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Juicer Mixer Grinder between 2000 to 3000 Rupees

Tecnora Avatar 550 FP Mixer/Blender/Grinder with Two Jars

Okay, before I discuss anything about the king of the show today, we need to discuss a few basic things. Not a big or a popular brand rather a small desi company called Tecnora manufactures this stylish kitchen device. I am sure you have not heard this brand before.

While you are in a market, a good shopping tip is buying only branded items. Even we endorse mostly branded product because a purchase means you also get a service agreement with the brand for a committed warranty period. Big brands like Philips, Bajaj, Preethi, and Havells offer excellent customer support.

Try a good product from a new brand: A coffee maker from Philips will offer a lot more functionality and features than a similar product made by some local manufacturer. However, does this mean we ignore all these smaller brands? Well, certainly not because the moment we will start ignoring them, the big players will create a monopoly and that will go against customer interest.

Enough of the moral educations so let us move on the main subject now.

The Tecnora Avatar 550 FP is a powerful Kitchen use machine acts as a mixer, blender, and grinder. Launched very recently at a premium MRP, but now you can easily get it for a reasonable price of 2910 rupees from the online market.

Tecnora is a new kid in town and has zero brand equity. Therefore, it is our duty to give an unbiased review about it. Here, we will lower the rules or parameters of judgment because it is my personal opinion that a new brand should receive some sort of opportunity in today’s advertisement driven bazaar.

Tecnora Avatar 550 FP Mixer Blender Grinder with Two Jars

This Tecnora Mixer Blender comes in Decent Build Quality

In spite of a low price tag, the manufacturer has used good quality materials in the making of this kitchen gadget. This is a solid product certainly durable and it will last many years to come.

The base of this machine is sturdy. I can say this because its outer shell does not offer any flexing or creaking. It is thinner on the top and wider at the bottom. This slant design helps in maintaining the balance during the operation.

Ergonomic Design That Will Add To the Beauty of Your Kitchen: You would not want to use an ugly looking grinder in a decorated kitchen. That is not an issue here as the Tecnora machine comes in an outer shell that gives a nice appeal to the eyes.

The white finish of the body will match any type of kitchen base. Some level of premium feel is added by the two stainless steel jars that are also shipped by the manufacturer. Both these jars offer a capacity to store 1.25 liters of ingredients. However, one of these is used for liquid or semi-liquid items while the other one is for grinding dry items.

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Extra Safe: I must compliment Tecnora for not compromising with safety aspect. Thanks to a brilliant design, the mixer grinder turns out to be a well-balanced machine offers a safe operation always.

Both Jars and blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. It will last many years without any issue.

To protect the motor from overload and high-temperature shock, there is an inbuilt overload protection feature. You will find a hidden switch that kicks in and turns off the motor if the temperature of coil exceeds a certain level.

One more safety net is here to ensure lid on the jar locked properly every time. Its operation will not start until the hooks on the jars locked on to the base properly.

This 550-Watt Mixer has a Powerful Motor Inside

You need to understand, this is not a heavy-duty machine. A powerful 550-Watt motor at the heart of this machine offers impressive 18000 run per minute. You get to choose from three speed levels, which will prove to be helpful in saving both electricity as well as processing the items in phases.

Another interesting thing is both jars come equipped with stirrers. So, you will not have to open the cup to move the materials that are stuck on the corners to the center.


  • Smart safety system
  • High power motor
  • Offers a nice design
  • Overload protection
  • Can do grinding, mixing as well as blending

Cons: It is a little hard to clean

Verdict: I was not very sure about this mixer grinder, which comes from a new brand unheard so far. But as it turns out, Tecnora has done an appreciable job here. Your investment will not be wasted rather you create an asset in the kitchen. This is an ideal machine for your beautiful kitchen. It is solid, silent, and safe in daily use.

Price 2900 Rupees
Power Consumption 550 Watts
Speed 18000 RPM
Safety Features Overload Protection and Safety Lock
Warranty 1 Years on Product
Speed Modes 3 with Pulse
Jars 2
Blades 3


Singer Marvel Juicer Mixer Grinder

If you want to make delicious food quickly and easily, you definitely have to rely on the mixer grinder in your kitchen. Mixer grinder is everyday home appliance in almost every kitchen.

For a healthy life, you need a balanced dose of minerals and vitamins. For this, you would most probably go for fresh fruit or vegetable juices in your breakfast. Juicer mixer grinder makes it easy for you with its multi-functional capacity of mixing, juicing, grinding etc.

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The Singer marvel has many such features that will put on a smile on your face. It is very budget-friendly juicer mixer grinder compared to many others. It comes at 2,199 rupees currently on online websites. The manufacturer also provides two years warranty, which is an added advantage.

Very useful for space conscious persons: When you have the juicer integrated into the mixer grinder to become juicer mixer grinder all together, you need not worry about buying a juicer separately. With this, you not only save money but also your precious space in your kitchen.

It is also very small and compact in its design. Therefore, it can easily be placed anywhere in the kitchen. It is also easy to handle.

Multi-functional capacity: The marvel juicer mixer comes with two jars. One is transparent liquidizer jar of 1500 ml and the other is dry grinding jar of 800 ml. These jars come with the efficient stainless steel blades. Therefore, it has a longer lifetime.

This juicer mixer grinder can be used for both dry grinding and wet grinding. It has the high-quality ABS body. You can use it to perform various functions such as dry grinding, wet grinding, juicing, mixing (blending), and liquidizing.

Singer Marvel Juicer Mixer Grinder

This Singer Mixer is Easy clean and Protection Features

Cleaning is very easy, as the coupler of the mixer grinder is not grounded in any outer walls. It is clearly visible from the outer side. Therefore, if anything spills out during mixing or grinding, you can easily clean it out.

The juicer also comes with the high capacity online pulp collector alongside it. When juicing, it collects the pulp into it and it can be disposed easily as well.

Overload protector: This device has the overload protection feature, which is a must-have for every mixer grinder. Sometimes, we just add too much quantity of items into the jar to mix or grind them. When it is overloaded, it easily burns out causing the damage to the device.

This overload protection works similar to the normal fuse used at home. If you have mistakenly overloaded the device, just to avoid damage, the motor turns off automatically.

Multiple user and Many Features: The singer marvel can be a good juicer, a mixer, and a grinder, which also has 500 watts powerful motor that ensured its smooth performance. It also has the 3-speed control with incher to vary the speeds according to the requirement.


  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Saves money and space
  • Overload protection feature
  • Multi-functioning device
  • 3 Speed control with incher
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • 2 years warranty
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Verdict: Overall, it is a good value for money to buy this juicer mixer grinder. I am sure you appreciate this efficient JMG machine, which is easy to use and does fine always.

Brand Singer
Model Marvel
Type Juicer Mixer Grinder
No. of jars 2
Speed controls 3
Colour White
Power 500 watts
Warranty 2 years
Price Rs. 2,199
Overload protector Yes
Blades Stainless steel

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