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Microwave Ovens with Many Smart Cooking Features

SignoraCare MicroWave Oven SC2511CG Review Specifications

It has been a long time that we have covered some best-selling microwave ovens on this website. In one of the TV review articles, published recently here, I mentioned that the TV technology is settled now with all possible advancement; therefore, not much is expected to change in the next decade at least. Although there would be some improvement in the picture quality, sound, connectivity, and designs etc., but the TV as a flat screen for news and entertainment in terms of concept, technology and design is done. Similarly, Microwave, a prestigious kitchen appliance in the last decade has been settled with the technology, currently available for it and its design, and thereby the expected delivery, too. Read also Onida Smart Convection Microwave Oven with Calories Meter.

In a modern Kitchen, the role of a microwave oven in convection type cannot be disputed. And, being a multitasking device, it brings the easiest solution of cooking difficult dishes with much ease. One can just mix ingredients and follow the heating levels, specified in the manual.

You could make a complete meal with a microwave oven in just a few minutes: without much mess in the kitchen, maintaining high hygiene, and ensuring original taste along with the nutritious value in the food as well. Do not confuse microwave oven with an air fryer and even with a food steamer. A microwave oven could be a great addition to your kitchen to work side-by-side with the gas Chulha.

The above discuss is necessary to explain, if you are planning to buy a microwave oven now – it is certainly a good decision according to the market reality. Actually, this year, the prices of Microwave oven have fallen by almost 50% to 60%. And, the same time no new models have been launched in the last two years. Thus, you are buying a microwave oven on a right price (no high, fancy price anymore) and with the latest technology, too, which is not going to be outdated at least the next five to six years.

Godrej Convection Oven GMX20CA5MLZ 20-Litre 2200-Watt

The first microwave oven I recommend here is a product from a reputed desi brand Godrej. Although Godrej is not a full-fledged electronics brand as yet, still it has a reputed position in few segments of consumer electronics: AC, Microwave Oven, and Mosquito killer device.

Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ is an almost one-year-old model, but still it is a best-selling product in the online retail space. The model comes with all such features and specifications which are necessary for a great cooking session.

Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20L 2200W Convection Microwave Oven

A Convection Oven in Unbelievable low price: One of the big advantages of this model is its low price tag. Just a year before a microwave oven with such a long list of features was not expected below 10000 rupees price although now you can get this Godrej oven at an affordable price of 8500 rupees.

It is a convection type oven, advanced than any SOLO or GRILL type; therefore, it can also be a default solution in your kitchen for cooking the most variety of foods. Of course, we would like to have some changes in daily food without putting much effort into cooking. That is possible by a convection type oven largely.

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Godrej Offers uniform three years warranty on Microwave Ovens

For me, a long warranty period is as exciting as the features and specs of the product. Godrej offers a whopping three years of free warranty with its microwave oven models. This also tells how well the product is built so the brand has full trust and giving a long warranty commitment on sales.

If a product is poorly made and has a long warranty, too, then there is ample possibility that it would find a place in the service center almost every month; as a result, the manufacture will have to bear high expenditure just to manage service centers. In addition, the manufacturer would lose its credibility among customers rapidly. A brand would never take a risk of offering a long warranty if they do not believe their product durability. Therefore, a long warranty commitment by any brand should be considered a pro aspect of the product.

To connect with Godrej for service support or for any assistance, call at the toll-free number: 1800-209-5511.

Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20L 2200W Review Specifications

Built and Design of Godrej Convection Microwave Oven

Recently, we had done a review article on Godrej ACs. We learned how stylish Godrej appliances are in comparison to similar products from other brands. In terms of design, this desi brand has proven its excellence.

The Godrej microwave oven wears a stylish design, which is also user-friendly. All buttons and buttons are neither big nor small: they have a nice clickable effect, require just a soft touch in order to register an input to the internal smart system.

A microwave oven is never appreciated in compact size because that directly affects its capacity. But the same time, if an oven is too big thereby consuming huge space in kitchens, which are anyway congested in Indian homes, still have a low capacity is not considered good.

Godrej has smartly designed this oven – making it spacious internally, but compact in overall shape size. Its turntable plate has a standard size (diameter: 24.5cm).

Let me now quickly go through some other aspects of its design. It comes with a digital display and has a cooking completion indicator and internal lighting setup as well. Its door is a mirror glass, and control is tact dial type. Its cavity is made by stainless steel.  For multilayer and grill cooking, Godrej is providing a glass tray, roller ring, grill stand, and glass turntable as well.

Cooking Features of this Heavy Duty Oven

Godrej oven model GMX20CA5MLZ offers mainly four types of cooking: Express cooking, preset cooking, Combination cooking, and Multistage Cooking.

A microwave oven should also be looked at from nutritious cooking point. Fortunately, in spite of being a low-cost kitchen gadget, the Godrej oven does preheat and defrosting without manipulating the nutritious value, taste, color, flavor of the food, they have in.

In terms of auto cooking menu, you are getting 141 predefined cooking options, which essentially require some assistance of the printed manual and user’s experience, too. The option to choose from ten power levels and timer facility also helps users to complete cooking in a much easier way.

