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Top Iron Box Under 500 Rupees

Best Iron Box under 500 Rupees in India Market

A cloth has to pass through three-stage processing before it can be reused. You need to clean it, dry it thoroughly and then iron so hard that crease becomes razor sharp. We have published many iron box review articles helping readers with the best iron boxes available in the online market.

In this piece, we cover the latest model of iron boxes which have a higher power capacity, but their price is below 500 Rupees. Here you read about the best iron box under 500 Rupees from top brands Havells, Bajaj, Philips, Orient, Morphy Richards, Usha, and others. Their heating capacity is either 1000-Watt or more than 1000-Watt.

► Morphy Richards Daisy 1000-Watt Dry Iron

The 1000W iron box from the house of Morphy Richards, a British home & kitchen brand is unique in many ways. This iron box below 500 Rupees has a plastic body with a unique floral design. Its handle comes in a wooden design. Such attractive design you would not see on appliances this much cheap. Trust me people will not believe you that you paid less than 500 Rupees for this premium looking iron box.

Morphy Richards Daisy Dry Iron in 500 Rupees

The second unique thing is that Morphy Richards brand offers free home service warranty. And, the third unique thing is the packing of the iron box. Usually, iron boxes are in a cartoon box with documents. However, Morphy Richards Daisy iron box comes nicely packed. You will find on a plastic wrap on the soleplate for protection.

The Morphy Richards Daisy iron box is an automatic iron box. It is comfortable in use because of non-stick coated soleplate and an ergonomic design. This iron box also has a temperature control disk and neon indicator for power ON/OFF status.

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Nova and Billion brands launched their latest iron box under 500 Rs with 1100-Watt power capacity. And they provide 24 months warranty on their product as well. Then which on you need to buy?

If you compare the design of the iron box of these three brands, Morphy Richards Daisy is a clear winner. Hence it is one of the best irons below 500 Rupees currently.

Price 495 Rupees
Power 1000-Watt
Features American heritage soleplate with non-stick coating | Automatic | Auto Power Cut
Build Durable Plastic Build | Aluminium Soleplate | 1.5-Meter Long Cord | Neon Indicator
Warranty 24 Months | Home Service | Morphy Richard Customer Care 1800-103-5963


► Usha Electric EI-1602 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Usha sure is an Indian brand, but gives a cut-throat competition to other foreign brands. You can carry on your style by wearing well ironed and crisp clothes by choosing this dry iron. The iron box has premium design and features one could fall for in easily.

Design: The product exhibits a neat design. The iron has a good quality plastic body, which is heat resistant and shockproof. The soleplate is quite lightweight and has a non-stick coating. It has a temperature control knob and a power indicator indicating power options for security. The company provides iron in three different variants. The handle is quite comfortable for long ironing sessions.

Usha Electric EI 1602 1000W Review and Specifications

Specifications: It runs on a 240V power supply and consumes 1000W of power. The soleplate of iron is coated with a non-stick PTFE material, which loosens some weight off the iron. The coating resists sticking to the fabric. We get a shock proof outer body, which too shows heat resistance. This feature eliminates many competitors from the market.

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The temperature control knob has four options available for different types of clothing, protecting damage to clothes. For security purpose there is a thermal fuse available to prevent overheating of the coil. This iron box has 1.9 meters of 180° swivel cord for easy handling and manipulations. We get a one-year warranty on the iron used against any parts, repairing or replacement from manufacturer.

Pros Features:-

  1. Lightweight
  2. Non-stick Teflon coating
  3. Temperature control knob with indicator
  4. Shock proof and heat resistant body


  1. Power inefficient
  2. Not effective results on some fabrics

Conclusion: This iron box promises too many feature one can expect. The company focuses too much for safety of clothes and user by introducing shock proof and non-stick coating, but compromised over the heating uniformity. The product isn’t very effective when used with rough clothes. Though it is a lightweight product and can easily be moved. This is the best iron box in the market available in terms of power options and features. In spite of some issues with heating problems, I can trust the product by USHA for its standard and quality.

Price 445 Rupees
Power 1000 Watts
Features Temperature Control
Soleplate type Teflon Coated
Protection Thermal fuse Overheating


► Singer DX-75 1000-Watt Dry Iron

If your budget is really tight and you still want a decent quality product, then the Singer DX-75 1000-Watt Dry Iron is only for you. It is currently available in the market for a price of 390 rupees. However, let me tell you that using this iron is not going to be an easy task.

