Https is now rank signal. You can confirm it with the Google announcement here. As a WordPress blogger, you must be knowing that Google search algorithm decides a webpage rank based on 200-odd factors. SSL or HTTPS is now one of the factors. A webpage with SSL encryption has now a higher change to rank top in related Google search engine results. In this article, I am going to explain how to implement SSL on your WordPress site. This method is simple and full proof, and the entire process would take no more than 2 to 3 hours. I am not a web developer. Therefore, in this tutorial, I am not going to suggest steps that require web-developer skill and code knowledge to follow.

Everything can be simplified and automated: technology has proved it repeatedly. To solve challenges of technology follow a more advanced technology. Smart programmers have made SSL implementation super easy. On a single click, a website can switch to HTTPs from HTTP. So follow along, carefully read every step, and make your valuable site encrypted and secured by SSL today. Here you follow the easiest way to Setting up SSL on your website. This piece is SSL Certificate Installation Tutorial with Step By Step Instructions.

SSL Cons:-

  • A slow loading website
  • Increase in Expenses for Website Management
  • Dip in Traffic for first three to four Months
  • Decline in Earning because of Dip in Traffic
  • Possible Decline in Adsense PPC

SSL Pros:-

  • Higher ranking in Google search results
  • Protects websites from hackers' bot

→ Cost Associated with SSL Installation and Later

To escape from SSL adversity — host your website in a cloud on an SSD server. What is the size of your website? If the size is less than 10GB, then the monthly cost to host in a cloud would be 1300 to 1500 Rupees –not more than 1500 Rupees for sure. For international readers, the price is going to be not more than 20 dollars. For a website, bigger than10GB is going to have 30 US dollar hosting bill. The same in Indian rupees would be approx 2000 Rupees.

How am I calculating the final monthly expense? Moreover, why I am discussing this in the tutorial of setting SSL for WordPress websites? After SSL encryption becomes active, there is going to be a dip in traffic of your site. As a result, there would be a significant decline in your monthly income from the website. Top experts suggest that such traffic dip can continue three to four months, but not more than that. Therefore, it is in your interest to know the expense part.

Once SSL encryption activated, there is no looking back. In one hand, SSL is an excellent thing for the security of your website and visitors coming there, on the other side, it brings many challenges. One of them is website becomes slow. You need to optimize the site from scratch. Once SSL encrypts activated, all the web pages of the website would be secured by encryption.

→ How SSL encryption affects Website load speed?

A reader from some part of the world requests for a webpage on a website, the message reaches to the web server; it collects data and sends them back. After SSL implemented the web server obtains the data, next the data goes through the SSL encryption. Post encryption the information is then sent to users. Before SSL, it is like A to B and B to A, After SSL activated, A to B, B to C, and then C to A. Encryption layer delays the data transfer to website readers for some millisecond. In fact, that affects overall readers experience with your website, especially in mobile mode.

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What is a solution? The solution is to speed up the web server. Make it more efficient such a way that it takes less time in collecting all the information related to the webpage and passes to next level in much lesser time than before.

This is why I started my discussion with cost part. Later you should not regret the decision as to why you had then decided to install SSL certificate for your website. I had no one to tell these crucial points, but I am telling you. If you are ready for possible traffic dip thereby consecutive revenue loss for a few months and also increase in expense for managing the website, then go ahead make your site safe secure and Google search engine friendly.

→ Migrate to Digital Ocean Cloud for Reliable & Secure Hosting

For severe bloggers, Digital Ocean offers the most reliable hosting solution at the most competitive price. Digital Ocean has data center across the globe. In India, DO datacenter is in Bangluru. Unlike Hostgator and other major players in the cheap hosting solution, DO has built the center and running it, not hired a third party vendor to operate it. As a DO customer, you are free to run your server, in DO term called a DROPLET from any data center. For Indian blogger or websites that get maximum traffic from India, DO's Bangluru Datacenter is an obvious choice. To boost your confidence in DO, I inform that Digital Ocean in its India Datacenter hosts Flipkart, and websites of many top Indian companies.

How is cloud hosting better than traditional Cpanel based hosting? Cloud is a cluster of SSD servers, which resides in several well-connected data centers operated by the Cloud service provider across the globe. There is one single control panel for all the active data center by the company. Users can manage and monitor all its running server/droplet by logging into the control panel. The same is not possible in the traditional hosting. Moreover, the traditional hosting keeps your website data on an HDD based server whereas in Cloud hosting SSD based servers are racked. How SSD is an advantage, and HDD disadvantage read here: Things I bought Online to Make an Old PC Run Faster.

→ Why is the Digital Ocean the Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

The top three providers of cloud storage are Amazon, Google, and Digital Ocean. In my opinion, Digital Ocean is the best. How to manage the server in cloud storage is no longer only developers prerogative thanks to one-click options in the DO Cloud control panel. For instance, you need to be a skilled developer to set load balancer on Amazon. However, the same on Digital Ocean is just one click activity. For non-developers, Digital Ocean is the best cloud service provider. On top of that, it is very affordable cloud hosting.

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Digital Ocean offers automated backup of your website on Amazon Cloud. Moreover, you can create a copy of the live server in one click. You need to update plugin and themes, login to DO control panel, create a snapshot that would take no more than 5 to 8 minutes. Update your website or do some experiment. If something goes wrong, internal server error occurs, no problem, restore the entire server from the just created snapshot. Isn't it great? There are many other great features, too. There is no downtime as well. Therefore, If you are serious about the hosting of your valuable blog, then migrate to Digital ocean or any cloud hosting solution today.

