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Kent RO UF Water Purifier under 15000 Rupees

Kent RO UF Water Purifier under 15000 Rupees

7 Liter Ro Water Purifier Kent Ace Plus with UF and TDS Technology

Kent is one of the few reputable companies known to sell good water purifiers in India. The reason why I like this brand is it keeps launching new purifiers based on latest features. In the month of June last year, Kent had launched the Ace Plus RO+UF water purifier. This product has become quite popular these days. It is an electricity based purifier and is suitable for purifying hard water.

A purifier of this type normally costs not more than 8000 rupees, but Kent is selling it at 15000 rupees. This whopping price tag made me curious and I decided to do a review on it last month. After a 30-day research, I am finally here to tell what pros and cons this purifier comes with. So without any further ado let us get down to the main business. Read also RO UV Water Purifier in India Between 8000 to 11500 Rupees.

Old Design: Generally, a product of this price segment comes with attractive and modern looking outer shell, though that does not seem to be the case here. The looks of this product are not as good as I had expected. The top part of the purifier, which consists of all the filtration units, is transparent while the bottom part features a white color finish.

Average Build Quality: The build quality of this purifier has greatly disappointed me. Kent has used cheap quality plastic in making it. Its tap feels very flimsy and can easily break if something collides with it.

The RO Purifier Supports Only Wall Mount Installation

With this purifier, you get wall-mount installation option only. I must admit though the support Kent provides during the whole installation process is awesome. They send well-qualified engineers to your home who do not leave until you are fully satisfied. Installation is done free of cost, which is another bonus of purchasing the Kent purifier.

After getting the delivery of the product, you need to call Kent’s customer care department to initiate the installation procedure.

Kent’s Support Center Number- 92 789 12345/1800 100 1000/ SMS KENT to 53636

Small Storage Tank: A big limitation of wall-mounted purifiers is that they cannot hold huge amount of water in the storage tank. In our case, Kent has equipped this purifier with a 7-liter storage tank. This will not create a big problem though as these days everyone stores water in bottles.

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Food grade surface of the storage tank does not allow bacteria to flourish and keeps the water free of contamination.

Kent Ace Plus 7L RO UF Water Purifier

A Water Purifier with Advantage of RO with UF Unit

This purifier is for people who consume hard water. Its RO membrane is capable of making water potable even if the TDS level is as high as 1000 ppm. Further, the purifier also comes equipped with an UF unit, but not all water passes through it. Instead, it is used to purify the water that passes through the TDS modulator only.

Although Kent actively says this purifier adds the essential minerals back to the water, but I would not recommend you to purify soft water with it. TDS modulators just add the non-RO-purified water back to the mainstream water to enhance the taste. In this process, other harmful heavy metals and elements are also mixed with the water.

The maintenance cost of the product is not as high as you would expect. On an average, you will have to spend around 2000 rupees per year on it. The purifier consumes just 60 Watts of electricity, which is too low to cause any increase in the electricity bill.


  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduces TDS level
  • Makes water taste and smell better
  • Compact setup


  • Design is not attractive
  • Not good for corporation water

Verdict: This water purifier is a great option to go for if you are using hard water. The RO membrane is really powerful and works perfectly with high TDS water. I would like to point out though it does not feature a UV chamber. So, before ordering the product ensures that the water coming to your house does not have a high concentration of bacteria.

Price 15000 Rupees
Storage Tank Capacity 7 Liters
Filtration Technology RO with UF Chamber
Purification Capacity 15 Liters/Hour
Extra Features Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter
Maximum Duty Cycle 75 Liters/Day
Installation Type Wall Mount
Power Consumption 60 Watts
Weight 7.35 KG
Dimensions 270 x 505 x 380 mm

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