Is iron box allowed in flight in India? Yes, it is permitted. Iron box is not included in the list of prohibited items. All the airline companies, operating in India market, allow carrying the iron box in checked baggage.

Which brand iron box is best in India? Philips is the most reliable brand for iron box in India market. Other favorite brands of buyers for a new iron box are Havells, Panasonic, Bajaj, Usha, Orient, and others.

Which is best iron box under 1000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best-selling iron boxes from 800 to 1000 Rupees price range. They are products of top home appliances brands in India market.

☼ 1200W Wipro Vesta GD203 Heavyweight Iron

The Wipro Vesta press machine  is a reliable and sturdy product that is perfect for heavy-duty use. It has a 1200-watt power rating and weighs 1.520 kg. The Wipro Vesta GD203 Heavyweight Iron is made in India from high-quality materials. It is branded with the Wipro name, ensuring that it is a product that can be trusted.

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Further, the Wipro Vesta GD203 heavyweight iron is a high-performance press machine designed to give users reliable results every time. The iron has been engineered to deliver consistent heat across the entire anti-bacterial soleplate to ensure even, crease-free healthy ironing. It also boasts variable temperature control, allowing you to tailor the temperature to suit the fabric you’re ironing.

This Wipro heavyweight iron is a quality product that you can trust. It features a sturdy build, a comfortable grip, and a smooth soleplate that makes ironing a breeze. It also comes with a two-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected. When you're looking for a new iron, be sure to consider the Wipro Vesta GD203 Iron Box.

Price ₹1000 → Amazon
Features Power: 1200W | Weight: 1.6 Kg Approx. | Power Indicator | Over-Heat Protection | Temperature Control | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 1000W SignoraCare Heavyweight Iron

A heavyweight iron often performs better than a lightweight dry iron and steam iron in making lasting creases on cloths.

You might not know the SignoraCare brand, but this brand makes great durable products and sells at affordable prices. Now, look at this heavyweight dry press machine of the SignoraCare brand. The weight is 1.8 kg, and the power capacity is 1000-Watt. And yet it will cost you 800 Rupees only. The brand provides two years of warranty for it as well. Apparently, it is the cheapest heavyweight iron from a known brand.

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The SignoraCare heavyweight iron movies smoothly on all types of clothes to remove wrinkles because of its non-stick base-plate, which wears two layers of Teflon coating. Adjusting the temperature as per fabric and overheating protection feature is available on this press machine for the user’s convenience.

Should you buy this SignoraCare Heavyweight Dry Iron? Our video presentation discusses this in detail. Watch till the end to know everything about this weighing press machine.

1000W | 1.8-Kg | Cheap Heavyweight Iron under ₹1000 {हिंदी में} | #SignoraCare 3021

Price ₹800 → Amazon
Features 1000W | Copper Heating Coil | 1.8-Kg | 360° Swivel Cord | Heat Levels: 6 | Non-Stick Base-plate with Teflon Coating | Warranty: 2-Year


► 1000W Havells Jio Dry Iron

While looking for a dry iron – quality, features and price play a much important role. All these aspects seem to be in a perfect balance when we talk about the Havells Jio 1000-Watt Dry Iron. At just 700 rupees, this iron offers great build quality and premium level features.

Design: The blue finish that this iron wears feels pleasing to the eyes. Its textured handle offers a comfortable grip during long ironing sessions. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that allows for easy movement in hard situations.

havells jio heritage 1000w dry iron

Performance: This iron gets enough hot that you can easily remove stubborn creases. It’s DuPont American Heritage coated soleplate smoothly glides over all kinds of fabrics and gives perfect flat results.

The control dial can be used to set the temperature in accordance with the type of fabric you are going to iron. The full-length button groove makes it easy to iron around the tricky areas. This iron works at 230 Volts and consumes only 1000 Watts of electricity.

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Safety: Overheat protection feature prevents accidental burning of clothes by cutting the power supply once the soleplate reaches the required temperature. The temperature indicator light is located on the handle itself, which makes it easy for the user to see if the iron is ready to use or not.

Price ₹800 | Amazon
Features 1000W | Base-plate: DuPont American Heritage | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 1250W Crompton Rhino Heavyweight Iron

Although the brand Crompton is not a big name in the market of press machines, its latest heavyweight dry iron box is very popular and, in fact, one of the top favorites of those masses who like to press their clothes at home. Here are three big reasons why Crompton Rhino could be your next press machine.

  • 1250W Power Capacity
  • 8-Kg Weight
  • Realistic Pricing

The Crompton heavyweight iron has a solid build and a decent design. It comes with a long power cord for easy ironing. The base of this heavy press machine has the gold American Heritage coating for non-sticky quality. You could use it for clearing wrinkles from almost all types of clothes.

