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Intex Lava Big Battery Stylish Phone Below 1700 Rupees

Lava KKT Prime 2 Connectivity Ports

Intex Ultra 4000

Intex’s new feature phone the ultra 4000, despite being priced below 1500 rupees offers massive battery backup by its lithium-ion 4000 mAh battery. Believe it or not but the fact is, it offers 37 hours of talk time on 2G networks – as Intex claims.

Poor Built and Design

This is one appropriate device for having at least 2.8-inch screen. 2.8-inch screen could have been ideal for this phone as it would have made it slimmer, which is now unbelievably wired at 15.9-inch of thickness. It looks more like a solid rod due to not having the right proportional ratio in its length, width, and thickness.

Its weight is just 135 gram: this shocks me greatly because I was expecting it to be a heavy device – because of 4000 mAh battery it owns. Some users might complain about its wired design but for the 135gram weight – it gets a big thumb up. Intex ultra is 124.7 mm long and 52.6 mm wide.

2.4-inch Display

Its 2.4-inch screen is a TFT panel supports maximum resolution of 240×320 Pixels, 262K color, and 167 PPI pixel density.

As I made the point of poor built quality above, its screen to body ratio being just 27.19% supports that. Because of 4000 mAh battery, I was really excited for this phone but after measuring it in hand it did not encourage me much.

As far as screen quality is considered, Intex Ultra 4000 is a good feature phone has a decent level of brightness and clarity for browsing content list and playing audio & video files as well.Intex Ultra 4000 Built and Design

Internal memory

The phone lacks internal memory for user’s consumption. Although it comes with 56MB flash memory but that is for system use and storing contacts and messages. However, users can add external memory to it as it has a dedicated port for microSD card. 8GB microSD card will work fine with it although Intex claims it could support 32GB of external memory.

BT 3.0 Connectivity

This is a GSM dual SIM phone, and in connectivity segment, it is totally disappointing as having just a Bluetooth 3.0. In terms of network sync, it supports 1G and 2G networks at 900MHz and 1800MHz, respectively.

VGA Camera

The phone is lacking in camera specifications. Not much can be done with its 0.3MP camera even if it has been optimized with an LED flash. Digital Zoom and maximum image resolution support to 640×480 pixels have no significant role here.

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Multimedia Features

Finally, it has a credible and worthy feature in its multimedia section. After 4000 mAh battery, the wireless FM with recording option is its best feature in my opinion. Its video player supports 3GP, AVI, and MP4 files. And, its audio player supports most popular MP3 and WAV files.

Call features

The ultimate use of feature phones is making calls and audio entertainment. On Intex Ultra 4000, call alerts are ensured through ringtone and vibrations. In its content list, 1000 entries can be stored which is beside SIM’s natural storage for contacts.

Advantage features

Nowadays feature phone bear many add-ons for spicing up users experience. Yes, I am referring to features: Torch, auto call recording, and mobile tracker options this Intex phone comes with.


  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • Wireless FM with recording
  • 3 LED Power Torch


  • Poor Built and Design
  • Poor Camera

Final Thoughts

Despite 4000 mAh battery and exciting multimedia features, I do not recommend this Intex phone. Its built quality is not that appealing. In fact, Intex missed a great chance of making it a successful device under 2000 rupees price by giving pairing of the 4000 mAH battery with a stylish design where the screen size is no less than 2.8 inch.

Lava, too, has a KKT series phone with 4000 mAh battery. Lava KKT Jumbo is one best-selling feature phone today in the category of the phones with huge battery backup. You could consider Lava Jumbo as a decent alternative to this Intex phone.Intex Ultra 4000 Screen

Price 1680 Rupees
Design Weight: 135grams; Thickness:15.9mm
Display 2.4inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167PPI, TFT, 262k Color
MicroSD Card Support Up to 32GB
Camera 0.3MP, LED Flash,   640 x 480 Pixels, Digital Zoom
Battery 4000 mAh, Li-ion, Talk time: up to 37 hours
Connectivity 1G, 2G, Bluetooth 3.0
Multimedia Wireless FM with Recording, Torch Light, Auto Call Recording, Mobile Tracker, Audio & Video Player
Special Features 1000 entries
Buy Intex Ultra 4000

Lava KKT Prime 2

Lava has successfully replaced the role of Nokia in the feature phones segment with the best-selling KKT series phones. The KKT Prime two is the latest addition to the fleet of phones under the series.

