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InFocus Full HD Big 50 and 60 inch LED TV in India

InFocus 60EA800 in India

In the first part of our review of InFocus LED TVs, we explained 24inch, 32inch, and 40inch models. Here, read our findings on InFocus full HD 50inch and 60inch LED television sets.

InFocus 50EA800 50 inch Full HD LED TV

Generally, a setup of home theater system for watching movies cost lots of money. Combined price of the display and the speaker system will easily cross over 1 lakh rupees if you are too choose brands like Sony, Samsung, and Philips. Fortunately, InFocus is trying to make a difference here (at least for the display part).

The InFocus 50EA800 50 inch Full HD LED TV comes with a price tag of just 35,000 rupees and will prove to be a perfect display for your home theater system.

Wide and Bright Panel

This television will not disappoint you on any front. Its display quality is same as other InFocus TVs we have discussed so far. High screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels makes everything on the screen crisp and clear. A DLED backlighting system enhances experience of users by increasing the brightness as well as distributing it evenly.

InFocus 50EA800 Review and Specifications

Like other InFocus televisions, this TV also sports A+ grade panel and offers superb performance. I did not find even any fluctuations in colors or brightness whatsoever. The graphic engine it uses is really fast and does not result in motion blur.

Strong Build

The InFocus 40-inch TV has received CES 2014 award for build and design. Its back panel has an almost flat profile. Vents are smartly positioned around the main circuitry board for better efficiency and faster cooling.

It supports both wall mount and table-top installation. InFocus ships all the required mounts and brackets in the box, so the customers will not have to spend a single penny on extra parts.

Bezels of the TV are very thin and do not distract the user while watching movies or serials. Outer shell is painted in black color, though I would have preferred a silver finish for a premium feel.

Disappointing Connectivity Options

Although this InFocus LED TV comes with two USB and two HDMI ports but it fails to impress customers on the connectivity front. When someone spends more than 30,000 rupees, he or she definitely expects more features. InFocus should have offered Smart TV functionality on this product.

Smart TVs have become a lot cheaper in the last couple of years. These days, a customer can easily get TVs loaded with Android OS for around 35,000 rupees.

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Mediocre Audio Solution

Moreover, this TV is capable of generating only 16 watts of RMS audio. This low audio volume will severely affect the experience of customers. According to me, one should not purchase the InFocus 50-inch TV unless he or she is planning to use it for a home theater system.


  • Suitable for home theater systems
  • High contrast ratio and brightness
  • Eye-catching design
  • Durable build materials


  • Basic connectivity features
  • Only 16 Watts of RMS audio output


Low volume audio is a big con of this InFocus TV. I will not recommend anyone to buy it unless you are ready to purchase external speakers or you want it for home theater system.

Limited connectivity and lack of Smart TV functionality are other reasons why one should not buy this product.

Price 35000 Rupees
Display Size 50inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 8W X 2
Dimensions 1132.8 x 711.9 x 230 mm
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV No
Brightness 250 Nits
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Motion Refresh Rate 60Hz
Viewing Angles 178 (Horizontal)/179(Vertical)


InFocus 60EA800 60 inch Full HD LED TV

The 60EA800 TV is the flagship of InFocus’ TV lineup. It is available in the market for an amount of 70,000 rupees. Overwhelmed by the features of other InFocus TVs, I thought this particular model would also offer features that are not easily available its price segment. However, my expectation went into vain when I analyzed its specs sheet. My team has not found even a single reason why a customer should spend money on this useless television.

InFocus 60EA800 Review and Specifications

10-bit Color Processing

The only area where this 60-inch TV performs is of display quality. 10-bit color processing is a really unique feature and it takes the movie watching experience of viewers to the next level. A Gen10 Sharp LED Panel helps in producing vibrant and vivid images.

Screen resolution of the InFocus TV is limited to full HD only, which is a shame. UHD TVs have become quite common in the market and one can easily get them for under 50,000 rupees.

It Is Not A Smart TV!!!

I do not know from where InFocus got the confidence of selling a non-Smart TV in 2016 at 70,000 rupees. Almost all TVs launched in the last one year with a price tag of 50,000 rupees or above come with Smart TV functionality.

The only possible reason behind the highly blown up price of this product can be “loss balancing”. Infocus’ 24-inch, 32-inch and 40-inch TVs come with features we do not usually see in their respective segments. Thus, it is very much possible that InFocus is selling all these TVs in loss and the 60-inch TV is priced high just to balance it.

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Average Audio Quality

This LED TV flaunts two 10-Watt speakers, that produces good quality audio as well. I will not criticize InFocus on the sound quality front because there is nothing to criticize. Other TV manufacturers, too, offer more or less similar audio quality and sound management in their products in this price segment.

Worst Connectivity Features

We have not found the 60-inch InFocus TV attractive on the connectivity front at all. In fact, I do not see any difference in the connectivity features of its 32-inch model and this TV.

Except for connecting a couple of storage drives, there is not anything much a user will be able to do. This means no screen sharing, no MHL, and no streaming.

InFocus 60EA800 in India


  • Processes colors in 10-bits
  • Decent sound quality


  • Build is not as good as other TVs available for the same price
  • Lacks internet connectivity
  • Lacks MHL
  • Lacks Smart TV functionality
  • Lacks 4K resolution


I do not have words to describe my disappointment. All I can say is remove this TV from your wish list and look for some other alternative.

Price 70000 Rupees
Display Size 60inch
Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Dimensions 1356.8 x786.1 x86 mm
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, VGA In, Headphone Out and Composite In
Smart TV No
Brightness 300 Nits
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Motion Refresh Rate 60Hz
Viewing Angles 178 (Horizontal)/178(Vertical)

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