5 Best Heavyweight Dry Irons under 1500 Rupees | #Philips #Havells #Crompton #Maharaja #Rico

Price ₹1000 | Amazon
Features Power: 1250W | Weight: 1.8-Kg | Gold American Heritage Coating on Base-Plate | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 1100W Havells Hawk Heavyweight Dry Iron

The Havells iron box is currently one of the best heavyweight irons in 1000 Rupees range in India market. It is a dry iron, does not come with a steam function. It has a heavy metal soleplate with a gold American heritage non-stick coating. Its gross weight is 1.6-kg. The attached power cord of this Havells heavyweight dry iron is about 2-meter long. That makes its usage easy and convenient.

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Check our unboxing video to learn more about the Havells Hawk Heavyweight Dry Iron. Considering my personal experience, I would recommend it for clearing wrinkles from your favorite dress.

Unboxing | ₹980 | 1100W Dry Iron under 1000 Rupees | #Havells Hawk

Price ₹980 | Amazon
Features Power: 1100W | Weight: 1.6-Kg | Power Cord: 1.7-Meter | Warranty: 2-Year


► 1200W Agaro EDGE Steam Iron

Which is the best steam iron in 1000 Rupee range? Agaro is a favorite brand in India market for home, kitchen, and personal care appliances. Recently this brand introduced its steam iron with 1200-Watt power capacity. Agaro Edge 1200W is one of the best steam irons in India market in 1000 Rupees range. The box price of this iron steam box is 1199 Rupees. You could get it in 1000 Rupees easily, however.

Agaro Edge 1200W Steam Iron

The build and design of the Agaro EDGE steam iron box are very impressive. So is its performance. Also, it is safe to use thanks to features such as non-stick soleplate and over-heat protection. Because of 1200-Watt power capacity and steam-release function, it does fast ironing, withal. For clearing wrinkles 100% and making a hard crease, one or max to max two times, you have to slide it over the cloth. Yes, it is a perfect steam press machine for fast ironing of clothes.

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The temperature control wheel of Agaro EDGE 1200W Steam Iron with fabric type marking makes it super easy to use, as well. You will not have to call someone to find out, what should be the temperature of your iron box while pressing a dress, made of synthetic-cotton materials.

#Agaro EDGE 1200W Steam Iron Unboxing {हिंदी में} | Steam Iron under 1000 Rupees

Price ₹900 | Amazon
Features Steam Ironing | Iron with Water-Spray | Over-Heat Protection | ISI-Certification for Excellent Build Quality | 2-Year Warranty
Performance Power-Capacity: 1200W | Steam-Rate: 8 to 10 Gm/minute | Spray-Rate: 0.5 Gm/Spray
Build 360° Swivel Power Cord to Prevent Twisting & Tangling | Non-Stick Soleplate → 170×100 MM | Button Groove to Iron Seams & Buttons | Temperature Control | 200-ML Water-Tank | 1.5-Meter Power Cord
Sales Box Steam Iron | Water-Measuring Cup | Documents


► 1100W Havells Adore Dry Iron

This Havells dry iron box has an adorable design. It looks attractive in the black and green color combination.

Havells Adore is a dry iron box, and its power capacity is 1100-Watt. The power capacity is the best you can expect in an iron box under 1000 Rupees currently. Apparently, this Havells iron box is among selected models with 1100-Watt power capacity in the market.

1100-Watt Dry Iron Havells Adore

The design of the heating plate is unique. The front has an arrow design with a pointed nose, and the backside is wider. That makes it easier for this Havells 1100W dry iron box to reach tricky areas on cloth and iron faster by covering a bigger area during each slide.

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Havells Adore iron box has a high-quality aluminum heating plate with Teflon non-stick coating. Aluminum heats faster than iron. Therefore, this iron box gets ready for use in a few seconds. It is an instant ironing machine. Unlike other iron boxes, its body is made of steel and on top is a plastic handle. It also has a built-in cord winder.

Most of the iron boxes on sale in the market have a 1.5-meter power cord. Havells Adore iron box, however, comes with a 1.8-meter cable. I don’t need to explain how a longer power cord makes ironing a lot easier.

5 Best Dry Iron Box in 1000 Rupees (हिंदी में)

Price ₹900 | Amazon
Features 1100-Watt Power Capacity | Aerodynamic design | Easily reaches tricky areas | 360 Swivel Cord | Built-in Cord Winder | 24-Months Warranty | Over-Heat Safety
Build Aluminum heating plate with Teflon Non-stick Coating | Steel Body | Plastic Handle | 1.8-meter power cord | Length: 260-mm | Width: 112-mm | Height: 124-mm


► 1000W Orient DIKR10IH Heavy-Weight Iron

Which one will you buy if you have to decide between a lightweight iron box with 1100-Watt power capacity and a heavy-weight iron box with 1000-Watt power capacity? I will go with the heavy-weight iron box. A heavy-weight iron box will make solid and lasting crease and therefore is an ideal choice for quick wrinkle-free ironing.

Orient Heavyweight Dry Iron Box

Orient electronics recently introduced its heavyweight dry iron with 1000-Watt power capacity. This iron box has a solid build and an eye-catching design. Its heavy soleplate with Du-Point American Heritage coating makes it safe for ironing even costly attire. It has a temperature control lever and power indicator. Post-ironing to store this iron safely with its cord, it has a built-in cord winder.  Besides, Orient brand includes its advanced engineering to make this iron box fast heating, safe from over-heating, and protection from fire.

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This Orient dry iron box competes with Bajaj DHX9 and Philips GC181. All these three iron boxes are available in 1000 Rupees price range, have 1000-Watt power capacity, and they are a heavyweight dry iron box. I cannot help you to decide which one should you buy from these 3 best heavyweight iron boxes under 1000 Rupees in India market.

Price ₹990 | Amazon
Features 1000-Watt Power Capacity | Temperature-Control | Fire Safety | Over-Heating Protection
Body Metal Body | Heavier Soleplate | Du-Point American Heritage Soleplate Coating | Cord Winder for Easy Storage
Warranty 24-Months Warranty


► 1100W Panasonic NI-325G Dry Iron

The Home appliances brand Panasonic has a good reputation among Indian customers. It is known for making high-quality and energy efficient products. This Japanese brand, in fact, is one of the best iron box brands in India market.

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The Panasonic 325G dry Iron has a solid build and a sleek design. Its 1100-Watt heating system helps it to heat fast and become ready for ironing in a few seconds.

Panasonic Dry Iron NI-325G

Among all dry irons below 1000 Rupees, it has the longest power cord. Most of the iron boxes on sale online either have 1.5-meter or 1.8-meter power cord. The power cord length of this Panasonic dry iron box, however, is 1.92-meter. A longer power cord means you do not need an extension box to use this press machine conveniently.

Design: The Panasonic press has a medium-weight build in an attractive design. That ensures comfort while ironing long and bulky clothes. The beautiful color combination gives it a premium look, and the beautiful design adds to its sleekness.

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Features: This iron comes with a non-stick soleplate. That makes sure your clothes don’t stick to it because of overheating. The auto-off feature promises a safe environment by shutting the power off if the iron gets overheated. Moreover, the temperature control wheel allows controlling the temperature according to the need.

Best for Students: If you are a student and looking for a stylish yet affordable iron, then the Panasonic 325G dry Iron is an excellent choice. It is simple to use, and does not require much maintenance and can ensure the safety of your clothes as well.

Price ₹900 | Amazon
Features 1100-Watt Power Capacity | Over-Heat Protection | 12-Months Warranty
Build Iron Weight: 750-Grams | 1.92-meter Power Cord | Golden American Heritage Coating on Soleplate | Power Indicator | Temp Control


► 1000W Philips HD1182 Dry Iron

I define Philips Iron boxes as a reliable ironing device for seven to ten years of use. This is not just rhetoric but the fact. My Philips iron box has been in regular use from the last 8 Years. I think I will remain functional for 10 more years.

The Philips HD1182 1000W iron box is made of quality materials. Its heavy iron soleplate has a non-stick coating.  Thanks to American heritage coating on its soleplate, you could even use it to iron your costly dresses without worrying about any damage to it.

The handle design of this Philips dry iron box does not make it perfect for faster ironing. The handle is positioned in such a way that the user’s force pushes it into downward direction instead of accelerating it into the forward direction. Therefore, Philips HD1182 iron box will work best if used on an iron board.

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Still, cute design, excellent build quality, 1000W heating capacity, and Philips brand name help the HD1182 iron box to maintain its position of one of the best-selling press machines in the market.  It is a recommended dry iron from 500 to 800 Rupees. Order it if you like its design.

Price ₹750 | Amazon
Features 1000W Heating Capacity | Iron temperature-ready light | Faster Heating | 2-Years Warranty
Build Cord Winder | American Heritage Golden Coating | Weight: 0.9Kg


► 1000W Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron

The Bajaj DX7 is undoubtedly one of the best-looking dry iron boxes under 800 Rupees. It is a handy, portable and lightweight device. Its white color body with gold painted soleplate gives it an elegant look. Besides, the comfy hand grip makes sure that you do not get tired in case of a long ironing session.