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Design: To maintain comfort even at this price, Singer has compromised on the front of design. The unpleasant shape of this iron is a reminder of gadgets used during 1980s. The good thing is you will not get tired while using this device for longer duration as its handle imitates the natural shape of palm. Its tangle free cord also helps in keeping the ironing operation-less frustrating.

Singer DX 75 1000W Review and Specifications

Performance: The soleplate of this iron features a non-stick coating, which is helpful in ironing the fabrics like nylon. Uniform heating across the soleplate ensures that you get flat results without wasting much time. This iron comes with temperature control wheel, but you will have to be really careful while operating that because only a few options are available. Absence of button groove makes is it a little hard to reach the tricky areas.

Safety: The temperature indicator light turns off when the soleplate reaches required temperature. You will not have to worry about overheating as this iron comes with an overheat protection feature.

Pros Features:-

  • Non-stick coated soleplate
  • Consumes less power
  • Tangle free power cable
  • Comfortable handle
  • Temperature control


  • No button groove
  • Bad build quality

Verdict: This iron is highly affordable. However, I would still recommend raising budget minimum 600 rupees to buy a high quality dry iron.

Price 390 Rupees
Power Consumption 1000 Watts
Soleplate Non-stick
Extra Features Temperature Indicator
Power Input 240 Volts
Warranty 2 Years


► Morphy Richards Inspira Dry Iron

Rejoice you’re ironing using the product by Morphy Richards. Company has launched a hassle free product, which is economical as well capable to do heavy-duty. Though the design doesn’t catch eyes, but the features at such pricing will surely attract customers.

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Design: We found Morphy Richards dry iron exhibit unique aesthetics and quality build material. The soleplate has a fine stainless steel finish making it look a high end product. It has a temperature control knob and a LED indicator on top of the handle. The body seems to have made from quality plastic which was expected from Morphy Richards. Also, the handle gives you comfortable hold over iron for easy manipulations.

Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron Review and Specifications

Specifications: Usually companies focus on power efficiency in this price range while Morphy broke stereotypes to make a product, which is lightweight and can do hefty jobs easily. It operates on 230V of power supply and consumes 1000 Watts energy for quick heating.

We get a DuPont non-stick coated soleplate giving durability to the iron. This soleplate ensures easy ironing and also prevents sticking of fabric to iron in case of overheating. This iron has a 360° Swivel Cord for ease of use. This swivel cord makes handling and moving of the iron comfortable and easy. Also, the cord prevents tangling of the wire. There is an adjustable thermostatic temperature control knob to match the fabric requirement and a neon indicator for power options. The product has only one year warranty.

Pros Features:-

  1. Lightweight
  2. Adjustable temperature knob
  3. Non stick DuPont coating
  4. Neon indicator
  5. 360° Swivel Cord


  1. Power inefficient
  2. No cord winder
  3. Handling problems for people with large forearm

Conclusion: It is not very easy to select a perfect iron as it has now basic appliance nowadays. We have to look at all aspects for it. This dry iron surprises with its price and its quick heating feature though the handling could be an issue for people with large palms. Also, other companies do give power efficient products within this range. If one can adjust with power efficiency, then this is a must buy for them.

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Price 560 Rupees
Power 1000 Watts
Features Temperature Control
Soleplate type DuPont
Warranty 1 Year


► Maharaja Whiteline Easio 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Maharaja is a reputable Indian electronic home appliance manufacturer, known for selling good quality products at great affordable price. Its Whiteline Easio Dry Iron has gained much popularity since it was launched several years back. Currently, this iron is selling at a much affordable price of only 529 rupees.

Design: The design of this iron will not let you feel that it is a budget level product. Its body is made of high quality materials that will last for years. The combination of white red colors gives this device a premium feels. This iron comes with a 1.5 meter long cord that can be winded around the back.

Maharaja Whiteline Easio 1000W Review and Specifications

Performance: This Maharaja iron takes more time to heat up, but once that is done, you will be amazed to see how it performs. Its non-stick soleplate gives smooth results and can remove even the stubborn creases. The temperature of the soleplate can be regulated with the help of control dial. Its unique shape allows the users to iron even tricky areas. Special button groove just above the soleplate proves to be helpful while ironing around buttons and hooks.

The iron consumes just 1000 Watts of electricity and will not affect your electricity bill.

Safety: Once the soleplate reaches the temperature set by user, the auto shut-off feature comes into action and cuts the power supply. This makes sure that your clothes do not get burnt due to overheating. This iron also features a temperature indicator light.

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  • Power efficient
  • Button groove
  • Cord winder
  • Non-stick soleplate
  • Temperature indicator LED

Verdict: This iron from Maharaja is really a great device for budget households and students. It is durable, safe and easy to use.

