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Infocus Philips 32 Inch LED TV Below 20000 Rupees

Philips 32PFL3738 81 cm 32 inches LED TV Review and Specifications

This LED TV review article is a continuation of our two part series to present an exclusive list of best LED TV in 13000 to 20000 rupees price range. In the first article we have covered five good quality, best-rated models and here in this article, we are summing up this series with balance two LED TV models.

InFocus 32EA800 32inch HD Ready LED TV

Well-known American manufacturer InFocus after a good success with smartphones, by following the footsteps of Micromax, joins LED TV business in India. Apparently, InFocus has understood Indian market pretty well. That is why it has started with at least some models with the popular screen size in the most lucrative price range that is under 20000 rupees.

The 32EA800 model, which bears a 32-inch screen with HD ready resolution, is simply Wow! Much like Vu brand TVs, Infocus’s LED TVs, too, come equipped with impressive features. In fact, I see Infocus a direct threat to Vu if it managed to be as successful as Vu is in terms of giving post-sales service.

We have already reviewed recently launched Infocus’s new range of LED TV in the Indian market. You can reach to the content here: Infocus LED Televisions in 10000 to 24000 Rupees.

With sleek bezel, this LED has a brilliant display, which is really vivid, and colorful. In terms of its overall build quality, it greatly impresses users, in fact, goes well with standard decoration of the living or bedroom, whichever place it has been installed.

For better quality of video presentation, the screen is based on an advanced DLED panel that is optimized well for up to 178-degree of viewing angles from both sides of the TV. There is no onboard protection against unstable electricity supply to it.

InFocus 32EA800 Review and Specifications

One cannot use it for smart features or online access. Nevertheless, this InFocus TV has a long list of connectivity options: two HDMI and USB ports.

Infocus 32EA800 is not a smart TV, and it is not a curved TV either. But the way it has been designed and advanced at video and audio production, that impresses viewers.

Despite being priced just 16000 rupees, I am not very confident in calling it a must buy. That is because just 2000 rupees down, Vu is offering a great 32-inch LED TV. Vu’s LED TV, I am referring here is blessed with many great features including the function of a media player.

InFocus has to work hard to catch-up with Micromax, Vu, and certainly LG and Sony.

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Philips 32PFL3738 LED TV

This is indeed a surprise: Philips despite being one of the best-selling consumer electronics brands has not been able to find strong feet in the TV market as expected. In fact, much like Sony, Philips is a highly preferred brand for headphone, soundbar, home theater, boom box, and other music production devices. In the display segment also, Philips is a big name. Still, Philips fails in producing best-selling desirable LED TVs.

Philips 32PFL3738 is not one recent model although has been a best-selling model from the brand. We have already published a review of this TV at Four Best Selling LED TV between 10000 to 20000 Rupees.

With some noticeable cons, the LED appears to be a brilliant masterpiece. In fact, Philips has pushed its inherent experience in building advanced media player function on it. Price of this is according to market trend though the model is not this year’s launch.

Philips 32PFL3738 81 cm 32 inches LED TV Review and Specifications

There are many advantages that making it very attractive than competitors’ latest product in market. And, one of them is brilliant display. In fact, the technology used to fill gaps between pixels and two frames is unbelievably effective. Besides, what I talked above, the features of an advanced media player – in fact, it can play almost all the video audio files available in the digital world today.

Love gaming, then short list this Philips LED because it is the only TV below 16000 rupees that comes with 120 Hz motion refresh rate. With all needed connectivity options, and 16W down-firing speaker, Philips 32PFL3738 is a cool LED TV, and we recommend it. Whether you buy it or not but do shortlist in your list of five best LED TV below 20000 rupees at present.

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