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Food and User Safety: Essentially, the black microwave oven has the two main features, which cover protection of the food cooking inside, the user in action, and possibly roaming kids around the unit in the absence of an elder. The auto protection system of this Godrej microwave oven warns users for any mishaps thereby protecting not only foods even users as well.


  • Low-cost Brilliant Machine with many features
  • Simple, user-friendly, and stylish design
  • Almost all types cooking is possible in this product
  • A Long warranty period adds value to your investment
  • High capacity for fast cooking
  • Warm your food, deforest, 10-heating level, and 141 cooking Manu
  • Grill: Roller ring and grill stand included in the sales box

Final Thoughts: Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ with 2200 watt power and 20-liter capacity is suitable for the Indian middle-class medium size families. Its exterior is made using stainless steel for durability; therefore, sustains hard collision and odd use as well.

It heats up fast, so cooks delicious food in mouth-watering taste at much faster speed. Since it is a best-selling product currently, you should hardly bother what is my opinion about it; nevertheless, I am saying – buy it, it is a good product. Godrej’s elite microwave model GMX20CA5MLZ is one of the rare kitchen appliances, which is a complete product from all sides: features, durability, warranty, and price.

Godrej GMX20CA5MLZ 20L 2200W Control Options

Features LED Display, express cooking, defrost
Instant Cooking Menu 141
Protection Auto protection and Child Protection
Power Levels 10
Power & capacity 2200 Watt & 20 liter
In the Box The unit, Grill stand, Glass turntable, Roller ring, user manual, and warranty card
Warranty up to three years
Buy 7500 Rupees


SignoraCare SC 2511 CG Convection and Grill Microwave Oven

Interestingly, “Made in Bharat” products have been ruling the Indian Kitchen appliances market. Two successive desi products, which, by the way, are not Chinese goods proves my point. However, Indian factories are still not advanced enough for producing good quality TV, laptops, smartphone, and many IT products in large scale at low cost.

SignoraCare is one such desi brand in the electronics market have got mostly three to five-star ratings for good quality products at affordable price with customer-friendly post-sales service as well. Read also Multi stage cooking and Auto defrost with LG Convection Microwave.

The microwave oven from SignoraCare is more powerful, has a higher capacity, but limited at cooking options than the product of Godrej just discuss above. For a family with four to six members, it could be a better choice if buyers have a tight budget.

Built Design of this Convection Cum Grill Oven

 The design and control panel of this microwave oven is not standard although that is very user-friendly indeed. Perhaps it one of the easiest microwave oven in terms for cooking verities of crunchy, spicy, grill and even the regular food items.

Dedicated one-touch buttons for some popular items such as popcorn, chicken, cake, spaghetti, Potato fry, and Pizza making it even more user-friendly. I miss a button for papad, though. Besides, there are buttons for grill, power level, reheat, micro+grill, convection, and micro+convection. Further, buttons for specific heat level, too, helps users in choosing a right temperature for the food going to be cooked. You get deforest, timer, stop/cancel, quick start, and start buttons as well. An LED display is also included for showing the current status of cooking time, heat, and status alert notification.

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As far as durability factor is concerned, stainless steel exterior should be enough for believing in it for long lasting usages. Have no doubt, it feels strong, and strong in use as well. Although it does not have a see-through door but flip side of that is it would last much longer without being damage or getting cracks.

SignoraCare MicroWave Oven SC2511CG Review Specifications

Cooking Options of this SignoreCare Microwave Oven

I may not be entirely correct though cooking delicious items with this microwave oven is just a kid’s play. Not much effort one needs to put for cooking some of the highly complicated dishes in right taste and flavor in a few minutes.

The dedicated buttons ensure that users do not need to scratch head or look for description in the cooking manual. In fact, we tried chicken, which turned out to be an awesome cooking experience. However, in order to make most out of it, one needs to have some experience in cooking with a microwave oven.

Beginners might need eight to ten sessions with an advanced oven like the one we just discussed above for being comfortable in cooking, but the same level of experience could be gained with SignoraCare MicroWave in just four to five sessions.

  • One-touch cooking for nine items
  • 25 cooking modes
  • Preset cooking functions with singles to alert
  • LED Display
  • Digital Clock
  • Six power levels
  • Child Lock


  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Dedicated buttons for nine types of fast dish, reheat, deforest
  • Timer, LED display, and digital clock
  • Low cost and affordable


  • Only one year of service warranty (contact at 1800 270 9700)
  • No see-through door

Final Thoughts: Everything about this microwave oven is brilliant except few ignorable cons. However, just one year of service does bother me and making it a less attractive choice when similar product from other brands has a total of three to four years of warranty.

SignoraCare MicroWave Oven (SC-2511-CG) has some good features for making every kitchen session of users a pleasant one. I would especially praise its control panel with dedicated one-touch buttons for some specific dishes, and ability to make ready food consumable once again according to the condition they are in.

Features LED Display, Digital Clock
Instant Cooking Menu 25, 9 one-touch cooking option
Protection Cooking Alert, Child Lock
Power Levels 6
Power & Capacity 2050 Watt and 25 Liter
Warranty one year
Buy 8500 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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