handle advanced software and heavy multitasking. For general use, movie watching, home use, undergraduate students it is an excellent laptop, therefore.

Price ₹23990 | Amazon
Features Windows 10 Original | MS Office 2019 Student Licensed | Full-Size Keyboard with number-pad | Warranty: 1-Year {Lenovo Support Up to 07-04-2025} | Weight: 1.85-Kg | TPM 2.0
Screen 15.6-Inch | HD {1366×768} | Panel: TN | Refresh-Rate: 60Hz | Brightness: 220-nits | Anti-Glare
Processor AMD A6-9225 {Core: 2, Thread: 2, TDP: 15W, Base Clock-Speed: 2.6GHz, Max Clock-Speed: 3.1GHz, Cache: 1MB} | Graphics-Processor: AMD Radeon R4 Graphics {Core: 3, Freq: 686 MHz}
Memory RAM: 4GB DDR4 {2133-MHz} | SATA III M.2 SSD: 256GB | RAM-Expansion: 8GB
Battery 35-Wh Li-Po | 45-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | 1×USB 2.0 | 2×USB 3.1 | 1×HDMI | Bluetooth 4.2 | Wi-Fi {1×1} | 4-in-1 SD-Cards Reader
Multimedia 2×1.5W Dual-Speakers | Mono-Microphone | 0.3MP Webcam


► HP ca002TU Chrome Touchscreen Laptop

What laptop should students buy? Recently HP introduced its touchscreen laptop below 25000 Rupees, which is powered by the Google Chrome operating system. This HP Chrome laptop is the cheapest touchscreen laptop in India market. It sports a 14-Inch HD screen with multi-touch support. Our assessment, it is an ideal laptop for students up to twelfth grade.

HP Chromebook 14-Inch Thin Light Touchscreen Laptop

Google Chrome operating system is totally different from Windows, but it is very similar to Google Android. Therefore, you would feel a little awkward if you have used a Windows or Mac laptop previously. But the moment of awkward wouldn’t last very long, in fact not even an hour, if you are using an Android laptop.

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The HP chrome laptop can do everything that a Windows laptop is capable of doing. However, it cannot run professional software because they are not ready for the Chrome operating system. If you need a fast laptop with general usages and your budget is in the range of 20000 to 25000 Rupees, then, the HP ca002TU chrome laptop is the best choice, presently. Check our video review for more information about this HP chrome laptop.

Price ₹22000 | Amazon
Features Google Chrome OS | Full-Size Keyboard | 12-Months Warranty | Weight: 1.53-Kg
Screen 14-Inch | HD | Touchscreen with multi-touch support | Anti-Glare Protection
 CPU Intel Celeron N3350 {2MB Cache} | Intel HD Graphics 500 | 4GB LPDDR4 RAM {frequency: 2400-MHz} | 64GB eMMC Drive
Battery 2-Cell 47.36-Wh | 45-Watt Charger
Connectivity MIC-in | Headphone-Out | Ethernet | 2×USB 3.1 | 2×USB Type-C | Bluetooth 4.2 | Wi-Fi (2.4-GHz) | SD-Cards reader
Multimedia B&O Play Dual-Speakers | Digital-Microphone | HD Webcam