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JBL Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Below 13000 Rupees

JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review and Specifications

JBL Voyager Wireless Portable Speaker

Only a few brands in India make quality audio devices and certainly, JBL is one of them. This company is better known for doing new experiments and pushing the boundaries of audio technology. The JBL Voyager Wireless Speaker that comes at the price of 12990 rupees supports my claim. This is a beast generates extreme vibrations of low frequencies and is capable of shaking the ground beneath your shoes. However, it would be better to say in the introduction only that some users will not find the design of this device appealing.

Extraordinary Design

In the box, you actually get two separate speaker units of varying size. The smaller one is the main control unit while the bigger one acts like the stand for the whole setup and is called as docking unit. The whole setup is not portable still you can carry the main unit along after detaching it from the docking system.

Placing the portable speaker unit on top of the dock is much easier. All you have to do is align the JBL logo of former with the markers of the latter. Undocking the system requires just a push of a finger. At the center of the portable speaker is a control pad that features four buttons. The whole setup takes less space on a table but weighs in at 1.14 KG.

JBL Voyager Price Online in India

Decent Connectivity Options: At the bottom of the docking system, one can find all the connectivity ports, including a full-size USB port, a 3.5 mm aux-in port, as well as the power in port. The device supports Bluetooth connectivity, so there is no need of creating a mess on your desk using an auxiliary cable.

A dedicated Bluetooth button turns on the pairing mode and makes the speaker discoverable. Wireless setup is pretty simple and does not require any kind of passcode. However, the whole processes could have been even more user-friendly if JBL had featured an NFC chip on this product.

It does come with an inbuilt microphone that records good quality audio and allows the users to receive calls. The Noise Cancellation Technology enhances the calling experience by eliminating the background noise.

Produces Class Leading Audio: The main control unit and the docking unit together produce extraordinary audio. The whole setup includes two 45 mm driver units and one 77mm woofer unit. Its total RMS output of 30 Watts is enough to shake your room. Deep bass levels make the user’s experience as immersive as it can be. The device has a frequency response range of 20 – 20000 Hz, which is just amazing. However, the audio quality of the portable speaker alone will not impress you much. Therefore, I would not recommend traveling with it in a car.

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Bad Battery Life

To enjoy the music at its fullest, you will be required to keep the docking system connected with the power supply. However, the portable speaker is capable of running without power as it comes with a 1000 mAh battery. But the problem is this battery takes about 2.5 hours to get fully charged and gives power backup of 4-5 hours only.

The one great thing about this speaker is you can charge a smartphone and other portable gadgets using its full-size USB port.

JBL Voyager Review and Specifications


  • Generates ground shaking bass levels
  • Impressive frequency response range of 20-20000 Hz
  • The main control unit is portable
  • Does not require a lot of space
  • Bluetooth and aux-in connectivity


  • Battery life is not that great

Verdict : I would give JBL 10/10 stars for innovation. This device does produce deep bass levels and loud & clear audio. However, you should consider some cons before making the purchase decision. The inbuilt battery is not capable of supplying power to the docking system. Moreover, the power cord that comes along creates a mess. Certainly, the electronic market is full of better alternatives.

Price 9000 Rupees
Dimensions 210 X 127 mm
Weight 1.14 KG
Audio Channel 2.1
Signal To Noise Ratio 80 dB
Frequency Response Range 20-20000 Hz
Connectivity Aux-in and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes


JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Thanks to the brands like JBL that fancy speakers are becoming popular in the Indian market. Customers these days not only want a good sounding device, but also a good-looking one. Many people appreciated the first generation JBL Pulse speaker when it was first introduced. However, with time, its shortcoming or I should say its cons started to surface up. Therefore, in order to tackle the criticism, the brand recently launched the second generation of this great device. What is more interesting is that it is available in India for an attractive price of 12990 rupees.

Improved LED Lighting

The LED lighting of the original JBL Pulse was a piece of marvel in itself. This time around, the brand has tried to improve the technology behind the LED panel. You can actually see for yourself that the Pulse 2 speaker features a panel that has more pixels than the previous generation. This helps in enhancing the details and makes the animation look more appealing.

JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Price Online in India

Personalize it! The Users get the option to choose any color of their liking for the LED panel. There is a spectrum camera on the device that can sense colors. When you put this sensor in front of an object and press the JBL Prism button, the device will change the color of LEDs to that of the object.

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Cool Design: The new Pulse looks a lot cooler than the original one. All the control buttons have been moved to the side for easy access. Moreover, it also comes with a dedicated battery indicator. Reinforced design helps this speaker to resist water splashes. Connectivity ports feature a rubber cap, which is not easy to open. It feels really solid and sturdy in the hand. The speaker looks compact, but in reality, it is heavy and weighs in at 776 grams.

Inbuilt Microphone: At the bottom of the LED panel, a narrow vent leads to the inbuilt microphone of this device. Its call quality is good, but do expect to face some level of background noise.

A Bunch of Connectivity Features: One of the main highlight of this device is its JBL Connect feature. Using this functionality, you will be able to connect this device with other JBL speakers. Inbuilt Bluetooth offers a good range, but do make sure that there is no thick wall in-between. Physical connection is also possible, as the manufacturer has featured an aux-in port on it. The users can also install a dedicated application on their smartphones using which they will be able to modify the light show patterns.

Better Audio Quality

Compared to the earlier generation, the Pulse 2 sounds much better. Frequency response range has been improved by improvising the passive radiator. Bass levels are now quite impressive. However, compared to other speakers in the market, it still lags behind. Vocals and treble levels remain distorted. It will be much harder for you to differentiate between two instruments.

JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review and Specifications

Features a Super massive Battery: The lightshow LED panel of the speaker eats up a lot of power. Therefore, to solve this problem, JBL has featured a high capacity 6000 mAh battery inside. On a single charge, it offers about 9-10 hours of power backup.


  • Inbuilt microphone to receive calls
  • Generates loud audio
  • Good battery backup
  • JBL Connect feature will prove to be of great use
  • Dedicate smartphone app
  • Features a sensor that detects colors
  • Splash proof and durable body
  • Pixels density is good


  • Distorted and unclear mid frequencies
  • Bass has been improved but not enough

Verdict: If you are a kind of person who likes to listen to music while swimming in a pool, then this speaker will be a great option to go for. It creates a great environment in dark situation with its lightshow panel. But there is still need for JBL to improve the audio quality.

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Price 13000 Rupees
Dimenions  8.4 x 8.4 x 19.4 cm
Signal To Noise Ratio 80 dB
Connectivity Aux-in and Bluetooth
Inbuilt Battery Yes

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