Why am I insisting on migrating to Cloud hosting? The reason is — besides safety and flexibility in scaling, SSD based server helps to load your website fast. SSL encryption would slow down your site, and you need to make up the delay somewhere. You cannot do much about DNS speed, so the only area left to improve is the processing ability of your website's web server. In terms of reliability, security, and speed, SSD is the best and latest in the market. Ditch HDD, Switch to SSD, Opt for cloud hosting.

Digital Ocean Cloud Affordable Cloud Hosting Price

Join DO and get $10 Credit Join Now

→ Why is ServerPilot the Best Option to Manage a Cloud Server?

Creating a droplet on Digital Ocean cloud server is the same as buying a flat in a newly built housing society. You get a space with boundary wall, read port as a window, and root as the main door with dummy lock/password. As the Builder handovers key to the buyer, similarly Digital Ocean sends a root password to user’s registered email ID.

To strengthen the security of your flat, you put a robust lock. Similarly, you need to change the root password. It is your space, use whichever way you wish to.

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To set a server for website hosting and to manage and monitor it 24 hours is a highly complicated process. When your website was in a shared hosting environment, the server administrator was responsible for monitoring and managing resources. However, now you are your own.

ServerPilot is the best solution to manage your web server in Digital Ocean cloud. ServerPilot is free. You need not pay a subscription charge to use its basic plan.

It is very easy to connect your cloud server, and the ServerPilot sever. As soon as that is done ServerPilot initiates installing all the needed resources to run your website safely. All the unwanted ports would be blocked to enhance security, and a secure fence, a firewall would be installed to protect your site from hackers attack.

Under your server root, ServerPilot becomes the primary user. Thus, you manage everything through Serverpilot's user interface. To upload files to your server, use WinSCP application. It works same as the FileZilla but makes a much safer connection than the regular FTP connection.

If there were any reported vulnerability for the web server operating system, ServerPilot would apply an instant patch to fix the same on your server. Moreover, you can set the PHP version of your website. ServerPilot offers a lot more in its basic plan, free of cost.

ServerPilot Web Management Plan and Price

ServerPilot Accont Signup Now

→ Activate AutoSSL on ServerPilot Control Panel

ServerPilot offers a one-click solution to install SSL on your website. AutoSSL by ServerPilot is the reliable and secure solution. All you have to do is — in ServerPilot control panel, open the domain section, and activate the AutoSSL. SSL installation on your website is completed. You need not require those entire headaches — first, select a vendor, then buy SSL certification, then look for a developer to install it on your web server and configure it. In ServerPilot, all you need to do is to press the “Active” Button to enforce the AutoSSL.

ServerPilot AutoSSL for WordPress Websites

To get AutoSSL, you need to upgrade your account from free to 10 dollars paid plan. In the Business Plan, Besides AutoSSL, ServerPilot also offers instant support, service management, and monitoring of your website. Therefore, I think $10 is a fair price — after all the ServerPilot team offers to do so much for your website.

→ Cloudflare SSL Settings for WordPress Sites with AutoSSL

If you are using Cloudflare Network solution, then you need to activate SSL option under the network tab and set it to “Full SSL Strict.” More you can read about it here.

CloudFlare Full SSL Strict

This completes the process to install SSL certificate on your WordPress website.

If your website is not loading, then you need to check the page rules. Take a screenshot of the existing page rules and then delete them. After this, there should be no reason left not to load your website with https initial. If there is still an issue, check Cloudflare status. There are chances of SSL failure in Cloudflare network database.

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For all kinds of issue resolution, you could seek support from Cloudflare as well as ServerPilot. They offer an instant resolution to users.

→ How to fix SSL mix content error in WordPress website?

SSL Connection is Not Secure

As seen in the image above, to fix the SSL mix content error, all the post has to be updated. For this, there is a smart plugin “Better Search Replace.” It comes with simple options but makes make significant changes on your website on just one click.

First, take a full backup of your website to follow this step. Half backup or a light backup might get you and your website in big trouble.

If you are website loads from Digital Ocean cloud server, then take an instant snapshot. Remember, you are going to make changes in your website database, which is irreversible.

Better Search Replace Plugin For SSL Error Correction

Follow the image above, and select the database row “wp_post,” and hit run. The secure connection error is because of some of the links appear on your website are HTTP, not https. With the help of the fantastic plugin, you have just updated the all the links exist on all the posts of your site.

SSL Secure Connection on WordPress Website

→ Submit SSL Website and HTTPS Sitemap to Google Webmasters

Log in to your account with Google webmaster. Create a new property and add your website with https initial. Submit sitemap with https initials. Further, make other settings as suggested in the welcome email from the webmaster for the new property. In Bing webmaster, however, you need to submit only the https sitemap.

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Leave the old setting for HTTP website as it is. In both the webmaster, you need to add only, nothing to be deleted.

If you are not sure, you would be able to follow all the steps, no worry — attempt with a dummy website. 99 Rupees is the price of a domain on Godaddy. Buy one and get started. If you sign up through our link for Digital Ocean, you get instant 10$ credit in your DO account. Use the credit to become master in hosting a website in Cloud.

See, my aim was not just to help you to setup SSL for your WordPress website but also boost performance and security by adopting the new-age hosting solution, which is cloud hosting. You should also go through this awesome tutorial on how to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS.