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Dry and Steam Iron Box from ₹1200 to ₹1500 Price Range

Best Iron under 1500 Rupees in India Market

The weight of an iron box is a significant factor. Having used many iron boxes so far, and compared their performance with solid crease done by a street corner-ironing center using a traditional iron, I am sure of the fact that an iron box has to have a more massive heating plate to give lasting straightness to the cloth.

However, a heavyweight iron box is not suitable for instant ironing. Therefore, some may prefer to have a lightweight iron box. In this piece, we cover top-rated iron boxes those are on sale below 1500 Rupees and have the minimum 1000-Watt heating capacity. The suggested iron boxes here gets heat up fast and clear stubborn creases from your clothes. Are you looking for best ironing machine below 1500 Rupees? Here are the best options on the market.

► 1550W Panasonic Steam Iron {NI-P250T}

Lately, steam iron boxes have gained a lot of popularity especially among the middle-class. Earlier on, the electric steam iron market in India was exclusively limited to commercial setups. You would hardly find a steam iron in a typical small Indian home. However, thanks to companies like Panasonic, small households can now own a medium-sized steam iron. In this review, we brush up one of the best entry-level steam iron boxes in India, the Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron. Here are some of the features that impressed us in this iron box.

Panasonic 1550-Watt Steam Iron in 1500 Rupees

A reliable Soleplate: Regardless of being a cheap iron box, Panasonic developed a sturdy sole plate for this product. We liked the fact that this heavy-duty iron box circulates the steam evenly throughout the fabric hence faster ironing. You will also discover that the soleplate has a curved tip, which comes in handy when ironing heavily creased clothes. This curved edge helps the iron box glide smoothly over creases.

Good steaming system: The NI-P250T is probably the only Panasonic steam iron with micro-mist spray in this price range. This iron box has a variable steam regulator that allows the user to tune the steam output accordingly. Moreover, the manufacturer included an easy-to-use misting system within this device. To activate the spray mist, all you need to do is press the push-button and direct the spray towards your fabric.

→ Ergonomic and durable design of this Panasonic Steam Iron

Remarkably, we noted that this lightweight iron has a soft and comfortable grip. This means that you will not stress your hands even after using it for long hours. Also, the power cord is a 360 degrees swivel cord, which doesn’t tangle easily. Additionally, the manufacturer added an Anti-calc feature within this device to avert scaling and calcium crystallization in the steaming mechanism. That way, your iron box can last for many years.

Price 1499 Rupees
Ideal for Steam Ironing | Dry Ironing
Capacity Power : 1550-Watt | Water Tank : 200-ml |
Build Weight: 1-Kg | Soleplate: Titanium | Calc Cut: YES | Spray : YES
Features High Voltage Quick Start | | Non-stick curved Soleplate | Large Water Window | 360 degree rotating cable
Warranty 12-Months | Panasonic Customer Care 1800 108 1333
Sales Box Panasonic NI-P250T Steam Iron | Instruction manual | Warranty card
Variant Panasonic NI-P300T with 1780-Watt Heating Capacity | @ 1600 Rupees
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► Philips Heavy-Weight Dry Iron Box {GC-181}

The Philips heavyweight iron is a perfect blend of elegance, performance, and affordability. It has a robust build and an elegant design. Its performance is mind-blowing, too. No doubt, Philips GC-181 is one of the best heavyweight dry irons in the Indian market. It is, in fact, the most recommended iron to make a hard crease on your clothes.

1.6-Kg weight: The weight of an iron box is a significant factor. Iron-man on the street corner could give solid iron on fabrics because he uses a heavyweight iron. A general belief is that heat alone is sufficient to clear stubborn creases from clothes. That is not true, though.

I have two Philips iron boxes. One is a lightweight iron box, Philips Diva, a dry iron box. Another is this heavyweight dry iron box. I have tested pressing clothes using both. The result clearly showed that the heavyweight Philips iron box gives hard and long-lasting straightness to clothes.

Some may argue that why not hard press the iron box while ironing a cloth. For desired results, applying weight on the iron, while ironing is not enough. Anyhow, you need a weighty iron box, which compliments user’s propulsion also.

Philips GC 181 Dry Iron Review and Specifications

A noted disadvantage of a heavyweight iron box is that it takes a much longer time in getting warm. Not ideal for instant ironing, it could take twice more time in getting warm enough than a lightweight regular iron box. Therefore, such weighty iron box is suitable to use once in a week. On the weekend, in free time, sit with this iron box, let it be fully warmed, and complete all the unfinished iron works.

→ Faster Heating

When Philips demands 1500 rupees for an iron box, then it must give at least 1100W heating capacity. In fact, it is much needed since the iron box comes with a heavy iron heating plate that takes much longer time reaching to the right temperature.

