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Best Iron Box under 1200 Rupees

Best Iron under 1200 Rupees in India Market

When it comes to household chores you can be sure that that one of the most put off and commonly avoided tasks is that of doing the ironing. Don’t enjoy ironing? Don’t worry; with the help of the latest in steam irons, you can make the task a whole lot easier for yourself. Want to complete your job swiftly? With this machine, you can achieve consistently great results with only minimal effort and less hassle.

With so many up to date and innovative steam irons in the market, you can produce a far higher degree of pressure exerted onto items of clothing. What can be so complicated about choosing the right steam iron? Nevertheless, even in such seemingly quite trivial matter, there are some details which are more than worth our attention.

► 750W Deson Heavyweight Dry Iron

Heavyweight dry irons make a better and lasting crease on clothes. That is a well-known and well-proven fact. Apparently, most of the iron boxes on the market are lightweight. And, heavyweight iron boxes are costly, too.

Deson, a brand of homegrown home appliances manufacture from Ludhiana Punjab, is famous for heavyweight iron boxes, recently introduced a very affordable iron box whose gross weight is about 2-kg and the current price is only 1190 Rupees. It is an excellent choice for those who enjoy ironing and appreciate hard crease on clothes.

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The Deson heavyweight iron box comes with a 750W heater system and a wider & long cast iron base plate, which has a shining mirror finish. The attached 2-meter power cord has a cotton cover and a 3-PIN plug at the other end. Also, this heavy dry iron has temperature control as per fabric quality and power indicator.

Price ₹1190 | Amazon
Features Weight: 2-Kg | Made in India | 750W | Cast-Iron Base Plate | 2-meter Power Cord | ISI-Mark


► 1600W Inalsa Aral Steam Iron

One of the newest steam irons below 1200 Rupees comes from the reliable name for home electronics, Inalsa. The looks and design of this high capacity iron are futuristic,and it has smart automatic functions as well. ISI-mark for its perfect build quality assures that this iron would remain operational for many years. Moreover, Inalsa brand offers 24-months warranty.

Inalsa Aral Steam Iron in 1200 Rupees

What attracted me to this 1600-Watt multi mode iron is easy to use controls at convenient locations. Even without reading the user manual, you can use this steam iron. Its design is user-friendly. I would strongly suggest reading the user manual, however. Especially if you are first time user of a steam iron, then it is mandatory.

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The Inalsa Aral iron can do dry, spray, and steam ironing. While most of the steam iron below 1200 Rupees have Teflon coated soleplate, the soleplate of Inalsa Aral iron has ceramic-coated soleplate. Teflon coating is poisonous whereas Ceramic coating is considered safe. Moreover, ceramic is environment-friendly, too. Hair straightener comes with the ceramic-coated heating plate as ceramic does not damage hair. Thus, it makes sense to buy an iron box with ceramic-coated soleplate for ironing your favorite dress.

Smart Feature: Iron box that can store water for steam and spray requires cleaning. Either you waste your time in doing that,or your new iron box should have a self-cleaning feature. Inalsa Aral iron comes with a self-cleaning function. It is a dedicated button to initiate the process.

  • Continuous steam for quick crease removal
  • Use Steam burst for the most stubborn creases


Price ₹1195 | Amazon
Function Steam | Spray | Dry iron
Capacity Power: 1600-Watt | Water Tank: 280-ml | Power Indicator | 3-Pin 1.75-Meter Long Cord
Body Ceramic Coated Sole Plate | ISI Approved | Weight: 870-grams
Features Anti-Drip to prevent leakage while not in use | Anti-Calc Functions | Powerful Steam Burst | Vertical Ironing | Self Cleaning | 360°Swivel Cord Movement | Thermal Fuse for Total Safety | Over Heat Protection
Control Steam Level | Temperature Level


► 1250W Havells Sparkle Steam Iron

A solid steam burst help you iron out the creases! This iron, as the name suggests, produce steam and this lets you ease out wrinkles quicker and iron a lot better than those without steam. Consequently, serving the right purpose and delivering effective professional ironing results on all types of fabrics. So, instead of using a customary iron that uses a hot metal plate to both damp and dry garments, straightening out creases, you can use this steam iron that uses hot steam to create the same effect with much less effort.

Havells Sparkle 1250-Watt Steam Iron Review and Specifications

A spray to enhance the outcomes: Havells Sparkle 1250-Watt Steam Iron possess a mist function. Encapsulating the spray, it allows you to sprinkle a fine most over the clothes to easy out wrinkles even faster. Subsequently, now just a few passes over the area should be enough to make the wrinkles and creases completely disappear. Isn’t this a great addition to a normal steam iron?

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Non-Stick Soleplate: Yes! It comes with a nonstick sole plate. So, all that you need to do now, once you've plugged the iron in and turned it on with the water in, is glide off the iron over your clothes without any need of worrying about it sticking to your fabric and eventually destroying your clothes.

Smart temperature control mechanism: This is another form of clever technology used by this device. Besides, this iron owns an indicator light to signify when the iron is ready to be used. This saves a lot of people from burns got from touching the iron to determine if the temperature is right. Furthermore, an over heat-safety protection circuit is an additional first-class feature to guarantee your well-being.

Great water tank capacity: This steam generators iron equipment possess a water tank owning a capacity of 230 ml, this causes less disruption and is enough to iron a large load.

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Trust of a brand: Havells continue to be the most sophisticated and unbeaten company to attain and encourage their client base. Their stage in progress, manufacture and modernization stands by itself and underscores the verity that they have the ability to affect the basic consumer need with leading sales.

Now, time for the judgment! You can attain this product at an Indian price of 1,349 INR. The company serves you with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. To steam iron your clothes with a professional steam iron like this, you don't need to do much at all. Start by filling the iron tank with water and make certain that it does not go above the suggested fill line.

And with the release of brief but intense burst of steam you are all set to attain crisp fabrics by penetrating it deep into your garments. Remove the most stubborn creases by gliding it off over your clothes! I would definitely say that this product is ideal in all respects and serves value for your precious money. Save enormous amounts of time and energy when you're trying to get wrinkles out of your work clothes or just casual attire!

Price ₹1149 | Amazon
Warranty 2 year
Wattage 1250 Watt
Brand Havells
Soleplate type Non-Stick
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