Price 500 Rupees
Power 1000 Watts
Soleplate Non-stick
Features Temperature Indicator and Button Groove
Power Input 240 Volts
Warranty 2 Years


► Havells Jio Dry Iron with 1000 Watt Capacity

While looking for a dry iron – quality, features and price play a much important role. All these aspects seem to be in a perfect balance when we talk about the Havells Jio 1000-Watt Dry Iron. At just 700 rupees, this iron offers great build quality and premium level features.

Design: The blue finish that this iron wears feels pleasing to the eyes. Its textured handle offers a comfortable grip during long ironing sessions. It also comes with a 360 degree swivel cord that allows for easy movement in hard situations.

Performance: This iron gets enough hot that you can easily remove stubborn creases. It’s DuPont American Heritage coated soleplate smoothly glides over all kinds of fabrics and gives perfect flat results.

The control dial can be used to set the temperature in accordance with the type of fabric you are going to iron. The full-length button groove makes it easy to iron around the tricky areas. This iron works at 230 Volts and consumes only 1000 Watts of electricity.

Havells Jio 1000W Review and Specifications

Safety: Overheat protection feature prevents accidental burning of clothes by cutting the power supply once the soleplate reaches the required temperature. The temperature indicator light is located on the handle itself, which makes it easy for the user to see if the iron is ready to use or not.

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Pros Features:-

  • Low power consumption
  • DuPont American Heritage coated soleplate
  • Full length button groove
  • 2 years of warranty
  • 360 degree swivel cord with winder
  • Temperature control

Cons: Takes time to heat up

Verdict: I would personally advice to go with this iron, but only when your budget allows.

Price 515 Rupees
Power 1000 Watts
Soleplate DuPont American Heritage
Features Temperature Indicator and Button Groove
Power Input 240 Volts
Warranty 2 Years


► Bajaj Majesty Insta Lift 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Indian consumer electronics brand Bajaj holds significant position in the market particularly in rural and small cities. In last the few years, the brand has become really aggressive initiated price cut with extra service warranty free of cost.

The best thing about Bajaj is though it keeps price low but never compromises at quality and service guarantee. I trust Philips home appliances yet the fact about Bajaj is it has earned most preferred and trusted band tag in budget segment.

In the search of the best 1000W dry iron box, we have found the Bajaj Insta Lift, one decent choice available online for a payment of just 1050 rupees.


  1. Auto lift feature
  2. Non-stick coating
  3. Heavy weight
  4. 360 degree swivel cords
  5. Thermal fuse
  6. ISI quality rated
  7. Two years of warranty

Have you ever wonder why we do not get the same ironing quality as the roadside ironing center offers? I am using Philips Diva 750W a light weight dry iron box does quick ironing, but crease does not even exist for an hour after wearing the cloth. The reason is simple, in home we use light weight iron box that has sufficient heat, but because of light weight built the iron box does not create enough pressures on clothes so that razor sharp crease will stay for full wearing day.

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The Bajaj Majesty Insta Lift is unique ironing gadgets bring something new in terms of fast ironing. I have found the product worthy to have it in my daily morning usages.

Heavy Weight: Since the iron box is not a light weight built, females and old aged family members will find hard-working with. Bajaj has deliberately made it heavy in order to make ironing perfect. After ironing with this Bajaj Iron box, I am sure your cloth will look fresh well folded even after full working day wearing. I would highly recommend this iron box for bachelors.

Bajaj Majesty Insta Lift 1000W Dry Iron Review and Specifications

Heating : 1000 Watts heating capacity is absolutely perfect for fast ironing of all kinds of clothes. In addition, it will have minimum impact on electricity bill and maximum benefit in terms of perfect ironing.

Auto lift solution: Whenever I get call, I need to move out the hot iron box from cloth then switch off electricity supply until I finished the call. However, with this iron box, as soon as you release handle, it will auto lift up thereby protects cloth from burning or any damage. Those have tough schedule throughout week will find the feature valuable.

Non Stick: I cannot miss the feature as it makes ironing safe and hassle-free. Because of non stick base, the iron box won’t stick and complete ironing with damaging clothes.

Warranty: Two years of free service is a guarantee that the brand trusts its product in terms of quality and durability. My friends are using Bajaj appliances from many years without any problem.

Verdict: I have bought this iron box just one week back from Flipkart. Its price of 1050 Rupees is worthy investment that gives perfect ironing similar to street ironing center.

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Price 450 Rupees
Power 1000 Watts
Features Temperature Control, Auto Shut Off, Auto Lift
Soleplate type Non-stick Coated
Warranty 2 Year

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