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Infocus LED Projector with Two Years Warranty Below 25000 Rupees

InFocus IN220i Projector in India

InFocus IN220i Projector

Projectors are an essential part of any presentation worth viewing. All the same, they can be really frustrating especially when they are at the verge of breaking down in the middle of a presentation. In as much as people opt to buy wide digital LCD screens so as to avoid the menaces that come with projectors, we really can’t do away with projectors. This, of course, has to do with issues like pricing, mobility, and ease of use. When compared to LCD screens, projectors are relatively cheaper and obviously a projector is way less bulky when compared to a 55 inch LCD screen.

Since we cannot completely eliminate the need for a projector in our daily operations, we have to be really careful while shopping for one. The InFocus IN220i projector has gained quite an approval in the Indian market and most people might be wondering why. After having a firsthand experience with this projector, I now understand the reason why InFocus projectors are a favorite of many. Here are some of its interesting features.

Features of InFocus IN220i

Simple Design: One rule that applies to all practical projectors is – simplicity. Keep it simple and to the point! The designers of this projector avoided what I would like to call excess ‘baggage’. This projector is extremely light in weight and compact, as it weighs only 2.4 kilograms. The front firing speakers provide an excellent audio surround to a standard audience and – is audible enough for a fully packed 1000 sq ft. conference room. The lamp is placed on the right-hand edge thus economizing on space and size. Although some projectors in the InFocus series have the lamp located at almost the center of the front facing, the IN220i still remains to be the better option since it can fit in a smaller bag pack than those with the middle lamp.

InFocus IN220i Projector Review and Specifications

Excellent Display: When you are buying a projector, for whatever use, be it for office presentations or for a Cinema business, you really don’t want to compromise on the display traits. Nobody wants a projector that produces half-baked images or blurred scenes. The IN220i delivers a screen with an SVGA 800 x 600 resolution. The lamp on this projector produces up to 3500 lumens in light output and has a contrast ratio of about 17000:1Hz. With such a specification, you certainly don’t need to worry about the lighting aspects of your room, since the projector will still produce a clear image just like an LCD TV would.

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3D imaging support

Moreover, this projector supports 3D images and is integrated with a Keystone correction vertical (40 degrees) enhancement. This means that you can actually watch your movies in 3D seamlessly. The HDMI connectivity provision on this projector means that almost any device can be plugged on to this projector. This includes smartphones, tablets, and mini laptops. Unlike most competitor projectors in the market, which are still experiencing teething problems with 3D technology, the IN220i uses a DLP type of display. This choice of display further makes 3D integration seamless, meaning you won’t experience any issues while watching your movies in 3D.

Durability and Warranty: As mentioned earlier, projectors wear down easily especially if proper maintenance practices are not carried out on them. The tricky part is that the lamp is usually the very first of parts to get damaged in a projector. Once you start experiencing troubles with your projector’s lamp, start thinking of how you are going to buy another one.

Luckily, with the InFocus IN220i projector, the manufacturer has given you an average lamp life of 6000 hours. In addition, you can also increase the lamp life in this product by using it on the ECO Mode. Eco mode is a utility that comes in handy when using the projector in low light conditions. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and has very little maintenance practices needed, for it to remain functional.

InFocus IN220i Projector Pros Cons

Pricing and Verdict

This projector is priced at 23,499 Rupees and considering its capabilities, this is not a high price. I would highly recommend this projector for office and conference needs, although it would still fit well as a home appliance. The commercial potentialities in this projector are also worth noting. The projector can project some quality videos as Cinema Projector.

Price 23500 Rupees
Device Type Projector
Display Type DLP
Lamp-life 6000 Hrs in Eco Mode and 5000 Hrs standard use
Contrast Ratio 17000:1 Hz
Audio Output 2W
Light Output 3500 Lumens
Warranty 2Years
Connectivity HDMI
Weight 2.4Kg
3D support Yes

Users Review and Opinion

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