1000W temperature works well though that is not giving a fast and impressive result. This is again proportional. Since one iron box works for four to six years easily, you should buy one, which does not become a liability within a year or two. I do not want you in a situation as cannot keep it since delivery is poor or cannot dump since it works.

What should be the capacity of an iron box? In my opinion, 1100W is ideal, 1250W is good, and 1350 watt is excellent. 1500W temperature limit is too much, certainly not user & fabrics friendly as well as prone to unnecessary waste of energy when user adjusting the cloth.

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I am sure you are clear now about your requirement. Thus, what you think, Philips GC 181 dry iron with 1000W faster-heating capacity is an ideal choice, or you need much more powerful iron box.

Looking at the product from all angles those are following – weight, built & design, and 1000W power, I am up for this elegant product at the current price. Go for it.

→ Non-stick Coating

The debate on coating material/process/technology has been confusing customers. A battle is on between Teflon and American Heritage coating. Teflon is better as it being more non-sticky than Black American Heritage coating, which is famous for letting iron box to slide smoothly over fabrics.

The Philips GC181 features soleplate with black American heritage coating. Here, I am not going to be too tough on coating things since the end user experience with this Philips champ is impressive and its delivery is good.

Temp Control: This is not a pro feature anymore. Nowadays all Philips iron box from basic to premium features temperature control knob, use it to manipulate temperature, which suits the fabrics.

The iron box has the five stage temperature settings for different types of fabrics. That starts with Nylon, followed by silk, wool, cotton and ends with Linen, which is in effect the maximum. Because of its limitation to just 1000W heating capacity, it gives impressive ironing when set at the maximum.

Philips GC 181 Dry Iron Control Knob

→ Premium Design

Philips GC-181 is one most stylish iron box available. It is brilliant in terms of inside and outside beauty. The mix of gray and chrome finish makes it look attractive. Handle is made using tough quality plastic, chromed plates covering internal circuit, and finally dark gray heating plate, these together shapes up an eye-catching product.

The handle owns some glossy finish that shines and renders a feel of three-layered arrangement: handle, body, and solid heating plate with black American heritage coating. Overall the Philips iron box looks really awesome.

Price 1500 Rupees
Power 1000 W
Soleplate Black American Heritage
Weight 1.6 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Cord length 1.8 meter
Swivel Cord 360 degree cord freedom
Temp Control Yes
Indicator Light Yes
Auto off Yes


► Bajaj Majesty One – Good for Fast Ironing

A better alternative of Philips GC 181 is the Majesty One from desi brand Bajaj. It sports not so cool design but is very convenient in use. 1000W heating capacity is the same as the Philips iron box though it is priced 200 rupees less that is 1300 rupees.

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Both Iron box more or less owns similar specifications on paper. However, difference in their delivery is apparent. Philips GC-181 gets done more stable crease, but that will stay a full day, whereas the Majesty One, due to lesser weight, which is just 0.8 kg, fails to deliver hard crease.

1000W Heating capacity: Majesty One’s 1000-watt capacity is proportional to its price of 1300 rupees. So, the question is can it be a better choice. The answer is no. As I said in the last paragraph, its gross weight is just 0.8-Kg, so even with 1000-Watt faster-heating capacity, it fails to create impact as good as Philips GC-181 with 1000W temperature and 1.6-Kg weight can.

2.3-meter long cord : The long cord is one obvious reason why I picked up this Bajaj product. The 2.3-meter cord, which is 25% more in length, is swivel-able in 360 degree for users comfort. Although this is not a big thing as an easy solution of a short-length cord can be using with a power extension box. However, trust me the logic looks good only on paper, not in reality. I have an extension box, still I think, for convenience my Philips Iron box cord should be little more longer.

→ Golden American Heritage coating

Philips iron box has the same coating but in black. However, the main debate is of soleplate material and weight. Heavy iron plate, light thin plate, or aluminum plate are three options available for the manufacturers to choose from. For the Majesty One, Bajaj has smartly used a light thin plate that gets heated fast but releases the heat in the same speed, though.

Two Ways LED indicator: This does help but not as much as Bajaj exaggerating it as an adaptation of the International design. Yes, it is better than Philips’s placement of LED indicator under handle at the sharp curb. With an indicate at both sides, you can monitor the device from a distance. You will never lose sight from it as its glowing LED will draw your attention somehow. This results in a better use of the device, energy saving, and changes of having accident less as well.

Bajaj Majesty One Dry Iron Review and Specifications


  • Long Cord
  • Two LED indicators

Conclusion: The Majesty One is certainly one of the best choices for bachelor or office going who wants a fast heating iron box. However, it fails in creating last longer crease on fabrics. In the sales box, Bajaj also gives a silicone mat.

Price 1300 Rupees
Power 1000 W
Soleplate Black American Heritage
Weight 0.8 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Cord length 2.3 meter
Swivel Cord 360 degree cord freedom
Temp Control Yes
Indicator Light Two Sided
Auto off Yes
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