The 1000W power capacity makes this Bajaj iron box ready for ironing in just a few seconds. Its heavy soleplate has a non-stick coating that prevents it from sticking to the cloth underneath. For safety, it has built-in over-heat protection. These features together make this Bajaj 1000W dry iron an ideal press machine for ironing all types of regular clothes.

Bajaj logo on the DX7 iron box is enough to say that it has a durable build. Are you still not convinced about its build quality? Bajaj brand offers 24 months warranty for it and thereby assures that this 1000W dry box will last at least 24 months. However, if used with care, it will easily last eight to ten years.

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Bajaj DX7 is a recommended dry iron box for students, bachelors and home use. What makes it better than alternatives from the same price range is its design. This 1000W dry iron under 800 Rupees has a majestic design.

Price ₹700 | Amazon
Features 1000-Watt Power Capacity | Temperature Control | Dual Indicator Light | 2-Years Warranty | Over-Heat Protection
Build Plastic Body | Non-Stick Coated Soleplate


► 1000W Philips HI114 Dry Iron

Although this dry iron box is a little overpriced, but the quality that you will get in return is unmatchable. The best thing is you get a brand name like Philips on which you can rely.

The Philips HI114 Dry Iron features a very sturdy body with a comfortable handle. The button groove design of the plate ensures that you reach every corner of your clothes easily. Having Golden American Heritage soleplate allows it to have smooth movement on fabrics and makes sure that fabrics don’t stick to it.

The soft touch wheel in the middle allows controlling temperature of the iron according to the need. But if you don’t want to adjust the temperature manually, then the smart temperature control is for you only. It turns off the LED indicator automatically when the required temperature is reached. In case you miss the indicator, the auto-cut system will cut the heat supply making sure that your clothes don’t get damaged.

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The price may seem high, but you get the quality what you pay for. There are other cheaper irons available in the market, but in terms of quality, they can never match Philips. Thus, considering the build and design, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Philips 1000W dry iron HI114 is one of the iron boxes under 800 Rupees.

Price ₹800 | Amazon
Features 1000W Power Capacity | Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams | Iron temperature-ready light | Faster Heating
Build American Heritage Golden Soleplate | Weight: 900-Grams | Dimensions: 24.8 x 11.0 x 11.8 cm


► 1000W Philips HI108 Press Machine

The Philips iron box is a powerful 1000 Watts dry iron. It heats up within no time. This fantastic press machine will be a lifesaver during morning rush hours. Its soleplate has been linished because of which you get smooth and perfect results. Ironing around buttons and corners of sleeves becomes much more comfortable as this iron comes with a uniquely designed tip. A rotating wheel below the handle allows the user to control temperature according to the type of fabric. Moreover, this iron is equipped with a temperature indicating lamp.

Further, this Philips iron is really safe to use. The auto shut-off feature cuts the power supply after the soleplate achieves the temperature set by the user. All the electrical circuits inside are adequately insulated, which prevents the end user from getting electric shocks.

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This Philips 1000W dry iron is an excellent option for students living in a hostel or PG. It is simple to use and is affordable at its current market price, too.

Price ₹800 | Amazon
Features 1000-Watt | Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams | Iron temperature-ready light | 2-Years Warranty
Build Linished soleplate | 900-Grams Weight | 1.7-Meter Power Cord


► 1000W Philips HI113 Dry Iron

The features and affordability of this dry iron box making it suitable for both budget households and students living alone. 1000 Watts heating capacity gives an idea of how efficient this iron is. The Black American Heritage coating on its iron soleplate ensures natural movement across all types of fabrics. Moreover, the handle of this iron is much comfortable and does not make you tired during a long ironing operation. It does feature a temperature control wheel, but there are only a few temperature options available. This iron also comes with button groove to make ironing on tricky parts easy and less frustrating, withal.

Temperature indicator lamp helps the user in determining if the soleplate is enough hot or not. Like all other irons of the present day, this dry iron box also comes with an auto shut-off feature.

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Criticizing this 1000W dry iron will do a great injustice as its features and performance are decent and its price looks appropriate as well. There is no need to think twice if you are looking for a dry iron under 800 rupees.

Price ₹800 | Amazon
Features 1000-Watt for faster heating | Temperature Control | Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams | Iron temperature-ready light |. 2-Years
Build Black American Heritage coating for smooth gliding | Weight: 0.9-Kg