Built and Design

The phone could be a good suggestion for those looking for an all-in-one stylish feature phone. In terms of design, it is indeed a premium device. Even its build quality appears sturdy and durable.

Not quite slim at the thickness of 13mm, but having a 2.8-inch screen, this is slightly bigger than usual 2.4-inch screen gives it an ideal shape size of a good looking mobile phone.

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The phone is not heavy but do not feel lightweight either. I called it a good solution for those seeking a feature phone with all right features because of its impress specifications sheet. I will discuss its features one-by-one in the upcoming sections.

2.8inch Screen

One of the primary reasons why I am fascinated for this phone is its impressive 2.8-inch screen. This is a TFT panel in 240×340 Pixels resolution, has the pixel density ration in it 143PPI. In terms of screen-to-body ratio (33.48%), it is much more eloquently designed than the Intex phone just discussed above.Lava KKT Prime 2 Review and Specifications

32GB MicroSD card support

Lava KKT Prime 2 can support SD card up to 32GB. This is certainly according to today’s standard in feature phones. In fact, it indeed supports to 32GB unlike other feature phones, which may claim to have support of 16GB microSD card but failed to access data there.

Poor Camera

Less than my expectation but the camera quality is good: despite being a VGA camera it can capture images in decent quality. Low light photography is not possible as LED flash is absent here.

1750 mAh battery

1750 mAh is disappointing but not bad either. According to today’s market standard – a feature phone, which is priced close to 1500 rupees, should bear a battery in 2000 mAh size at least. I am not calling the battery backup bad since the Lava phone is optimized well for lowering battery fuel consumption.

Only Bluetooth Connectivity

This is a GSM network based dual SIM phone and supporting to 900 MHz and 1800 MHz network frequency. For data sharing with other devices, it has a single channel -Bluetooth.

Entertainment and Multimedia Features

Its audio player can easily play MP3 music files whereas MP4, 3GP – the most popular video files shared on mobile phones are supported by its well-designed video player.

Live FM radio stations are playable on this phone, which, by the way, can be recorded for offline listening as well.

Because of a slightly bigger screen, and decent audio player, entertainment value offered by this lava phone to the end users is better, and in good quality.

Add-on Features

In order to collect evidence against call threats from known, unknown people – auto call recording is a handy feature. Lava KKT Prime 2 comes with some popular security features: auto call recording (with folder) for all calls or for any individual calls and mobile tracker for tracking the phone through mobile network in case stolen or lost somewhere somehow.

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To business profile users, this Lava device might suit even better as it comes with some advanced calling features. Voice call, speed dialing, loudspeaker calling are some features which general public hardly use.

In terms of language support, it only supports to Hindi, Punjabi, and English. Limited language support will disappoint south Indian users.

A feature phone is after all about making phone calls. The end user can store 1000 contacts on the phone memory. This is just an additional storage to 200 contacts storage capacity on each SIM. Thus, 1400 contact records can be easily stored on Lava KKT Prime two. Further, as the company claims, the phone is made spacious enough for storing 200 SMS as well.


  • Larger Display
  • Slim & Stylish Profile
  • Excellent Battery Backup


  • Power Camera

Final Verdict

All in all Lava KKT Prime two at the price of 1350 looks good to me. It is made with all such ingredient which is necessary for a communication, entertainment device for giving today’s identity of a feature phone. I recommend this Lava phone.Lava KKT Prime 2 Connectivity Ports

Price 1350 Rupees
Design Thickness:13mm
Display 2.8inch, 240×320 Pixels, 143PPI, TFT
MicroSD Card Support Up to 32GB
Camera 0.3MP, LED Flash, 640 x 480 Pixels, Digital Zoom
Battery 1750 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity 1G, 2G, Bluetooth
Multimedia Mobile Tracker, Voice Call, Auto Call Recording with Folder, Alarm, Audio & Video Player
Special Features 1400 entries
Buy Lava Prime 2

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